I always considered my mother-in-law to be a dried up old bitch, a real certifiable bitch. Well, she used to be anyway. Now, she’s my whore, my cocksucking, cum swallowing, hot pussied whore. She fucks me with her mouth, cunt, or ass whenever we get a chance and, believe me, I manage to find a lot of reasons to go to her place and do things for her. Unknown to me, my wife, wanted me to do things to her, too. If only I knew how the two of them had planned the whole thing, I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did..

My wife’s mother, Glenda, who is a 50-year widow is not all that much to look at, but she more than makes up for the lack of looks in bed. She stands a little over 5 feet, weighs about 105 pounds and, after looking for myself, wears a 28A cup. Small but still fairly firm for an old broad with nice nipples that beg to be sucked and I love to suck them as much as she likes having my lips wrapped around them.

It all started the day she teased me by showing so much of her body off to me that I ended up raping her. Only it wasn’t really a rape, she had really wanted me to take her but I was just too dumb to realize it and didn’t know what was going on at the time. Anyway, I was working in her yard cutting the grass and trimming the hedges and she came out of the house dressed in only the skimpiest of bikinis. Without a word she dropped the bra and walked in front of me shaking her tits and asking me how much I wanted to suck her nipples. Now her yard is well shielded from the neighbors by thick hedges and a privacy fence which surround a nice little in-ground pool. I looked at those tits shaking in front of my eyes and started to reach for them. as any good red-blooded American boy would. She slapped my hand away and told me I was such a naughty little boy to try to take xslot giriş advantage of her like that. She even told me that she was going to tell Gloria, my wife, that I was trying to play around with her tits and trying to seduce her. Well, I figured that if Glenda was going to tell Gloria about all this, I may as well have done something to get in trouble over.

Now, I’m a fairly heavy man about 5’6″ and 185 so Glenda was no trouble to grab around the waist and throw to the ground. She was a bit startled and she bounced a little as she gasped in surprise that I would do such a thing. Before she could recover and get to her feet, I had torn the bottoms of her bathing suit almost in half as I took them off her and had placed myself between her legs, forcing her thighs open with my knees. To keep her quiet, after smelling the heady aroma of pussy juice, I stuffed her torn bottoms in her mouth and held her hands well above her head.

Glenda’s eyes popped wide open when she first saw the size of my cock and she started shaking her head violently from side to side. I laughed and ran first one and then two fingers into her tight pussy. She was dripping wet and, with a vicious smirk on my face, I slid my cock deep inside her in one violent thrust. She screamed, I don’t know if in ecstacy or in pain, but her bottoms kept the sound from coming out. I started ramming my cock in and out of her pussy as fast as I could and knew I wasn’t going to last very long. This was payback time for all the teasing I had been subjected to over the past year and I was going to make sure I had all of what was coming to me. My balls started to tingle after only about twenty strokes or so and I knew that the heat was coming out of my cock slit pretty soon.

Slowly xslot Glenda’s moves changed from trying to push me away and stopping the invasion of my rigid pole of flesh to trying to pull me deeper inside her cunt. Her body arched up from the ground as she started fucking up to meet my thrusts and that motion put me over the edge. I sprayed hot slippery sperm deep into her honey-pot and mixed it with my cock. My cum had made her pussy so slick and I was still so horny that I took advantage of its slickness by pulling my cock out of her cunt and flipping her over.

Once I had her on her belly, I pulled her hips up and opened up her asshole with my free hand. I didn’t even probe it with my finger. I just lined the cockhead against the puckered pink hole and pushed. She didn’t quite know what I was doing until my cock burst through the ring of muscle and went deep into her shithole again in one massive thrust. She tried to scream once again, but those bottoms were still doing their job and muffled the sound. My second cum took a bit longer, but was just as satisfying as the first one had been. I sprayed the walls of her rectum with my slippery seed and held my cock deep inside her until it finally shriveled up and popped out.

When I finally had pulled out and released her hands, she rolled over. Spitting her bottoms out of her mouth, she let me have it both barrels. “You motherfucking bastard! How come it took you so long to fuck me? Wasn’t I good enough for you? Godddamn it! You didn’t have to rape me! You could have been a little more gentle with me.”

I was shocked by what I was hearing from my mother-in-law, a woman I had conisdered a dried up old prune. “I didn’t want Gloria to find out that I was trying to make up my mind to fuck you, you slut. And damn it, I did have to rape you to put you in your fucking place!”

“Gloria? It was her fucking idea to have me tease you. You’ve been sticking that dick of yours into her so much lately that she needs a break. Sonny, if you had been half the fucking man I thought you were when you married my daughter, you would have taken me to bed at least a year ago! Damn it. I’ve been teasing you for that long at least. What did I have to do, walk around naked in front of you? Yeah, I did, didn’t I? But those were only my tits and you went berserk. You fucking asshole–where to you think you get off taking advantage of a horny old bitch like me?”

“You gonna tell Gloria about this?”

“I don’t have to, you stupid cock headed asshole.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look over there. What do you see?”

Turning in the direction Glenda was pointing, I was stunned once more. Gloria was standing near the pool dressed in nothing more than she was wearing the day she was born and rubbing her fingers up and down her slit as fast as they could travel. She moaned as her body shook violently from a gushing cum that made her weak in the knees and knelt on the grass beside the pool.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I had been set up by these two women in my life. But what a setup! And, somehow I knew that that was not going to be the last time with Glenda. In fact, I was convinced it wouldn’t be the last time when Glenda leaned over and slurped my cock into her hot mouth as Gloria stepped up behind me and caressed my nut sack before sticking her tongue up my ass. As I looked down, I saw Gloria slip her tongue deep into her mother’s cunt, licking up the cum I had just put there. My cock naturally started getting very hard once again.

I just knew I was going to love this new incestuous relationship. Now I wonder if I could talk my mother into joining us–nah! Why ruin a good thing? Little did I know that my mother was to be next, but that’s another story for another time.

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