Experience Really Does Count

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“Are you just going to continue peeping at my girlfriends and I, or are you going to come over soon to eat our pussies?”

At least Krystal was smiling as she confronted me. She had moved in next door in the middle of winter, so we had never properly met. She was thirtyish, blond, athletic, apparently a nurse, or so said one of the neighbourhood gossips.

A lot of people- mostly young women around her age- came and went from her house. A big change from the conservative boring middle aged couple she had replaced.

With the arrival of spring, Krystal had started wearing T-shirts and shorts, or leggings, all of which flattered her fine figure. Her blonde ponytail swung behind her as she moved with grace, a bounce perpetually in her step. I noticed because I watched her a lot. The way that she gave me a little wave coming or going from her house if she saw me sitting on my front porch just encouraged my fantasies.

I spent many a night reclined on my couch, cock in fist, imagining Krystal’s lips around my shaft, her tongue licking me like a lollipop, fingers teasing my scrotum, teeth grazing my frenulum, then her head bobbing up and down as she deep throated me until I came. There were lots of variations on that theme, but what I most wanted to do was what I wanted most with any woman- to lick her all over, slowly focusing in on her cunt, which I imagined would be soaked by the time my tongue teasing she gash open. Making my partner come always gave me more satisfaction than my own orgasms, which I considered cheap and easy, since I could trigger them so easily solo.

Summer had arrived early this year. Krystal and her galpals had started to spend much of their time on her back deck, chatting, playing cards, drinking. Since she worked shifts, this went on during the day or evening randomly.

I had discovered that my second floor spare room window gave me a perfect view of Krystal’s deck. On the sunny days, I got treated to scenes of the young women all helping each other out spreading the sun tan lotion on one another’s hard to reach places. My drool provided a handy lubricant for stroking my meat. The only thing that might have improved the situation would have been skimpy bikini, but a voyeur can only expect so much, and has to fill in the rest with imagination.

So when Krystal confronted me, I was both shocked embarrassed. I knew that my conduct was inappropriate, wrong, maybe even illegal. On the other hand, she did not seem inclined to call the cops on me.

“Don’t you ladies have boyfriends for that?” I asked once I finally found my voice. “I see some guy cutting your lawn.”

“Oh-Virgil?” Krystal sighed. “Like most young guys, he’s too macho to want to go down on me. Even when he does, he rushes too much. Plus when my girlfriends ask to share, he either thinks it’s a joke, or a trap to test his loyalty to me.”

My cock was throbbing in my shorts. I had to resist reaching down to stroke it. I could feel Krystal’s gaze shift to my groin.

She giggled girlishly and grinned at me. “Besides which, none of us have ever had tongue from a mature older man. We all figure that experience counts, that older guys know more about how to please a woman. Even if we are wrong, it might be fun to find out.”

Another giggle.

“Please?” she begged, batting her eyelashes, thrusting those pert boobs toward me. “If you won’t help, we’re so desperate for some good head that we’re almost willing to try going down on each other.”

Now THAT I would love to watch, but saying so would not help things.

“Haven’t you girls ever explored your bi sides?” I asked instead.

“Not me, but Becca always has been more daring. I wouldn’t be shocked if she played with her roomie in college. She was the one that suggested helping each other out. But then she backed right off, said she was only kidding.”

“Which one is Becca?” I asked.

“The blonde.”

Even though Becca was shorter and curvier than Krystal, she looked like a fine comfort ride, whereas Krystal looked like she would be more the energetic demanding sort of lover.

“Oh, she looks like she could be your sister.”

“Ew, no, thank god. No incest here, not even in my dreams.”

“Tell me about your brunette friend- the tall one with the long dark hair.”

“Smitty? She’s too girly to expect her to go down on me. If she went bi, she’d be the sort to lie there and expect to be worshipped.”

Not what I had fantasized for that young woman. To me, she looked the most exciting of the three, despite the almost flat chest. With hair almost to her butt, she moved with the grace of a dancer.

“Not exactly a sales job there,” I replied. “But two out of three ain’t bad.”

“Gee, does that mean you think I’d be a good lay?”

“If I can keep up. You look pretty energetic- in addition to just being pretty.”

Krystal blushed.

“Well, I’m afraid we’re a package deal,” she recovered. “we game up with the idea together and if we leave Smitty out, she’ll be upset. Friends don’t Antep Bayan Escort do that to friends.”

“Even though girl on girl is also something friends don’t do to friends?”

Krystal blushed again. I liked making this tomboy blush. My cock was now throbbing.

“You never know might happen once you get our motors running.”

“Such a tease…”

Hold on- what was I saying!? A woman less than half my age was asking for sex not just with her, but shared with her two friends, and I was quibbling about the details?

“You know that you want it. I can see how hard you are, and you haven’t even seen us naked yet.” Once more she blushed. “I want it too. I’m so wet just seeing your bulge that I’m surprised that you can’t smell me.”

“You know that you had me at ‘eating pussy’.” I chuckled. “But Becca and Smitty aren’t here right now.”

“How would you like a sample while we wait for them? I’m so turned on that can’t wait until they get here.”

“Your place or mine?”

“Mine, of course. I know that since you watch us there, that must be where most of your fantasies are focused.”

“On the deck then.”

“Sure,” Krystal giggled. “It’s well screened from all the other neighbours. You’re the only perv that can peep.”

I followed Krystal around her house to the deck, admiring how firm her buttocks were inside those incredibly short shorts. She seemed to be walking with a little extra wiggle for my benefit, or maybe that was the only way she could keep her juices from flooding down her legs and dripping on the ground. Whatever the cause, the effect was that my ancient cock ached fiercely, threatening to burst my zipper.

As Krystal bounced up the two steps to the deck, she was already tugging at the bottom of her shirt, peeling it up and off. The shirt fell casually to the deck. She paused and swivelled toward me, displaying her braless tits.

“Sorry about the tan lines, but I haven’t been nude sunbathing yet- there’s a perv next door,” she chuckled. “But I guess after today, it won’t matter.”

The button on the shorts went next, popped open by a flick of a thumb.

“Do you want to take them off of me?” she asked, even though her thumbs were already hooked in the waistband.

All that I could do was nod in response, then step close enough to replace her thumbs with mine. Our skin brushed momentarily, the first physical contact between us. Electricity jolted through my body, and from the way that Krystal wriggled, the same must have happened to her. The gyrations made the shorts slide into a puddle at her feet with no effort on my part. Krystal had not bothered with panties, so I got my first view of her shaved pussy. A tiny leprechaun was tattooed just to the left of her slit.

“I see you like Little Mickey,” Krystal laughed. “Souvenir of a drunken St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. And I’m not even Irish.”

Krystal flopped back on the padded lounge chair shaded by her umbrella- an obstacle that I often had cursed when it had blocked the view from my window. Now it just framed my view of this naked goddess. The end of the chair where the feet landed was conveniently bent down at an angle. She was lying with her knees just slightly apart, legs stretched fully out, one hand resting right beside her pussy, the other already cupping her breast, idly caressing the flesh.

“Do you like my cunt?” she asked.

Her vulgarity shocked me slightly despite the circumstances.

“I like those good old fashioned Anglo-Saxon terms,” she laughed lustily, her thumb twiddling a nipple while her with other hand, she stroked her engorged labia. “I’m not a fan of those dainty babes who wouldn’t say ‘shit’ if their mouth was full of it.”

Krystal now had two fingers buried in her cunt, stretching it open in front of my eyes. I feasted visually, my cock fully hard and throbbing.

“Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to eat my ass- at least not today. I have juicier organs that need attention first. After that, the girls should have arrived and they’ll want a turn if I tell them that you’re any good- you are good, aren’t you?”

All I could do was nod.

“Don’t drool- I want all that moisture to bathe my clit.”

I stepped closer, fingers instinctively grabbing for my zipper.

“Don’t strip,” Krystal instructed. “This is all about me. At least for now. Maybe, if you are really lucky, and really good at eating pussy, one of might let you fuck us later. If not, well, you’ll have good memories for your spank bank.”

She spread her legs wide, knees at the edge of the lounger, feet dangling, toes brushing the wood. Three fingers were thrusting deep into her squishy opening, and her thumb had found her clit, which had already emerged from it’s nest. Her nipples stood upright, rising from those firm young mounds which until a moment ago, I had only imagined.

“May I kiss you?” I asked. Not normally submissive, I knew my role in this play.

“On the mouth? Ewww. I barely know you.”

I wondered if her belly laugh meant that she was just kidding, but did not dare offend her and lose the change to taste her gorgeous gash. The laughter shook her chest, making her hard nubbins dance invitingly.

“On your nipples?”

“Okay, but don’t wasted too much time there. I appreciate that you understand foreplay, but I’m so hot already that I don’t want to wait too long to get to the main event. We’ve wasted a lot of time talking. Talk is over-rated.”

I dropped to my knees at the end of the lounger, bending forward between her knees, the angled chair supporting my body.

Krystal grabbed my hair and dragged my mouth to hers. Her tongue pushed passed my lips and teased my teeth before thrusting into my cheeks. Her nipples were hard against my chest, like diamonds. My hand slid along her thigh, finding her wetness. My finger tips explored her labia. Her body tensed instantly as her hips thrust upward as if anticipating my touch. I began stroking her outer lips slowly, down one side, then up the other, then the opposite direction. Soon my hand was coated with her moisture.

I thrust the blade of my hand into her opening, my thumb tweaking her pearl with each stroke.

She broke the lip lock and came up for air, panting.

“Well that was unexpected,” she said, as if I had been the one who had initiated the kiss.

I did not have a chance to respond before she shoved my head down, lining my mouth up with her nipples. My lips closed around one engorged bud, drawing it between my teeth, which I used to pull the nub away from its base. The hand not busy toying with her clit cupped the other mound, squeezing in rhythm with the action of my thumb in her cunt. Krystal’s panting was replaced by moans and groans. Her hips bounced up off the chair in time with my strokes, abdominal muscles contradicting as her pelvis rotated.

Krystal’s fists yanked me by the hair. There was a loud ‘plop’ as her nipple pulled loose from my teeth, by which time she had already shoved my face lower so forcefully that I barely had a chance to poke the tip of my tongue into her navel, a trick which was rewarded by a giggle and a wriggle.

“There’s that experience I was counting on,” Krystal sighed, his fists still pushing my mouth toward her slit.

I gave Little Mickey a teasing kiss and then trailed my tongue across to her labia. Pulling my hand out of the way, I licked down one side of Krystal’s cunt and then up the other. She released my hair and found her clit with one of her fingers. Her movements suggested that the other hand had returned to her nipples, though I could not see much. My tongue stabbed out along her taint, making her wriggled harder.

“No ass play, asshole,” she blurted, surprising me a bit after her earlier comment about eating out her ass. How much of her bravado was false? I guess that I would find out if her friends arrived.

My finger had found its way into the area- the finger stabbing past the anal ring being one of my patented ‘moves’. Since Krystal was sensitive, I just drew that finger up to the bottom of her slit and inserted it between her lips as my flattened tongue explored the other side of the gash from bottom to top. Her whole body was shaking.

I blew warm breath across the surface of her clit then stabbed at it with my tongue, while also flicking it at the base, making it bobble wildly. By now, Krystal was screaming so loudly that even if they couldn’t see, the neighbours were sure to hear.

My mouth opened wide around the dancing pebble. I teased it ever so gently with my teeth. That caused an even louder scream, and Krystal’s hips flung upward so hard that she almost knocked me over.

Normally I would have expected to go down on a woman for several minutes to provoke climax, but Krystal had already been revved up when she had confronted me, and all the time since had been a build up to this moment. I closed my lips around her throbbing clit and sucked it into my mouth. My tongue flicked the flesh in a rough figure eight pattern.

Krystal’s fingers were roughly curling in my hair, tugging so hard that I was afraid that she might tear it out. I knew that she was not trying to pull my mouth off her clit though, mostly because she was screaming, “More, don’t stop, I’m almosttt thererrree…”

The fingers in the hair meant that her hands were no longer on her tits. Since I was forbidden to touch her asshole, I had a hand free. I reached up and located a tit. I grasped the nipple in my fingers. I paused all my activity while I counted five heartbeats, just long enough that Krystal moaned and begged, “Finish me, asshole.”

Her wish was my command. Simultaneously, I thrust my fist into Krystal’s inner sanctum, giving the wrist a twist, while stretching the nipple as far from the supporting flesh as possible, and similarly pulling on the clit with my teeth trapping the base and my tongue bobbling the bud.

All at once, Krystal’s body quaked. Her loins lifts high against my face, shoulders rolling side to side, legs closing around my back and squeezing me as she rode out a long screaming climax. She was a gusher, and for a moment I feared that I might drown in her discharge but kept going, swallowing as much as I could, just like I enjoyed when it was my cock getting sucked. It must have added to her enjoyment, because her spasms seemed to match She was a gusher, and for a moment I feared that I might drown in her discharge but kept going, swallowing as much as I could, just like I enjoyed when it was my cock getting sucked. It must have added to her pleasure, because her spasms seemed to match my sucking rhythm. I kept on going, slowing my actions to match her receding waves of pleasure.

With a groan, Krystal collapsed motionless on the chair, arms thrown wide and legs relaxed, releasing me from their hold. She started laughing lustily.

“Sorry that I called you asshole. I can be a real jerk sometimes, especially when I need my needs met.”

I released her clit from my tongue and looked up at her, my grin no doubt shiny from her juices.

“Did you come in your shorts?” she giggled. “I hope not- one of us might decide we want to get fucked as well as eaten. Being an old guy might make you the best cuntlapper I’ve found so far, but might also mean you need extra recovery time. Dumb young studs are at least good for stamina- in fact sometimes all three of us share the same cock back to back.”

I might have blushed at that point. I had not even realized until Krystal asked, but my shorts were soggy with great gobs of goo. In my younger days, this would not be a problem- I had always stayed harder and longer after that first load was disposed of. It had been so long since anybody had wanted more that I was unsure of my current abilities- and I had no little blue pills to fall back on.

“Don’t worry, I recover quickly, and as I recall, I still have two more pussies to eat first. Should be plenty of time to recharge.”

“Whose pussies is he going to be eating? And just who the fuck is he?”

I turned my head to see the short curvy blonde- Becca- standing on the edge of the deck.

“This is my neighbour the peeping Tom. Don’t know his name. Maybe we should just call him Tom? Though so far, he answers fine to ‘asshole’ ” Krystal giggled. “I told him he ought to eat our pussies- you, me and Smitty- as punishment for peeping. Except he seems to like it – a lot. Not sure how long you were watching and listening, but I just said he’s the best cuntlapper I’ve found so far. You really need to give him a try.”

After that speech, Krystal sighed and settled back on the lounger, eyes closed.

Becca took a tentative step up on to the deck. She looked confused and apprehensive. I got my first good close look at her. Unlike Krystal, Becca had a bit of a muffin top, and the legs below the ragged cut off jeans were a bit soft, not toned with muscle like Krystal. Becca’s boobs however were more generous than Krystal’s, though not so large that they sagged, at least not while she was still young. Looking at those tits, I realized that like Krystal, Becca was not wearing a bra under her tank-top, and her headlights had switched to “on”.

“I j- ju- just got here. Hardly saw anything,” Becca said, still sounding uncertain, said as she took one step closer. Her blonde hair was a boyish bob, cut shorter than Krystal’s, so Becca’s hair swung from side to side, just brushing against her bare milky white shoulders. Despite the skimpy attire, this young woman obviously stayed out of the sun.

“So- want some?” Krystal was direct and now chose to be economical with her words.

“C-ca-can I have a drink?” Becca took another step closer, now so close that I smelled her nervousness.

“Great idea.” Krystal swung a leg gracefully above my head and stood up smoothly, though her knees still looked a bit rubbery. “I’ll go grab us all a beer. Why don’t you sit here until I get back?”

She walked inside without bothering with any clothing. I knew that her open floor plan meant anybody on the street could see through to the kitchen. The retired doctor up the street usually took his walk about this time of day. He might get a treat. Or the yummy mummy I called Hottie McNaughty could be walking her dog. Would she enjoy the view? Krystal seemed unconcerned. Perhaps I should have guessed that from her unusual response to discovering my voyeurism.

Becca broke that train of thought simply by sitting on the edge of the longer, her hip half a foot from where my head still rested.

“I got here early enough to see that you really did give Krystal the ride of a lifetime. I need to enjoy me some of that.”

She ran her fingers gently through my hair. Her other hand traced my jawline down to my chin and tipped my face up so that she was staring right at me.

“Ohhh, you’re all shiny,” she nudged me upward and bent over to meet me halfway. Her tongue bathed my skin briskly but efficiently and then she pulled me into a long deep kiss.

“Don’t you dare tell her, but I always wondered what Krystal tastes like.” Becca giggled, which made her tits jiggle enticingly. “Notes of sweat, with a creamy finish on the palate.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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