Hospital Hijinks


Back around 1969 I had medical problems and was sent to a military hospital (which I won’t name) for treatment. While there I engaged in some hijinks with the wife of a member of the military who had been sent on assignment for several months at a remote duty station. After all these years since then I cannot recall her name because at my age my memory is even shorter than my pecker. I will just call her Edna for the purpose of relating our sexual activities together. Edna was from South Carolina. I was from Tennessee. rokettube Here we were together in a hospital in a state far removed from our home states. She and I were on separate wards, but we were both ambulatory and could go anywhere we pleased in the hospital when we were not required to be on our ward for examinations, treatment, and so forth. I was hospitalized for eventual spinal surgery. I learned later that Edna was there for treatment of a disorder in her pituitary gland which caused it to produce excessive asyalı porno amounts of estrogen, which in turn made her have an unusually strong sexual desire. I first noticed Edna one day when we were both strolling around in the hallway and she looked straight into my eyes, with a glimmer in her eyes. It was almost as if she was speaking to me with her eyes, and I wondered what she was saying. This happened several times over the next few days. Neither of us spoke to the other except azeri porno through our eyes. Then one evening I was sitting at an office-type desk in an alcove off of the hallway using a telephone that was there for the use of patients. It was one of those big desks that had what I guess you call a knee hole that ran under the desk from front to back. While I was using the phone, Edna sat down on a chair on the opposite side of the desk from me. I thought she was just waiting to use the phone when I finished my call. I thought that for only a few seconds until she slipped as far forward on the edge of her chair as she could, stretched out one leg, and began to stroke my cock through my hospital pajamas with her foot while she licked her lips and lustily smiled at me.

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