His Kiss Goodnight


I woke up from my sleep, I could see the sun going through my blinds as I looked at the time, I remember talking to Trey about meeting him around noon, it was around nine. I got up from the bed heading to the bathroom, I didn’t know where this meeting would lead me and Trey, I knew he had lots to do back home in Maryland; hopefully he would stay as much as he could. I felt a little nervous but I think if I talked to him more I would get comfortable with him. I hopped into the shower, it only took me about five minutes and I was out putting my white shirt on. I was so happy to finally meet Trey. I heard the phone ring, I ran to the front of the house picking it up, my hair was still combed to one side.

“Hello?” I said to the other person on the other line.

“Brandon? Is this Brandon?” The person said.

“Yes it is, is this Trey?” I asked.

“Yes it is, how are you, are you ready to meet with me?” Trey said.

“Yes I am ready, I’m getting ready right now, and where is the meeting place again?” I asked Trey.

“It will be here at the mall, I hope you’re able to get here by noon, I’m here at the moment shopping, I’m so glad to be meeting you Brandon” Trey said.

“Me too Trey, I’m going to get back to getting ready and I’ll see you there in an hour” I said waiting for his reply.

“Okay babe, I’ll be here” Trey said hanging up.

I went back to getting ready, all that went through my mind was if I was going to be nervous or not through this meeting, I looked at myself in the mirror, my face was shaved, my goatee was cut and trimmed, I was wearing nice clothing nothing too much it’s kind of hot out there today. I remember Trey telling me that he wanted me to go the Inland Center mall to meet with him that had a food court so I would wait at the food court for him while he shopped. I looked at myself grabbing my keys ready to head over to the bus stop. As I went outside waiting for the bus to come pick me up my heart was kind of racing, I wanted to make it there in time so he wouldn’t think I was blowing him off.

The bus came to a stop at the bus stop, the doors opened, I pulled out whatever change I needed for the ride, I sat down near an empty area, this bus seemed empty, not a whole lot of weird people on this bus. I looked out the window hoping that this bus ride would be a fast and quick one. I looked around, I knew damn sure none of the people in this bus were gay. It was sad thinking about things, that a lot of the people in San Bernardino were either straight or bisexually married. I didn’t try to think about the statistics that had gone through my head when I should have been thinking about my meeting with Trey. It took about thirty minutes to finally get to the Inland Center mall, I got off the bus running inside the mall, I thought to myself as I made it through the doors.

I slapped myself in the head forgetting to call Trey, I knew his cell phone number by heart so I went to one of the pay phones putting in two quarters, and I quickly dialed in his number. I heard his phone pick up after the second ring.

“Hello?” Trey said.

“Trey, I’m at the mall if you’re still shopping I’ll be at the food court, near the Subway. I’ll be waiting for you” I told him.

“Okay babe, I’m at Barnes and Noble right now buying a book I’ll go look for you when I’m done.” Trey said hanging up.

I walked a couple of stores down searching for Barnes and Noble, I couldn’t find it, I finally made it to the food court area, there was Subway, I took a seat near Subway, I looked around seeing Barnes and Noble, I knew what Trey looked like, so I knew when he would be coming this way towards me. I looked at the table, I didn’t know what to say, I was so nervous I could feel my knees starting to shake. I looked back up at the entrance of the store, there he was, holding two bags in his hand, and he was wearing a baseball cap, along with a white shirt and tan shorts. He had on socks and low top shoes. I didn’t know he would be wearing that kind of thing, or else I wouldn’t have dressed so proper like I always do. He saw me making his way through the tables towards me, I stood up. He stopped at my table dropping the bags.

“Hello Brandon, it’s good to finally meet you” Trey said.

“It’s good to meet you too Trey” I said to him.

He came up to me hugging me, I still wasn’t comfortable on doing this in front of a whole lot of straight people around, hell there could be some homophobes running around that would consider this kind of thing degrading. I remained locked in his arms smiling and hugging him back, he took his arms and rubbed my back with his hands. It felt like two minutes we hugged each other, I started to see people looking at us. We parted from each other sitting down, I looked at him, he was smiling he had such a cute smile; it was the type of smile a shy looking guy would give when he was nervous. I looked up at that cap he wore, he wore a lot of baseball caps on his pictures I still don’t know why he has to wear one around me.

“Take this cap off Trey” I asked him.

“What Bayan Escort Gaziantep for?” Trey said.

“Because, it’s silly for you to wear a baseball cap all the time, take it off”

“No, I’m leaving it on” Trey said looking at me with a frown.

“You’re so cute, but take it off or I will” I told him never have I been this demanding before.

“No.” He said to me.

I snatched the baseball cap from Trey’s head, he tried to grab it from me but I slid it under the table between my legs. He looked at me kind of upset. I decided to just smile at him. I looked down at his hands seeing that he had scars on his palms and around his wrists. I looked up at him; I didn’t know what kind of expression I gave Trey, but it shocked him, his eyes looked at me.

“Trey what is that?” I asked him.

“What is what?” He said.

“Those scars on your hands and arms, what is that, did you cut yourself?” I questioned him.

“They’re just cuts nothing to worry about.” He said to me.

I looked at them holding his hands, my fingers feeling the scars that had formed around his wrists, I rubbed them, and I looked up at him, I felt a feeling of concern strike through me.

“Trey, why did you do this?” I asked him in a serious voice.

“We all do it once in our life when we can’t take it anymore” He said to him pulling his hands away from me.

“Trey you shouldn’t do that, it’s not worth it, if you feel like you don’t have anybody in your life, you should come to me, I’m your friend.” I said to him looking him in the eyes.

“Brandon, I want a boyfriend, but it’s so hard to find one, I just feel like there is no hope for me out there” He said lowering his head.

“Trey, it’s hard for everyone, it’s not just you, I don’t have a boyfriend, but I have good friends that keep me going, through problems, through the pain I might suffer from being lonely” I said.

I looked at him, he was starting to get teary, I gave him back his hat, I don’t think being here was going to make things any better, I think it would have been better if I went to his hotel or something, I didn’t know what to do so I stood up looking at him.

“Are you staying in a hotel Trey? We should go there and talk there, I don’t want you to cry in public” I told him giving out my hand to him.

He looked up at me using one of his hands to wipe the tears from his face; he stood up holding my hand. We walked out of the mall, Trey pulled out his cell phone calling a local taxi cab company to come pick us up. As we waited for the cab I leaned on the wall, I looked at him, he sat on a bench looking at me. He was looking out into the parking lot, my eyes watched him, and I could see how much he’s wanted to have contact with another gay man. He looked at me, I looked into his eyes, and it was a good thing we were hidden from all the rest of the public, he stood, he walked up to me kissing me. His warm hands held my face, kissing my lips, I continued to stay leaning on the wall, his kiss felt like burning hot water that presses against my lips during a hot shower. I closed my eyes and felt his tongue licking the inside of my mouth. Hopefully nobody saw us doing this, but we stayed kissing each other for almost two minutes. We stopped, he pulled his lips, I could feel my saliva detaching from my lips to his.

I looked over seeing a yellow cabbie stopping at the front of the mall, I smiled at Trey walking over towards the cab, he opened the door for me as I went inside, and he got in as we sat in the back together.

“Where are you guys heading to?” The cab driver asked Trey.

“We’re heading to the Motel 6 in Riverside” Trey said.

The cab driver left the mall, I felt Trey’s hand gently touch mine, I looked over towards him, it looked like he wanted to kiss me again, but he was too afraid to do it in front of the cab driver. He held my hand, it grew tighter and tighter with each second of him holding it. I felt a great deal of emotion from Trey. The drive took almost twenty minutes, the cab finally came to a stop, and Trey was still holding my hand, using his thumb to rub my fingers. It was a great feeling; it ended so soon though, Trey pulled out his wallet pulling out some money, the cab driver took it looking at his meter. Trey closed his wallet putting it back into his shorts. He opened the door as we both left the cab; I stood by the cab as Trey took back the remaining change he had left. The cab driver drove away from the motel.

I followed Trey up the stairs to the he pulled out some keys from his pocket, he looked behind himself to make sure I was still following him. I smiled when his eyes met mine; he came to a stop at one of the doors. The number on the door read, 15. He unlocked it opening the door, I followed him inside, and he walked to the bathroom putting his shopping bags near the bed. I looked around at the table next to the window; there was a McDonald’s bag still on top of it, followed by a drink that was beginning to make a mark on the wooden table from the coldness of it. I sat on the bed looking behind me; I had seen that Trey went into the bathroom closing the door.

“Sorry about the room, it’s a little dirty I haven’t had the chance to really clean up, please forgive the mess” Trey said while I hear him taking piss.

“It’s perfectly alright Trey, its fine.” I said out loud.

Trey opened the door washing his hands, he walked over to the bed sitting down next to me, he looked at me, I was still kind of shy but I managed to keep a straight face when he looked at me, I looked down at his hands. Still noticing the marks and cuts that had become permanent on his wrists. I took his hands into mine; I touched them and rubbed them. I looked into his eyes; I knew me and him were alone so he can cry all he wants to me.

“Trey, can you tell me why you did this to yourself?” I asked him in a serious but low voice.

“I want a boyfriend, but it seems so hard to find one these days, I was tired of being alone, I couldn’t take it anymore, one day I decided to cut myself because I thought maybe that would have been a better way of handling the situation, stop the pain, stop the emotions, stop the crying.” Trey said crying to me.

He hugged me, wrapping his arms around my body and holding me tight, his sobs and cries made me tear up a little bit, I put my arms around him and we hugged each other, I have no idea how long we hugged but we stayed locked in each other’s arms for a while. It felt like he couldn’t let go of me. I put my head on his shoulder, just when I thought he was done crying he would start crying again holding me so tight that I could feel his heart beating against my chest. I could also feel his hands clutching my shirt, I don’t know why Trey did this, but I think he needed to let it out, my hands rubbing his back, his sobs got deeper and deeper, I felt his hands pull away from my body, I did the same with him, my neck was kind of sweaty and I think it had his tears on it.

“I’m so sorry Brandon, I cried on your neck.” Trey said to me wiping his tears from his face.

“Its alright, its just tears, you needed to cry, are you okay Trey” I asked him.

“Yes I’m fine now, Brandon?” Trey said to me.

“Yes?” I replied.

“You are the only person that has done this, let me cry like this, I’ve been so….so…trapped in a world that I couldn’t express myself to someone, and I’m finally expressing it to you” Trey said grabbing my face and kissing my lips.

“Trey…please stop….I don’t think we should….” I said to him as his kisses blocked my words.

“Why not, I want you Brandon?” Trey said to me kissing me more.

“Wait….I don’t think I’m your type.” I said getting up from the bed walking over to the window.

Trey stood up walking over to the window looking at me, I looked out the window, and the blinds were half open revealing the lovely freeway followed by mountains in the distance. Trey came close to me rubbing my arm.

“What is wrong with you that you think that Brandon?” Trey said still rubbing my arm.

“I’m fat; I’m a chub Trey, even though you don’t see that beneath these clothes I’m wearing its true! I’m two times bigger than you are!” I said to him looking down at the parked cars in the parking lot.

“I….I don’t care, I’ve had men that were chubby. I don’t care what you look like underneath. Brandon, please….I’m not like those men you see that want twinks, I want you” Trey said turning me around and kissing me.

I couldn’t face the facts he was saying to me, he was right, no matter how you slice it; he was in fact the type of men that don’t give a rat’s ass the size of your dick, or the weight you carry around. His hands gripping my arms as we kissed, his tongue finding its way inside my mouth as I felt my knees go weak. He guided me to the bed as I laid on the bed looking up at him; he took his t-shirt off revealing his very fit chest and stomach. I looked at it, his chest and stomach had hair on it. I lay on the bed while he stripped his clothes off, he moved his shorts down, I didn’t know he had only the shorts on him; he didn’t have underwear on at all. I looked at his hung cock, it seemed a lot bigger than mine, and I just hope Trey wouldn’t be disappointed at the size of my cock.

He stood at the foot of the bed completely naked now, he undid my shoes taking them off slowly and placing them under the bed. I smiled at him while he took off my pants from my legs and pulling them off and placing them on the floor. He got on his knees about to take off my underwear, I could see that my cock was still soft; I knew this would happen and I tried my best to get it hard but it wouldn’t get hard. He put his hand on my crotch rubbing my underwear. I could feel his finger gently rub the area of where my precum was leaking out. That’s when I started to feel my cock getting a little harder when his finger would move around in circles through the fabric of my underwear.

Trey was about to slid my underwear off when I snapped back to reality holding onto them before he could move them down. He looked at me with a very upset face, I knew he was getting upset, I wonder if he was starting to get the feeling that I didn’t want to have sex with him, which wasn’t true at all.

“I don’t think you should…” I said to him still holding onto my underwear.

“How come, what’s wrong now?” He said

“When me seeing the size of your cock, I….I just don’t feel like I’m the right size for you.” I said to him wondering if that would completely turn him off.

“What? Oh my god why do you think I’m some shallow asshole that is a size queen, listen Brandon, I am not a size queen, and I don’t care about how your body looks.” He said.

He grabbed onto my underwear taking them off, it revealed my completely unshaven balls and pubes, and I didn’t know if his facial expressions showed a face of disgust or a face of disappointment. I just looked at him. He went back onto his knees, he took a hold of my cock which was probably around 2 inches semi hard. He was slowly stroking my cock, I just laid there looking up at the ceiling, I was still a little nervous but I just tried to make the best of it. He continued to stroke it in his hand, smearing the precum that leaked out all over my cock head, the sensation felt good it eased the tension that I might have been feeling during this.

Before long I could feel his warm mouth on the tip of my cock head, his tongue licking it, licking in between my piss slit tasting my precum which seemed to turn him on even more. I felt his mouth cover my entire cock, it didn’t seem it was much of a mouthful for him, but it fit in nicely, I could feel his upper and lower lips rubbing against my huge bush of pubes. I was kind of silent during the whole blow job moment that Trey was giving me, but silent I was, I enjoyed each moment that his mouth was sucking on my entire cock. His mouth was doing wonders, my dick felt so numb to the point I couldn’t even tell if his mouth was still sucking my dick or not.

I looked up to see him enjoying taking my dick into his mouth, his fingers making its way towards my ball sack, he placed with them tickling them I could feel the sensation of his fingers as he swept across each hair on my balls. I licked my lips feeling double the pleasure. I heard a sound of breathing as he took his mouth off from my dick, after that he went back onto sucking it again, I really didn’t keep track of the time, but I guessed it was around 9 minutes him sucking my dick. For some strange reason I didn’t at all feel like I needed to cum. I looked up at him to see if he was still sucking my dick. After about another two minutes passed, he finally took his mouth off from my dick.

I got on the bed moving closer and closer, he came over to my positioning himself to where his dick was near my face and my dick near his. I guess it was time for the so called sexual position called 69. I could his dick rubbing against my face, his hard on felt so good; I took a hold of his dick, my fingers petting his well groomed pubes. I loved the way his pubes looked they weren’t like mine at all, and sucking his cock was so good. He fucked my face; his dick was around 6 to 6 in a half inches long so I tried my best to take it all the way in my mouth without gagging on it. I felt the pressure of his mouth sucking on my dick.

We were in this position for quite some time now; I could taste Trey’s leaky cock inside my mouth, his precum tasted really different than mine. His dick fucking my mouth harder and deeper, I could feel it leaking even more with each thrust into my mouth. After about a couple of minutes fucking each other’s faces we stopped. He pulled his dick out of my mouth; he looked at me and stood up from the bed. I wiped the precum that was dripping from my mouth.

“Brandon have you ever fucked somebody?” Trey said to me in a deep voice.

“Well….I…I can’t remember the last time I fucked someone” I told him.

“Can you fuck me Brandon; I’m more of a bottom.” Trey said smiling at me.

“Well sure, I didn’t bring condoms with me though, I hope you brought some.” I asked him.

“I sure did let me get them.” Trey said running to his gym bag he had on the floor near the table.

I hoped that the condoms he bought were ones that can fit, he brought me back a package of condoms, and I pulled one out looking at it. It was one of those condoms that usually big sized men would put on their cocks. Since Trey’s dick was probably a little over 6 inches it would of fitted him nicely but I highly doubted it would for me. So opened up the small plastic wrapping for the condom, I tried to make my dick hard again sliding it on slowly, there was still a lot of it left when I finally put it on my dick. Trey smiled getting on the bed, he lay on his back, I actually never fucked someone like this before, but it would be new I suppose.

He put his legs in the air, I wouldn’t be able to know where exactly my dick was but then his hands could easily position my cock with his hole. As I pushed forward his legs went back, my dick touching his ass cheeks. Maybe there was a much easier way of doing this. I went back seeing that the condom had fallen off. I looked at Trey, he shook his head.

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