Hedonist Ch. 03

Big Tits

A few days later I was on the way to London, house-hunting. It was Sunday. I had arranged viewings on the following Monday and Tuesday. I was booked into a good hotel. That night I ate early and went to bed early. The next day I saw several flats, but none of them appealed. I had managed to get a ticket to a west-end show that night, a cancellation, so it was Tuesday evening that I found myself alone after dinner and needing fucking. Masturbation would not be enough. I thought about my last hotel encounter and wondered what would happen if I sat alone at the bar, were London hookers as territorial as those in Liverpool?

I hoisted myself onto a high stool, making sure that my stocking-tops were just visible. There were two obvious professionals sitting at the bar. I was dressed in my siren dress, complementing it, as usual, with very high heels, stockings and suspenders, with French knickers this time. No bra. The working girls made no demur, one even gave me a conspiratorial nod. She would probably not have done if she knew that I give it away.

I soon attracted a punter. An overweight German who had indulged in to much deutch courage. I told him that I was waiting for someone. He wobbled over to one of the other girls and they left together, having struck a deal. Another man soon joined me, offering to buy me a drink. I did not like the look of him. He was English, good looking in a gangsterish way, and that was the problem. He looked cruel. Again I said that I was meeting someone. He scored with the remaining bar-girl. I hoped that she would be alright, but such people, including myself, learn to look after themselves. Casual sex is risky for a woman, but the risk adds to the enjoyment. I was not prepared, at least not just yet, for domestic dinner, telly, then a ‘dutiful-fuck-with-the-lights-out.

By nine-thirty I was in the bedroom of a good looking Canadian, here on business. He had been very charming in the bar, but he turned out to be a bad choice as a partner for what I needed. He fucked me alright. Twice. But he was only interested in his own pleasure. I did not come. After his second orgasm he fell asleep. I dressed and went to my own bed, where I finished the job with my own fingers.

I was back in London again the next weekend, more house-hunting, this time successful. That night I tried my luck at the bar again, although this time I was in a different hotel. The bar was quiet. At the far end was another woman, engaged in conversation with a fit looking young man with very short, crew-cut hair. On his own between us was another crew- cut, sipping his drink and watching the couple intently. I knew that he had seen me come in, but so far there was no acknowledgement of my presence. I too, watched the couple at the far end. Crew cut number one turned our way and shook his head slightly. Crew cut number two then approached me.

“What are you drinking?”

I let him buy me a drink. Crew cut one left the other woman and took a seat next to the one just vacated by crew cut two. Whose name, he announced, was Bryce. He and his ‘buddy’ were US Marines, in London for a little ‘R&R’. I asked what he thought of London.

“Okay I guess,” he replied, “lots of tourist stuff, but not good for hot action. Hamburg was better. Hell, even Paris is better.”

What did he mean by ‘hot action’?

He took a long pull at his drink and explained.

“Chuck and I like to share. That includes women. Woman rather, we like to share a woman. The Hamburg bar-girls will take on two at a time, but here in London we have lucked-out so far. Would you take on the two of Bycasino us together?”

It was an attractive idea. I had never had two men at the same time. Although I had tried it at uni. Unsuccessfully I must add. We were all a bit drunk. They had taken turns to fuck me and then left. I would not describe the encounter as ‘hot action’.

“I’m not a hooker.” I replied.

The look on his face was priceless. A mixture of dismay and embarrassment. He spluttered an apology.

I went on;

“But that does not mean that I am averse to hot action. What are we waiting for?”

In the lift, Bryce took me in his arms and kissed me, pressing his erection against my belly. His ‘buddy’, Charles, or ‘Chuck’, pressed his hard-on against my back and slipped his hands between my body and Bryce’s, so that he could grope my tits while he dry humped my backside. They were both quite tall, one erection reached my sternum, the other reached the small of my back. Promising.

In the room, again one in front and one behind, one unzipped me and the other slipped my dress off my shoulders, letting it fall on the floor. My bra followed, again a joint operation. They both stepped back to admire what they had revealed, then shirts were ripped off, buttons flying, in a race to be first naked. I dropped to my knees and waited for the first prick to be offered for my oral attention. It was a draw. Two fine erections vied for my mouth. I went from prick to prick, trying not to favour one over the other. I was enjoying this.

Charles was the first to cry enough, he must have been very close to losing it and obviously had other plans for his first delivery. He pulled away and put his hands under my arms, lifting me to my feet and pulling my mouth away from his friends cock. They led me to the bed and laid me on it. I pulled my knickers down and tossed them aside.

“On or off?”

I asked, indicating stockings. They replied in unison;


They lay one on each side, the three of us completely naked. They each latched onto a nipple as two hands stroked down my squirming body towards my centre. They were clearly used to working as a team, Charles used fingers of his left hand to spread wide my outer lips and Bryce gently pushed a finger into the exposed hole. If it was to check whether I was ready, he was not disappointed, I was streaming. He withdrew the now dripping finger and placed the pad of his fingertip directly onto my clit and began a very gentle rotating motion.

I had a stiff prick in each hand, but I was unable to do them justice, they were simply handles to grip while my orgasm hit. A mouth on each tit and a skilful finger on my oily button drove me to an immediate and powerful climax.

I was still coming as Bryce hoisted himself between my thighs and slotted his meat into my clasping slit. Thinking back to it, Charles must have guided him in, although I was wet and wide enough to be an easy target. Being filled by his thick cock simply moved my orgasm up a notch and I squealed in delight as he began to fuck me hard and fast. He can’t have made more than a dozen or so strokes before he gave a grunt and thrust jerkily into me as his seed pumped from him.

He withdrew immediately and I felt suddenly empty, disappointed, but not for long. Charles took his place as seamlessly as relay runners passing a baton. But there were two batons, the second one sliding easily into a hole lubricated with Bryce’s spunk, and now back down from my peak, I could concentrate on enjoying what seemed like part two of the same fuck. It was not to be. Like his Bycasino giriş partner in sex, he fucked me like machine, grunting out his ejaculation in a few deep thrusts.

They knew what they were doing. The first fuck was simply pressure relief, the foreplay would follow. I have been told that some men actually wank themselves off before going on a hot date, so that they don’t lose it as soon as the date gets her hand around his prick. What my two synchronised studs had done was clearly preferable. I was sure that they both had enough for seconds.

As soon as Charles had finished, Bryce popped the cork on a bottle of Champagne and filled three glasses. We lounged against the headboard and sipped the refreshing wine. I asked where they were stationed and what they did, but no information was forthcoming. I took a mouthful of Champagne, held it in my mouth while I went down and drew Bryce’s limp dick into a fizzing oral embrace. He stiffened instantly. I repeated the trick on Charles, he too, came back to attention. Time for round two.

Without disengaging his prick, Charles swivelled round into a sixty-nine position, each of us lying on our sides, and began to lick my still spunk-wet clit. Bryce positioned himself behind me and guided his own missile back into my cunt, making delicious long, slow movements in and out of my sheath. Charles’ tongue must have been very close to his friend’s balls as Bryce thrust in. Clearly they were very good friends. I was not complaining, the combined tongue and tool attack soon had me gasping into another climax.

When my spasms finished, Bryce put his mouth close to my ear and asked;

“Do you take it in the ass Babe?”

I hate being called Babe, or Baby. Annoyance began to well up in me.

“Yes, do you?”

I thought it, but did not say it. My mouth was full anyway. Without losing contact with Charles’ fine prong, I managed an;

“Mmm — hmm.”

Bryce disengaged and gave his friend a sharp slap on the arse, causing him to pull away from my mouth and also to remove his own mouth from it’s task.

“On you back buddy,” ordered Bryce, “sandwich time.”

Charles did as bid, his erection pointing at a spot somewhere above the bed-head. He took it in his hand and pointed it more at the ceiling.

“Climb aboard.” He invited.

When I realised what they had in mind, a thrill of fear and excitement swept through me. I could feel goose-pimples despite the heat of the warm hotel room. I lowered myself onto Charles’ offered prong, guiding it with my fingers. Fully impaled, I leaned forward, offering my other hole to Bryce. He smeared something cold onto my stretched anus, lubricant, which was quickly displaced by something warm, the straining tip of his prick. With an ease which to this day, surprises me, he slipped easily up the tight passage of my arsehole until his balls rested on Charles’.

Stuffed. Filled to bursting by two fine thick pricks. Double-fucked. What a mind-blowing feeling. They remained still for a few seconds, then began to power into me, one in as the other drew out, then both in at the same time. My body became one big erogenous zone, I was all clit, I wanted more, harder, more pricks, fuck me, keep fucking me, fill me with boiling spunk, shoot it up my cunt, shoot it up my arse, fuck, fuck, fuck, don’t stop, I want a prick spunking into my mouth as well. I felt Bryce began to jet his come up my arse.

Bryce had had his second coming into the normally private recesses of my bum-hole, I remembered that much. I asked Charles if he had come also, he shook his Bycasino güncel giriş head. Would he like me to suck him off? Does it rain in England?

I gave him the Champagne treatment again and used all my skill to give him a memorable climax. Bryce moved down and watched closely. Mouthful of bubbly, mouthful of cock. Mouthful of bubbly, mouthful of cock. Until Charles declared his imminent eruption. I took his spunk in my mouth, the salty taste displacing the sweetness of the wine, then swallowing the mixture with pleasure. Champagne and spunk. What a cocktail. What was it called I wondered? Someone must have given it a name. Both ingredients come out of the container in a rush. ‘Fucks Fizz’ perhaps?

I sensed that the evening was ending. Pity, I was still good to go. I discreetly enquired if they had more ammunition. They looked at each other. Presumably, the professional girls they were used to, had collected their earnings and said goodnight by now.

“Possibly.” Said Bryce. Will you wack off for us, so that we can watch?”

“You want me to masturbate?”

They nodded. I thought about it. Why not?

“I will if you will.” I said. “I’ll ‘wack off’ for you if you both give me a show afterwards, give me a spunk-shower.”

They liked the idea of that. I like to watch a man pleasure himself. I know my own body better than anyone and I know just how to give myself maximum pleasure. A man must be the same. And oh! How I like to see spunk fly.

I slid down the bed and spread my legs as far apart as I could. They reversed themselves so that they could get a good view. They were both fully erect and each of them wanked gently as I started my devotions.

“Don’t come until after I have.” I cautioned them. They both mumbled agreement.

I spread my flaps with my fingers and began to probe deep into myself with two fingers, occasionally pulling out and offering my honey to one mouth or the other. I probed and pulled until I simply had to finish it. I strummed my clit, fast but gently, just the way I like it. My juices were running out of me, trickling down my bum-crack. I frantically burnished my bud until I had a massive, noisy orgasm.

“Awesome.” Said Charles.

“Unforgettable.” Said Bryce.

“Your turn.” Said I.

As good as their word, they positioned themselves one either side, kneeling and began to wank. Now it was my turn to be awed as they fisted their stalks faster and faster until their hands were a blur of speed. I could not resist allowing my hands to stray once again to my crutch as I joined them in their race to a climax. I kept my arms straight and used them to push my tits up and together, provided an irresistible target for their emissions. Eventually they started to come, I’m not sure who was first, I was almost carried away by my own pleasure, but when the first hot spurt landed on my left nipple, I snapped out of my reverie in time to enjoy what I had asked for.

They must have been depleted, each having already delivered two loads, but there was an impressive amount left in their semen stores. Almost in slow motion, the pearly stuff rained down onto my quivering body. Face, tits and belly were spattered with thick streaks of spunk. Awesome. Unforgettable. The boys squeezed the last few drops from their punished pricks, then, using their wanking hands, they performed a ‘high five’ and chorused;

“Semper Fi!”

I managed to stop myself laughing, I thought that they only did that in action movies.

I retrieved my scattered clothes and headed for the bathroom. I took a quick refreshing shower, dressed and went to say my thanks and goodbyes.

“Can we have your number, for next time we are in town?”

I refused of course and took my leave.

I was going to enjoy living in London! I had made the right decision. A step in the right direction.

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