Going from Lust to Hatred to Pity


As a detective, I often had occasion to help various merchants out with their problems, routine and otherwise. One of our major department stores was beginning to experience a rash of annoying phone calls from the same man and I was sent to look into it.

The annoying calls were coming in to the store switchboard at a rate of about fifty a day, all from the same man. The operators did their best to field them while taking care of the other, legitimate calls. In this particular store, the operators’ station was located in the basement. There was room for four operators in a relatively cramped cubicle directly across the hall from the security office. On this occasion, there were two operators on duty. One of them was Alice. If I had known at that moment how my life was about to change, I’d have turned around and left. Unfortunately, that kind of perfect vision is available only in hindsight and I walked into the trap like a very willing fly walking over to greet the hungry spider.

I was in my early thirties at the time and Alice appeared to be about the same. I did my investigative thing diligently and soon had enough information for a report. The caller appeared to both women to be young, perhaps a teenager. Alice volunteered to string him along long enough to catch him and get him the help he needed. A week or so later, a young man was in custody confessing to his sins. He was in his mid 20’s but looked about 14. He went through the system, appeared in court, where he was sentenced to one year of psychological counseling.

Several weeks went by and I happened to run into Alice in the store cafeteria, where I often went for lunch. She had just arrived also and we agreed to share a table. While we were in line I casually observed Alice. She was quite short, maybe 5’ tall. Her face was more cute than beautiful and was surrounded by a frame of naturally curly brown hair. For a small woman, she had quite a pair of boobs. Her teeth were pearly white.

Alice and I sat together eating for about half an hour. During that time, she told me of her three children, two girls and a boy. Alice’s husband was something she wasn’t fond of talking about. His name was Frank and apparently he was quite abusive, mostly verbal, but occasionally physical. She described him as a big guy and I found it hard to believe a guy like that could beat up on a woman five feet tall and barely a hundred pounds. We had to return to work but agreed to meet again the following day in the same place. I know I shouldn’t have, but my little head was doing my thinking for me.

One thing led to another and within a month, Alice and I had made a date to go to my apartment for sex. It was a Saturday morning. Her husband was working until early afternoon and I was off for the day. I got up and showered and shaved with great anticipation. I lived a mile or so from the store where Alice answered the phone. My apartment was on the second floor and the eastern wall was all windows looking out to the parking lot. At 9:30 on the dot, Alice pulled into a parking space right in front of my apartment. I was in the window waving to her when she got out of the car. She waved back and had a huge grin on her face. My cock was getting hard. Even though it was January, all I was wearing was a pair of cut offs and my throbbing cock was quite visible.

As Alice came to the door, I was waiting for her in the doorway. There was a blast of cold winter air when she opened the outer door. Alice was dressed for the winter, wearing a long black winter coat, boots, jeans and a sweatshirt. I greeted her with a hug and a kiss and we entered the apartment, closing the door behind us. She took her coat off immediately and flung it on the couch. Then I helped her with her boots. When the boots were off and I turned to face her Alice noticed the bulge in my shorts and asked, “is that for me?”

I told her it was and she all but shoved me into the easy chair in the living room. She knelt in front of my and began undoing my shorts. After unbuttoning and unzipping, Alice reached into my shorts with a very cold hand and grasped my cock, bringing it into full view. “Oooooooooo, I like it,”she cooed as she began to give it a few preliminary strokes. Then she let go of my dick and reached around herself, pulling off the sweatshirt in a single motion. I gasped. She wore no bra and these were probably the nicest tits my eyes had Ankara travesti ever had the pleasure of seeing in person. They were magnificent, easily a D-cup, milky white with a two inch aureole of pink and absolutely perfect nipples. But Alice gave me only a few seconds to ogle them. She wanted my cock in her mouth. Holding my wand with her right hand, Alice engulfed the head and tongued that very sensitive spot on the underside, just below the crown. I wanted to watch but the pleasure was too intense. I closed my eyes and let my head go back as I enjoyed Alice’s work. She got me just to the point of cumming, when she stood up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I let my shorts fall to the floor somewhere and was standing there with a monstrous hard on as Alice took off her jeans and panties in one fluid motion. She had an abdominal surgical scar but otherwise was quite appealing. I have always loved short girls with big boobs and Alice fit that bill.

We lay on the bed, kissing and petting. I spread her legs and moistened her lips with saliva. In no time I had located Alice’s rather prominent clit and began stroking it as we kissed some more. In no time, Alice was undulating with my strokes as she approached orgasm. I knelt between her legs and brought her off orally. She tightened her leg muscles around my head as she made a chocking sound when orgasm overcame her. I continued licking and sucking until she signaled me her orgasm was over and her clit was now too sensitive to touch. I joined Alice on the bed and held her as the aftershocks continued. She whimpered and purred in the afterglow. She also stoked my cock back to a state of hardness heretofore unknown to me. We both nearly nodded off.

Several minutes passed and we both returned to normal. Alice lay on her back, giving me my first real, unobstructed view of those tits of hers. “Like them,” she asked?

“They are beautiful,” was all I could think of to say and they really were. They not only looked luscious, they were firm. Alice, sporting a lovely D-cup, would pass the pencil test anytime. I licked, kissed and fondled them for a few minutes when Alice asked if I would like to “fuck them.” That was as close to a rhetorical question that I could think of and I jumped at the chance. I allowed Alice to direct the action and she was happy to do so. She lay on her back and told me to straddle her. She took my cock in hand and stroked it real nice until I was hard again. Then she gave it a few licks. She took some of her saliva and moistened her cleavage. I put my cock between her mountains of flesh and she pushed them together from the side as I thrust my cock in and out the valley of her boobs. On each inbound stroke, Alice attempted to lick the head of my cock, making me want to slow down at the same moment lust was building in my loins, calling for greater speed. What a dilemma!

After five or six minutes of this agonizing pleasure, I felt my own orgasm building up in my balls. I built up a speed and a rhythm designed to deliver that climax. And deliver it, it did. Like an out of control trip hammer, I pounded Alice’s fleshy tits until I finally exploded, spraying semen all over her. She caught the first burst of cum on her cheek, then directed my cock downward toward her boobs, where I sprayed her repeatedly. The power of the orgasm was nearly overwhelming. Lightning was flowing through me with a power I had never experienced. Six, seven jolts of semen flew from me. Finally, it was over. I rolled to my left and onto my back in near exhaustion. I looked over at Alice and she lay there with a look of self-satisfaction on her face, while rubbing my fluids into her skin. Then, she leaped to her feet and went into the bathroom for a quick shower. Five minutes later, she was gone. I lay there, unable to move and heard the door close behind her as she left.

As time went by, Alice and I saw more and more of each other. It turned out she was nearly ten years old than I, a fact that bothered her greatly and me not at all. She divorced her husband, moved in with me and we were eventually married. It was straight downhill from there. Alice became extremely jealous over non-existent women. When I left police work and entered the world of real estate, I would naturally drive clients around in my car. Many of them included women. Alice would find long blonde hairs in my car and demand an Konya travesti explanation, which I was unable to give except to remind her that I had dozens of people-many of them women-in my car in any given week. I found the more I attempted to answer the unanswerable, the more distrustful she got. So, I began to just ignore her interrogations, which pissed her off even more. One night, I came home from work to find that the roast Alice was making for dinner would not be ready for an hour or more. We decided to kill the hour in the bedroom. As we lay there naked in the bed, Alice made a point of sniffing me. She declared that I smelled too clean to have not had a shower in the middle of the afternoon. Her conclusion was a typical one: I must have gotten laid that afternoon! Alice got progressively worse. Eventually, I decided I could take no more and told her I would be filing for a divorce. She flipped. She was now positive I was cheating on her, which, I was not, by the way. I grew to hate her.

Alice viewed the divorce process as one that would eventually get someone (the judge) to slap my hand and call me a bad boy. It was not and that added to her frustration. In New Jersey, divorce is more an accounting exercise than it is a punitive process. Alice never got that. She spent a fortune fighting me on everything. Eventually she failed and our divorce was finalized. On that particular day, I was having car problems and had to get a friend to drive me to the courthouse, some 12 miles away. When the proceedings were over and our divorce final, I asked Alice for a lift home. It was almost like she had undergone electro-shock therapy; she was completely mellow, almost normal. On the ride home, she philosophized about where we both went wrong and how we could have done better. I’m sitting there listening to her drone on, hating her guts every mile of the way, thanking God that she was out of my life for good. I had moved in with my sister during the divorce ordeal and Alice pulled up to her back door, parking behind the garage door. I began to open the door to get out and Alice said she had a favor she wanted to ask. I said, “okay, shoot.”

She looked at me sheepishly and asked me if I would “fuck her one more time.”

My sister wasn’t due home from work for several hours, so I invited Alice in. “What made you think of this, especially now?” I have to admit, I was flabbergasted.

“Well, a lot of our years together really were terrible for both of us. But, we were always good in bed. I just wanted one final memory of you and me fucking.”

Alice was right. For all the other problems we had, Alice and I were a great pair in bed together. Though I hadn’t fucked her in the year since we filed for divorce, we did manage to fuck four or five times a week prior to that, in spite of having a million fights.

My room was on the second floor of my sister’s condo and we headed directly to it. Alice began undressing on her way up the stairs. It was spring so neither of us found a coat necessary. By the time we reached the top of the stairs, Alice’s blouse and bra were off. She quickly took off her slacks and panty hose and sat on the edge of the bed wearing just her panties. I was still dressed but had begun to peal off my shirt, when Alice reached for my zipper. She pulled it down, unfastened my trouser button and pulled my pants and boxers to the floor in a quick motion. I had been studying her breathtaking tits and my dick hardened. She took it in her hand and stared at it, almost curiously. “I haven’t seen him in quite a while. He seems glad to see me.”

My cock was now at full staff. She took it quickly into her mouth, almost gobbling it. Then as she stroked the staff, she began sucking and licking the head, bobbing up and down on it as it hardened and grew to the maximum length of roughly seven inches. She sucked on my cock for the better part of ten minutes until she knew that I was about to cum, then she stopped, flipped off her panties and got back on the bed, patting the empty spot next to her. It took me a minute to join her as I still had my pants around my ankles and my shoes were still on. While I readied myself, Alice played vigorously with her pussy. I got on the bed and she placed me on my back whereupon she climbed on top of me, straddling my legs. I had a wonderful view of her mounds of joy as she lowered her dripping pussy İzmir travesti onto my throbbing cock. Alice loved to be on top and, on this day, didn’t need a lot of foreplay. My cock slid effortlessly into her damp, warm hole.

Alice’s eyes glazed over as she savored the hard machine within her. She began by sitting up straight on it, apparently in an effort to drive it as deep within her as possible. Once satisfied, she leaned a bit forward and began riding it, in and out; up and down. I had the advantage of having her tits right in my face where I could lick them, suck them or just enjoy the view as they bounced around in response to Alice’s movements. As Alice moved, I reached over and put my finger on her clit to assure that each stroke involved clitoral stimulation. She humped harder and approached her climax, my finger rubbing her clit with each inbound stroke. She began moving harder, grunting, almost begging for the sweet release that was now very near. Finally, she leaned back, arched her back and let out a howl, her insides now convulsing in a most pleasurable way. Alice’s orgasms always lasted a very long time and this was no exception. She had perhaps a minute of maximum intensity, followed by five minutes of afterglow. Then, Alice was finished.

Alice never lost sight of the fact that I had not yet cum, and she volunteered to get me off with my favorite, a blow job. By the time she was ready, my cock had returned to normal. So, she began by licking off all the pussy juice that had accumulated on it, my cock hardening throughout this cleansing process. Then, when my cock was at full staff, she used all her skills to stroke it and suck it until I went over the edge and came in her mouth. Alice never learned to swallow so she had to let my thick load dribble out of the corner of her mouth, with some falling on my belly and some on her tits. We were a mess. As in the first time we had sex, Alice picked herself up and went to shower off. She got dressed, thanked me for accommodating her and left. Amazingly, we saw each other regularly after that, but solely for sex. I think we hated each other but neither of us had another sexual outlet, so we used each other for years after our divorce.

Our post-divorce trysts took place in many different places. For a time, Alice lived with her married daughter and there wasn’t a lot of privacy there. A lot of times we would get together for a mutual handjob in the car, parking out of the sight of prying eyes. Both of us had a weekend job, not far from the other. She had to pass mine to get to hers. We both ran one-person sales offices. She would stop into my office, wearing no bra or panties and I would get her off either with my hand or orally and she would do the same. I owned a couple of condos nearby and we would often meet there for a quckie. Sometimes we only had time for one of us to get off. Sometimes it would be her; sometimes me.

Eventually, Alice bought a small condo and when she did, we pretty much met there. The routine was pretty simple. I would call her and ask if she was free. If she was, I would go to her place right away. She would often greet me wearing jeans and no top because she knew how much I loved her tits and that is a particularly good look for her. We would have a drink, a black Russian for her, a martini for me. Then we would head up to her room, where we would strip and sit on her couch. I would either tongue her to orgasm or slather hand cream on my fingers and get her off that way. She would either do a similar hand job for me or blow me. Then I was on my way; Pretty empty but better than nothing.

Alice and I were together nearly thirteen years. And they were hard years. She never caught on to the notion that she will never be happy unless she gives herself permission to do so. She grew more bitter with each passing year. Now, she has moved out to Arizona to be with her son. She hates it, hates everyone there and has not found anyone to share her life with. Now, I pity her. She is her own worst enemy and she just refuses to see it.

It has been over 25 years since I walked into that operators’ station. Alice occupied a lot of my life. She had a great body with wonderful, no, amazing tits, and she loved to fuck and suck. Unfortunately, that is all she has. She just refuses to be happy and takes down everyone with her. She did it to me, but I got out. Now, I have a new life and she still just has the miseries. It is amazing how some of our relationships go from lust to hatred and finally to pity. It happened to me and to Alice. I still dream about her tits. She gave me a couple of polaroids of them years ago and I check them out often.

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