Friendly Favours Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Hazard Pay

Things went on that way for a while. Lee would continue to give me a ride to and from work every day and my wife became accustomed to me doing what she thought were odd jobs around Lee’s house to help raise some extra cash while we were feeling the pinch trying to make ends meet. Little did she suspect the true nature of the odd jobs I was doing for Lee, or to what lengths I had gone to augment our income.

The length I had gone to in fact was about six and a half inches and the income (not counting the money) was usually down my throat. Yes, for the sake of money, I was giving my co-worker and friend regular blow jobs, sometimes twice or even three times in one day. In this way I was bringing home about two hundred extra dollars a week.

I had become accustomed to the routine. The day would be filled with the drudgery of factory work but sweetened with a strange anticipation as well as I had begun to look forward to my sessions with Lee, which usually ended with me swallowing my own cum for Lee after swallowing his a couple of times. I seemed to be highly aroused by the taboo nature of the act and the utter submission to the pleasuring of another. I tried not to let it bother me too much that I was enjoying this strange form of adultery. It had begun, and remained, a selfless sacrifice for my wife and newborn daughter. If I could enjoy the perversion of being another man’s cock-sucking whore for cash, I figured that I deserved that much for myself at least.

So things went on for a period of months, but things change of course. I started to get more hours at work again as the factory picked itself up after a long slump and my wife’s parental leave ended and she returned to work, commanding her former full wage once again. Our need for the money was no longer quite so desperate as it had been before. But Lee was still there and he was still willing to pay for me to give him head, and I told myself that I was only doing it to improve the financial condition of my young family. I continued to visit with Lee and suck his cock almost daily for fees, wondering how I could bring myself to quit this strangely pleasurable activity to which I realized I was becoming addicted.

Yes, somehow I had gotten in touch with a fetishistic side of myself that got off on total submission to another person, or should I say, to a man. I was not gay, at least not as I understood the term. I was not attracted to men, did not look at them with lust. I was very into women and quite satisfied with my wife and our sex life together. But my sessions with Lee had taught me a forbidden pleasure I could not fully understand.

But if I needed to prove to myself that I was becoming addicted to being Lee’s cock-sucking whore, I got the proof when he received word that his only brother had died. Lee was named the executor of his will and had to leave town for a couple of weeks to make funeral arrangements and put the estate in order. Lee’s absence might have been thought a holiday for me, but instead, I found myself longing for his cock. Not for Lee himself, mind you, though I liked him well enough as a friend. No, I felt empty without the thrill of pleasuring his cock. A few nights after Lee began his leave of absence, I even started dreaming about sucking him. On one potentially embarrassing occasion (even more embarrassing if I had not been able to conceal the evidence from my wife, Sharon), Eskort Kız I even had an orgasm from one of these dreams. I had experienced my first “wet dream” since being a teenager, and it was inspired by a dream of performing oral sex on a man. It was then that I realized the depth of the change to my sexual nature, because I never even gave a thought to the loss of my extra income. I realized that I had fallen into a pattern of sexual obsession and unhealthy behaviour and I resolved to quit my “second job”. I would tell Lee as soon as he returned to work.

Of course, the day soon came when Lee resumed his job. He arrived at work a bit late that day. (I had been taking the bus to work during his leave.) I was working at my station when he showed up and I gave a welcoming nod when I saw him look at me while setting up his station. We had the same lunch break, so I decided that I would tell him what I had decided then.

Noon came and we got to the lunch room at about the same time. The lunches were staggered in the workplace and we were the only two guys in our area scheduled to go for break at this time. I needed to get some change out of my locker for one of the vending machines in the break room, so I stepped through the adjoining locker room door, telling Lee I’d be right back. I was dialling the combination on my locker door and rehearsing in my mind how I would tell him that I was ending our little business arrangement, when Lee came around a bank of lockers to stand by me. I gave him a smile and asked him how he was doing after the funeral and all and he said he was doing okay now. I told him I was glad. He seemed tense though and I didn’t think this would be the best time to bring up the matter.

Apparently, Lee had a different idea.

He reached into his pocket and took out his wallet. As he began thumbing through a wad of bills, my jaw dropped. He was counting out twenties and I could see that he had hundreds of dollars in his hand. He didn’t say anything, but he motioned to me to follow him. I was perplexed by this and, after closing my locker door, followed him around the bank of lockers without comprehending.

When we got around the corner near the shower enclosures, he suddenly ducked through the curtains into one, grabbing my arm and pulling me into it with him. I was standing inside a shower unit with a man. That had never happened before. I still didn’t see what he wanted. It was an odd venue for a private conversation…

Lee held up the wad of cash, probably two hundred bucks at least, and quietly tucked it into the breast pocket of my coveralls and looked at me with the strangest look of desperate need I had ever seen. Only then did I understand what he wanted.

Good God, he wanted me to do it here? What if we were caught in the act? I felt a surge of panic rising from deep within me. I could just imagine how that would go over with the guys we worked with!

Lee could see my astonishment all over my face. He smiled reassuringly and confidently, tapped the stash of bills he’d shoved into my breast pocket and said, “Hazard pay”, and then put his hands on my shoulders and gently but firmly pushed me down to my knees in front of him.

I went rock hard instantly and it was as if my brain went on vacation as my actions were ordered from my groin area. Now kneeling before Lee, my hands scrambled up to his belt and I quickly, almost desperately undid the buckle, opened his fly and pulled at the elastic band of his briefs to free his already swollen member, which at this range practically sprung up to hit me in the face. My resolution to give up sucking Lee’s cock for money was completely forgotten as my mouth opened to take it in.

Lee gave a groan of pure ecstasy. I was sucking him already with real gusto. I was terribly excited myself to be doing this again and to be doing it here, at work, in a room that anyone could walk into any second and hear what was going on. It felt so good to have his cock back in my mouth, I could hardly believe it.

We had been at this just a couple of minutes when I heard the locker room door swing open and a couple of guys wander in, discussing last night’s hockey game. One of them walked over to the urinals, complaining about how lousy the goaltender of the home team had been and the other one shouted back his agreement, as it seemed to me, from just the other side of the shower curtain!

I stopped sucking, knowing full well that the curtain could hide the sight of Lee and me, but not necessarily the sound of what we were doing, especially at close range. I knew it was unlikely that anyone was going to take a shower this time of day. Even with staggered shift starts, no shift in the plant ended at this time, and few employees used the shower anyway, especially in wintertime. Still, there was a chance that someone standing only a few feet away might tear the curtain aside and expose me in my cock-whore submission before Lee. I was petrified.

Again, Lee seemed to have other ideas. His cock was still in my mouth, and now he wrapped his hands quietly around my head and began to push his erection in and out, fucking my mouth needily. He was obviously too hot to stop what he was doing and I was helpless to stop him if I wanted to remain silent. The men in the locker room were still talking, the man at the urinal had flushed and washed his hands and was now opening his own locker. Presumably they had come to the locker room on some small errand or, like me, expecting to get change for the vending machines. Their chatter barely covered the slurping sounds that escaped the vigorous mouth-fucking going on just the other side of the curtain from their conversation.

I was so focussed on taking Lee without choking or gagging, maintaining complete silence, and listening for any sound from the workers in the locker room to suggest I might be discovered, that it took a moment for me to realize that there was another sound, low but noticeable, and it was coming from inside the shower. It was the tongue of Lee’s open belt buckle, frantically tapping against the buckle itself, like a quiet, deep-voiced bell, as Lee bucked his hips against my pleasure-giving head. It was getting louder by the second as his bucking intensified and his body built toward a powerful orgasm. I reached up with my right hand and flattened the buckle and its offending part against his leg as quietly as I could and prayed that we had not been heard. But that prayer might yet have been in vain, because I could hear Lee starting to breathe harder, surely loud enough to be noticed. Even as he fucked my face, I could not close my eyes and I stared up toward Lee, pleading at him vainly for silence and stillness. He was well past noticing though. I had learned the signs, and I knew well that he was going to cum very soon.

In the locker room, I heard the guys laugh at a joke about one of the other players in last night’s game and the metallic clang of a locker door slammed shut. The lock was closed and the men could be heard walking away toward the exit. And not a moment too soon. Lee let out a moan that seemed all too loud to me and I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth, flooding my taste buds with his bitter, salty cum. At just the same moment, the locker room door swung shut and I could hear the voices fading out into the lunch room and I knew we had not been noticed.

Lee released my head and I dutifully finished licking his cock to completion, cleaning it up and swallowing every last drop of the bitter ejaculate I loved so much to savour. Then I looked up at him and saw the satisfied look he always had after I swallowed him. I bolted to my feet and stared at him in anger. I wanted to yell at him for subjecting us to the risk of exposure and ridicule and who knows but that we would not have been fired or even arrested, but I dared not yell for fear of attracting the attention of the men in the lunch room.

Lee didn’t seem worried at all. Quite the opposite, he looked very pleased with himself. And he was still very much in charge of the situation. He pushed himself against me, pinning me against the tiled shower wall and holding me there with his powerful left arm. With his right hand, he reached up to the zipper of my coveralls and pulled it down to the bottom with a swift yank. I was astonished as he reached down into my briefs with his right hand and touched my cock for the first time ever.

I gasped. No other man’s hand had ever touched my cock. No woman had ever forcefully taken me into hand like this either. Lee kept me pinned against the tiles, while he pulled my cock free of my briefs and coveralls and began wanking me hard and at full speed. I was not surprised that I had kept my hard-on despite the fear of discovery. I was almost always erect around Lee these days. I felt my eyes roll back and close as my senses were overwhelmed with the powerful sensations centred in my penis as Lee stroked me to a quick and powerful orgasm. I groaned loudly, and came in his hand. My cum in his hand acted as a lubricant and allowed his hand to move even faster over my cock and the sensation was mind-blowing. I slipped down the wall back to my knees, my cock sliding out of his grasp as I went down.

Lee smiled down at me and held his hand out for me to lick my own cum off of. I was like a dog licking the hand of his master. The image occurred to both of us, I’m sure, and we were both getting off on it. When I had cleaned all of my sperm off his hand and swallowed it for him, we zipped ourselves up, washed up and left the washroom as discreetly as possible.

It was definitely the most interesting lunch break I’d ever taken. I wasn’t even hungry anymore.

After work, Lee and I resumed the habit of going home together and I made another twenty-five bucks blowing him at his house before he took me home.

I had gotten into this for the money. Now I was hiding behind the money as an excuse for what I was doing. I knew now that I would be willing to do this for Lee for free for as long as he would let me. The question was, did Lee know that? If not, I was sure that he soon would know, and then what would happen?

As Lee drove away after dropping me off at home, I wondered what would happen next in my strange, unlooked for, but oddly satisfying career as a submissive cock-slave whore for cash.

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