I Catch Her


Well it had turned into a really bad day at the golf course. We managed to play about 4 holes before the thunder and lightning rolled over the course. Needless to say the lighting got us all off the course and after a quick beer and a little debate about the chance of actually finishing the round, I left.

It was about a 45 minute drive back home and while I drove I thought well maybe Julie, my wife, would be happy that I didn’t abandon her for the whole day.

I pulled into the driveway and walked into the house and Julie was no where to be seen. I knew she was home because her car was still there and I thought I could hear the TV in our room.

I walked up the stairs towards our room and began to realize as I got closer to the room that whatever was playing on the TV was not normal fare but porn. I could hear the crappy music that so often is playing in the background on porn tapes and a woman’s voice saying “cum all over my tits baby cum all over my tits.”

I peeked into the room and was surprised to see my lovely wife laying on the bed watching the porn as she fucked herself with a fairly large dildo! I decided to watch this show for awhile.

Julie was wearing thigh high black nylons and nothing else. She had the dildo firmly in her right hand and was working it in and out of her pussy while her left hand was playing with her left nipple.

She was talking back to the screen, “Yeah you fucker cum all over that sluts fucking face cover her with your fucking cum you nasty fucking prick. Spray your cum all over her face.” I was more shocked to hear her talking like this than with her fucking herslf with the dildo. Julie has always come off as the perfect lady and would frown whenever I dropped an F bomb in front of company.

I kept watching her and at the same time had Sikiş hikayeleri managed to free my hardening cock from my shorts and began to stroke it slowly as I waited for more of this “show” to continue.

“oh fuck yes” Julie moaned, “Look at the cum shooting out of the nice fucking cock. You are one lucky slut.. I’d love to have that big fucker in my cunt right now”. After she said this she pulled the dildo from her pussy and began to suck on it.

“Ummm. That tastes so good baby I love sucking my juices from your cock and I would love to have you cum all over my face and tits.” She was enjoying the movie and was obviously enamored with the guy that was on the screen at this time.

The scene on the porn must have changed, because Julie suddenly stopped sucking the dildo and sat up a bit. ” This looks like it could be interesting ” she said with a slight smile on her face. “Looks like this slut is going to get her pussy eaten by a big titted bitch.”

She laid back and slid the dildo back into her pussy. “Ummm I wonder if Jake would like to see me eat pussy?” Jake, that’s me, would love to see that happen!

She was now working the dildo in and out of her pussy faster than before and I figured she was looking to cum soon. ” Eat that bitch girl eat that fucking cunt like you mean it!”

This almost had me shooting a load of cum onto the hallway floor and I was thinking I needed to get in there and get involved when Julie said.

“Get in here Jake I could smell the fucking cigar smoke on you the minute you got outside the door!

I walked in with a sly smile on my face and a hard cock in my hand. ” You surprise me my dear I didn’t think you went in for this type of thing.”

“I told you last week I’m tired of the way I have been living and I’m going Sex hikaye to have fun. Now get over here and stick that cock in my mouth”.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I walked over to the side of the bed and Julie slid over and took my cock deep into her mouth. The dildo was still deep inside of her beautiful pussy and she was working it in and out as she sucked my dick.

I looked over at the TV and said, “Ummm those two look like their having fun.”

The girls in the video were in a classic 69 position eating and fingering each others shaved cunts.

Julie pulled my cock from her mouth and raised her head to take a look. ” Would you like to see me do that with one of my friends?” “Fuck yes I would that would be so fucking cool to watch you fuck another woman.” “I’ll see what I can do.” Then took my dick back deep into her mouth and throat.

I told Julie I was getting close to cumming and she pulled my cock from her mouth and said “Not yet baby. Open the night stand drawer.” I opened the drawer and there was a tube of KY right on top. “I think it’s time you got your wish and fucked me in the ass.” She said.

I was amazed at this and was soon wondering if aliens had taken control of my wife! She had told me a long time ago that she tried anal once and hated it. I had asked a couple times about fucking her in the ass but she always said no.

“Lube me up good baby and go slowly but fuck me in the ass now before I change my mind”

She pulled the dildo from her cunt and tossed it to the side and rolled over and got on her knees. The fucking thigh highs looked so fucking good on her legs and her ass pointing up in the air waiting for my dick was a sight I will have in my mind on my death bed.

I opened the KY a squirted a fair amount on her asshole. Erotik Hikaye I told her to relax and began to rub the jelly around her hole and slowly worked my index finger into her ass.

“Just going to loosen you up a bit I said. She just moaned deeply and I knew from the sound she liked what she felt so far. I worked my finger in and out of her ass for a while as she moaned in delight.

After about a minute of this I took my finger from her ass and started to slowly push my dick into her ass. “Ummm yes baby fuck my nasty slut ass.” Slowly ever so slowly I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her tight ass. “Fuck it baby fuck it .” She moaned and fuck it I did.

I was amazed at how much she seemed to be enjoying being fucked in the ass. She kept saying “Waited to long for this baby waited to fucking long.” Her arms were stretched out over her head and her face was pressed into the mattress. She continued to moan in pleasure as I fucked her beautiful tight ass. She moaned, “Oh fuck I’m cumming” and yelled as she came “Fuck me, fuck me , fuck me.” My balls were filling with cum and I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her ass.

“Oh yes baby fill my ass. Fill me with cum baby fill me, fill me , fill me!”

I groaned loudly “Yessss” and began to empty my balls deep into her ass. It felt like the largest load of my life and cum was soon dripping from her ass and running down the back of her thighs.

I stayed inside her as long as I could. When my dick popped out of her she rolled over and smiled at me and said. “I’m so fucking sorry I said no to this for so many years. Promise me you’ll fuck my ass at least once a week for the rest of our lives.”

“Only if you promise me that you’ll find a good looking female friend that will let you eat her pussy while I watch.” “Can she eat my pussy too?”

I smiled at her, leaned over and gave her a deep kiss and said, “Baby you can do whatever you want as long as I can watch when it happens”.

It’s a deal” she said.

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