I’m a 24 year old management trainee in one of the largest cities in the U.S. I’m gay, out, and comfortable with who I am. I share a 2 bedroom apartment with another man, but he is straight and we are not involved. He’s comfortable with my homosexuality.

On a Wednesday, my roommate (Edgar) asked if a friend of his could stay in his room while Edgar visited family out of state.

“His name is Kevin, but I doubt you actually see him all weekend. He’ll get in late Friday night, and then has plans with college buddies starting first thing Saturday morning.”

I didn’t have a problem with it. Edgar and I are good friends and I trust his judgment, so I told him it was a non-issue. I was going out with Friends Friday night and figured to sleep late on Saturday.

“Just make sure he has a key…..I’ll be out late Friday.”

“Thanks Todd.”, Edgar told me.

Friday night’s party turned out to be a dud. It was supposed to be at an Irish pub near our apartment and the organizer had screwed up the date he’d reserved at the bar. A group of us tried to fight the crowd and I finally decided I was going to head home about 9pm.

I got home and changed into some gym shorts and a t-shirt. Flipping on the television and finding The Shawshank Redemption, I decided to have a glass of Cabernet before bed. Not long after sitting, I heard the lock being fumbled with and actually panicked a bit. Realizing it was probably Kevin, I waited and watched the door open. In walked a 6 foot tall black man.

I smiled saying “Kevin?”, and walked over offering my hand.

He shook it saying “Yes! Hi! You must be Todd?”

“I am. Nice to meet you. I thought you were coming in later.”

He replied, “I caught an early flight. It’s been a hell of a day and that was the first thing that’s gone right. I’m beat and I’ll get out of your hair really quickly. Edgar said his room was the one past the kitchen, right?”

Trying to just show some hospitality, I wanted to offer him a drink. “It is. I’m turning in shortly too but was just having a glass of wine. The least I can do is offer you one.”

Kevin laughed, “a few minutes of Shawshank… wine……that does sound like a good nightcap. Thank you. I’ll set my bag in Edgar’s room and be right back.”

I went to our kitchen bar, poured him a glass, and refilled mine. Walking back to the living room, I handed it to him. He took it, held the glass to his nose with eyes shut and inhaled.


I laughed, “Nicely done! Color me impressed.”

“Long ago, a girlfriend made me take a wine class. I really got into it, and appreciate a good wine. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. Have a seat” I suggested as I motioned to the couch. I sat in an overstuffed chair Bycasino myself.

We made some more small talk while Shawshank played on in the background. I refilled our wine glasses and was starting to feel just a bit of a buzz. I was enjoying the night, starting to find him attractive but thinking back on his “girlfriend” comment earlier and presuming him straight. During a lull in the conversation I decided to pry a bit.

“Are you still seeing the wine class girl?” I asked.

“No, that was about 4 years ago.” he answered.

“Surely your wine knowledge helps you impress other girls then?”

“I haven’t dated girls for several years Todd.”

As he said that, he held my gaze. I’d avoided letting myself find him too physically attractive presuming him off limits. But wow, his deep set eyes, firm build, shaved head, and GREAT smile, were all combining to stir my hormones.

I’m not always a bold person. At 5’8″ and 150 pounds, I’m small and have the personality of letting others set the tone of any situation. With that in mind, I don’t know if it was the wine talking or what. But after we held our stares for several seconds, I opened my mouth and said “Can I give you head?”

Without saying anything he stared back. I got the sickening feeling I’d embarrassed myself. I was preparing to apologize when he stood up, unzipped his pants, and sat back down. I melted inside. The best moments in life are the unplanned ones and this was as good as it gets.

I walked over to him, smiling and holding his eyes. I stood tall in front of him. He reached up to my shoulders and gently pulled me down to my knees between his legs. I reached inside his fly, hooked under his warm cock and pulled free a nice specimen, about halfway erect. As it firmed and grew in my hand, I leaned down to kiss the head, licking a circle around it. Now fully erect, he was about 7 inches and a little thicker than my thumb and index finger could encircle.

Kevin started to rub my head on one side. I wanted to start taking him into my mouth but wanted better access. So I reached up to undo his belt and button. As I tugged on his pants and boxers, he raised his hips to let me get them to the floor and off his feet. Looking down, I saw fully his wonderful hairless cock and large balls.

I grabbed the base of his pole with my left hand and leaned in, guiding the head around my lips. His smell was slightly heady, pleasantly mixed with his body spray. There was nowhere I’d have rather been at that moment. He moaned and thrust lightly letting me know he wanted me to take more.

I opened wider, letting the head enter my mouth and held it tight. His slight salt taste was intoxicating to me. I used my right hand to start caressing his balls, earning Bycasino giriş another pleasant moan. Then I started to work lower, taking 3, 4, 5 inches into my mouth.

“Oh God baby…..Oh God!” came out of Kevin’s mouth.

Nothing gets me going more than hearing a lover enthralled with my work. I pulled back up to the head, taking a lot of friction with the pull before diving back down to 5 inches. His breathing increased and so did my pace. Up to the head, down to 5 inches. I loved his rubbing of my head and twirling of my hair.

As he got more and more excited, I wanted to try deeper. At 6″ he pressed against my throat. Just another inch and I’d have him bottomed out. Holding him at 6, feeling gentle pressure from his hands, I pushed on. I had to fight off gagging but held my ground taking him all. As I pulled back to the head, I could sense him getting close.

I wanted badly to let him finish in my mouth but to my surprise, he lifted my head off of him. I looked up puzzled and he whispered “I need to fuck you.”

With that he leaned down and kissed me, long and open mouthed. I love a guy kissing me after I’ve had him in my mouth and I knew then I’d do anything this man wanted of me.

With our mouths entwined, Kevin stood and helped me to my feet. I leaned to his ear and whispered “I’ll get some lubricant and be right back.”

I raced to my bedroom, grabbing a tube, and hurrying back. I knew a condom would be smart but I wanted this Adonis bareback, nothing between his shaft and my pleasure.

When I ran back in, Kevin was totally naked and pulled me to him for another kiss. As we made out, he lifted off my t-shirt and gave my shorts a tug. The elastic made my 5.5″ erection flip upward. He reached down and stroked me a few times before reaching for the lube.

Kevin then turned me around, facing the couch and held me from behind. I could feel his erection against my ass, and wanted him so badly I could have fainted. He started to nuzzle my neck, then pushed me forward so I was leaning over the couch back. Both of his hands were working over my ass and he was kissing down my back.

I heard him flip open the tube before before applying it, he separated my ass cheeks and gave my hole a few licks. My moans were involuntary as he pleasured me. After a few licks, he pressed a lubricated finger inside me, easily entering my waiting hole.

“Kevin, fuck me now baby…fuck me now.” was all I could say.

Kevin stood back up, but kept me bent over the couch. His hands separated my cheeks again and he started sliding his cock up and down my well lubed crack.

“Please baby…please!” I moaned.

Then I felt the pressure. He aligned his head and started working into me. Slowly but firmly Bycasino güncel giriş he opened me and took me. There was pain, but it was slight and overruled by my pleasure. He was the largest I’d had in over a year. I turned the pain into a groan of joy as he pushed about halfway in.

He withdrew slightly before going deeper. I was determined to take all of him and felt wonderful when his hips were tight against my butt. Getting my used to him, he then pulled my shoulders back up, his hands rubbing my chest and stomach. His pace started to pick up, going from almost all in, to just the head. Each time he thrust deeply, he raked across my prostate giving me a shiver.

I turned my head hoping to get our mouths together and Kevin met me there, our tongues dancing as he fucked me. At the same time, his hand went lower, to start stroking my hardness. Between his prostate massage and hand work, I wasn’t going to last long and told him so.

“Cum for me baby. Cum for me.” he whispered into my ear.

I was so close that it pushed me over the edge, shuddering as I shot into his hand. He held his penetration deep while I unloaded. He wiped my cum onto my hip, then said he wanted to finish on my bed. He popped out of me, leaving me feeling empty, and I led him by the hand to my bed.

“Lie on your back.” he ordered.

I certainly complied, and he followed me, lifting my feet up to my head. I reached down to guide him. This time his entry happened smoothly, all the way to his hilt.

“I love fucking you baby!” Kevin said as he started thrusting faster.

I leaned up to meet his face and kiss him, wrapping my arms around his head and rubbing his soft bare flesh. I couldn’t believe he had much longer, knowing he was close to cumming when I was sucking him. But he surprised me, continuing to thrust for what seemed like an hour.

“You cum for me now baby.”, I encouraged him.

“I want you on top for that.” he replied and rolled back, pulling me over on him without ever leaving my hole.

I started to ride him, on my knees, but he was thrusting up at me with enough force I didn’t have to do much. At the same time, he started pulling my cock. I had never cum twice from a single fucking, but felt I was close.

“Kevin….Kevin…..Kevin…..” I moaned, starting to shudder.

With another pull, I shot a second orgasm on my stomach and chest. That pushed him over the edge and he thrust upward into me with a wave of manly power. I felt his tremors deep inside me and watched his facial contortions as he absolutely unloaded inside me. His orgasm seemed to last a full minute. When it finally subsided, his body relaxed and I laid down on top of him, keeping him inside me. I bent forward to lick as much of my cum off him as I could reach.

He smile at me, kissed me, then gently withdrew from my ass. I rolled to his side, kissing his chest and giving an “mmmmm”.

Coffee the next morning and swallowing him in the shower will have to wait til part 2.

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