Forced in the Sauna


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


When I was eighteen I got a membership for a local 24 hour gym and would always go workout at 2:00 a.m.; right after I got off work. I had trouble sleeping right away and working out seemed to help me unwind; besides, there weren’t a lot of people in the gym late at night.

One night after working out I decided to go into the sauna and even though I wasn’t total comfortable with it, I went in naked with a tool wrapped around me because that’s what everyone else did.

This night there was another guy, sitting in the middle of the sauna when I came in, so I sat at the other end of the room and leaned against the wall with my eyes closed.

“Have a good workout?” he caught me by surprised as I had started to drift off to sleep.

“Yes, I had a good workout, thanks” I said and was about to close my eyes again but something caught me by surprise. This guy, probably in his earlier forties, was leaning against the wall with his towel open stroking himself.

I sat there staring at him — this was the first time I really saw another dick, besides my own — except when I’ve taken a shower after working out and another guy was also taking one; but I never really looked before.

This guy was leaning against the wall — the same as I had been — with his eyes closed and rubbing his hand up and down the shaft of his dick.

“I’ve seen you here before hav….” He started to say, but stop when he opened his eyes and saw me looking at him stroke his cock.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “but seeing a young stud like you just turns me on and I can’t help myself.” As he talked he never stopped stroking his cock.

“I’m sorry too,” I said, “I didn’t mean to stare at you.”

“That’s ok, buddy, I’m seeing your cock in my mind, so I guess I’m staring at you.” He winked at me — still jacking off — and then laughed hard. I tried to smile but the whole thing made me uncomfortable.

Then he stopped what he was doing, sat forward and asked, “So, are you really strong?” I found myself having trouble even answering the question because this situation made me so nervous.

“So are you?” he asked again.

“Am I what?” I asked, finding it hard to look at him while he was laying there stroking away like it was normal. I was also fighting the urge to get up and leave the room; and confused by my own hard cock under my towel?

“I asked if you are strong?” he repeated.

I finally turned away and looked across the room hoping he didn’t realize I had a hard-on and then turned back to him and looked at his eyes and said, “I don’t know, why do you ask?”

He got up and walked over and stood in front of me with his still erect cock pointing at me as I looked at his eyes again — feeling a little unsure of what he was doing — trying to avoid looking at his dick.

“I bet I can make you suck my dick without using my hands.” His words actually scared me and now I was sure I just needed to get up and leave; I was even sure that my dick was losing its erection — but it wasn’t and that made me afraid to stand up.

He looked at me with an evil grin, “Come on, you’re not afraid are you?”

“Ok,” I said trying to sound brave, even though my voice was faltering “make me suck your dick without using your hands.”

He stood right in front of me — with his hands behind his back — and thrusting his hips forward, got his dick right up to my face and actually put it against my cheek and by moving his hips back and force, rubbed it across my face. I wanted to move away, but I felt under his control and was sure that he would say that he played by the rules and I cheated and for some reason this mattered to me.

He moved his hips to one side (his hands still behind his back) and let his dick run across my lips leaving a trail of pre-cum. Without really thinking, I wiped the pre-cum off of my lips with the back of my hand. He didn’t even pause — it was like he expected me to do that and was waiting for me to — he plunged his body forward and his dick parted my lips a little, even as I tried to force them shut, then just the tip of his fat cock was pushing against my clinched teeth and I quickly turned my head to the side.

“That was close.” He laughed.

Then he moved his foot up to the bench I was sitting on and with his foot he flipped my towel open exposing my erection. I blushed with my dick exposed like that.

“Oh, we are closer than I thought.” He moved his foot up and pushed my dick against the side of my thigh rubbing it. I gasped and my mouth opened with surprise — I didn’t even realize my mouth was open — he dropped his foot back to the floor and trust his hips forward and his cock went into my mouth.

I had his dick in my mouth with my cock exposed and all I could think is that someone is going to walk in and see me. He also had me pinned against the wall and all I could think is why did I agree to play this escort bayan stupid game?

I tried to turn my head away, but he forced himself forward and more of his dick entered into my mouth. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening — oh my god, this guy has his dick in my mouth and I can’t maneuver away from him — and the guy was stronger than I expected him to be and he wasn’t backing off.

Then he backed up until his dick pulled back out of my mouth and was about six inches away from my face pulsating up in the air.

“Ok,” he said, “I did it without my hands and now I’m going to do it with my hands.”

Before I could actually understand what he was talking about, he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled my head forward. I tried to pull away but he was quicker than I was and pulled my head forward until his dick was against my lips. I kept my mouth closed and won’t open it, so he grabbed my hair with one hand and with his other hand plugged my nose so I couldn’t breathe.

I kept my mouth closed and tried to pull away, but I couldn’t and I knew I was running out of breath; especially since I had struggled with him so much.

“You’re not gonna win this one,” he started, “because you want my dick in your mouth so just stop fighting it.”

“mm um” was all I could manage with my mouth closed and him pinching off my air.

“Oh yeah?” he said “then why didn’t you leave when you had the chance? Just open your fucking mouth and get what you really want.”

I couldn’t struggle any more. I was out of breath and he was too strong, so I grab a quick breath of air and closed my mouth. But that seemed to make it worse as I was now in need of a lot more air and opened my mouth and suck in air and his cock.

Now both of his hands were holding my head in place with his cock squarely in my mouth.

Oh my god I’ve got someone’s cock in my mouth and yes, I may have been open to the idea someday, but not like this, not without being able to control the situation.

He held my head in place and started to thrust his hips forward and back as he fucked my face. He was moaning and breathing heavy as his dick move in and out filling my mouth and then my throat and then back out into just my mouth. He got a rhythm going and started to pick up speed as I struggled with his cock, trying to breathe through my nose because it was obvious that he wasn’t going to take his dick out of my mouth.

With a couple of thrust I gagged but that just made him push in harder and deeper into my mouth. I could actually hear myself gulping his dick in and the noise came out with each of his trust as “Ugah, ugah, ugah.”

“That’s it man,” he said as he kept thrusting in and out of my mouth, “take…that…dick…in…your…mouth.” Each word came with a powerful thrust of his hips forward and his dick deeper into my throat. Then he thrust forward and held my head with my nose buried deep into his bush. I thought I was going to gag with his dick deep throated into me like that, and then he pulled back and started to move his dick just into my mouth a little way and back till the tip was almost out and then just in my mouth to the back of my throat and back.

He got back into a rhythm and I actually grabbed his hips to keep my balance as I sucked his dick.

“That’s it, dude, now you’re doing it.” I hated him for humiliating me, and started to feel that this was just rape; with that thought, I actually started to panic realizing that maybe it wasn’t totally rape, but I was being forced to do something that I didn’t really want to do.

And then my worse fear was realized as I heard the door to the sauna open and someone start to come in, but then I also heard the pause as they realized what was going on. I heard the door close and figured that they decided to leave and come back later.

I now felt his cock building (swelling) and figured he was getting ready to cum.

“It’s hot, isn’t it?” I thought he was talking to me until I heard another guy say, “I love ’em young like that.”

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum.” I knew he still wasn’t talking to me. “Empty it into him man. Make him swallow it.” It was the other guy again.

I kept thinking that there was no way I could take his cum, but I also knew I didn’t have any choice. With both of his hands still holding my head, he stopped thrusting into my mouth and pulled back until just the head of his dick was parting my lips.

His first load flowed across my tongue and filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed — partly because I didn’t have a choice, but also because it was a lot of cum; more then I would have imagined.

I always thought that there would be more force when someone came in your mouth, but it felt more like something just oozing out into my mouth. I actually marveled as I stuck my tongue into his pee slit and felt another load push into my mouth. When I had my tongue pushing against it, it felt more like an explosion into my mouth; bursa vip escort I guess like when you block the flow at the end of a hose and it starts to squirt out instead of flow.

Just as I was getting used to his cum filling my mouth he pulled his dick out saying,

“Keep your mouth open.”

He was jacking his cock off in my face. With my mouth open he shot two more loads that mostly went into my mouth. Then he jammed his cock back into my mouth and slowly went limp with a few more small amounts of the sticky goo oozing into my mouth. Then he pulled out and was done.

He walked back to where he was sitting when I came in. I laid back against the wall and then saw the guy that had come in when my mouth was full of the other guys cock. He looked like he was in his mid 30’s and had a great toned body with a raging hard cock looking for action.

“That was a great game, kid.” The guy whose cock I had just finished said from where he was sitting, “Yeah, I like that game.”

The new guy didn’t really pay him any attention and just walked up to where I was sitting and grabbed my head and pulled me toward his cock. I didn’t even have any fight left in me as I reached for his cock with one hand and put my other hand on his hip. His cock slid into my willing mouth, but I was still thinking that I couldn’t believe I had another cock in my mouth.

I had never really thought much about sucking a guy’s cock before and was surprised at how I had let myself get into this position. I think I would have been open to the experience if it had presented itself in a more gentle way, but I had never really even thought about it; yet here I was just having swallowed one guy’s cum and letting another guy put his dick in my mouth.

“Oh this guy likes it I think.” The guy fucking my face was saying as his breath came out faster; just as his thrusts into my mouth were getting more forceful.

“Yeah, I broke him pretty good.” The other guy was saying from across the room.

This dick wasn’t quite as big and I could handle it better as he moved deep into my throat. I was distantly aware that the door opened again and I heard voices as more than one person entered the room.

“Oh, this is where the party is at.” Said a new guy coming into the sauna and I was thinking that I needed to get out for a minute before I sucked anymore dick. I was sweating from all the heat in the room and dying of thirst.

“Yeah, I think I need some of that.” The second guy said laughing.

The guy fucking my face was now pounding away at my mouth. I could feel the sweat dripping off of his face figured he was looking down at me as I sucked him.

I wasn’t ready for his first load as it entered my mouth, because he just kept fucking my face and thrusting his hips without stopping. I was in a daze and the guy didn’t even slow his thrusts down; he just kept pounding and pounding my mouth. His cum filled my mouth and he grunted and rammed his cock harder and harder. This caused me to swallow some of his cum as cum also squirted out both sides of my mouth when he thrust his dick into my throat.

I know some people claim that they can feel the cum going down their throat, but the only way I knew that he shoot a load when his cock was in my throat, was because it continued to flow out and fill up my mouth as he pulled back into it.

The head of his dick shoot more cum into my mouth as he shoved his cock back down my throat. I heard him grunting and lost track of how many loads he unload in me and I could also hear the other two guys waiting their turn making comments about cum running down either side of my mouth and I was so intoxicated by the experience.

I couldn’t believe that I had a cock that was releasing cum into my mouth while the guy fucking my mouth grunted and said “goddamn that’s good.”

And then he was pulling his cock out of my mouth and I was wiping his cum off the side of my face and trying to catch my breath. I didn’t even see the other guy’s; I only saw the cocks that were begging for their own release. One guy was stroking his hard cock as the other guy watched and then approached me holding his dick out at my face.

“I need a break.” I said, knowing that I wouldn’t come back for more.

“Ah, come on man, just a couple of more.” The guy had a look on his face like he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

The first guy I sucked off said, “Let him take a break for a minute.”

“Shut up, fucker.” I was heading for the door when he said the new guy said that, but he caught me by my arm.

“I just need something to drink.” I said in desperation now, “I’ll be right back.”

“Fuck that, cocksucker; I’ve got something here for you to drink.” He said it pulling my arm and yanked me so hard that I slipped and fell onto my back on the floor.

“That’s a good position for you.” This guy had the most evil looking eyes I’d ever seen. I focused on him and saw how built bursa elit escort he was and realized that he was probably on steroids and I wasn’t going to leave until he wanted me to leave.

“On your knees bitch.” He wasn’t asking and I didn’t hesitate to get on my knees in front of him, but I saw the first guy I’d sucked and his face had a look like “sorry I got you into this.”

This new dick was fat but it was only about four inches in length; the two guys I just sucked off put him to shame, but he was a forceful and aggressive mother fucker as he grabbed my head and rammed his cock into my face.

The way he slammed his cock into my mouth made me glad that he wasn’t any bigger then he was. He shoved my nose up into his bush and just held me there as he continued to thrust his hips forward trying to get more of his cock down my throat. My nose was buried into that bush and my breathing was fast in and out of my nostrils as I tried to keep up with this dude.

I smelled the heavy sent of sweat — probably from a long workout — and even a bit of urine — maybe he doesn’t shake after he pees. He kept my face tight against his body as he hump harder and faster into my face. If his dick had been bigger, I don’t think I could have taken it, but it was just poking against the back of my throat.

“Goddamn, fuck that bitch’s face.” It was the last guy I’d sucked off saying that. “Yeah, I think I’m getting hard again.” That was the first guy; I guess he didn’t feel as sorry for me as he had seemed to.

The motherfucker had me grunting like a pig just because he was thrusting into me so hard and fast. It was a sound I’d never made “ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh” each sound came with every push he made down into my mouth. As he pushed in harder and harder, I could also feel his sweat dripping off his face onto mine and then he made a loud grunt and pulled his dick out of my mouth and his cum shot out of his cock into my still open mouth in rapid fire secession.

“Keep your mouth open,” he said as he continued to stroke his cock and pointed it toward my open mouth, “we’re going to do this just like in the movies.”

He stroked his cock and cum spilled out of it as he held the back of my head with one hand and pointed his dick at my face with the other hand. I could see the two guys I’d already sucked off standing behind him stroking their own cocks like crazy.

Then he put his cock back into my mouth — I could feel cum dripping off my face — and shot two more small loads that I swallowed. His cock felt really small as it went limp in my mouth and he pulled it out and backed away as the first guy I sucked stepped up to my face — still jacking off — grabbed the back of my head and his first load went across my nose and into my eye. I felt him lay his dick on my tongue — which was hanging out of my open mouth — and cum gushed into my mouth and out of my mouth down my chin and onto the ground. More did go in than went out and I waited until he was done and moving away before I closed my mouth and swallowed what was in there; it was more than I thought and I choked a little.

The other guy I hadn’t sucked moved up to me and with what felt like one motion he grabbed my head and began to fuck my face. His strokes were short and meaningful at first and then his thrusts became deeper and almost angry. I was sucking him in and out when I felt cum splash against my face and tried to open my eyes — they were both covered with cum and hard to see out of, but I could make out the second guy I’d sucked off was now standing to the side of me letting his cum fly on my face wherever it wanted to go.

The guy that was in my mouth didn’t miss a beat as he fucked me in and out and in and out as this other guy’s cum was landing on my face, running down my face and even covering the dick that was in my mouth; so that with each thrust I did get some taste of his cum again.

As the first load filled my mouth, I could still feel the other guys cum squirting onto my face. He held my head tight but continued to ram in and out of my mouth. There was too much cum filling my mouth and I choked as I tried to swallow it but cum was also coming out of my mouth and onto the floor.

He continued to fuck my mouth as the amount of cum slowed down and I sucked out what he had left and then dropped to my back onto the floor exhausted and covered in sweat and cum.

As I lay there on my back these guys walked out high fiving each other and commenting how hot that was. Each time the door open and closed behind one of them leaving some cool air rushed in, but even though I knew it was cooler out there, I just stayed on my back too afraid to go out and face my new friends in the shower.

I waited about 15 to 20 minutes and then left the room and found that no one else was in the shower. I found that I was actually shaking a little as I was getting my soap out of my locker but managed to maintain until I was showered, dressed and leaving the gym.

I sat in my car thinking about what had happened and found myself shaking again, but I was able to get myself home without too much trouble. As I lay in bed, I realized that it was going to be hard to sleep with my still erect cock; so I jacked off thinking about the events of the early morning sauna.

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