Full Moon Madness Ch. 02


They got to the beach and the girls began rubbing each other down with sunscreen. The boys tried to avert their eyes, but the sight was breathtakingly hot for them. Julia sauntered down to the water, swinging her hips and tossing her hair back . The boys held their breath and then ran after her, picked her up onto their shoulders and ran into the water. Once they were chest-deep, they threw her in.

“Ahhh! Cold!” She shrieked as she surfaced. She splashed them playfully.

“Okay, my dear brothers, I am going to go sun myself.” They pouted at her, but she had already begun swimming gracefully towards the beach.

“So….any more news on the Julia front?” Jason splashed Jon playfully.

“Wait a second….I thought you said it was sick and that I shouldn’t pursue it.”

“I don’t know, man. I mean, maybe it’s okay.”

“Oh my Gods.” Jon stared at Jason.


“You’re hot for Jillian! That’s why you’re all weird now!”

“Am not.”

“Yeah, riiiiight.” Jon folded his arms with a skeptical expression

“Okay, maybe once or twice my mind has wandered to having my mouth on her cunt, but….”

“What? Your mouth? Not your cock?”

“I mean…no. I guess that would be hot, too.”

“Um…yeah! But I mean, so…”

“I don’t know, man. Jilli’s just got that… fire, you know? She’s gorgeous beyond belief!”

“Well, yeah, but… let’s not talk about it anymore. It’s still weird.”

“Okay dude. But you’re the one who brought the whole issue up.”

Meanwhile on the beach, Julia plopped down next to her twin.

“So,” Jillian was positively brimming with mischief, “how’d it go?” she put her book hd porno down. Julia smiled.

“They’re totally buying it.”

“Yay!” Jillian squeaked. “Oh my gods we have to get home like RIGHT NOW and do something about this.”

“Jesus. You are SO horny!”

“So?” Jillian giggled. “Okay, we won’t go yet. But take a walk with me.” Jillian got up and pulled Julia up, too. They walked down to a secluded alcove of rocks where they used to tell each other secrets as children. No one ever bothered them there.

“Um. Jill? Wanna tell me what’s going on here?”

“Oh, relax, I just wanted us to have some privacy.” Jillian slid her hands around her twin’s waist and undid the bow on her halter top.

“Jilli!” Julia squealed, “What in the fuck are you doing?”

“Just…..oh hell. Lay down.”

“Why?” Julia gave Jillian the ice-sneer of doom. Luckily, Jillian was immune, being her twin.

“Just fuckin’ do it.” Jillian watched as Julia slowly placed herself on the sand and lay down on her back with her knees bent. Jill untied the bows at her hips and pulled off Julia’s bottoms.

“Jesus, Jillian. Somebody’s going to come over here and see!”

“No. They’re not.” She promptly spread her twin’s knees with her hands and placed her mouth near her cunt. She extended her tongue and very gently stroked Julia’s clit with it.

“Oh my- Jill!” Julia squealed in shock and delight.

“Relax, Jules. Just enjoy it.”

“Gods, Jilli. This is fucking weird.”

“Yeah. You love it.” Jillian plunged her face into Julia’s pussy once more and began voraciously sucking on her clit and flicking her tongue around her labia.

“Oh brazzers porno my……Ahhhhh…..Mmmmmm.” Julia was moaning, but trying to stifle it so as not to alert anyone as to their whereabouts.

Back up the beach, Jason told Jon he also needed to take a walk. He left his twin to his own devices and calmly strolled along down to the end of the beach where there was a secret alcove. He knew that the girls liked to go to there to be alone. They thought no one knew about it, but he used to eavesdrop on them telling each other secrets all the time when they were younger.

He approached, sneaking up to it, and was greeted by an amazing sight. Through a gap in the rocks he could see Jillian licking and sucking on her twin sister’s clit, while Julia moaned softly and writhed about, her fingers entwined in Jill’s hair. He grinned broadly and walked calmly around.

“Well that’s not something you see every day,” he announced. They both jumped, and Julia scrambled to put her bikini back on.

“Jason!” Jillian scolded. “What do you think you’re doing here?”

“So it’s true then. You two are having a little twincestuous affair. That is so hot, I can’t even put it into words.”

“What?” asked Julia. “How did you, I mean, who-“

“I always knew you two were a couple of sluts for each other. The way you act towards each other. The looks you exchange constantly.”

“Excuse me?” Asked Julia, becoming even more flustered as she wrestled her bottoms back on. Jillian stole a glance at the incredibly prominent bulge in Jason’s swimtrunks. She helped Julia with her top.

“So,” Jason plopped himself down on the sand,”What seks filmi are you two playing at?”

“What do you mean?” asked Jillian.

“The whole ‘Parent Trap’ deal. Did you think I wouldn’t be able to tell?”

“Ummm. Yes, actually.” Jillian flushed a bit.

“Well, I think you at least fooled Jonathan. He hasn’t said anything to me.”

“Oh good, I mean, he was really the one we were trying to fool.”

“Ummm, okay. Why?”

“Well…” Jillian looked at Julia.

“Oh fuck. Tell him.” Julia also sat down, having put her suit back on. Jason raised his eyebrow, waiting for the explanation.

“So. Jon has a thing for Jules. He kissed her, and she kinda freaked out, but then decided it would be hot to show her little brother the sexual ropes, so to speak, but I decided that she wouldn’t go through with it, obviously, cuz she’s a big chicken, so I offered to dress like her and seduce him instead.”

“Hmmm. Interesting. Well, I should probably tell you that I would like nothing more than to fuck you silly right now.” Jillian’s jaw dropped.

“Wha- huh?” Jason grinned, got up and started strolling back to their umbrella.

“See you later!” He yelled back to them. Jillian whirled around to face Julia, who was snickering.

“Told you he was hot for you.” She got up and brushed the sand off of her rear. “Shall we?” Jillian continued to glare at her. Finally she stalked off down the beach towards the car. By the time she caught up her other siblings had already convened. Jill had regained her normally unshakeable attitude.

“Let’s go home.” Julia stated. The boys nodded in agreement.

The car ride home was silent. Jillian drove, trying not to think about incest. She failed, of course, as her brain started to race with all the filthy possibilities. Julia was thinking about her brothers, Jonathan was thinking about Julia and Jason was thinking about the hotness of all 3 of his siblings.

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