Homespun Happiness Ch. 04

Chapter 4 – Gracie Meets Dianne

Thanksgiving Day never has been a big event at our house. With Dad gone and my grandparents far away enjoying retirement, all we had was me and Gracie, a couple of my high school friends, Gracie’s sister, my aunt Rebecca, and throughout the day several of Gracie’s local social circle. Honestly, we were thankful for that it itself. I couldn’t picture Gracie slaving away in the kitchen over the traditional feast.

We were sitting in the den after everyone had gone their way discussing of all things, dildos. Gracie admitted to having a vibrator that she kept in her bedside table drawer in case she couldn’t sleep nights. I naturally told her about my latest acquisition, namely Bad Boy. I was just about to go to my room and get him (them) when the doorbell rang. It was Dianne.

“I heard there was a very nice woman by the name of Gracie living her, and she was known for her hospitality especially to wayward orphan girls.” Those were the first words Gracie heard when she opened the front door. And then, “Hi, I’m Dianne, Allison’s chauffer.”

Both women were laughingly heartily when they entered the den. I had just returned from my room with a very nice leather valise which I placed on the coffee table when I ran over and hugged Dianne, and then kissed her much more passionately than most girlfriends would do on any occasion. It was obvious by the way that we clung to each other that more than friendship was at play here.

“Gracie,” I blurted with joy, “this is one of my dearest friends, Dianne.”

“”We’ve met,” Gracie informed me, “and I can’t help but to like her already. Can I fix you girls a drink?”

“Surprise us,” I said before Dianne could politely refuse.

“”Those breasts feel good even through that bra, Dee,” I declared.

Dianne looked around to see that Gracie had already left the room.

“Relax, girl,” I said. “When I bring you up-to-date on events, you will really be relaxed. Sit,” I motioned to the sofa.

Gracie re-entered with three tall classes of her surprise potion. Then she surprised both of us.

“These will make your pussy pucker, and your heart go out to me. Drink up,” she said merrily as she lifted her glass in celebration of the gathering.

Dianne and I were both pleasantly shocked, but we recovered quickly.

“Dianne,” I said loudly, “I give you Gracie, the best fucking mother a girl could have.” Dianne almost dropped her drink. “Relax,” I continued. “In the last couple of days Gracie and I have discovered that we have much, much more in common than merely being mother and daughter. I have found two of the most beautiful breasts in the world, a demanding pussy and an asshole that winks at you if it is kissed in a certain way.”

“Allison,” Gracie admonished me teasingly, “you foul-mouthed little bitch. What is Dianne going to think of me if you keep that up?”

“I’m going to love you as much as you will let me, Gracie.” Dianne said quite calmly. “Allison and I talked for over an hour last night, and she has told me in pretty graphic detail what a wonderful time you two have been having. I’ve never had much use for a hot tub, but I am dying to try yours.” She looked at me and winked.

Gracie set her drink down carefully on the coffee table, gracefully peeled her knit top over her head showing she wasn”t wearing a bra, and flopped down between the two younger women on the sofa and ordered, “Kiss me, Fools.”

Laughing joyously both girls leaned over and took a nipple into their mouths. Then, like it had been bursa escort rehearsed, they raised their heads and each kissed Gracie on the ear using their tongues as probes.

“Holy shit,” Gracie exclaimed, “I’ve got two live ones here.” Then she turned her face toward Dianne’s side breaking their embrace and putting them mouth to mouth. No coaching was needed here. They locked lips and the tongue duel immediately began. I had also lost my contact so I dropped to the monstrous tit at my disposal. I covered Gracie’s nipple with my lips, and at the same time reached across and began unbuttoning Dianne’s blouse. It was then that I realized there were three hands doing the same thing. I raised us to see what was going on at about the same time the lip-locked two disengaged and looked down. All three of us were intent on removing Dianne’s blouse.

Dianne raised her back away from the sofa as the last button popped free, and it and her bra were on the floor instantly. Two more beautiful boobs were on the scene. Gracie immediately bowed her head and took one of Dianne’s nipples into her mouth. I switched from one of Gracie’s to the other. That’s when I felt Dianne’s hand was feeling my crotch. I unzipped my fly and raised my hips. Without prompting, Dianne tugged my shorts free. I wore no panties. Her fingers found my wet hole easily. I moaned with pleasure.

While Dianne and I were getting personal, Gracie took the moment to free herself of her remaining attire. Seeing the bare pussy, Dianne gently dropped between Gracie’s legs. I returned to a boob. Gracie moaned. We have touchdown.

I gently disengaged myself and slipped to the floor along side Dianne. I unsnapped her jeans, and the two of us wiggled and tugged her out of them. The panties came with the denim. I opened the valise I had brought from the bedroom and removed a harness and the mid-sized dildo from its contents. I reached back into the valise and brought out a travel-size bottle of baby oil. I strapped on the harness, locked into place the middle-sized dildo, and lubricated it and Dianne’s asshole with the baby oil.

This was nothing new for us younger women, but Gracie watched the action while Dianne busied herself at Gracie’s crotch. When I entered Dianne’s ass with Bad Boy she groaned. Gracie also groaned in envy of Dianne and because her well eaten pussy was about to explode. Dianne sensed this and intensified her cunt lapping activity. Gracie exploded. Dianne slowly sat back against the presence of Bad Boy up her ass.

Lo and behold, Gracie had no intentions of withdrawing from the festivities. She rose from the sofa, swung a leg over Dianne’s head, and positioned herself between us two youngsters. Her butt was now facing the back of Dianne’s head, and her well eaten pussy was directly in front on my face. I couldn’t resist, and she knew it. We jointly hooked mouth and twat together and the carnal era was resumed. I was holding Dianne’s hips; Gracie had her hands clasped behind my head; and Dianne was massaging her big tits feverishly. Every body was happy.

This was Gracie’s second orgasm so it came faster, and Dianne finally succumbed to Bad Boy’s injection of relentless, excruciating pleasure, while I was having more fucking fun than I had had in a long time. In no time at all the three of us were crumpled on the floor wallowing in indescribable bliss. Here we had three lovely bare female asses, 6 beautiful boobs, and three totally satisfied pussies all basking in the warmth of fluorescent light. Is Heaven better than this?

Eventually escort bursa the silence was broken. It was Gracie.

“Have you youngsters ever heard of a Daisy Chain?”

Neither of us was familiar with the term, but if it was in Gracie’s repertoire we definitely wanted to be enlightened.

“With this crowd we will form the Greek delta, or triangle. We position ourselves so that each of us has a clear shot at the crotch of a friend. Once in this position, and on the count of three, we all plant a French kiss squarely on the asshole in front of us. Want to try.”

“I want Gracie’s,” Dianne cried. “I want to see it wink at me.”

We got in position and on three there were muffled squeals throughout the den. For several minutes after this exercise there was deep throated laughter.

Then I noticed, Dianne had dropped from Gracie’s asshole to her pussy, and was lapping away like crazy. Gracie was no fool. She wasn’t going to stop her.

“Fine,” I said out loud to myself, “I’ll get the drinks. You two just keep on with what you’re doing.” I got to my feet and headed for the bar. From the sounds coming from the den shortly after I left, I made the right decision.

“Out to the hot tub you two pussy lapping maniacs,” I called carrying three large brandy snifters holding generous portions of the potent brandy called Cognac. That was about the only drink I knew how to mix, and it went straight to my head faster than anything else I could think of.

“Easy on the booze, babe,” Dianne cautioned. ” I’m driving, you know.”

“Not tonight, you’re not,” we both said almost in unison. Then Gracie took charge.

“You can sleep with Allison tonight, or me, or we can all three sleep together, or you can have your own room with Bad Boy, but you can forget about driving back to school tonight.”

“I agree,” I said needlessly. When Gracie espouses an edict, the conversation is over. I handed then their brandies. Then I felt cute. Lifting my snifter I said “Drink up, then bottoms up.” Everyone took a healthy sip.

“Speaking of Bad Boy, ladies,” when do I get to meet him formally?” Gracie asked. Her cheeks were beginning to blossom a rosy red. Hennessey ***** was getting to her.

“That slutty daughter of yours brought the whole family, Gracie. Do you want Baby Bad Boy, Mr. Bad Boy or Big Bad Boy?” Dianne’s asked teasingly. She had moved closer to Gracie again, and was teasing the older woman’s ear with her tongue.

“If you keep that up,” Gracie cried playfully, “I’ll be too busy eating your pussy to worry about a plastic cock.” We all laughed at that.

“Do you two ole whores want me to invite the Bad Boy family to the party?” I asked already knowing the answer. I noticed that Dianne was still devoting her attention to Gracie’s ear, and if I saw clearly under the hot tub bubbling water, Gracie had one or two fingers embedded in Dianne’s pussy. I must remember to make a note in my non-existing diary that Hennessey***** is an aphrodisiac.

“Bring those bad boys on, baby. I want to fuck something,” Gracie said in a dreamy voice. I’m not sure how close to a climax my darling mother was, but I would hate to take her temperature right about now. I slipped out of the hot tub and tip-toed into the den. I returned with the entire family.

“Okay,” says Gracie, “which one of you young studs is going to ring my chimes?” The cognac was definitely at play. Also, I had learned this holiday that my mother was one hot-blooded sex fiend. More importantly, I knew that I was one of her lovers. The bursa escort bayan thought made me tingle all over.

“Let’s be practical,” I said with a slight slur mingled in with my usual articulation, “my friend and lover Dianne taught me how to managed the Bad Boy family so it is only fitting that she do the same for Gracie.”

“Here, here,” cried Dianne as she took a sip of her brandy before lifting her glass high in the air. “I am the dildo fucker of all fuckers. I am going to fuck my new friend and hopefully long-time lover.”

We all three climbed out of the hot tub. While I harnessed the strap on Dianne’s lovely ass, Gracie was lavishing passionate kisses on her gigantic boobs/

“Want to start out with Baby Bad Boy or do you want something bigger?” I asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Allison.” She huffed. “I’m no amateur. Bring on Big Bad Boy.” Big Bad Boy was approximately tn inches long and had the girth of a young cucumber.

“That’s my baby,” cried Dianne. “I don’t know how long it has been since your last memorable fucking, Sweetheart, but I plan to fuck you bowl-legged.” With that Dianne lay my mother carefully back onto a beach towel spread on the deck. “Open the door, Gracie,” Dianne cooed as she spread some baby oil on Big Bad Boy. “Heaven is here, and it’s all true . . . God is big and black.”

The initial sensation of BBB squeezing into this vintage pussy cut Gracie’s laughter short. Her jocularity took on the form of a long sensual moan, followed by an arousing sigh, and then several grunts in a row as Dianne fell into a rhythm that pleased them both. Gracie’s legs clamped around Dianne’s mid-section, their big boobs melted together, and they were once again locked into a series of passionate kisses. Just watching made my pussy twitch.

Eventually, Dianne broke away from her embrace, and huffing and puffing profusely, “Ally, baby,” she gasp, “plant your sweet ass in that lawn chair now.” Her tone prompted me to do as she asked now.

I no more that got seated before Dianne dismounted and led Gracie over, on hands and knees, and almost literally plugged her into the dripping pussy waiting between my legs. Gracie cooperated willingly. The Dianne took her new position at Gracie’s rear and with careful airm rammed Big Bad Boy home once again. Gracie simultaneously moaned her appreciation for BBB’s return and intensified her cunt lapping activities. I leaned forward and fondled Dianne’s big tits.

It’s a holiday, right? Here come the fireworks. BBB had come through like he always does; Gracie, mouth nuzzled in my pussy, was telling the entire world about the arrival of her first heterosexual type climax in a long time. Her new exuberance translated to the tongue action she was devoting to my pussy, and I didn’t stand a chance. My excitement bathed Gracie’s face.

When we all recovered and regained enough composure to resume our carnal campaign, I spoke even though me voice was hoarse.

“Dianne, give BBB to Gracie. I believes she owes you a lot,” and I chuckled to the best of my ability considering the circumstances. I helped Dianne harness up her impending lover. The adjustment was child’s play for my sweet ole mom. She buried the big, black dildo in Dianne’s pussy from a dog’s point of view. Dianne just naturally pushed against each thrust by this welcomed intruder.

I wasn’t about to be an innocent bystander. It was easy for me to straddle Dianne in her all-fours stance, so I did so with my butt facing Gracie. Instantly, Gracie released her grip on Dianne’s hips, and latched on to mine. I leaned forward and rested my hands on Dianne’s shoulders. Gracie’s tongue once again sent excitement throughout my body as her extra long tongue penetrated and manipulated my puckering asshole.

Is this Thanksgiving, or what?

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