Fetish Revealed Ch. 2


Following the eventful day when both our fetishes had been revealed Carol became the dominant force in our sex lives. She bought an array of clothing for me , garter belts, stockings , she had me wear her satin panties she also bought extra makeup for me to wear around the house . She had me shave all my pubic hair which made my cock look bigger than its 7inches, and wax my chest effectively leaving me hairless . I was in 7th heaven revelling in our shared fetish and fantasy. Of course all of this happened in the privacy of our bedroom . Carol became the dominant in our sex games a role I gladly accepted as I was having the hottest sex of my life . On one of these occasions I was in full makeup stockings and sporting a huge erection , Carol produced a camera and took a few shots of me ,I was a bit nervous of this but she said it was just for herself to look at when I wasn’t around to keep her horny , so I didn’t mind and put on a show ,stroking my cock and pouting for the lens . After which Carol gave me one of the best blowjobs I had ever had she sucked me until I emptied my cum into her mouth which she devoured hungrily.

One Saturday evening I arrived home and a note was on the kitchen table ,Carol had written “put the clothes laid out for you on and make yourself up” I will be home around seven. Mmmmmmm I envisaged a hot night of sucking and fucking my cock started to get hard in anticipation. I showered ,shaved put my make up on ,entering the bedroom there was the usual stockings ,panties and corset . She had also laid out a black dress, shoes(in my size) , a wig and a padded bra ,this was something different but if that’s what she wanted I put on the garb . Looking in the mirror once dressed I thought that I didn’t look too bad .

I heard the front door close and raced out to greet Carol , Antep Escort Bayan she was there but to my shock Carols friend Sharon was also there I nearly fell over with the fear of being recognized. Carol introduced me to Sharon as her cousin Carly who was visiting from Sydney. Sharon looked at me and held her hand out in greeting ,looking in her eyes there was no recognition . Carol announced that seeing that her husband Jon(me ) was out of town that we hit the town and have some fun. Putting on as feminine a voice that I could I said “ I don’t really feel up to going out” .Sharon said dissapointedly

“ Really ,your dressed to kill too we could have some fun “. Carol took me aside and whispered “ If you don’t do this I will mail the pictures of you to your work , besides it’ll be fun”. She squeezed my ever hardening cock and gave me a knowing wink.

I was over a barrel and reluctantly agreed to go. Carol announced we were going and Sharon, Carol and Carly headed out for a night on the town.
We drove around for a while before finding a bar, I had settled into the role of Carly , and was trying to keep a low profile. The music was blaring out the top ten as we entered, we found a table in a dark corner, I was happy to hide there all night if need be. I had recognized a few people in the bar ,my plan was to stay out of the lime light. Carol and Sharon had other ideas , after a drink or two she said “Lets Dance!” I shook my head , “Come on Carly !” they demanded and gave me a threatening look .

Reluctantly I stepped out onto the dance floor , I moved awkwardly dancing with Carol and Sharon , the music and alcohol soon had an affect on me and I was really getting into the groove. Carol came up to me and we danced close ,forgetting my get up I kissed her passionately our pelvises grinding into each other , I moved my hand onto her ass and ground my hard cock into her. Our antics were getting a bit of attention all the guys lining up for a look at what hey thought was two women “getting it on “ on the dance floor. A couple of guys started dancing around us Carol started dancing with the closest one , the other guy moved in on me before I could protest he had his hand on my waist and we were dancing .I threw a paniced look over at Carol .she just laughed and threw me another look as if to say go with the flow. As the music moved to a slow dance the guy pulled me closer , we moved around the floor and his hand moved down onto my ass ,my leg grazed his ever obvious hard on . He commented that he was really turned on by my and Carols display earlier and wondered if we would be interested in coming back to his and his friends place. At that moment Sharon came over and broke in saying “its my turn to dance with Carly “ the guy backed off and Sharon and I continued the slow dance. ”Thanks Sharon , he was getting a little too forward”

“That’s alright Jon!” Sharon said .My heart dropped “You know?” I stammered.

“Yes Carol told me about you two , I must say you make a attractive woman “ Sharon dropped her hand onto my ass and squeezed ,my cock jumped and ground into her.

I felt her hard nipples press into my chest. Carol came over to make up the threesome ,”Mmmmmmmmmmmmm time to go home I think she said “ and kissed Sharon full on the mouth. My mind was doing back flips as I drove home I watched Carol and Sharon kissing in the back seat in the mirror, Carols hand was under Sharons skirt and furiously fingering her.

We raced into the house Sharons tongue found mine as we kissed ,my dress was raised my panties pulled aside and I felt Carols hot mouth envelope my cock . Both women were so hot and horny . Sharon took her dress off revealing firm breasts and no panties , her pussy was trimmed and glistening .We found the bedroom and we fell onto the bed launching into a wonderful 69 .Her juices flowed as I pushed my face into her steaming cunt , her moans were muffled by my own as she took my whole cock down her throat. Carol had disappeared for a moment ,next thing I know appears wearing a strap on dildo , moving behind Sharon she pushes the head of the rubber cock into her and starts to fuck her, as Carol did this I latched onto Sharons clit, with screams of pleasure Sharon shuddered as the orgasms rifled through her body Sharons juices flooding over my face at the same time my cock exploded in her mouth hungrily she swallowed all of my cum.

Taking the dildo off Carol passes the still slippery cock to Sharon “My turn “she says .With that she moves around and pulls my face onto her pussy. I do what I do best and begin to give her hot box the licking it deserves .I was having the best time enjoying my clit licking and tongue fucking , listening to Carols moans of ecstacy that I was surprised to feel hands on my ass. Carol held my face to her pussy as Sharon spread my cheeks and balanced the head of the dildo on my asshole , my protests were not heard as the rubber cock slid into my ass.and after afew thrusts I stopped protesting as Sharon fucked me ,each thrust in my ass forced my tongue into Carol.The sensations were fantastic and I felt my balls and cock tighten ready to cum again .The combined thrusting and moans drove us over the edge Carol and Sharon spasmed they orgasmed lifting us all off the bed in a huge combined orgasm of sexual convulsions and spurting fluids.

Needless to say the rest of the night we three fucked and sucked ourselves into oblivion .All I could think is how could we possibly top this?
If you have a suggestion get back to me.

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