Fun With The Orells Ch. 04


Chapter 4 — Enter Miss Freezel

The young folks made their way into the back yard where Charlie and Chubby were still setting up chairs and tables for the evening’s festivities. Charlie had had a ‘thing’ for Janey since the last time my brother’s family was in town. He greeted her with a genuinely warm embrace. Janey return his affection in equal measure, and soon everyone was chattering away with open delight. Charlie introduced Chubby to the others and I could tell that my nephew/niece seemed rather interested in him.

As I watched the kids in the backyard, I felt a hand slip between my legs from behind, cupping my balls. It was my sister-in-law, Erika. Leaning over, she licked my ear and whispered hoarsely, “Now, David, I’ve got to have it now.”

Turning me around, she grabbed my hand and headed for the front hallway. Erika pushed me against the front door, and in one felid move dropped to her knees, had my shorts down, and my cock between her warm, sucking, full lips. Erika practically devoured my cock; sucking, licking, slurping my growing member with sheer delight – she was expert at it. She playfully nibbled at my foreskin, licked along the entire length, and sucked each hairy nut into her beautiful mouth with real passion and determination. Being on the receiving end of this excellent blowjob was rendering quick results and I felt I was about to spill my load any minute when suddenly my wife appeared in the hallway.

“I thought you two were up to something.” she scolded in jest. “David I told you to pace yourself, honey!”

All I could do was raise my hands in mock excuse. Erika didn’t break stride on the deep suck job she was giving my dick. Helen then started to chuckle as she watched Erika devour her husband’s swollen cock.

“Well,” she said finally, “that does look yummy I must say.” And with that she dropped to her knees behind Erika, cupped her sister-in-law’s tits and began to kiss and lick Erika’s neck. Erika moved over a bit and Helen came up along side of her. Pulling my cock from Erika’s hungry, wet mouth, Helen sucked the entire length of my dick between her own juicy lips. Erika was now licking and sucking my balls while Helen feasted on my stiff shaft. Getting sucked by either of these women is a treasure in itself, but having both of these lovelies eagerly enjoying me was almost too much! I could feel the sperm bubbling up from my balls as first my wife and then my sister-in-law worked my grateful dick. They kissed each other deeply and let their tongues playfully intertwine while they feasted on my meat. I was seconds away from showering them with a substantial load, and groaning loudly, I encouraged their hungry feasting. Suddenly the doorbell rang, followed by a smart knock on the door. Momentarily I lost concentration but my lovers never missed a beat. A few seconds later, the doorbell rang again, followed by another earnest knock but this time it broke through the mood completely.

“I…I guess we better get the door,” I stammered, retaking possession of my cock and pulling up my shorts.

“Damn!” cursed Erika, “We’ll pick this up where we left off later.” Helen helped my sister-in-law up to her feet, wiped her mouth and straightened her clothes. Helen opened the door to find Miss Freezel standing on the stoop.

“Why, Miss Freezel!” exclaimed Helen, extending her hand, “please come in. It’s so nice to see you.” Erika and I stood by nervously grinning like kids who were trying to hide something.

“Good evening,” said Miss Freezel sternly, eyeing Helen, Erika and me, “I hope I’m not too early.”

“Not at all,” replied Helen, “you’re right on time. Come on in.”

Miss Freezel, entering the hallway, stood stiff and straight waiting for tecavüz porno introductions. She was wearing a clean white, tailored, sleeveless blouse that fought to contain her sizable breasts. Below, she wore a pair of dark blue shorts that came down to mid-thigh, and a pair of white sandals that had a slight heel. Miss Freezel’s hair was pulled back and kept in place by a clip which fully exposed her attractive but stern face; her ears were adorned with golden looped earrings. Taking a closer look at her, I noticed now very dark her skin was – a glistening deep, deep brown color. Her nose was straight and sharp with slightly flared nostrils, and her contoured brown eyes were a lovely almond shape. Seeing her up close and dressed like this for the first time, I was beginning to appreciate how attractive Miss Freezel really was. In the past I had only seen her at school functions, dressed in her usual dark business attire and looking very grim and professional, but seeing her dressed casually as she was, I saw that she was altogether easy on the eyes.

“Miss Freezel, this is my sister-in-law Erika, and my husband David, whom I think you know.” Miss Freezel extended a stiff hand to Erika who shook it politely and smiled. Miss Freezel forced a strained smile in response, then turned and offered the same hand to me. It was obvious she was not comfortable in intimate social events like this.

“I hope I’m dressed properly,” Miss Freezel said looking down at her outfit and then inspecting what we were wearing.

“Oh, sweetie, you look wonderful!” chirped Helen, who took her by the arm and lead her towards the back yard. Erika and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows, then followed Helen and Miss Freezel outside. Helen was chattering away casually as she led Miss Freezel toward the patio doors. Through the wide glass I could see the young folks all huddled together in the middle of the yard. Jeanine was talking a mile-a-minute and flailing her arms around, obviously relating some anecdote to her young friends when suddenly I saw her pull down her tube top revealing her perky tits to her audience. I could see her gesturing towards her chest and I knew right away that she was relaying the story of how she was groped by her grandfather’s army buddies the night before. Janey and Charlie shuck their heads in disapproving shock. Chubby nervously rubbed his crotch a few times.

Just as Helen slid the patio door open and escorted Miss Freezel onto the patio, Jeanine pulled her shorts down to her knees and turned to reveal her bruised ass to her companions.

“And look at what those old farts did to my poor ass!” She exclaimed in a loud, pleading voice – loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Ouch!” said Janey.

“Man that’s rough!” said Charlie.

Chubby just rubbed his crotch.

Just then, Jeanine lifted her gaze and came in full eye contact with her former principal, Miss Freezel. Jeanine’s mouth dropped open and she looked like she was frozen in time. With her titties exposed, her shorts around her knees, and look of absolute disbelief on her face, Jeanine faced her former nemesis.

“Jeanine Orell!” exclaimed Miss Freezel, “what are you doing?” Miss Freezel’s expression was one of complete horror, amazement, and disgust.

Charlie and Chubby, who had lived under Miss Feezel’s reign of terror at the high school, stared at her with expressions that bordered on fear. Janey and Petra, unclear what the connection was, were glancing back and forth between Miss Freezel and Jeanine. Miss Freezel glared at Helen and then back over her shoulder at me. Nervously, I raised my hand to my forehead, covering my look of guilt and disbelief. After several long, intense 18 porno moments Jeanine finally came to her senses and quickly pulled up her shorts and lowered her top, covering her pert tits.

“M… Miss Freezel, what… what the hell are you doing here?” Jeanine asked in outraged shock.

“I’ve invited Miss Freezel to spend the evening with us, Jeanine”, chimed Helen, “I hope you’ll make her feel at home. And you can dispense with that tone of voice young lady.”

“But, but… she can’t be here…”, was all that Jeanine could say in response to her mother’s demand.

Well!” sang Helen, after another embarrassing moment of silence and shooting an angry glance at Jeanine, “Let’s all have a drink!” Helen was trying to be her cheerful, perky self, trying to smooth over the shocking first impression given to her guest. She led Miss Freezel over to a patio chair and sat her down. Miss Freezel was still in shock.

“What can I get you to drink, dear?” Helen asked in a matter-of-fact way. “Ah! David how about making one of your nice martinis for our lovely guest?”

Miss Frezzel looked up wide-eyed at Helen, still in a partial trance. “Uh, what? Oh, uh, I guess that would be fine but not too strong, I’m not much of a drinker.”

I quickly rushed away to mix a batch of martinis. God knows I needed one myself. After a few minutes I returned to the patio. The kids had dispersed and moved to another part of the yard. Erika went back into the house to look for Brian and my parents.

I handed the drink to Miss Freezel and without looking at me she raised the glass to her lips, tilted her head back and downed the drink in one long gulp. Licking her lips, she handed the glass back to me. Helen raised her eyebrows and motioned to me that I should refill her drink and I did so quickly. Once again, I handed the martini glass to Miss Freezel and once again, she gulped her cocktail without taking a breath.

Helen looked at me wide-eyed. “Would you like another drink, dear?” Helen asked with a quizzical look.

“Honey,” replied Miss Freezel with a far-away look in her eyes.

Helen looked up at me with an expression of bewilderment and I just shrugged. “What was that dear?” she asked again.

“Honey,” said Miss Freezel.

Once again Helen looked at me and this time we both shrugged at each other. “What was that dear? You want some honey?” asked Helen.

“Honey… my name. My name is Honey.” Her gaze finally took on the look of someone who had returned to reality as she met Helen’s astonished gape. “My name is Honey,” she said again in order to reinforce the message.

“Oh!” replied Helen, “well, isn’t that nice. What a nice name. Honey Freezel! Isn’t that a nice name, David?”

“Uh, yeah!” I replied. “Unusual.”

I refilled Miss Freezel’s, Honey’s, glass a third time, but this time she took only one large gulp and sat quietly, holding the drink in her lap. Helen patted her on the knee to comfort her. “There, is that better, dear?” she asked. Honey Freezel only nodded, retaining some of the far-away, foggy look in her eyes.

“I’ll go look for the others if you don’t mind.” I said and slinked back into the house to find the rest of my family. As I roamed through the house looking for the others I couldn’t help thinking again that inviting Miss Freezel was a huge mistake and that all the ‘fun’ we had planned for this party would be in jeopardy.

It took me several minutes of searching to find my brother, Erika, and my parents. They were in my parent’s bedroom and were, of course, ‘catching up’ after 6 months of separation. All four of them were on the king-sized bed. All were naked and having what looked like a wonderful time. konulu porno Unzipping my shorts, I pulled out my cock and seated myself in the big armchair that sat in the corner of the room. Stroking myself slowly, I watched as my brother and his wife coupled with my parents.

Brain was busily and noisily sucking my father’s cock while dad leaned over Brian’s body and fingered his son’s ass hole. Granny O was lying on her back, legs bent and up in the air, while Erika slurped at the old woman’s delicious cunt. Erika’s back was arched and her beautiful round ass was curved up and wiggling from side to side as she maneuvered her face between my mother’s legs. Unable to resist the torrid action and the scent of lovemaking that filled the room, I got up behind my brother’s kneeling body, spread his hairy ass cheeks, and began tonguing his rubbery, brown ass hole. Brian let out a loud moan as I began to drill my tongue into his receptive behind.

Reaching down between his legs, I took hold of his hard cock and milked it rhythmically while I slathered saliva all around and into his rear end. After a few minutes of French-kissing my brother’s privates, I positioned myself behind him, wet my cock with saliva and slowly pushed my swollen dick into his hairy, pink rectum. Brian pushed back as my cock slid into his wonderful ass, uttering a grateful “Ummmmm!” before returning his attention to sucking our father’s engorged cock.

My brother and I had been sucking each other’s cocks since we were old enough to make it count and this often lead to us penetrating each other’s behinds. Brian’s ass hole was well used and a perfect fit for my thick dick meat. Watching my cock disappear between his furry ass cheeks was a major turn-on and got me up to ramming speed in a hurry. Reaching over to Erika’s jutting ass, I slid a wet, probing finger into her pink anus as I fucked her husband, my brother.

Brian loved sucking cocks and just like his wife, he was a master at it. By the glazed look on my dad’s face, I knew that he was close to shooting his load. I was sure he was going to empty himself in Brian’s mouth, but instead, he freed himself from Brian’s sucking lips and positioned himself over my mother’s lovely face.

After stroking himself a few times, he held the base of his cock and let his spunk fly! Instinctively my mother’s mouth opened wide like a hungry baby bird waiting for a tasty worm. My father grunted deeply as thick streams of gooey white sperm slapped into my mom’s face, much of it hitting her tongue and sliding into her opened mouth.

Erika stopped licking her mother-in-law’s cunt and slide up her old body with her own mouth opened and tongue extended. She began licking my mom’s face, slurping up any gobs of cum that mother may have missed, eventually locking lips with Granny O in a long, delicious, and slurping tongue kiss. I was still slamming my dick deeply into my brother’s bowels when suddenly the bedroom door opened with a bang. We all turned our heads towards the sound’s direction and found Charlie standing in the doorway, eyes bulging, mouth agape.

“What’s up Charlie?” I said after a moment of pregnant silence.

“Umm, Uh, Uh,” Charlie stammered, trying to find his words. “You’d better come downstairs, Mr. Orell. There’s trouble. Jeanine and Miss Freezel are really getting into it and I’m afraid someone is going to get hurt!” With that said, Charlie raced back downstairs after giving all of us one last shocked look.

“Damn it!” I cursed. “I knew inviting Freezel would be a mistake!” I freed my cock from my brother’s behind, slipped on a t-shirt and headed, fuming, downstairs. “Can’t even fuck my own brother anymore without some fool interruption”, I grumbled to myself as I made my way to the backyard. I could already hear the shouting and hot language and recognized that most of it was coming from my daughter’s mouth. That morning I had my great hopes for this party, but at that moment, as I stormed down the stairs, I was being to have my doubts.

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