From Trophy Wife to Slutwife Ch. 05

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Female Ejaculation

Chapter One

(Karen’s POV)

It took me several days to recover from the bachelor party’s gang bang. But I’m not complaining. I never had so much cock and cum in my life. It left me craving more. Just the thought of it now has me fingering myself. MMMmmm.

My husband got me some new toys today. One is a set of Ben Wa Balls. I have them inside me now. They are very stimulating. I decided to wear them shopping before I go to the gym today. I can feel them clicking while I’m walking around. My juices are flowing. I decide to make a few purchases.

One of them was some new stilettos heels. While I’m being fitted, I decide to show the salesman some of “my” wares. I spread my legs and let him have a good look up my skirt. Of course I am not wearing any panties. What good slut would? I catch him looking at my freshly waxed pussy. I know my labia is swollen, as I can feel my juices running down my leg.

He has a nice bulge in his trousers, so I press the tip of my new shoes against it. He flushes with embarrassment. I thinks its cute. He’s an older man and you know how I love them older. Really, I love them older, younger, it doesn’t matter. He’s going to make a nice commission on these expensive shoes but I decide to give him an extra special reward.

I tell him to take me to the staff restroom in back. He tells me where it is and he meets me there. I drop to my knees and take his lovely cock out. It already has some pre-cum leaking and I lean in to lick it off. I stroke his shaft as I swallow his man meat. He moans as I take him down all the way. He doesn’t last long and I take his gift down my slutty throat.

I stuff him back in his pants and give him a playful pat before leaving with my new shoes. I’m heading over to the gym for exercise class. I go about 3x a week. I love to work out and these balls make it that much more fun. I change into my gym wear. Its a tight spandex two piece. I have to wipe down my pussy as it is leaking from all the stimulation. My nipples are pebbled and rubbing against the tight top.

When I get to class, I find that my regular instructor is not there but in her place is a guy named Max. He is a very fit black man. He is huge and I get right in front. We start with a stretch and a nice aerobic warm up. The balls are clicking together with every movement. Its so stimulating.

Before we are even started I feel my body trembling with need. Max is wearing some tight gym shorts and I can see the outline of a massive cock and huge balls. My mouth and pussy are watering. He catches me eyeing his package but I show no shame and just lick my lips. This has a nice effect on him as his cock begins to grow. OMG.

When we really get going with the workout, the balls are clicking together and I am close to orgasming. I just keep going and pushing myself. I try to maintain my control. I want to save it for later. Max is really pushing us.

The class is mainly females but there are a few guys too. I have had some fun with a few of my classmates, both girls and the guys. I have a slutty reputation here but I love it. I’m hoping to have some fun with Max after class. His semi-hard cock is bouncing right in front of me. I am having problems concentrating.

He comes right in front of me and asks if I am OK. Oh my, I can hardly answer him. My mouth is silent but my hand moves up to touch his cock, right in front of everyone. He moans as I squeeze his massive shaft. Everyone has stopped and they are watching me and Max. I am kneeling in front of him, stroking him.

I reach up and finger the elastic of his shorts and pull them down. There is a gasps from some of the other girls. His thick black cock flops out. It’s still semi hard and already about 12″. I wrap my hand around it but can’t reach around. Its so fat and thick. My mouth is watering. I lick my lips as I look up into his eyes. He is smiling.

He puts his hand on the top of my head and guides my mouth to the head. I open my lips and slowly take it into my wet mouth. Everyone is gathered closer, watching me lick and suck on his cock. I feel hands touching me. I feel someone taking my gym clothes off. Before long, I am naked.

My head is bobbing up and down on Max’s giant cock. He is grunting as he takes his pleasure in my mouth. Someone is squeezing my breasts. They are soft hands so I think it’s one of the other girls. They are tweaking my hard nipples.

I continued to stroke and suck Max’s shaft. His black cock glistens with my saliva as he fucks my mouth. Fingers enter my wet pussy. First one, then two. They are big fingers so it must be one of the other guys. They are making the Ben Wa balls click, driving me crazy. One of the girls has slipped under me and is softly licking my clit.

Hands are all over my body. My mouth is taking Max’s cock as far as I can. His thick cock is gagging me. The girl’s tongue is swirling around my engorged clit as the thick fingers pound my open hole. I am nearing orgasm and moan around Max’s cock.

His otele gelen escort giant black swells and he pushes it down my throat. His hands grab my head and he starts fucking my willing mouth in earnest. The girl nibbles on my sensitive clit, as the fingers drive me to climax. Max’s cock swells and spews his thick, sticky cum down my throat. His grunts are loud, his hands hold my mouth on him, as his sends his seed down my throat.

I cum as I swallow his gift. The girl is licking the wetness coming from my pussy. The fingers keep fucking my needy hole. The wet, sloshing sounds send me over the edge again. The hands are teasing me, tweaking my pebbled nipples. Someone slaps my ass as I am writhing on the mat.

When Max pulls his withering cock out, another is there to replace it. I take it in and suck him too. He goes to his knees and I follow. I feel hands on my ass, and I lift it up and present my holes for use. I feel a nice sized cock rubbing up and down my wet labia lips. Again my ass gets slapped. I moan to encourage them.

He enters me and drives his thick cock deep inside me. Hands are still teasing me, squeezing my breasts. The cocks are fucking my mouth and cunt. I feel so full. The balls are clicking with every stroke. I am trembling with need again. My breasts are swaying. The guy in my mouth pulls out and sprays his cum on my face.

One of the girls leans in and starts licking the cum off of my face. We kiss and share his sticky jism. The guy in my pussy sees this and lets loose with his orgasm. He fill my wet pussy with his load. When he withdraws, another cock rubs against my wet lips. Then he pushes against my tight ass.

The girl that was licking my face turns and lays in front of my. She spreads her legs and I lean down and start licking her wet pussy. Her hand runs through my hair. I swirl my tongue around her clit, softly sucking it into my mouth. My ass is getting pounded. I moan into her pussy.

The cock in my ass starts to swell and he ejaculates his seed into my willing ass. I feel it throbbing as I milk his cock, wanting all of his cum. When he withdraws. I feel a soft tongue licking the cum that is oozing out of both of my holes. Two soft hands spread my cheeks as her soft tongue licks between each of my holes. I can’t hold back and cum on her face. Her tongue never stops licking me.

My tongue is driving into the girl in front of me. My nose is bumping into her engorged clitty. He moans tell me that she’s close. I reach and spread her labia and push my tongue deep inside her. I curl my tongue and try to reach her G-spot. I have a very long tongue and easily find her spongy mass. She screams to my ministrations and quickly cums all over my face.

Another girl replaces her in a 69 position. We are lapping each others pussys when someone kneels between her legs and enters her. I continue to lick her clitty and the shaft as it fucks her. I feel two strong hands on my ass. A huge cock presses against my sopping pussy. The head finally enters me. It is so fucking huge. I look back to find that it’s Max’s giant black cock.

He can’t fit all the way in because of the balls, so the girl under me reaches up and pulls them out. Max drives his cock back in and sends it to the depths of my cunt. I am so full that I cum on his huge cock. He starts to slowly move in and out, letting me adjust to his size. I can hardly concentrate.

Everyone around us is having sex now. But they are also looking at Max take my slutty cunt. His grunts get louder, his hands grab my ass cheeks and spread them so he can go deeper still. I squeeze my kegels to milk that massive cock. I can feel him throbbing and swell as he nears his second orgasm.

I’m pushing back against his thrusts. My tits are bouncing from the pounding I’m receiving. His heavy balls are slapping my engorged clit. I go off on him and my body spasms with wave after wave of pleasure. This takes him to the edge too. I can feel his thick cock pulse with every spurt of cum he sends into my needy pussy.

I can hear the sounds of orgasms around us. We have all had a great sexy workout. A few of us end up taking a shower together and some of the girls and I have some good shower fun. I take a few numbers for some later fun. One of them was Max’s number. He has one nice cock and I want him inside me again. Maybe I can get him in my ass sometime soon. I put my Ben Wa balls back in and head home.

Chapter Two

When I get home, hubby is there waiting. He can tell by my eyes that I have been out having fun. We sit down in the den and have a few drinks and talk about my day. I told him about the shoe salesman, the sexy gym class, and of course about Max. My pussy is still twitching from the thought of Max’s big fat cock.

He asks me about my new toy, the Ben Wa balls. I told him about how they made me feel while I was shopping. I also explained that maybe the gym class orgy might have been caused by my leaving them türkmen escort in during class. That and the fact that there was this gigantic cock right in front of me. (Another shudder goes through my body)

He has me lift my skirt and show him my freshly fucked pussy. I lift the hem and he sees my swollen, red and pouty lips. I flick my finger across my clit and dip two fingers inside me. I’m still filled with gooey cum. I finger myself for a few minutes then lick the wetness off my fingers. I’m obviously try to goad my husband into fucking me.

He tells me to go get undressed and return to him. I hop up excited about getting used again today. I’ve already had several cocks in me and I still want more. I don’t think I can ever get enough. My husband will never have to send me back for re-education. Hell, I could go up there and teach a class or two.

I strip and return to the den where my husband has removed his clothing. I drop to my knees at his feet and start stroking his cock. I’m already licking my lips to get him in my mouth. He gets me to tell him about my day in more detail while I stroke him. I regale him with the steamy details while I stroke and lick my husband’s thick shaft. He is very rigid, and must be liking my story.

I reach between my legs and start playing with myself. He lets me go on and on about what happened. When I’m finished, he tells me to get over his lap. That he’s going to spank me for being a dirty little slut. There’s a glint in his eyes, so I know he’s not really mad at me. So I make a real presentation of getting over his knee.

He puts his throbbing cock between my thighs and rubs my upturned ass. He starts lightly slapping my ass. First one side then the other. I know he’s just warming me up. I wiggle my ass for him. This does two things, it taunts him to whip me harder and it rubs his cock between my soft inner thighs.

He takes the bait and starts whipping me harder. He moves his strokes around so I don’t get too much stimulation in one place. But before too long my entire ass is stinking from my whipping. He reaches down and grabs one of my nipples. They are rock hard as diamonds and he twists it, pulling it away from my body.

I shudder with excitement. He certainly knows my body and begins whipping me again. He keeps me on the edge of cumming. I can feel his cock throbbing between my legs. He continues to slap my ass. I feel the heat rising from it. I’m still wiggling, as I want to rub his cock so he will fuck me.

Finally he stops and tells me to get back on my knees. I look up into his eyes and know what he wants me to do. I gladly take his swollen cock into my wet mouth and suck it like my life depended on it. It doesn’t take long at all before he is cumming. He holds my mouth on him while he sends his sticky jism down my throat.

He then tells me to lay back on the floor and finger myself for him. I comply and spread my legs wide. I rub my clit for him. Then I put two fingers inside and work them in and out of my sloppy cunt. Leaning back on one elbow, I cup my breast and pinch my nipple. I add another finger and they are going in and out of my wet pussy. I look up with half lidded eyes and beg to be allowed to cum for him.

He doesn’t give me permission yet. So I continue to fuck myself, rubbing my thumb across my clit, pulling on my erect nipple. I’m begging with my eyes. He knows I am a cum whore but I wait for his nod for permission. This really makes me feel slutty. Lying on the floor with my legs spread, finger fucking myself for his pleasure, not mine.

He finally give me a nod of his head and I am lost in the throes of my orgasm. I think about sucking him off while I told him about my day, thinking about teasing the salesman and sucking him off, thinking about my gym class orgy. And of course, I’m thinking about Max’s big black cock that fucked me into oblivion this afternoon. I cum so hard I almost pass out.

My husband picks me up and holds me in his lap. He strokes my hair while I come down from the ecstasy of my orgasm. When I think again about all that transpired today, my body shudders through another orgasm. He kisses my forehead and holds me tight. I feel safe and loved.

Chapter Three

We had a nice evening after that. We cuddled by the fireplace and watched an old movie again. He was sitting on the couch and I had my head in his lap. It wasn’t a real sexual thing, but I love to lay like this with him. He was stroking my hair. It was quiet and peaceful and it gave me time to unwind from my busy day.

The next day, when we woke up, he told me that this evening he was having some clients over to finish up on some business, or as he put it, “seal the deal.” I thought it was odd because he rarely has clients to our house. Its not unheard of but nothing like this. So I was on edge about it. I asked if I needed to preparing any food or appetizers, and was told that this had already been arranged. So I spent most of evi olan escort day lounging by the pool.

Around 5pm hubby tells me that I should get ready for our company. He tells me to shower and I do. When I have finished drying off he leads me back downstairs. I’m still naked but that is the way I am around the house all of the time. He tells me to lie down on the coffee table. It’s more of padded table with soft leather but the padding is firm so that you can put drinks on it.

I am lying down, he ties my hands above my head and to the coffee table. Then my legs are tied to each of the other legs. I am spread out nicely. I’m already excited at the prospect of what will happen. My husband then proceeds to tell me that I have been getting too much dick lately and he is going to have me teased all night and this is going to put me in my place.

I’m already begging to be let loose when the group arrives. There are four men and one woman from what I can hear. They don’t immediately come into the great room. I don’t recognize the men’s voices but I know the woman’s. It’s his secretary, Connie. I call her Connie the cow, because she has such big udders. Don’t get me wrong, she is beautiful. She thin with full hips and those huge breasts. She was one of the people I was rude to at the company party that got me sent to the slutwife reform school in the first place.

I hear them talking and laughing. They are in the formal dining room and it sounds like they are eating and drinking. About two hours later, they are heading my way. They all gather around the coffee table and sit in various chairs. No one says anything to me or about me. Its like I’m not there.

Finally, my husband explains that I have been a whoring slut for the past few days and this is my punishment. They are all told to tease me, or touch me in any way they might want to, but not to let me cum. I finally see Connie, and she is wearing a white corselette. The cups are only holding her big billowy breast up and out where everyone can see her big turgid nipples. She is not wearing anything else.

She begins serving them after dinner drinks, and lighting cigars. She looks down at me as she passes by. I try to smile but it comes off as a sneer. She bends over to light someone’s cigar and I get a face full of her ass and pussy. I can see that it is already red and swollen from being played with. I thought my husband was going to use my body to “seal the deal” but it seems that Connie is the one for that tonight.

They talk about this deal they are hashing out, while some hands begin to roam my body. I’m lost in the feeling. Someone touches my breast. My nipples are already peaked but grow crinkled with need. Another hand runs down my stomach until it stops just above my clit. I try and push up to meet the hand but get a slap from my husband on my face.

This goes on for what feels like hours. I have glasses placed on me, the condensation from the ice melts and drips down my body. I have a couple of ash trays on me and lit cigars are placed there. I had to remain still so that they don’t fall out and burn my skin. I am a bundle of nerves. Still hands are stroking me. My cunt is leaking onto the table.

I can see Connie on her knees, sucking some of the men. They make comments on her pillowy boobs. One of the men ask to fuck her between her tits. She gladly offers them up. When the guy finally cums, she bends over me and lets it drip onto my face. She pushes them into my face and has me lick them clean. She moans in pleasure as I lick her soft tits.

She gets bent across me on the coffee table and is getting fucked by one guy, while giving head to another. Her soft breasts are swaying and rubbing against me. Other guys are stroking themselves while watching the show. Some of them cum and squirt their stickiness onto my body. I hear Connie moaning around his cock as he cums into her mouth. The other guy is filling her pussy with his spunk.

She again leans over me and dribbles the cum from her mouth onto my face. Then adding insult to injury, she squats over my face and presents her cum filled cunt to me. My husband tells me to clean her pussy out. I lave at her wet lips. The cum is already oozing out. I lick up every drop. She presses her cunt down onto my face and I push my tongue inside her to get the remainder.

I should feel embarrassed about this but end of loving every minute. Yes, I want to cum but I am relishing in my small part in this scene. Sure I would love to be getting fucked but my body is covered in cum. I am still licking the cum from Connie’s pussy when a large cock comes to root me out. I recognize it as my husband’s.

He rubs the head up and down her wet folds, then pushes into her. She moans, her head is right at my pussy. I feel the vibrations. She is so close, I push my hips up to tempt her but she doesn’t. He is fucking pounding her cunt, right above my face. I hear the sloshing of juices as she cum around the fat cock of my husband.

It starts dripping down into my face. I’m lapping it up. I still feel hands on my breasts and legs. One touch and I would be sent flying but no one ventures near my sex. Watching Connie getting fucked by my husband is so hot. I try and reach his shaft with my tongue. His heavy balls are hitting my head with every stroke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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