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“I think we should smoke a joint and then you should do anything you want to me,” Anna said one afternoon in her living room.

If I didn’t know Anna, I suppose I could interpret that statement in various ways, though any interpretation would probably lead to vaguely similar conclusions. But knowing Anna, I understood it to mean that she wanted it rough today. She was under the impression that what men like me wanted was to fuck hard for extended periods of time.

True, I’m a big fan of this particular activity, but I like other things, too, and I know that Anna is not particularly suited for extended periods of hard fucking. She’s a very petite woman with a very tight little pussy. But I knew what she expected by “anything you want,” and I certainly didn’t want to disappoint her.

Anna is not the most relaxed person, but she knows relaxing is good for most sexual activities, thus the joint. I generally think sex is better with pot, so no conflict there. I rolled a joint, and we smoked it. Anna was slouched in her big padded chair, looking up at me with an expression that defined the word “sultry.” She was really psyching herself up for whatever might be in store.

“Let’s go to your room,” I suggested.

Anna dutifully got up and walked into her room while I followed. She’s a good submissive, but a submissive that really wants to be dominated enough can start to become a bit demanding, in a way that may seem to be crossing the line from submissive into something else. Anna entered her room as she was told to, but she paused in front of her large, elevated bed, bending over slightly, holding onto the side the of the mattress, and looked back at me.

He doesn’t want foreplay, and neither do I, I could hear her thinking. I knew the pot by itself wouldn’t be enough to really relax her and get her ready for “anything” – or rather, rough sex, what she really meant. But she was clearly being insistent, bent a bit forward like that, with her ass reaching towards me, her eyes looking back at me expectantly.

I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her knees. Holding onto the bed with my right hand for balance, I licked the fingers of my left hand and put my hand between her legs, lubricating the entrance to her pussy. Feeling her little labia and the tight little entrance to her pussy turned me on enough to fuck her. Maybe when I’m old and tired I’ll require more foreplay, but as Anna already knew, this was enough for me.

I found my way into Anna and slowly slid in all the way. Anna inhaled quickly and looked away from me. She was wincing, I knew. She was not ready for this, but she was a bit of a self-destructive submissive. She didn’t care whether she was ready, only whether I was.

I quickly got into a steady rhythm, not too fast, not too slow. In musical terminology, I was going in on the “one” and “three” and out on the “two” and “four,” if we were fucking in 4/4 and the meter was that of your average rock & roll song. We were starting out on the wrong foot, really, too much too fast, but Anna had collected herself so she was no longer wincing or looking away, but forcing herself to look back towards me, nodding her head affirmatively, making approving gestures.

I withdrew and told her to get on the bed. She removed the rest of her clothing and lay down on the bed, looking at me expectantly. I paused for a moment to soak in the vision of her lean, muscular, small frame beneath me, her pubic hair so blonde it was barely visible, just like the hair on her head, so Scandinavian as to almost be albino.

I bent down over her, kissed her around her face and neck, kissing her breasts, licking her nipples, then biting them. I bit harder, gripping her nipples between my teeth and pulling on them. Anna’s breathing got a bit heavier. She likes being bitten. Inspired by this reaction, I bit her more. Her stomach is so flat and lean that it can be hard to gather up enough skin to bite, but I managed. I bit her inner thighs a bit. She jumped a bit, but then relaxed again. I moved towards her pussy to eat her.

I neglected to tie her hands up first, though. Free to move, and unwilling to take anything so vanilla as me eating her, Anna sat up.

“I görükle escort want to eat you,” she declared, and then I was in her mouth.

She engulfed me with her mouth as best she could, over and over, as deeply as possible, not wasting any time on more subtle movements. Just as well, I thought, since she often gets wetter from eating me than from me eating her.

After a while, I pushed her back down onto the bed. With no prompting, she spread her legs wide and looked up at me with a quiet eagerness. I entered her slowly. Eating me had definitely made her wetter. I held her close to me and moved in and out of her slowly but firmly. I’m a bit large for Anna, but in this position she can take all of me, and the way I rub her clit as I’m moving in and out also makes her come pretty much every time.

She was enjoying herself, it clearly felt good. As I moved in and out, I felt her loosening up, her body really getting into it, this was just the kind of activity her little body was built for. She was getting wetter by the minute, and more and more excited. After a few minutes, she was getting close to having an orgasm.

“Fuck me hard,” she said suddenly.

She seemed to suddenly remember what her role was – to know what I wanted before I did, and to make sure I did it. She wasn’t being pushy, but she was being moderately insistent, even to the point of putting her hands on my shoulders and pushing me upwards a bit, encouraging me to get into a kneeling position so I could fuck her harder and deeper. I could, of course, have put her hands back on the bed, tied them there, and did whatever I wanted to her. But her idea seemed like a good one to me, and I obliged.

Up on my knees, I looked down at her glowing little body, and positioned my arms under her legs, and went into her deeply. She winced a bit, and her legs were tense, pushing back at my arms. She was viscerally concerned about me hurting her, I could feel it in her legs. Tense. This wouldn’t do for either of us.

“Hold your legs up with your arms, like this,” I ordered, wrapping her left arm around her left leg, her right arm around her right leg. “Now hold your hands together.”

Her knees were close to the top of her chest, her legs entirely out of my way. I had completely free reign over her little pussy.

I kneeled closer to her, held her thighs for support, so I could bring myself into her as deeply as possible. I went in all the way. She winced. She was a bit concerned, but doing her best to look demure and ready for anything. She was drying up a bit, so I pulled out a bit and lubricated her some more, then went deeply in again. She managed not to wince this time, but just looked up at me demurely.

I then let loose, fucking her the way I’d fuck someone who really liked it that way. I’m not too humble to admit that I’m a man of the world, and I have fucked a lot of wonderful women. Women of all walks of life, from all over the world, all sorts of people, each individuals in their own right of course. But in terms of fucking hard, specifically, women fall into two categories – those who have orgasms as a result of this kind of movement, and those who don’t. Anna is in the latter category. Most women in this category can’t imagine that other women like this sort of thing. They think this sort of fucking only happens because men like it. Some of them dutifully engage in this sort of fucking in order to please their partner, and others don’t. Anna, obviously, does, although it’s quite a challenge for her.

As I started fucking her hard, at first she maintained her composure, holding her legs tightly against her chest, looking up at me with a sort of blank, angelic expression that tried hard to mask what lay beneath it. I thought about other women I had known, who would at this point be breathing harder, getting more and more excited, telling me not to stop, because they didn’t want me to stop – if I stopped they wouldn’t come. If I continued, they would.

Not Anna. After about thirty seconds of this deep, fast in and out, she was beginning to lose it. First her grip on her legs started loosening. Her legs started moving towards me a bit, making it a bit harder to go görükle escort bayan in quite as deeply. Her face started wincing a bit. She looked away towards the ceiling, as if she was trying to find the strength there to go on. Feeling a bit concerned for her, I stopped moving so fast, started moving slowly and not so deep, looking down at her, appreciating her little frame under mine.

Given this moment of respite, Anna gathered herself together quickly, pulled her legs back up to her chest, looked me in the eye and said, “more.”

With the “o” in “more,” her tongue came out of her mouth a bit, and her tongue stud came with it, as if to say, it hurt when I got this tongue stud, and I’m OK.

I pulled her thighs close to me and fucked her some more, rhythmically, in and out at a fairly fast pace. I was starting to sweat a bit, and it felt good. I felt her legs starting to loosen and drift towards me. This time, I pushed them up towards her chest, and held onto them that way, and kept on fucking her. Knowing she’d soon be wincing again, I looked away from her face, at her collection of rubber ducks above the bed, and kept on fucking her.

Bypassing her face, I looked down at her pussy, at my cock going in and out. Her flesh around my cock was so taut that every time I came out, it was quite visibly being pulled towards me, as if I were removing a rubber by peeling it off inside-out. Then I’d plunge in again, and pull myself and some of her back out with me. Then again, and again. I lubricated us some more, thinking this might help with the friction that was pulling her taut flesh out with me, but that wasn’t it, she was wet enough. She was just very tight.

Her body was starting to become tense, though still completely open to me, without much choice in the matter, it seemed, with the weight of my much larger body keeping her legs pinned to her chest. I looked over to her face. It was red in the way only the very fair-skinned can be red. She was wincing, eyes closed, and holding her breath. Suddenly she exhaled with a yell, and looked up at me with what appeared to be a slightly panicked expression.

I stopped moving. She breathed quickly and deeply. Her nose was a bit runny, and she sniffled, and breathed deeply some more, now a little more slowly, and then came some combination of a sigh and another deep breath. Her face was becoming a bit less red. There seemed to be a slight tremor in her lower lip, but she had pretty much collected herself.

“More,” was all she said, this time with a bit more flourish than the last time, the tongue stud emerging a little further into the air than the last time.

That word – “more” — had been trying to come out of her mouth from the time I stopped fucking her, but it couldn’t quite make it out. After a very intense twenty seconds or so while she was turning from red to pink, it finally emerged from her mouth.

I obliged. I resumed fucking her as I had been, at a moderate pace, deeply, trying not to go too fast, to stay within the limits of what Anna could reasonably endure. Anna was already starting to feel challenged, but perhaps sensing that I was holding back a bit, three words came out of her mouth in between held breaths: “Fuck me harder.”

OK, I thought, if you really want me to. I thought of what some other women might like, women who really got off on hard fucking. I wrapped my hands around Anna’s thin, lean thighs and pulled her towards me, not holding back, going into her all the way, coming out most of the way, and then plunging back into her repeatedly. I held her legs down and up a bit, tightly, in the optimal position for me to fuck her hard and fast.

Within a few minutes, Anna’s body began to tense up again. I figured if she really couldn’t take it she’d say so, and I kept on fucking her with abandon, the sweat now trickling down my face, my back, my arms. My arms were holding Anna’s legs in position, and her hands were free. She grabbed a pillow, put it over her face, and put her her hands behind her head. Sometimes her hands would quickly begin to emerge from behind her head towards me, but then they would go back behind her head just as quickly.

As I fucked her bursa escort hard, fast and deep, her tense body suddenly relaxed, it was almost limp. Enjoying this, I kept on fucking her without letting up. After a while I needed a break. Staying inside her, I lay down on top of her, propping myself up on one elbow beside her head. Anna held the pillow to her face, and then moved it to the side.

Her face was very red once again, especially around her eyes and cheeks. She had been crying, but I’m sure I was not supposed to know this. As if to make sure I wouldn’t figure out just how difficult this was for her, she lost no time in speaking again.

“More,” she said.

I lay close to her and moved inside her slowly, deeply, but gently, in the way that really turns her on. She was clearly enjoying this. I felt her getting wetter again, felt her body sinking into mine, felt the pleasure rising in her. I enjoyed it, too, tremendously – I love fucking her slowly and deeply like that, just as much as she enjoys it, I’m sure.

Anna lost herself in this pleasure, this easy feeling of being filled up by me, with her clit being rubbed in just that way that caused warm waves to wash over her body. Her clit was very hard at this point, and the waves of an orgasm were beginning to rise up inside her. I continued for a few more minutes at this pace, thinking I’d let her have an orgasm, after all she’d been through.

But then, right on the brink of orgasm, she held her breath and said, “Stop! I don’t want to come, I just want to be fucked hard.” And as she said “hard,” her tongue stud emerged once again.

I stopped as I was told. I knew, anyway, that she could take harder fucking in a state of excitement than if she came first. I turned her over and got her onto her knees and pressed her down towards the bed, so her knees were beneath her chest.

In that position I fucked her hard and deep. Every now and then she turned her head towards me saying things like, “yes, more, fuck me hard, yes.” It seemed she was better able to handle this position today. Or perhaps she was just becoming completely resigned to her fate.

After a while I turned her over, her facing me, beneath me. She said, “If you want to fuck me hard some more, you should.”

I knew that this change of phrase meant she was really getting to the end of her rope with all this hard fucking. I thought about some of my lovers, and how at this point we’d just be getting started. But Anna had tried so hard and done so well at getting me to fuck her hard that day. I thought she deserved something really special for the occasion.

“Would you like me to fuck you with the big dildo?”

The big dildo was too big for Anna. Nine inches long and quite a bit wider than my cock.

“Yes, fuck me with the big dildo, please,” she said.

Though she was waning, she was clearly intent on being ready for anything. I liked that. I lubricated the big dildo and carefully inserted the tip of it inside Anna. She breathed deeply and tried to relax, her pussy stretched fairly wide by this piece of latex. I pushed it in further, widening her entrance until it was very taut. Anna grimaced. I pulled the dildo out a bit, and she relaxed a bit. Then back in it went. She was mouthing some words, but very quietly, inaudibly. I pushed it in quite a bit further, most of the way in.

“Shall I push it in further?” I asked.

She knew the correct response was, of course, “yes,” but the word could not find it’s way out of her mouth. She said nothing. The dildo went in further. Anna gasped and hid her face. I pulled the dildo out and shoved it in, up to the point that made her gasp, and then a bit further, again and again. I enjoyed watching her body writhe in front of me, seeing her taut little pussy spreading so wide for it’s visitor.

Eventually I pulled it out. I laid on top of Anna, feeling her heart beat rapidly beneath me. She moved the pillow from her face, wiping away a tear. I entered her again, moving deep and slow, up against her body, the way that usually makes her come. Like that we made love for a long time. I like it at least as much as hard fucking, anyway. Anna liked it, too, though now she was too sore to come. And no more requests for “fuck me hard” were forthcoming by now. She just lay there quietly at that point until I felt like stopping.

When I did stop and lay down beside her, Anna apologized.

“I’m sorry I’m no good at fucking hard. I like to try, though.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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