Eating Out in New York City

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Patti sat at the vanity table in the bedroom of her hotel. She was brushing her shoulder length blonde hair, and reminiscing about the previous night’s activities. For the first time in her life, she could fully embrace the idea of making love. Their time together could not be referred to as having sex, or “getting off”, no, last night was an experience.

Every fibre of her body had felt the exhilaration of sexual pleasure. The manipulations and contortions that she had experienced had far outweighed any gymnastic performances that dotted her school life. As she let the brush glide through her hair, the reflection in the mirror melded into another scene of the previous evening. Her body being ravished by a sultry brunette, her fingertips and toes tingling, as Nancy’s long tongue slid softly between the folds of her vagina, flicking the tip over her stone hard clitoris before biting into the white marble, making her cry out in pain and pleasure.

Patti shook her head to deliver herself back to the present. A smile developed as she realised that today was a new day and this evening she would again be in Nancy’s arms. Her lover had left shortly before leaving her panting on the bed, cum oozing from her pink gash. The plan was to meet at the Four Seasons to partake in a leisurely nosh, then to introduce her to a lesbian dance club in lower Manhattan. The anticipation alone was invigorating. She grinned into her reflection , having decided that bra and panties were not mandatory tonight.

The taxi delivered her at 8:00 sharp, in front of the world renowned restaurant. Nancy was waiting at the curb, ensconced in a chat with the doorman.

She had on a black leather skirt, a red Donna Karen blouse, three buttons unattached, revealing the pale white swells of her globes. She turned to Patti on 4 inch strapped red heels. Her ponytail swished around as she reached out to her blonde lover, hugging her tightly. A chaste kiss on the lips and she stepped back to look at her new friend’s ensemble. A pink cashmere v-neck top that covered two very aroused nipples. The skirt was pleated and just far enough above the knee to escape criticism. Open toed pumps, black with 5 inch heels , completed the outfit. Nancy smiled appreciatively.

The two beauties entered the restaurant and were escorted to a side table for two. Two libations had been ordered and delivered with dispatch. After a brief toast, loaded with double entendre, they clinked glasses and sipped. The dinner conversation was spirited and light. Both women had quickly formed a bond upon meeting those many months ago, and that bond remained strong, though neither woman could fully explain the synergy.

While mulling over their desserts, Nancy playfully scooped up a finger full of whipped cream and swiped it over Patti’s lips. She leaned over and licked it off, her hand resting on the blonde’s upper thigh. An involuntary jerk of the thigh caused her hand to slip upward, thus exposing the fact that Patti had arrived at their rendezvous minus undergarments. Nancy smiled like the cat who ate the canary. Patti attempted to act demure, but the facade was short-lived.

Nancy leaned back, savouring her confection, watching her sweetheart’s eyes. She knew that for Patti this was daring, and she was going to take advantage of her discomfort. She was aware that Patti had decided not to wear panties for her sake, and she was grateful. But still she had to acknowledge this situation. Slipping her foot from her shoe, she slid it up the blondes inner thigh. Patti’s eyes opened wide but didn’t move. Soon her toes were gliding up and down the damp lips of the sweet blossom that had brought her so much pleasure the night before. Pushing her toes forward, she began wiggling them over the pink folds and thrusting them into the wet vulva. Nancy was nonchalant, gazing into her love’s eyes. Manipulating the lips, her toes began thrusting deeper inside the drenched gash. Patti gently set her spoon down and held onto the table’s edge. A small splash of cum coated the extended toes, before Nancy pulled her foot away from the smooth thighs.

Leaning forward, grinning, she innocently asked if Patti was alright.

“Damn you. That wasn’t fair!” she responded. She adjusted her bursa escort skirt and went to the Ladies room. The door opened and Nancy walked in, which did not surprise the blonde in the least. Arms around her waist, she was being hugged and kissed by her lover.

“I’m sorry baby, I just couldn’t help it!” Nancy giggled. She took her hands, leading her into a stall. Sitting down, the brunette lifted her friend’s skirt. Patti, knowing she should be appalled, found herself to be tremendously excited. She felt her legs being gently parted. A warm tongue began licking around her soft mound. She could feel hands reaching around grabbing her asscheeks, pulling them apart, as the tongue drove between her sopping wet lips.

Swirling around, the long tongue slid over her slick walls. A thumb was rubbing her sensitive bunghole. The head between her thighs was slamming up, the tongue thrusting deeper into a very wet vulva. She could hear the soft slapping of her velvet thighs hitting Nancy’s face.

“Ooohh god…yesssssss, soooo niceee..yessss,baby…..suck my hot cream…ooooohhhhhhhh”

Patti grabbed the head before her and pushed it into her throbbing pussy. She ground her love hole around the brunette’s slick face. The stiff tongue was swabbing over her small pearl ,as she fucked her thighs into this lovely woman’s hungry mouth.

“Yesssssss,nowwwwwwww…ooooohhhhhhhh I cant believe thissssssss…nowwwwwwwwww… god… cummingggggggggg………….. YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIINGGGGGGGGGG”

Nancy reached up with one hand, covering her baby’s mouth. She wondered if they were going to get out of there undetected. Her mouth and tongue never stopped slurping at the sweet dew emanating from this flower, though. While enjoying this unexpected treat, she made a mental note. Remember that Patti is a rather enthusiastic lover, and perhaps 5 star restaurants aren’t the best place for a quick encounter.

Afterwards, they adjusted themselves and left the restroom, separately. Apparently the expressed ardour had gone unnoticed.

The bill paid, the two vixens went off into the night.

Soon a taxi had deposited them at the lesbian nightclub that had been discussed earlier. Meow Mix was a favourite hangout for Nancy, and it had a nice dance floor. The blonde loved to dance, and had experienced her first lesbian dance with the brunette who was now talking to the bartender. Patti sat at a stool next to her lover and listened.

“I kicked her out, for Christ’s sake this aint a bordello”, the bartender was saying to Nancy.

“Well, you know Cinnamon, any port in a storm”, Nancy replied

She turned to her love and introduced her to the dyke bartender who extended her hand in a firm handshake. The bartender, Toni, was built like a fire hydrant – powerful ,but short, with a pleasant smile and a nice laugh.

“So what will you two lovebirds have?”, she asked with a wink.

“Two White Russians. Might as well start with a kick, although we jumpstarted at the Four Seasons”, Nancy said, returning the wink.

“Ooooohhh, so now the Four Seasons is a bordello?”, Toni guffawed.

“We’re working on it, Toni”, Patti smiled. Laughing, Toni set two drinks before the two nymphs.

A few sips later, they were on the floor, music throbbing, lights blinking. They bumped and ground into each others pelvises, their bodies became as one. Kissing, licking as they danced hard ,both these vixens had taken centre stage.

With each kiss Patti could smell her own cum on her lover’s face. Nancy referred to it as ‘ eau de Patti,’ and seemed proud to be wearing it. This was the kind of attitude that made Patti fall deeper in love with her all the time. The sultry brunette was on her own high. She had never met someone quite like this Californian. So free and so giving, the blonde never felt the need to assert herself, she was a warm, caring lover and a dear friend. All in all a very good combination.

Soon it became apparent that time was out pacing their desires. After all, this was Patti’s last night in town, and they wanted to see the sunrise from the warmth of her bed. A wave to the effervescent Toni, and it was time to go back to the hotel. Upon arriving, they hugged each other in the elevator and kissed hard, tasting saliva, and revelling in the damp flesh that emanated escort bursa from their night of vigorous dancing. Once inside the confines of the room, they quickly removed their clothes. A shower was called for.

After turning on the water, Patti stepped inside, followed by her amore. The blonde took her place under the cascading water, as Nancy grabbed a cloth and soap, and began scrubbing Patti’s skin. Nancy took care to swab the cloth over her breasts and under them, before leaning in and kissing both hard nipples. Kneeling, the cloth wiping her soft , white cheeks. The cloth moved down around her pretty feet, and up her inner thighs. Gently turning her around, Nancy began to scrub the firm round, plump asscheeks Spreading her mounds apart, she stuck her tongue out and licked up and down the long dark crack. The moans from above encouraged her to thrust her tongue into the exposed swollen bung. Her tongue slid inside, as she squeezed both full mounds of flesh, and pulled them wider apart. Letting her tongue push deeper, she could feel the anal muscle loosen. Nancy’s mouth slid over her bon-bon, and began to suck. The tongue pressed inward, as she glided her hand down between Patti’s open thighs. She cupped the soft ,round pussy, clamping her hand over the wet slit.

Moving her tongue in small circles, the rectum tried to suck it in further. She could taste the sweaty musk of the proffered anus. Her hand rubbed energetically over the pink flesh of Patti’s pussy. One finger slipping inside the puffy lips, as her palm pushed the labia’s back and forth.


She ground her pussy against the warm palm, trying to make the finger push in deeper. Another finger, then another. Soon, three fingers scissored inside the sopping wet tunnel of her vulva. Swirling inside the tight anal passage, she could feel the ring clamped around her tongue.


Fingers twisted, and turned, stretching her vagina…Patti groaned with unrestrained pleasure. Nancy removed the searching tongue from her tight anus.

She turned Patti around and pressed her body to the side of the shower, water cascading over her body. The brunette spread the velvet thighs and pressed her open mouth to the swollen petals. Her tongue drove deep inside the wet folds of skin, and began sucking hard. The pink flaps were sucked into Nancy’s mouth. She licked at the soft flower, her mouth suctioning. Her desire to draw the fresh cream from her lover’s cunt was overwhelming. Suddenly she stopped her ministrations and stood.

“ohhhhhhh,why did you stop? I was sooo close baby”, cried Patti.

“Don’t worry honey, I just want to finish this in the right place-it is our last night ,after all”

“You better, because I’m ready to explode”, Patti, said, looking as if she wasn’t convinced.

Stepping out of the shower, Nancy turned and helped the highly frustrated blonde from the shower. Without so much as a glance to the hanging towels, she led her darling to the bedroom, pausing to pick up the bag that she had left the night before.

Patti was led, dripping, to the bed, and was guided onto the soft bedspread. Hesitating for a moment, she lay down. Her inamoratas, meanwhile had situated herself astride Patti’s legs, leaned over, pressing her wet breasts to her lover, and gave her a long, loving kiss. Both damp bodies slid under their writhing, their hips pushing together, their tummies slipping around back and forth. The two vixens were engaged in worshipping each other, both body and mind. The blonde began sucking on her love’s earlobe, as Nancy licked and sucked her soft throat leaving a dark red mark.

Nancy slid back and up on her knees between her angel’s open thighs, one hand sliding back and forth over the swollen lips of her steaming pussy. “OOOOOOOOOOO GOD PLEASE, PLEASEEE, MAKE ME CUM, I’M SO DAMN READY,BABYYY”

Nancy reached into her bag and pulled out two velcro cuffs, she got up and attached one to each of Patti’s wrists, before connecting them to the headboard posts. She tied a silk cloth around her eyes, and listened as her love protested with a long moan.

She thrust her hand back into the bag, and pulled out bursa escort bayan the Monster, as she called it affectionately. It was black in colour. Each end was adorned with a large mushroom shaped head, and the crown circled with small rubber spikes. Along the entire length was a high, hard ridge, perfect for teasing any clitoris. Plus the whole shaft was decorated with a series of rubber nubs, better to stimulate any self respecting pussy into submission.

“Ok baby, its time to give you your wish”, Nancy smiled.

Sliding one massive rubber head along her soaking wet pussy slit. The sweet blossom opened by itself, as its owner lay groaning, unable to see her new benefactor. Nancy pushed, allowing the dildo to slip further into the depths of her blonde dear’s love hole.






Nancy slid between her honey’s legs. One leg over, one under, and began to impale herself on the unused end of the Monster. Patti immediately knew what was about to happen and she moaned loudly. She knew that she would soon be in ecstasy. The brunette’s wet pussy slipped down…ten hard inches….pushing her pussy flat against the dripping slit of her lover. Both pussies were filled with the huge plastic cock. After adjusting to the welcome intrusion of this rubber monstrosity, Nancy pulled her hips back and rammed her pelvis into Patti’s tight pussy.




The hard tool was sliding in and out of both steamy, wet pussies. Their thighs, soaking, were slapping as they hit.



The two water dripping bodies were squishing with each hard thrust. Both clits kept banging into each other, rubbing, spreading more cream as it oozed from their fiery slits. Patti’s bound wrists prevented her from moving or using her hands to control the rhythm. The two lovers were writhing in mutual orgasm.




Nancy thrust forward three more times before she exploded loudly, her juices mixing with the blonde angel’s sweet cream. She rubbed her throbbing, wet pussy over and around Patti’s swollen folds of flesh. Both bodies shivered in post orgasmic throes. Nancy still dribbling hot cum over both sets of creamy white thighs.


She slid off the Monster, and untied Patti, helping her to regain her composure. Reaching down, she pulled the massive toy from her sweetie’s pussy with a pop. Leaning her face down to the dripping honeypot, Nancy licked and lapped all around the red swollen lips of the blonde goddess and partook of copious

amounts of her viscous, salty cream…tasting, licking slurping up the lovely nectar.

Patti, with her hands free, was scooping drops of pussy juice from the brunettes gaping slit. The obscene sound of slurping could be heard throughout the room. Both lovers knew that this would be their last taste of each others concoctions for awhile. Slowly their tongues swabbed and collected samples of the love nectar that they both craved.

After a period of lounging in bed naked, still wet from the aborted shower, the two sweethearts slowly rose and prepared for their day. One would be heading back to California, and the other to her long island home. Packed and ready to go, Patti ordered breakfast for both of them. They ate quietly, both professing their love for each other.

“Oh, I wish we could have just one more time ,before I go”, declared Patti.

“Me too angel, but time waits for no one”. Nancy said.

Then Nancy lifted the last breakfast cover to reveal a bowl of strawberries and a cup of whipped cream.

“Onoff her skirt and panties.

On the other hand, there’s always another flight to California”, Nancy grinned, her eyebrows raised.

Patti didn’t answer, she was too busy shrugging off her skirt.

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