Full Obedience

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Author’s Note: Thank you so much to the reader who requested this story. I had a lot of fun writing it. It was definitely out of my normal comfort zone, but obviously with parameters that kept it within my interest. I debated putting it into the Loving Wives category, because of the content, but decided BDSM was ultimately where it belonged.

This is a story about a submissive whose Master enjoys sending her out to encounters with men who are strangers to her, secure in the knowledge that she’s doing it because it turns him on and that she is His. If that doesn’t sound like the story for you, I’d suggest checking out my other stories, because I usually write more “conventional” relationships.

This story includes a kind of hot-wifing and the sexual use of all three of a submissive’s willing holes.


I bite my lip nervously as the receptionist shows me into the room, wondering if she knows what’s about to happen. Wondering if there’s any judgment behind the pleasant, professional expression on her face.

“You can put your clothes here,” she says, pointing at a series of hooks on the wall, hanging over a cushioned bench. “Disrobe as far as you feel comfortable and then make yourself comfortable under the sheet on the table. Derrick will be with you shortly.”

“Thank you,” I mutter.

The room is designed to soothe, to comfort. It’s small and dimly lit, soft music is already playing, candles flickering and sending a lavender scent puffing into the air. The massage table is at the center of the room, along the wall are counters with all sorts of oils and tools to help with massage, and a small sink.

The receptionist shuts the door behind her, leaving me alone with my nerves. I shiver as I quickly take off my clothes, my anus twitching nervously around the plug that my Master pressed into it before I left for this appointment.

I’m a submissive sexually and I’ve always been a submissive sexually, but it wasn’t until I met my Master that I became what is basically a hotwife. Except I’ve read stories and books about hotwives, talked to them on forums, and I don’t quite seem to fit in. They revel in their conquests, wouldn’t want any other kind of relationship… I do it because my Master wants me to. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even be tempted. I don’t get off on the idea of having sex with another man and then going home to tell my Master about it, but I do get off on doing something that I wouldn’t otherwise, just because he wants me to.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t set this up, gets me hot. Wondering what’s going to happen, what limits will be pushed this time that I will allow to be pushed for him, that gets me wet. My Master has been easing me into this. The first time I was with another man, it was a threeseome, with a single, submissive man from the BDSM club we occasionally frequent, with my Master directing our every move. The second time, he had me give one of his acquaintances a blowjob while he watched, and then he sent the acquaintance home and ordered me to give him a step by step account of everything I’d done with my mouth and how I’d felt while I was doing it, all while he fucked me silly.

I’ve had sex with other men, always with him present and watching, and I’ve learned what he likes to hear. What he likes me to focus on. For instance, he’ll want to know that the room makes me feel antsy even though I should be soothed. He’ll want to know that I’m already wet when I get onto the massage table, that my anus is clenching around the plug over and over again, making me want to feel full in other ways. He’ll want to know that my nipples are hard as I lay down, that the little points press into the cushioned table beneath me and that I wriggle a little to enjoy the sensation of the sheet rubbing against them. He might even spank me for that, because I’m not supposed to find sexual pleasure without his permission.

Sometimes, when I go out on these little quests, I have permission and sometimes I do not.

Today I do not have permission to cum, but I already know I’ve been set up to fail. He took his time with inserting the plug, using a minimal amount of lube and slowly working it back and forth into my tight little hole. I’m a bit of a masochist, so having my anus stretched is enjoyable. I like the burn. I like the slight discomfort of having a plug securely lodged inside me, forcing me to shift and wiggle whenever I sit down. I was incredibly horny by the time he’d finished inserting the plug, and to add to my growing need, he’d pinched both of my nipples hard before ordering me to get dressed and sending me on my way.

Face down on the massage table, I press my legs together, stifling a whimper as a surge of need flows through me. I freeze as the door opens.

“Hello Abby,” a deep voice said. “My name is Derrick. I see you’re all ready for me.”

There’s a hint of amused anticipation in his voice, and I push myself up enough özbek escort to peek at him. He smiles down at me. An almost evil little smile that makes my heart thump and my pussy contract. Derrick is a handsome man. He’s broader in the shoulders than my Master, but his overall build is leaner. He has shaggy blond hair that hangs down in his eyes – I can’t see their color because of the dim lighting – and very, very strong looking hands hanging by his sides. Dress in slacks and a fitted shirt, he looks like a totally normal guy. But I know that he must be someone my Master knows is into kink.

My Master vets all of my encounters thoroughly. He is a control freak, after all.

“Hello,” I squeak, before dropping my face back into the little space on the massage table. Derrick chuckles and a little shiver goes through me.

“Just relax, Abby. We’re going to start with a simple massage.”

Of course, referencing how we’re going to start just reminds me of how we’re going to finish and my body tenses up again. Will I ever be used to having sex with complete strangers at my Master’s whim? They’re never strangers to him, but they are to me, and that’s how he likes it.

But then Derrick puts his hands on my shoulders, his palms slick with hot oil, and he presses. I moan as he seems to immediately find the worst points of tension in my shoulders and begins to work them apart.

“Is this too much pressure?” he asks, his voice low and almost blending in with the gentle music that’s playing.

“No, that’s perfect,” I mumble in reply, feeling his hands pushing away the knots. I moan again, unwinding further as he digs into the center of my back, in between my shoulder blades, seeking and finding all the problem spots I didn’t even know I had. His hands moved from my back to my arms, taking the time to stretch the muscles of each of my fingers, before moving to my legs. Down the backs of my thighs and calves to my feet. By the time he whispered to me to turn over, I was feeling almost boneless. I’d forgotten that I wasn’t here for a regular massage, forgotten that I should be cataloging everything for my Master, right up until I turned over and the plug in my ass pressed inward, making me gasp as the discomfort and pleasure shot through me.

Derrick chuckled, as if he knew what had just happened, but then his hands were pressing my shoulders down. “Down, Abby.” His voice was commanding, dominant, and I obeyed immediately. “Relax.”

It wasn’t hard this time, since my arms and legs already felt like limp noodles. He massaged my shoulders from this position, the sheet firmly in place over my breasts, my arms tucking it down by my sides. His fingers played over my neck, my throat, and my face. Despite the fact that i was relaxing, now that I had the plug pressing up into me, it was like my sexual awareness had flicked back on. The play of his fingers felt almost sensual, although it didn’t become erotic until they swept down my face and to my upper chest, slowly moving towards my breasts.

My nipples perked up, pressing against the sheet as my breasts swelled in anticipation, his fingers moving closer and closer. My pussy spasmed and I gasped when he suddenly slid his hands beneath the sheet and cupped them. In some ways, I think my mind was still a little shocked at the proof that this wasn’t a regular massage.

The oil was hot against my skin and I moaned as he pinched my nipples, rubbing the little nubs with his slick fingers. The sensation was incredible and shot straight to my pussy. The guilt of finding pleasure at another man’s hands, never far away on these little tasks my Master set me, trickled through me, but it wasn’t enough to quell the desire that had already flooded my system. Knowing that my Master wanted me to do this never quite made the guilt go away, but if I’m honest I think my Master liked it that way. Liked knowing that I was letting this man put his hands on my breasts for Him, that it wasn’t about the man who was touching me, but about what I was willing to do for Him.

But that didn’t stop it from feeling so, so incredibly good.

“Mmm, so responsive,” Derrick murmured, coming around to the side of the table. The change in movement pushed the sheet down so that my breasts were bared to him, the creamy mounds slightly flattened on my chest, my strawberry nipples standing tall and proud between his fingers. “Sean is a lucky man.”

I whimpered at hearing my Master’s name. Sometimes the men would reference him, sometimes they wouldn’t, but it always turned me on when they did. Made it feel like he was more present somehow. Master would be pleased too, he always liked it when the men he sent me to expressed envy.

Derrick plucked and massaged my breasts and nipples with the same focus he’d massaged my body. My legs rubbed together, trying to press friction against my pussy lips, and then would fall open, hoping to tempt him, before eventually azeri escort pressing together again while he focused on my breasts. I was breathing in soft, short pants, trying to keep my own reactions under control. My guilt over the pleasure was bad enough, I couldn’t imagine how much worse it would be if I actually begged for it. But I did arch my back, pushing my breasts up into his big hands, begging for more with my body even if I couldn’t bring myself to verbalize it… knowing that Master would be further aroused when I told him how I’d been unable to control my physical reaction even as he punished me for it.

Just when i thought I might have to bite through my lower lip to keep from begging Derrick to touch my drenched and needy pussy, he suddenly let go of my breasts and pulled the edge of the sheet down and off of me, baring me completely to him. My breasts were swollen and throbbing, the nipples a dark pink from being so well attended, the mounds slick with the oil that he’d used. Between my legs, my pussy lips felt like they were so puffy that my legs couldn’t close completely and I wouldn’t be surprised if my cream was dripping onto the sheets beneath me.

Walking to the foot of the massage table, Derrick leaned over me, grasping my hips and swiftly pulling me down so that I had to lift my legs in the air or be uncomfortable with how far they draped off of the table. The movement was sudden and shocking, but did nothing to lift the erotic languor that had settled over me. Despite my legs’ new position, my muscles still felt weak, and it was only Derrick’s hands sliding up and down the backs of my thighs that helped me find a new position that was easy to hold. My knees were bent, my heels over my butt, basically spreading open my pussy for his inspection, the base of the plug winking at him between my butt cheeks.

“Such a pretty sight,” he murmured, tapping the base of the plug with his finger and making me whine with need as my little hole clenched around the rubber. I felt like I was about to go up in flames I was so hot.

But when he sat down on a chair that had been positioned there, placing my legs over his shoulders, his hot breath on my pussy, I realized what he meant to do.

“Oh, no please, Sir!” I cried out, trying to cover my pussy with my hand. My fingers met sticky wetness before he grabbed my wrists and pulled them aside, one in each of his hands, leaving me pinned to the table.

“What’s wrong, Abby?

“I, I don’t have permission to cum, Sir,” I said, pleading on my face, wanting him to understand.

Oh he understood all right. A cruel smile slid over his face. “So I’ve been told, beautiful. But this pretty pussy looks too delicious not to taste, so you’ll just have to do your best, won’t you?” I could tell by the tone of his voice that he didn’t expect me to be able to hold out and he was looking forward to that. Then his voice dropped even deeper. “I’m sure Sean won’t mine punishing you for being a naughty girl.”

A shudder went through my body, making me spasm, at the thought. I knew, in that moment, that he was imagining me being punished and he liked the idea. Would he go home tonight and think about what my Master’s response to my massage this afternoon be? Would he fist his cock and get off thinking about the woman he’d played with during the afternoon, whom he’d sent home to be punished?

All of those thoughts flew out of my head as his tongue dipped between the folds of my pussy, licking up my center all the way to my swollen clit and nearly making me levitate off the table at the hot flash of pleasure that cut through me in response. I cried out as he began to lap and suck at my pussy lips, making me writhe in passionate need as I tried to force back the rising ecstasy between my legs. He let go of my wrists and folded his arms over my lower stomach, holding my hips in place as he feasted on my pussy, ignoring my cries and pleas to slow down or stop.

The only thing that would halt him was a safeword, and safewording because I couldn’t control my own orgasm wasn’t legitimate. I didn’t even want to imagine the punishment Master would set if I tried something like that.

My fingers tangled in his hair and i don’t know if I was trying to push him away or pull him closer. The heavy arms across my lower body only turned me on more, because there was no way for me to wriggle away from him – it wasn’t bondage but it was just as effective. I squirmed, my anus clenching around the plug, which only increased my pleasure, as his tongue slid in and out of my pussy, licking its way up to my clit and playing with the sensitive bud before sliding away again. My breath hitched in my chest as i strained, trying to pull my sensitive flesh away from Derrick’s relentless tongue as my pleasure crested.

Tears slid from my eyes as he sucked my clit into his mouth hard and I came.

I couldn’t hold back the orgasm, and my attempt to kazank escort had only made it stronger. I also couldn’t hold back the guilt that another man had brought me to pleasure, as well as my disappointment in myself for not following my Master’s orders. Along with that came the knowledge that Master would enjoy punishing me for disobedience and that sent me rolling on another wave of ecstasy.

My chest heaved, sucking in air as I slowly came down from the pleasure high. Derrick took a few last, long licks of my pussy before standing up. His cock was pressing against the front of his slacks, eager to be released. I barely paid attention as he undid the front of his pants, too busy trying to gather my wayward thoughts, trying to remember everything I would want to tell Master. I blinked as I looked down my body at him. My ankles were up on his shoulders, and although he was still wearing his shirt, he’d dropped his pants. His cock bobbed between us, long and thick, with a slightly curved shaft that would probably hit my g-spot with every thrust.

I was caught between arousal and guilt as the sight sent a spurt of excitement through me. I was about to take yet another man’s cock inside me, for the pleasure of my Master.

His eyes partially lidded, he smiled as he pressed the head of his cock against my heated pussy, rubbing it up and down my slit and covering the tip with my wetness. I whimpered and wriggled as it passed over my swollen clit. The tiny organ was twice as sensitive after an orgasm – with me, one orgasm almost always led to another. The fact that I’d already cum once did not bode well for me.

“Fuck you’re tight,” he groaned as his cock slid into my wet sheath. I shuddered as he filled me, the plug in my ass making his passage even more difficult as his cock speared me, despite the copious amount of lubrication my arousal provided. His hands tightened on my hips, pulling my ass just off the edge of the table as his cock bottomed out and his body pressed against my pussy lips and clit. Another new cock inside of me, filling me, pleasuring me. His eyes flared with heat as he looked down at me. “Play with your nipples Abby. I want to see you rolling them between your fingers, pinching and tugging on them while I fuck you.”

His words turned me on. So did cupping my own breasts and following his instructions. My nipples were still sensitive from earlier and I pinched them and tugged on them, just like he’d ordered, as he began to thrust in and out of pussy. He was taking his time with long, slow thrusts that ended with him grinding against my sensitive pussy lips and clit, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of my ass, as he watched me and fucked me. I had been right about the curve in his cock, every thrust had my hips lifting, jumping, as it rubbed over my g-spot, making me gasp and struggle against the pleasure that was beginning to fill me again.

With every thrust, my ass spasmed around the plug, the little nerve endings sparking and sizzling as it jostled inside of me, making me feel fuller than ever.

“So you’ve already cum once, Abby, you naughty girl,” he murmured as he stroked his cock in and out of me. His hand lifted and then smacked my pussy as he withdrew, his fingertips catching my clit and making me jump as the pleasure and pain zinged through me. The little bud felt like it swelled under the impact, begging for more. Then he thrust back in, his cock pressing against my g-spot before his body slammed into me, balls slapping against the base of the plug, his pubic bone grinding my swollen, sensitive clit. “But I want you to be even naughtier. I want you to cum again, all over my cock. I think I like the idea of you creaming yourself while I fuck you, knowing that you don’t have permission.”

“Oh no, please, Sir,” I begged, even thought my body was already responding, both to his fucking and his words. He was a bolder kind of stranger than I was used to, and one whom obviously enjoyed making my task impossible. I had no doubt that he would give my Master a full report about my transgressions, even if I tried to hide it. Like my Master enjoyed knowing that I wouldn’t fuck these men if he didn’t want it, Derrick obviously enjoyed knowing that I would be punished for orgasming. I, however, was hoping to keep my punishment and my guilt at a minimum. The idea that Derrick took this as a challenge almost undid me.

“Oh yes, sweet Abby,” he said, slapping my clit again and making me jerk as he fucked me. His hips began to move faster, harder, fucking me more roughly, more passionately. I pinched my nipples, gasping, trying to distract myself by playing with my breasts. It worked to an extent, but the bite of pain also increased my pleasure. “Sean and I talked a lot before this appointment. He told me he likes it when you’re naughty, so that he can be very rough on your when you get home. He said you don’t like to be naughty though. He said he’d help me out and get you all worked up before you came here, so that I could get at least two orgasms out of you.”

His fingers snapped against my clit, and I swallowed a scream, fighting against my impeding orgasm with all my might, completely aroused by the invocation of my Master’s name and his presence between Derrick and me.

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