Family Love


Note to All – No one under the age of 18 is engaged in any sexual activity in this fictional story. It is neither implied, inferred, suggested, nor endorsed by this author.

Family Love

Sam (Dad) – 45 years old – 5’10”, 180 lbs., salt and pepper hair, brown eyes.

Jan (Mom) – 43 years old – 5’5″, 125 lbs., red hair, green eyes. 36C-26-36

Ian (Son) – 21 years old – 5’11”, 170 lbs., red hair, green eyes.

Anna (Daughter) – 20 years old – 5’4″, 105 lbs., red hair, green eyes. 34B-26-36

There is something to be said about sitting on the couch nude, legs open, and your daughter, also nude, with her knees on a pillow kneeling before you with her mouth moving up and down your cock as you gaze into each other’s eyes. Anna was my daughter and my lover and she loved having sex with me, her Dad. She was working her lips and tongue up and down my cock, looking at me lovingly, as we both heard my wife and son in our bedroom down the hall fucking like rabbits. Ian was a momma’s boy and he loved worshiping her pussy and asshole every chance he got.


My wife, two adult children, and I were nudists. My family and I lived in the rural area of a small town on the outskirts of Macon, Georgia. The neighbors were scattered about so we had plenty of privacy to run around the property naked as the day we were born.

I met my wife, Jan, at college. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was a friendship that turned into love and I think that is what made us so compatible. I graduated two years ahead of her but we maintained our relationship due to the fact that my first job was only 20 minutes from the college. After she graduated from college, Ian was born followed by Anna.

Jan and I decided to be nudists the night of our honeymoon. I told her I hated wearing clothes and she thought that was really cool and she wanted to try it. She loved it from the outset and that’s how it’s been ever since. It also helped our libido because it seemed like we were always wanting to have sex with each other.

When Anna, my daughter, turned 18, we approached her and our son, Ian, 19 at the time, about them becoming nudists as well and they were open to try it. It was not a big deal to lay with our kids in bed or on the sofa, body to body, without the sexual element. Since we had a king size bed, Jan and I spooned with our kids at night. I would have Anna in my arms and Jan would have Ian in her arms. That’s how we slept and that’s how we woke up everyday. It didn’t interfere with the sex life between me and Jan because we always managed to find alone time in order to bring each other sexual satisfaction.


Ian had just turned 19 and Anna had turned 18. Jan and I were in bed and I was fucking her pussy doggy style. Our bedroom door was open. We didn’t see the point in closing it with us being a nudist family. My cock was feeling really hot and Jan’s pussy was so wet that it was making that sloshing sound that was a signal that she was excited. Occasionally, she would look back over her shoulder and tell me how good her pussy felt or that she loved me. I was looking down at her as I pulled her hips back on to my cock and I could see the little perspiration beads forming along her spine on her back.

I was rubbing her ass and massaging her asshole as I fucked her and made her scream out my name.


All of the excitement of the moment was very hot and I could feel myself building toward filing Jan’s kilis escort pussy with cum. We were both so caught up in our sexual escapades that we didn’t hear Ian come home from school. I looked at the doorway and saw him standing there. He was naked, of course, and his cock was hard. He had a nice sized cock. I motioned to him and told him to put his cock in his Mom’s mouth.

“Mom, is it ok for me to give you my cock?”

“Yes baby. I want you to fuck my face with your cock.”

As soon as I saw Ian’s cock go into her mouth, I lost it. I blasted a nice load of cum into my wife’s pussy.

“Ian, come back here and put your cock in your Mom’s pussy. Give her your cum.”

He pulled his cock out of Jan’s mouth and moved around to mount her pussy from behind, using my cum as extra lube. I moved to get in front of Jan’s face so that she could clean my cum and her juices off of my cock. Ian was so excited and so turned on that he didn’t last very long and emptied his cum into his Mom. I quickly laid on my back and told Jan to sit up and push all that cum into my mouth. Ian leaned back. His cock was going soft. As I sucked our combined juices out of Jan, I took one of my hands and softly massaged and caressed Ian’s cock.

After I had sucked Jan’s pussy really well and made her cum two more times, I pulled Ian toward me, still on my back, and pulled his cock into my mouth. I wasn’t afraid to suck his cock. Jan knew about my bisexual side because I had told her about my experimental phase in college. She didn’t care or mind because she admitted that she too had experimented with bisexuality in college. As I had Ian’s cock in my mouth, I grabbed his hips and moved him back and forth like he was fucking a pussy, only my mouth was the pussy. I could feel him getting hard. Jan had moved between my legs and was sucking my balls and licking my asshole while I sucked Ian.

Ian started to breathe heavier and I could tell he was getting close. I told him I wanted his cum in my throat. He fucked my mouth faster and faster. His cock in my mouth felt so wonderful. Faster and faster he went. Jan had replaced her tongue in my ass with two fingers and had put my cock in her mouth. When I am stimulated anally, I don’t last very long. Sure enough, less than five minutes later, I shot my cum into her mouth. She didn’t swallow it though. She sat up and kissed Ian with my cum in her mouth and he gladly sucked it into his mouth. The nastiness of the moment caused him to erupt into my mouth with a nice and very large load of cum. I greedily sucked it all down like a cum starved slut. Ian and Jan fell into my arms so I could hold them both.

For the next several months, Ian, Jan, and I were having sex all over the house, in the yard, in the garage, on the front porch, and on the back porch. Sometimes, it was the three of us. Sometimes, it was Jan and Ian. Sometimes, it was Jan and me. Sometimes, it was Ian and me. I really loved being in a 69 with him and kissing him after we swallowed each other’s cum. And I LOVED kissing him. I had only kissed two other guys in my life but Ian —— he KNEW how to kiss. He and I sometimes laid or sat in bed or on the sofa, just kissing. I loved how his tongue danced a slow sensual bachata in my mouth. It would often make me hard. Sometimes, Jan would join us and suck our cocks while we kissed. I loved our threesome but we knew it was going to become a foursome soon and we were excited about it.


It was a beautiful September night. For some reason, Anna didn’t want to go out with her friends. All she wanted was to have a nice, quiet, intimate (focus on the intimate) evening at home with us. I made her favorite dish, taco salad, and Jan bought her a key lime pie, her favorite kilis escort bayan dessert. After we had dinner and dessert, we went into the living room and I sat on the sofa. Anna sat in my lap facing me. Jan sat next to me and Ian kneeled between Jan’s legs to eat her pussy. Anna and I kissed passionately. I thought Ian was a good kisser but Anna —— she was a better kisser. As soon as we started kissing, my cock roused to life. Jan was slowly stroking me. After kissing Anna for a few minutes, I could feel Jan squirming and moaning next to me. I could tell Ian was making her feel really nice. I lifted Anna up so that her knees were on the back of the couch and her pussy was in my face.

I sucked and licked on my daughter’s freshly shaven pussy and I found that her pussy tasted so delicious. I knew in the back of my mind that I was going to be eating her pussy a LOT.


Jan had done a wonderful job of shaving her pussy earlier that day. Jan also offered to shave Anna’s pussy and Anna gladly accepted the offer. After Jan finished shaving Anna’s quit, Jan ate her pussy to orgasm as she sat on the edge of the tub in our bathroom. Ian and I had a wonderful view of it since we were on our bed as he was plowing his cock into my ass. We both commented on how sexy Jan looked shaving Anna’s pussy and making her cum afterwards. After Jan had made Anna cum, they came to the bedroom with Anna sliding under me to suck my cock, also allowing me access to eat her beautiful pussy, and Jan getting behind Ian to eat out his asshole. Ian came in my ass just as Anna and I came in each other’s mouths.


After I had made Anna cum, I slid her legs off the back of the couch and down on to my cock. Her pussy was tight. It was wet, but it felt amazing. Ian had kneeled up higher and had pushed Jan’s legs back and was fucking her really good. Anna bounced up and down on my cock as Ian fucked Jan. I reached over to kiss Jan and, after we broke our kiss, Anna leaned over to kiss her Mom. This family love we shared was beautiful. It was taboo. It was amazing. None of us wanted it to end.

I saw Ian tense up and shoot his cum into his Mom. They both moaned and smiled at each other as he did so. I turned Anna to face away from me. Her legs were on the outside of my legs. Ian moved over and began to suck his sister’s pussy lips and clit and lick the shaft of my cock as Anna moved up and down on me. I suggested we move to the bedroom where we would all be more comfortable. They all agreed.

Once in the bedroom, I laid on my back. Anna laid on her back on top of me with her legs spread wide. Ian put my cock in Anna and resumed what he had started in the living room, eating Anna’s pussy and licking my cock. Jan knelt over my face and lowered herself so that I could suck Ian’s cum out of her pussy. We were having such a beautiful evening and I knew that none of us wanted it to end. After I had cleaned Jan’s pussy, she got up and helped Ian to lick Anna’s clit and lick my cock. I told everyone I was ready to cum. Ian licked Anna’s pussy faster because he wanted her to cum when I did. It worked.

Anna came on my cock as I spurted into her pussy. Ian and Jan licked and kissed our genitals and cleaned us after my cock slipped out of Anna’s pussy. My beautiful daughter rolled over and laid on top of me as Jan rolled onto Ian and laid on top of him. The four of us fell asleep just like that.


As I sat on the couch with my daughter sucking my cock, I could hear Jan and Ian announcing their respective orgasms and then silence. Anna continued to suck and slurp on my cock, telling me how much she loved my cock and tasting my cum. I saw Jan walk from escort kilis the bedroom and into the kitchen to get some water. She walked over and kissed me and Anna both good morning. She told Anna —-

“After your Dad cums in your mouth, don’t swallow it. Come to the bedroom and kiss me so we can share it.”

“OK Mom. I can do that.”

I came in Anna’s mouth and, as instructed, she walked to our bedroom and kissed her Mom and shared my cum. I followed her into the bedroom and saw Ian laying there, his cock half hard and I could see his Mom’s juices on his cock. I laid between his legs to clean his cock off. I looked over and saw Jan and our daughter in a 69. Ian moved me so that he and I were also in a 69. This lovely scene played out for the better part of an hour as Jan and Anna had cum several times before Ian and I finally filled each other’s mouths with cum.

In a few weeks, I had a birthday coming. I told my family I really just wanted a steak on the grill with a baked potato and simple salad with dressing. Jan told me that could be arranged but there would also be a big surprise that evening as well. The evening of my birthday arrived and dinner was fabulous. The steak was perfectly cooked and the salad and potato were just icing on the meal. I saw Jan, Ian, and Anna with sneaky grins on their faces. I asked them what was up. Jan led me to the bedroom with Ian and Anna behind me.

Jan had me lay on the bed on my stomach. Jan broke out some massage oil and the three of them gave me a wonderful massage, paying particular attention to my ass and balls. After they had finished with my rub down, Jan had me raise up on my knees with my ass in the air and my head still on the pillow. She took some lube from the night stand and inserted two fingers into my ass to loosen me up. Ian got behind me and began to fuck me. I was so caught up in how fantastic that it felt that I had forgotten Jan and Anna had left the room.

As Ian continued to fuck my ass, Jan and Anna returned to the bedroom and they were wearing strapon dildos. Jan’s was about 8 inches, flesh colored, and looked somewhat thin. Anna’s strapon was a little bigger, a little darker, and significantly thicker.

Jan asked “How do we look baby? You like our cocks? After Ian cums in your ass, Anna and I are going to take turns fucking you.”

I was a little scared but I knew I liked anal stimulation so I was ready for it. After Ian came in my ass, Jan mounted me first and started fucking me slowly. Every couple of minutes, she would get faster and faster. Then suddenly she stopped and just let the dildo stay lodged in my ass. She reached under me to squeeze my cock, which was drooling precum by now.

She pulled out and Anna slid the bigger dildo into my ass. Like her Mom, she started slowly and progressed until she was pounding my ass harder and harder. Ian had moved under me and had his lips pursed just around the head of my cock catching all of my precum. Anna continued to pound my ass. She stopped. Jan took her place. She pounded my ass for a bit then she pulled out. Anna slipped back into my ass and pounded me some more. Back and forth they traded places pounding my ass and making me leak a lot of cum into Ian’s mouth. He wasn’t sucking my cock. He was just catching all of my precum.

I could feel myself wanting to cum and I told them so. Anna replaced her Mom and fucked into my ass harder and harder. Jan grabbed my cock and jacked it off into Ian’s mouth.

Anna told me “Tell me when you’re gonna cum Daddy.”

“I’m ready baby girl.”

Jan was furiously jacking me off into Ian’s mouth. Ian was sucking my cock to the point that he was gonna suck my whole lower body into his mouth. Anna was pulling my hips back and forth as hard as she could and when I told Anna I was ready to cum, she fucked my ass as hard and as fast as she could. It was harder than she had fucked me all night. Ian caught all of my cum. I don’t know how much it was but it felt like a lot. We were all sweating and caught up in what had just taken place. We all fell onto the bed and I thanked them all for a lovely evening.

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