Evil Souls Have No Limits


Evil Souls Have No Limits

I am looking down at an enclosed file. After opening, I read over the file. The file lists my next target. I do not know what this man has done or who wants him dead. He and his family are my next targets. The client demands that an example is made of this family. This is usually why I am hired.

Reconnaissance starts with main target John. After a week was spent tracing and tracking his every move, habit, and routine. Next, his wife, two daughters, and son were followed for a week each, learning everything about them. Then, the plan to stage an entire families’ death comes into action.

The plan is simple, yet horrific and ruins the family name. The oldest daughter always goes out every Saturday night to spend time with her girlfriend, but returns home promptly at midnight. She takes a lot of verbal and emotional abuse from her entire family over desires to be with women. There is on occasion physical abuse or punishment according to the father as heard thru the audio bugs I have planted in the house. The hit will occur at exactly 12:45AM.

Saturday night parked down the street from the target’s house as midnight approaches. Just like clockwork, Amanda pulls into the driveway getting out and going inside the house. There is something different. I observe she has some erratic behavior and seems to be agitated. After she makes it inside, I check and note the time at 12:08am. I sit and wait until 12:36am. I get out dressed in complete black gear head to toe. Making my way around the house using a key I had made for the backdoor. I proceed to let myself in, looking at my watch mentally noting the time at 12:42AM.

Early Saturday evening looking in the mirror, that is in my room. My 17-year-old tight body is seemingly perfect with this pink short tank top revealing a fair amount of cleavage from my 32DD breasts and showing off my flat tanned stomach. My perfectly dark tanned sun kissed skin glowing on my 128 pound 5”4 body frame. My naturally silky shine straight black hair with two bleach blonde highlights on each side bring out my blue eyes and adorable smile. Looking down the tight black mini skirt hugging my curves and bubble ass so good, it is turning me on looking at it in a profile view. I have decided that I am looking flawless for my girlfriend tonight. I grab my purse and car keys walking out of my room and down the stairs. Before I can get out the door and leave, dad stops me.

“Bye daddy, I will be back at my usual time.”

John replies “have you lost your mind, you are dressed like a whore.” A brief pause and john continues, “If continue to see her, you are dead to me.”

“Daddy, please do not do this.” …… Fighting back a tear while looking at my mom, brother, and sister. “I just want to be accepted.”

( Slap… ) I scream as daddy’s hand slaps me across my face.

Daddy says, “Get out of my house and don’t come back unless you are cleaning out your room.”

I watch my daddy shake his in disgust hearing my mom, brother, and sister all bashing me for my openly bisexual lifestyle. Although this is not the first incident, this is the first time I got truly hurt and had enough of my families ridicule when daddy said “Your are no daughter of mine if you don’t stop this ungodly acts you will go to hell tramp.”

At that moment, a tear ran down my cheek as my daddy spit on my face following his statement. My mother, brother, and sister all hazing me they have done before.

I walk out not defending myself, as it has only brought on more harsh treatment in the past. Somewhat ashamed for disappointing my family, but feeling better once I think about Brianna. While driving to Brianna’s house, I can only fester over the fact that my family will never accept me and will only hate me more. My fears quickly turn to hatred. The more I try to resist the hate, the more it consumes me. I pull into Briana’s driveway. I start redoing my make-up that messed up as I left my house. Walking up to Brianna’s house, I press the doorbell button giving it a ring.

She answers the door quickly, opening it up and revealing her naked 124pd light tanned body perky 30d cup breasts with 1-inch areolas with hard nipples the size of the tip of my pinky fingernail. Her perfectly shaven pussy with a small glisten of wetness already formed and her supple round ass so tight.

“Hey baby, I have missed you so much.”

Brianna says, “I have so missed you to Mandy“

… I lean in, starting to give her a kiss with one hand going up, grabbing and caressing Brianna’s left tit while giving her nipple a hard pinch, my hand goes up grabbing Brianna’s throat. As my eyes close and our voluptuous lips lock, my hand squeezes her neck tighter and the anger and hatred of my family is consuming me. I want to kill my family and set me free. Not realizing my hand is choking Brianna as my brain is seeing my mother face to face, choking her to death.

My eyes open and I realize Brianna can’t breathe. She is slapping my arm, looking deep in her eyes I crack a small smile after letting go of her. She looks up at me saying, “Baby, we are defiantly staying in tonight.

I look at her as she gasps and smiles.

She says “Mandy baby…….mmmmmm… We have to stay in tonight.”

I say “So I got all dressed up for nothing.”

Brianna says “you know I love it when you are mean and rough, plus I’m way to wet now.”

I follow her to her bed room, watching her long blonde hair freely flow and her tight little ass popping with each step as we walk into her bedroom. I tell her this will not be like any other night.

Brianna just says “I hope not.”

I tell her to lie down on the bed. She obeys, lying on her back legs spread. I move to the edge of the bed leaning down on top of Brianna. Our lips lock, her breasts pressed against mine still covered in my pink tight tank top. My tongue explores her mouth, finding hers and swirling around. The French kiss were sharing is deep and passionate.

I slide a hand down between her legs. My fingers slide in her pussy up to her clit as I rub it slowly. After hearing her moan louder, I pull my hand back and slap her pussy hard. Her body spasms from my hard pussy spank. I continue to rub her clit teasing her and slapping her pussy. Her pussy is soaking wet and soaking her bed.

I smile leaning over still rubbing her clit, I take each of her nipples in my mouth. I suck hard, swirling my tongue around her nipples then flicking my tongue up and down, side to side. Her body continues to spasm. I know her orgasm is near. I grab her throat with my free hand pinning her head down to the bed and choking her hard. I can only imagine choking my mother, brother, and sister to death. My grip tightens and my fingers move faster in her pussy. Her tits bouncing as she convulses and fights for air and her orgasm. Her moans turned to silent gasps. I can see fear in her eyes even as she orgasms.

I release her throat and tell her to tell her she is going to eat me out now. I crawl further on the bed. She begs for a short break to catch her breath. I reach up, instantly slapping her across the face leaving a hand print as I sit on her face looking down at her; I still see the fear in her eyes. I am starting to realize the pain and aggression is turning me on more and every thought of me taking each of my parents and siblings lives just drives me even wilder. I rock my hips back and forth Sex hikayeleri feeling her long wet tongue slide deep in my pussy, her lips sucking my pussy. Her tongue is punching in and out while swirling around my clit. I more loudly grabbing my fits pinching my own nipples through my tank top I never removed. I get so wet and try so hard to cum, but can’t seem to quite get over the edge until I think about killing my daddy by smothering him with my pussy. The thought of taking his life pushes me over the edge as I orgasm and cum all over Brianna’s face.

My cum oozes down her chin and neck as I get up taking my tank top off letting my big firm perky tits out. I tell Brianna to stand up. She does and I open her toy drawer getting out her expandable butt plug. Walking back, I kiss her tasting my fresh cum and pussy juice. As I break the kiss, I shove the butt plug in her mouth, back to her throat. She chokes and gags hard as I expand the plug to fill her throat. I leave it in her throat while I bend her over the bed I rub my hand across her ass slapping it hard. I love hearing her moan after each slap. I pretend it’s my brother begging for his life. My own pussy getting so wet its running down my leg. I release the plug from Brianna’s throat and immediately shove it up her ass and start to expand it. I take my petite hand and start pushing it in to her pussy making a fist once my hand is wrist deep. Brianna is moaning and whimpering in pleasure and pain. I start fist punching her pussy with the butt plug expanded deep in her asshole, stretching it. Brianna’s pussy is gushing down her legs. Her legs are getting shaky. I yell hitch you better not come without permission.

I hear a very whimper “yes man.”

I continue fisting her pussy harder and faster while raising my free hand to spank her ass hard repeatedly.

Brianna starts begging me. “Please may I cum” …..

I yell “no bitch.” She continues moan whimper and cry her ass is read pussy and ass stretched. She is still begging “please let me cum…… I can’t hold it…. please baby let me cum” ……

I ignore for 5 minutes until my arm is tired and I yell “Cum you fucking bitch…… cum….”

As soon as I do, Brianna releases a loud scream as her body convulses in a massive orgasm. She is losing control of her body.

My first thought is I wonder if the human body looks likes this while dying.

I pull my fist out entirely covered in cum. I immediately make her lick it off, while helping with my own tongue. I leave the big butt plug in her asshole stretching it. I bend over the bed sticking my ass up raising my skirt just a little.

I tell Brianna to lick my ass and make me cum and you better not let the butt plug come out or else.”

I feel her hands grab my hips lifting my skirt and her talented tongue slides up and down my ass crack making me moan. I push back against her as she picks up the vibrator off the floor and holds it against my clit. Her tongue sliding in and out of my asshole deep and her lips pressed firmly against my sphincter. I lay face down on the bed pinching my nipples till it hurts while Brianna sucks and tongue fucks my asshole, making my pussy gush over her hand and onto the floor.

My moans getting louder as I tell Brianna “Suck my nasty asshole, ohhh mmm fuck yesss… lick it good.” my nipple rock hard making myself squeal in pain. Brianna’s tongue is raping, punching, and sucking deep in my asshole with the vibrator on my clit.

I moan “I’m gonna cum.”

She digs her tongue deeper and rubs the vibrator around, sticking it my pussy too. It finally becomes too much. My body freezes and tenses up in pleasure as my orgasm is in full swing, my body spasms uncontrollably. Then my pussy squirts all over Brianna’s face and chest. I collapse on the bed as she climbs up beside me.

She says “aren’t you glad we didn’t go out now.”

To which I say “YES!!!…. Yes I am!”

Not revealing my new dark secret.

I tell her, ”Brianna I will not be able to see you after night because, I will be doing something horrible tonight that I do not want you involved in.”

I get up slowly putting my tank top and heels back on. Brianna sits up, chest still heaving, looking at me confused by my statement. Wanting to talk me out of it but, she can’t find any words to talk me out of what she doesn’t know is going to happen. I give her a kiss and tell her not to worry. Brianna tries to stop me and fights with me to stay. However, I leave a little bit earlier than I normally would as I have a stop to make before going home.


I unlock the back door with my key I had made. I eased my way through the laundry room and into the kitchen. I hear odd groans and moans, not the typical laughter or arguing that I normally hear when eavesdropping. I step to edge of the opening to the living room I see the whole family spread out sitting in different seats in the living room.

The eldest daughter is on top of her mother, she cuts her mother’s top and bra off. It appears that the father, mother, little brother, and sister are incapacitated somehow. I stand in the doorway as I’m curious what is happening exactly but, I remain quiet.

I watch Amanda kiss her mother and then slide her lips down to her mother’s tits. Amanda’s moans are muffled by her mother’s tits in her mouth. It appears she is taunting her mother ever so often slapping her in the face while saying “your just a whore too momma”. “Now you’re no different than me” she says while pulling her tits out of her pink top and smearing them in her mother’s face.

Brianna is straddling her mother’s lap and suddenly I hear a very distinct unmistakable sound for someone with my history. I heard the gargling sound of someone choking on blood as their lungs fill with blood from being stabbed. I watch with interest as this asshole’s daughter is murdering her mother. She stabs a couple more times in her chest.

As she stands up and turns around, she takes a step towards her brother before realizing and seeing me standing in the doorway. She freezes and I begin to clap my hands applauding her.

I tell her “don’t stop on my account.”

I glance over at her mother’s lifeless naked body with 3 stab wounds. Just at that moment, she snaps out her frozen stare and starts to charge at me with the knife.

Instantly years of training went into over drive and I quickly analyze her every movement. First, I sidestep, grab her wrist and smash her arm downward forcing her arm to bend while making her knees bend. She drops the knife and I twist her arm back around her back. My other arm grabs her face and I pull her back slamming her to the ground on her back. At the same time while she is in mid air, I pull my Glock 45 and have it pressed to her forehead just as her back hits the floor.

Looking down in to her eyes, gun between her eyes, I tell her, “You have two choices bitch, die or entertain me.”

The look of shock on her face and fear in her eyes tells me she is an amateur killer and this was not a well planned murder she is partaking in.

Panic sets in.

“Please, please don’t kill me” she begs. “I will do anything you tell me”…

I quickly say, “Did you enjoy stabbing your mother.”

“Yes” she replies as her fearfulness seems to be fading quickly Sikiş hikayeleri and she becomes confused by my question.

I reach my free hand down under her skirt feeling her wet pussy with no underwear on.

“Looks like you did more than enjoy it”

She nods. Then ask after looking around at her dad, brother, and sister still alive and drugged.

“What is your exit strategy?”

She looks more confused.

I shake my head “What’s your plan after you were done.”

She looks up at me, “I don’t know, I thought I could just run away.”

I pull the gun off her forehead taking a step back and putting my foot on the knife.

“Get up bitch”

She hesitates, but gets up, standing in front up me, her tits still pulled out of her pink tank top.

I smirk looking her over, “Amanda, I want to see you continue. Who was next?”

She is surprised I know her name but, abruptly points to her 14 year old brother.

I tell her, “go ahead and continue her plot.”

As she walks over to him, I holster my pistol, still standing on the knife.

She turns and sits in her brother’s lap and calmly asks “why are you here?”

“I’m here because I was hired to kill your father and his immediate family to make a clear example and statement but, you have given me a good start.”

She grinds her ass on her brother’s cock and asks “Are you going to kill me too?”

“Yes of course you will die, you are not anything special because you are being a slut and starting my job for me.”

She tenses up. “If you’re gonna kill, me just do it.”

“Amanda, you will die when I give you permission to die.”

She slides down to her knees in between his legs and turning to face her brother. She undoes his pants grabbing his cock.

She starts jacking him off and rubbing his cock and balls slowly, getting his cock hard. Once his cock is rock hard, she turns to me and says, “My plan was to cut his dick off and make him eat it.”

Quickly I tell her, “NO, you’re going to suck his cock like the two bit whore you are.” “You should know better than to get a cock hard and not make it cum” I yell at her.

She instinctively says, “Yes sir” and lowers her head down on her little brother’s cock, sucking it.

I walk up behind Amanda and pull her hair back so I can see her face going down on her brother’s cock. I raise my hand and swing down slapping her across the cheek. A red hand print is left on her face. She doesn’t even pause from sucking. I do it again this time harder and she lets out a squeal. I grab a handful of her hair, shoving her head down making her gag and choke violently.

I smile, “that’s right Amanda, your family can die seeing you be like the filthy fucking whore you are.”

She attempts to moan, but the chokes and gags muffle her feeble attempt at moaning. I grab her hips pulling her ass up and unzipping my pants. I thrust my thick 10 inch long cock into her shaven pink pussy. As my cock is thrust deep in her, she creams herself and orgasms hard. I find it a little strange that she is able to get so turned on and orgasm knowing that her family was going to be killed including her at some point.

I moan saying, “ohh yes, that’s it you little bitch you will be the last to die so I can use you like a cum dumpster slut.”

I grab a handful of Amanda’s hair, pulling her head back and off her brother’s cock as the moaning vibrations almost made him cum in her mouth even though he was still drugged and unable to move. Pulling her head back while pounding her pussy, I feel her pussy tighten quickly as she tenses up in another orgasm.

I smirk deciding to myself this might be the only girl I know that would get off to this.

I pull my rock hard wet cock from her gushing pussy and tell her, “get your sister over here and make her finish off your brother’s cock.

Amanda does as she was told, dragging her sister’s body to her brother putting her mouth on his cock. Amanda moves her head, bobbing it while rubbing her brother’s balls. I pull my pistol out, holding it in my hand. I wait for Amanda to make him cum. Just as he starts cumming in Amanda’s little sister’s mouth, I kick the back of her head down. His cock deep down her throat, he explodes, plastering her throat with cum.

“Any other use for your piece of shit brother.”

Amanda replies “no.”

I put the gun to his head and look into in his eyes; I can see the terrified emotions. He loses control of his bodily functions and pisses himself. Now, Amanda’s little sister is choking on cock, cum, and piss. I pull the trigger, a very quiet “thuttt” is heard and a piece of foam from the couch goes flying across the room as the bullet goes between his eyes and out the back of his head. His lifeless body goes limp. Amanda’s sister has convulsed as her lungs filled with piss, choking and drowning her, cock still in her mouth. We both watch as her little sister slowly and painfully dies, unable to lift herself off of her brother’s cock or breathe through her cum and piss filled lungs.

Amanda looks up at me, “that was exhilarating.”

“Shut the fuck up whore,” I say spitting in her face. “John, your fucking father, is all that’s left.”

I walk over in front of her dad. Looking at him I say, “I was paid to make an example out of you and your family and to make sure you knew that before watching your family die.” “Amanda get over here.”

She quickly moves over in the floor next to us. I grab her by her hair and shove my cock down her throat. Making her dad watch his oldest daughter get throat fucked after watching his wife, son, and other daughter get violated and murdered.

Amanda gags and chokes drooling all over my cock. Reaching down, I slap her across the face then paused and slapped her repeatedly. She surprisingly moaned on my cock after each slap. Her eyes are watering, make up smeared, and almost puking every time my cock hits her throat. I feel my cock tense up with an approaching orgasm. After a hard donkey punch to the back of the head and holding my entire cock down her throat, I start cumming, forcing her to swallow every drop. Her airflow completely cut off. Her face turned reddish purple as she was suffocating on my cock while swallowing my load. Just as her eyes roll back into her head I yank her head off my cock and she is silent for mere seconds. Then, freakishly inhales so deeply and loud, her chest puffed out, eyes wide, she is still struggling to regain her breathe.

Once she does, I say “Amanda, go give your father something to remember you by before he dies.”

She swiftly moves to her father still heaving deep breathes and heart racing. I notice a big wet spot on the floor where she was sucking my cock. Her pussy is gushing all over.

Amanda unzips her father’s pants and pulls his cock out and starts sucking and licking all over his cock and balls. It doesn’t take long for him to get hard and all he can do is watch his daughter bob her head up and down on his cock. Once his cock is rock hard in her mouth, she slides up in his lap. She lifts herself up and sits down on his cock and begins to ride.

Her hips rock slowly at first moaning “ohh fuck….. Fuck me Daddy…..ohhhh GOD YES FUUUUCCCKKK.”

The more her hips rock, the more she starts to bounce. Her big tits bounced in her daddy’s face. The torment and torture in her daddy’s eyes, is clearly getting Erotik hikaye her off. I step up closer behind her. Her moans are getting louder, longer, and more erratic. Soon she explodes in an orgasm but, she does not stop riding him.

I spread her cheeks apart rubbing the head of my cock on her non-lubed tight little asshole. Pushing her forward, I shove my dick in her ass, she tenses up and screams. Her moans of pleasure are mixed with moans and whimpers of pain. I thrust my cock in and out not caring if she liked it or not. Her big, firm, and perky teen tits bouncing all in her daddy’s face while my cock slams deep in her asshole. My big balls slapping the bottom of her pussy with her daddy’s cock still deep in her pussy. She screams in pain then, moans in pleasure. She cannot help herself, her body tenses up again while she gets double penetrated by her daddy and a stranger that’s going to kill her.

Her pussy juice and cum is draining out all over her daddy’s cock. Keeping my cock deep in her asshole stretching it out, I grab a handful of hair, pulling her back off her daddy’s cock. Her legs fall to the floor and push her head down, making her face go right to his cock. Then, I grab her hips and commence to plowing her ass hard. Tears of pain roll drip from her eyes onto her daddy’s cock while she takes it deep down her throat. Refusing to back off or slow down, railing her ass with no mercy. My cock begins to swell.

Surprisingly to Amanda, he daddy begins to cum in her mouth. He fills her mouth full of hot, sticky, and salty cum. She sucks it good and swallows everything. Only a little bit escaped her mouth. She licks up what escaped her mouth in between her screams as I never let up from railing tight ass. My balls bouncing off her pussy making loud slap noises with each thrust. I grab her hair in one hand yanking her head up making her look her father in the eyes. At the same time, I thrust all 10 inches up her asshole as my cock expands more; she screams and I blow my load deep in her ass. Each shot of cum stretches her ass slightly more.

Her father’s horrified look in his eyes was simply priceless and satisfying for Amanda and I, even though I could not see the satisfaction on Amanda’s face. I pull my tactical knife and upper cut the knife into john’s mouth. The blade stabbing through his throat and into his brain and I leave it. I step around the couch, Amanda still bent over in shock looking up her daddy’s face. She can’t stop staring. I push his head forward and down putting the gun to the back of his head pulling the trigger twice. The bullet flies through the back of his head and out the front flying down and hitting him in the cock and leg.

The bullet mere inches from Amanda’s face, she screams jumping back saying “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK…….. YOU CRAZY SON OF A BITCH!”

The fear sets back in as she realizes everyone is dead and it is her turn with time running out.

I walk quickly to her as she back up against the wall. Holding the gun up to her head with the barrel between her eyes, I glance down over her naked body covered in cum, sweat, and blood.
My next words to Amanda are: “There is something about you. I Like it. It reminds me of myself from a long time ago.”

I pause briefly, then, grab her wrist turning it around forcing her body to turn pressing her face first into the wall. I holster my Glock then, pull a zip tie out and tie her hands together behind her back.

I grab her hair, pulling her head back. “Do you want to live?”

She replies “YES!” with what she muster after all the action.

“Good, you interest me. I have never seen anyone else get off to this much less start without me.”

She is confused but doesn’t question me. Then, I pull her by her hair dragging her naked self to the door. Once I check to make sure the street is clear from any moving traffic, I take her out to the car I came in and pop the trunk pushing her in and breaking the open trunk pull cord from inside the trunk and then close it.

I get in the car noting the time at 3:58am. Daylight will be showing pretty soon. I pull away and drive for 5 hours only stopping once for gas, water, and a snack. I pull into a small field out in middle of an abandoned rock quarry. I get out and uncover my small engine plane from under a tree.

Then, I get Amanda out of the trunk. Her eyes had to adjust to the burning sun in the daylight. Her naked body covered in dried blood and cum.

She asks. “What are going to do with me?”

I turn her to face me. “I am going to give you a new life as a mercenary assassin. I will train you and teach you everything you need to know. Of course, you will live with me on my secluded island and work for me.”

Her confused look quickly turns to a little smirk.

“Do you accept?”

“Yes…. YES! I accept!” she replies.

“Good!” I say while turning her back around and cutting the zip tie that was binding her hands behind her back.

“What were you going to do if I did not accept?”

“Put you back in the trunk and send you over the edge into the 200ft deep rock abandoned water filled rock quarry over there.”

She gives me a kiss and says, “thank you for freeing me from my family and offering me a new life.”

“You are welcome. Now, drive the car over to the edge and let it go off into the rock quarry while get the plane started.”

“Yes sir!” she replies and promptly does as she is told.

After the get the car over the edge, she walks back to the plane. I open the door to allow her to climb into the second seat of the plane. We take off and once we get into the air, I get us set on the course back to my secluded private island off the Atlantic coast. I fly low enough to remain off the radar from any airports or military bases.

Amanda asks, “Can I suck your cock while you fly?”

“Yes,” I reply lifting my left arm up allowing her to undo my pants.

She pulls my cock out and start to suck on it. Her tongue licks the head slowly and takes the head of my cock in her mouth sucking it and popping it back out.


She takes my cock deeper in her mouth. Sucking hard and her tongue rolling all around my cock as she begins to bob up and down. She sucks my cock hard and fast with a passion. My cock grows harder and harder in her mouth. Her drool was getting sloppy all over my cock. She goes down almost taking all of my cock in her mouth. Choking and gagging herself.

She pulls off briefly to say “Please cum in my mouth.”

She goes back down sucking my cock hard and fast; her head bobbing up and down relentlessly on my cock with my balls on her chin. I let out a loud moan. I am getting very close to blowing a load in her mouth. My cock grew harder as I hold back my orgasm. Just as her head goes down, almost taking my entire cock. I put my hand on the back of her head and start to blow my load in her throat. My thick load of cum plastered her throat and clogged it. After I finish I let her back off as she sits back in her seat she chokes and gags with my cum stuck in her throat. After a few a seconds, she pukes my load up on her chest. My cum slowly oozes out of her open mouth and down her chin. It drops down over chest. She starts to rub my cum all over her tits.

I tell her “Good Job!”

After an 8 hour flight, my island is in sight and descending to land. After smooth approach and flawless landing I pull the plane into my hanger.
Amanda admires the beauty of my island and my very large luxurious mansion that doesn’t even hint at the underground portion or the technology that I have it loaded with.

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