Hard Pounding Raine


Down came the windows, though she knew that the interior would have a fine coating of gravel dust by the time she returned home. It was the first truly warm day of the year. The office had hired a couple of people to reduce her workload. She’d finally come to her senses and returned to single life after a string of two bad relationships.

She meant to enjoy it to its fullest.

The wind whipped through her short blonde hair, bringing a smile to her lips as she cruised between the fields and trees, far off the beaten path, 80s music rocking from the speakers. She rolled her eyes when the song ended and a bumper declared the station as oldies before going to commercial. It seemed like only yesterday that the station was playing music from a decade or two earlier. Despite pushing closer to forty than thirty, she refused to feel old, no matter how hard the radio tried to convince her otherwise.

It wasn’t far now — her favorite spot in the world. Willis Lake held fond memories of family outings, first dates, and first kisses. She loved being outside, and there were few places around as beautiful as the lake. Switching on her turn signal despite the ridiculousness of doing so in the middle of the sticks, she turned off the gravel road.

Tall browned stalks of last year’s growth brushed against the undercarriage of the car as she negotiated the dirt road that was the final stretch to the lake. Across the open meadow, she could see the scrub that lined the near shore, and the majestic pines that dominated the far bank. A little farther, and she could see the water sparkling in the sunlight. Even though she knew the water would be far too cold for swimming, that wasn’t going to stop her from sitting on the beach and letting the waves lap at her legs.

Anticipation building by the second, she stopped the car at the top of the hill and climbed out. A quick tug settled her top back into place. All the bouncing around on the country roads had caused the top to wrinkle up above her breasts. It wouldn’t have happened if she’d worn a bra, but today of all days, she didn’t want to feel restricted.

More of the lake came into view by the moment as she hiked across the meadow from the road toward the hill leading down to the beach. Reaching the crest, she stopped, her shoulders slumping.

The beach was littered with garbage. Beer cans, liquor bottles, plastic bags, and soggy beer cases were everywhere. A pair of ragged, sun-bleached pink panties even hung from a small tree next to the sand, fluttering like a perverse banner in the breeze.

Shocked and saddened, she could only stare at the mess and wish that every thoughtless person who attended the parties that had caused it reaped the bad karma they deserved. Her eyes narrowed and she frowned. She had to do something about it.

Knowing that her cell would never get a signal from here, Raine turned away from the depressing scene and returned to her car. She didn’t have the time or resources to organize cleaning up the lake, but she knew who did.


The lake once more came into view on another beautiful day, but this time, her car wasn’t the first to pull up and park along the tire tracks.

“Happy Earth Day!” Beth called out as Raine climbed out of the car.

“Happy Earth Day,” she responded, tickled by what she saw.

Two pickups had litter sticks and trash bags stacked on the tailgates, ready to haul away the garbage from the beach. A third with a camper shell displayed snacks and large coolers full of punch donated by the local grocery stores. Rakes leaned up against it, which would help remove the debris and broken glass from the sand of the beach. Two porta-potties stood ready. Half a dozen people had already arrived, and two more cars appeared from beyond the trees as Raine walked up to hug her old friend.

“This is perfect,” Beth said, “The before and after photos are going to be great. You did remember to bring a glass, didn’t you?”

Raine nodded. Beth had insisted that everyone coming bring their own glass, so there would be no need to use disposable cups. If she was any greener, someone would have to water her. The pickups all had bumper stickers proudly declaring that they ran on bio-diesel, and two of the cars already parked — including Beth’s — were hybrids.

Ever bubbly, Beth clapped her hands and said, “Everyone else should be here soon, then we’ll get started. This is going to be so much fun.”

Looking out over the lake, the garbage didn’t seem quite so depressing this time. Just knowing that it was going to be gone soon lessened the impact. Raine felt the corners of her mouth turning up into a smile as Beth dragged her along to introduce everyone, which continued as more people arrived.

One last car pulled up as Beth was passing out the sticks and trash bags, ready to get underway. It was all Raine could do not to stare in undisguised lust as the young man climbed out of his car.

A tight, sleeveless t-shirt strained to contain his muscular Gaziantep Fetiş Escort chest. Hints of rock-hard abs peeked out at the bottom, along with a pleasure trail of hair leading down to cloth shorts. Long dark hair framed a handsome face that looked oddly familiar, though she was certain that she would remember such a delicious young specimen of manhood if she’d ever met him. He looked at her, making eye-contact, and smiled.

Raine smiled back and turned away as nonchalantly as possible, her heart pounding. It had been a month or so since she’d been with anyone, and her hormones went into overdrive from the sight of him.

Beth continued her duties, bringing him over and saying, “Kyle, this is Raine. This was her idea. Raine, Kyle.”

“Long time, no see,” Kyle said as he shook her hand.

Beth piped up, “Oh? You know each other already?”

At a loss, Raine could only shrug.

Kyle laughed. “Not surprised you don’t remember me. It’s been a few years. Kyle Matthewson.”

The name sparked a memory and Raine gasped. “No. You can’t be. You were only…” She held out her hand, indicating his height as she remembered it.

“I’ve grown up a little.”

You’ve grown a lot, she thought, shivers running up her spine. He had only been fourteen when she was dating his father five years earlier.

“Get a bag, Kyle. We’ve got work to do,” Beth instructed, taking charge. “Let’s get to it.”

Everyone fanned out, and Kyle walked alongside Raine down to the beach. Hoping to distract herself and avoid any embarrassing signs of how he aroused her, she asked, “So, how’s your father?”

“Doing okay. How about you?”

Raine poked the nail on her stick into the pair of panties hanging from the tree, taking down the banner flying over the garbage heap her favorite spot had become. She deposited them in the bag and answered, “Oh, fine. Your turn.”

He chuckled. “At community college — general studies. Still not sure what direction I want to go.”

The pair picked up trash, chatting about the changes in their lives since last seeing each other. Raine was able to relax a little as they talked, though she could never quite tame the tingle between her legs that arose every time she looked at him. His father had the thickest cock she’d ever seen, and she couldn’t help but wonder if it ran in the family.

With over thirty people at work, the bulk of the visible trash vanished in no time. Beth then sent most everyone into tall, dry grass and bushes spreading out along the shore on either side of the beach, and assigned a few to rake the sand.

When she and Kyle both filled their second bag, he offered to take both of them back up to the truck and bring new ones. Unable to resist, she watched him walk away, admiring what had to be the finest glutes in the tri-state area at play beneath his thin, cloth shorts.

If I was ten years younger, she thought wistfully. So much for not feeling old. Her vibrator was going to work overtime tonight.

A shadow moving across the sand toward her prompted Raine to look up at the sky. She narrowed her eyes, seeing gray clouds creeping in. The weatherman had predicted a possibility of rain, and it looked as if he was right. So far, the clouds were scattered, but darker clouds loomed on the horizon.

Beth walked up. “Don’t worry if it rains. Today’s the big day, but I have people coming out all weekend, too. Besides, look how much we have done already.”

“I know,” Raine agreed. “It’s hard to believe, considering how bad it was.”


Kyle returned with fresh bags, but it wasn’t long before a spattering of rain began to fall. In the distance thicker curtains were approaching fast.

“Hurry everyone. Let’s pack up. I’ll see you all tomorrow,” Beth called out.

Most of the volunteers deposited their bags and sticks in the trucks and made a break for their cars before the real rain hit. A few — Beth, Raine, and Kyle included — braved the downpour to finish packing up everything and secure tarps over the truck beds.

Raine’s sigh as Kyle jogged back to his car was full of melancholy. They’d had a rather pleasant conversation, and she certainly had enjoyed the scenery. Beth stayed until the last, making sure everything was shipshape before making her own retreat.

Soaked to the skin, the two friends shared a hug. “Coming out tomorrow?” Beth asked.

Though she hadn’t actually planned on it, the possibility that Kyle might be there had changed her mind. “Probably.”

“See you then.”

Beth hurried to her car, but Raine turned to look out over the lake before retreating to the shelter of her own. The freshly raked sand looked so beautiful with the view of the trees swaying across the water. The rain wasn’t all that cold, and actually seemed to be letting up a little. Thinking that she couldn’t get any wetter anyway, she walked down to where a pair of makeshift log benches had been set aright, deciding to enjoy the view and alone time for a while.

The soft patter of the rain on leaves and little plops as it fell into the lake was soothing. It reminded her of a time that she and her father had sat under the dining fly during an overnight camping trip, watching the rain fall. He’d just discovered that she was sexually active at the time, and somehow, sitting with her on that rainy afternoon, he’d come to grips with it.

Smiling at the memory and missing him, she was a little irritated to hear the sound of a car coming down the road. Her hopes that whoever it was would drive by were dashed when the car rolled to a stop and a door opened.

“You aren’t having car trouble, are you?”

Raine turned around at the sound of Kyle’s voice, irritation melting away in an instant. “No. I just thought I’d stay for a while.”

He walked down the hill toward her. “Saw what I thought looked like a good fishing spot, so I went to check it out. Then I came back and saw your car still here.”

Between him coming down from the higher elevation and her sitting on the log, she had to look up at him. His clothing was saturated — clinging to him like a second skin. His shorts revealed a silhouette that drew her eyes like a magnet.

It certainly did run in the family, and her earlier thought that she couldn’t get any wetter proved very false.

Her cheeks burned as she got over the shock, and realized that there was no way he couldn’t have noticed her stare. When she snapped her gaze away from the bulge in his shorts, she saw him smiling, and noticed where his eyes were fixed.

A quick glance down revealed why. Once again, she hadn’t worn a bra. Despite the dark color of her top, her breasts were still on public display, nipples erect and poking at the cloth.

“Dad was an idiot to cheat on you,” he said as he lifted his eyes to meet hers.

Incredulous that a man half her age was looking at her with such hunger in his eyes, she couldn’t find her voice. It wasn’t as if she didn’t believe she was attractive. Quite the opposite, she stayed in shape and had lucky genes, which when combined with her abundant bosom, attracted plenty of attention. The thought that a man who went to college with taut-bodied girls his own age might want her simply seemed preposterous.

He dissuaded her of that notion when he reached down to adjust his manhood. She could see that it was lengthening and straightening — growing hard. He sat down next to her, glanced at her breasts once more, and said, “You’ve got great tits.”

Raine gasped as his words set off a violent shiver that raced through her whole body. “Kyle?”

“I’d love to suck ’em,” he said in a low, breathy voice, reaching out to run his fingers up her waist.

Her inhibitions evaporated by his sexy voice, her words came out in another gasp. “Oh my god — yes.”

He wasted no time in jerking her shirt upward to bunch below her arms, leaning in at the same time to take her left nipple between his lips. She let out a high-pitched, warbling moan as he suckled her, tearing at her shirt to remove it the rest of the way.

Arms tangled for a moment after her shirt fell to the ground, as he cupped her other breast and she reached between his legs. He groaned as her hand wrapped around his erection, sucking even harder and causing her back to arch.

Kyle leaned back, still sucking hard, and let her nipple pop free. He pulled his shirt off, revealing a torso even more gorgeous and muscular than she’d imagined. Decorated only with a triangle of hair on his chest and the narrow line in the cleft of his abs, he looked like he’d stepped right off the cover of a racy romance novel. She reached out to run her fingers down his chest, panting with excitement, and hooked her fingers beneath the waistband of his shorts.

Taking the hint, the paused in the process of returning to her breasts and stood. Raine pressed her fingers hard between her legs as he kicked off his shoes and dropped the shorts. Rivulets of rainwater cascaded down his body, droplets arching into the air as his cock sprang free to bounce in front of her eyes. If anything, he was a little longer than his father’s average size, and just as thick, making her pussy ache in anticipation.

If he noticed that her belly wasn’t as taut as it once was or that gravity had taken its toll on her pendulous breasts, he didn’t give any indication of it. He sat back down, seeking her nipples once more.

Raine moaned deep in the back of her throat as her fingers curled around his naked manhood. Slick with rain, it throbbed powerfully in her grasp. “You’re so hard,” she moaned, and then whimpered from the intensity of his lips tantalizing her nipples.

“Love those big, natural titties.” He switched to the other breast, tickling the tip with his tongue before sucking it in for a moment. “Nothing like the real thing.”

“Oh, you do that so good. You’re making me so wet.”

He let out a growling chuckle, continuing to worship her breasts with his mouth. She stroked his cock, unable to even touch her fingers and thumb around his girth. The fingers of her other hand slipped into his soaked, dark tresses as she moaned and whimpered from how incredible he was making her feel.

She let out a desperate sounding oh when he gave the stiff bud capping her right breast a final lick and cupped both heavy globes in his hands. He looked into her eyes and said, “Why don’t you let me fuck those hot tits?”

Raine nodded and licked her lips, which turned upward into a crooked grin as he stood, dripping erection only inches away. As if placed there for this very moment, the log on which she sat put her at the perfect height for him to simply step forward and nestle his cock between her breasts. She squeezed them around him, moaning when he began to thrust.

The water pouring down her body provided more than enough lubrication, allowing him to pump his cock fast. She looked down at his tip poking from between the jiggling globes, loving the sight of his hard, young cock.

“Ah. Fuck yeah. Lick it.”

She snaked out her tongue, giving the purple helmet a swipe as it pushed up toward her mouth. Tilting her head down more let her close her lips around it, sucking every time he thrust upward, then slipping free with an audible pop. An intoxicating burst of flavor heralded a drop of pre-cum, drawing out a sharp mmm from her.

“Oh, I love fucking those tits and that hot mouth.” He growled, his grip on her shoulders tightening. “I’m gonna blow if I keep this up much longer.”

Salivating at the thought, she tilted her head back and gasped. “Do it. Oh, I want it.”

“Oh yeah.” He thrust harder, his balls swinging to tap against her chest with every stroke. “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I found those pictures of you at Dad’s last summer.”

Raine had always been a little nervous about the large number of nude photos she’d let Kyle’s father take of her, praying that she never found out he’d uploaded them to the internet. Discovering that those same pictures were responsible for the cock now throbbing between her breasts made every moment of anxiety worthwhile.

“Did you make yourself come thinking about me?” she asked before capturing his tip again on the next upward stroke.

“Hell yeah. I jerked off last night to them, knowing that you were going to be here today. I’d have saved the cum if I knew I was going to get the chance for real.”

“I’m sure you have plenty. Give it to me.”

Give it to her he did. He pumped his big cock between the slippery globes and into her mouth hard and fast. She had to struggle to keep her breasts wrapped around him, and maintain her seat on the log. His fingers dug in harder and his grunts of exertion grew steadily louder. Then, he let out an explosive cry, slamming his hips against her.

Raine squealed around him as the hot jet of cum erupted in her mouth. He twitched, popping free of her lips, and the next spurt trailed up her cheek, and into her hair. Releasing her breasts, she grabbed the pulsing shaft instead and wrapped her lips securely around the head. Three more hard squirts burst into her mouth before he pulled away, still dribbling semen.

She shivered from the sight of him trembling, his powerful body made weak by her draining him dry. Pulling his cum from her face before the rain could wash it away, she sucked it from her fingers, eyeing him with a sultry gaze and moaning all the while.

Kyle dropped to his knees, splashing water onto her legs and shoes. “Fuck, that was good,” he growled.

She licked her lips. “Mmm hmm. You come a lot. I love it.”

While he panted for breath, Raine caressed her breasts and pushed her fingers into her needy sex through the cloth of her shorts, which were soaked from both inside and out. He stiffened for a second, trembling from the sight, and then grinned.

“You didn’t start shaving your pussy did you?”

Having been a little worried about how he might react to her curl-shrouded sex, his words sent chills running all through her body. She shook her head, and then lifted a foot to pull off her shoe.

Scooting forward across the soggy ground, he took the initiative of taking off her other shoe and sock. Once he let go of her ankle, she stood up above him, cupping her sex in her hand. A quick glance behind her found a spot that looked more comfortable than the log, and she turned, dropping her shorts and panties at the same time.

Kyle used the log for support to stand as she sauntered through the rain — hips swaying — toward a fairly level spot at the bottom of the hill. She turned around and sank to her knees, then reclined, keeping a hand between her legs to hide her pussy until he was right above her, bending his knees to join her.

“That’s a real pussy,” he said as she moved her hand and parted her legs, revealing the nest of dark blonde curls.

Her heart beat fast and he seemed to move in slow motion as he lay down on his side, supporting his weight on one elbow over her right knee. He pushed her other knee out wide, and then slipped between her thighs.

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