Does Happily Ever After Exist? Ch. 03


Peter was depressed. The last two years have been the greatest of his life. Having all the sex had turned him into a nympho. He couldn’t get enough. But his depression wasn’t about the sex. It was about his mom. His mom’s 39th birthday is coming up and he has no idea what to get her. He grabbed Star this afternoon to go shopping with him hoping to come up with some ideas.

They were driving through the neighborhood heading for the better part of town when Star touched his arm. “Hey Peter, those duplexes are up for sale. Why don’t you buy them? That way your mom can have her own place?”

Peter looked at the duplex as he pulled into the right driveway. He turned off the car, and then they got out. Star looked in the house on the left while he looked in the one on the right. “I think they are identical, just backwards.” Star said peeking in the living room window that Peter had just been looking in.

Peter looked at the for sale sign. “Two 1 bedroom duplexes with a spare room, needs work, $125,000 for both. If interested call Stan (555)555-3269.

Peter whistled, “$125,000.”

Star moved up next to him. “Yea, but it says that’s for both. That’s pretty cheap. Even in this neighborhood.”

Peter nodded opening his cell phone. A man answered on the second ring, when Peter mentioned he was interested in the duplexes the man told him he would meet him there.

Peter and Star sat on the hood of his car to wait for the owner.

10 minutes later a small Chevy pickup pulled into the other driveway. A small short man about 60 climbed out. He had salt and pepper hair, a beer belly but a nice smile. “Hi, I’m Stan, are you the gentleman who called?” he asked as Peter moved off the car to his feet.

“Yes sir. I am interested in buying them.” He shook Stan’s hand.

“Well come on in, I’ll show you one of them. They are pretty much identical.” Stan led them towards the house on the left pulling out a set of keys while Star smiled with a look that said ‘told you so.’

Peter just ignored her as he stepped into the house. The front door led into a small living room with a small dining room and kitchen off to the left.

“They need all new appliances and a new coat of paint.” Stan said as they stood in the kitchen. The stove had gunk all over it and the fridge looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years.

When Star opened it, she shut it quickly as a strong stench filled the room. “Sorry.” She said as Stan cracked a window.

The older man just smiled. “No problem. You buy this place and I’ll haul those off for ya.”

Peter nodded then followed Stan as he went back into the living room. He led them off to the left into a medium sized room.

“This is actually the bedroom.” He said showing them the walk-in closet. “This door here, leads to the bathroom.” He led them into the medium sized bathroom. There was a claw foot tub as dirty as the stove as well as a toilet and a sink built into a shelf. There was a medicine cabinet on the wall.

Stan led them back through the bedroom, then into the other door leading off the living room. This room was smaller then the bedroom. “This is the extra room. Last tenants turned it into a study.”

Peter looked around the place while Star watched him. “What do you think Pete?”

Peter took his eyes from the peeling wallpaper to look at her. Then he turned to Stan. “Is the other one in as bad a shape?”

Stan ran his hand over his chubby neck. “Yea, pretty much.”

Peter nodded moving back into the living room. “I’ll give you $110,000 cash up front and haul away all the debris.”

Stan seemed to consider this. If he took it he would be losing $15,000 but at the same time he wouldn’t have to deal with it at all afterwards. “You got a deal.” He shook Peter’s hand.

Stan followed Peter to the bank where he got a cashier’s check for the amount decided on. Stan signed over the title, told him who to talk to when it came to tax time then left the two younger people with a smile on his face.

As they left the bank, Peter pulled out his cell phone. “Who ya calling?” Star asked as they got into the car.

Peter smiled at her. “Our street friends’, girlfriend. We’ve got a lot of work to do and not much time to do it.”

Over the next week, Peter was swamped. During the day he worked on the duplexes, at night he sold his body. The night before his mothers birthday he was once again in the back of Michael’s limo, having his ass reamed when he rested his head on his hands. He closed his eyes as he felt Michael slam into him and ended up falling asleep.

A little while later he awoke lying with his head in Michael’s lap, while the older man stroked his hair. “Am I that boring lover?” Michael asked with a grin.

Peter sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes. “I’m sorry. I’ve been so sarışın porno busy this week. I guess it caught up to me. If you want you can have tonight as a freebie.”

Michael shrugged. Peter knew that with Michael it wasn’t about the money, it was the closeness and companionship he craved. He ran his hand lightly over Peter’s face. “I’ve got a better idea, my brother Jeff just graduated from Harvard. He’s gay but has never been with another man and is coming to stay with me over the summer. How about I bring him along to our next liaison and you can show him the ropes?”

Peter thought about it, he had never done a threesome but it did sound like something he might be interested in. “Okay, sounds good.”

Michael just smiled.

When Melissa saw the apartment that Peter had bought for her, she broke down into happy tears. The duplex was decorated in replicas of 19th Century Victorian furniture.

The claw bathtub in the bathroom had been replaced with a whirlpool bathtub/Jacuzzi. The kitchen was decorated with all the latest appliances and Peter had even found a heart shaped table in his mothers’ favorite color. “I love it baby.” She had cried against his chest as he held her. Peter just smiled.

Peter’s apartment was decorated pretty much the same way, except he had brought the furniture from their old apartment to furnish his. He did spend out the extra money to buy a big screen TV and a waterbed though.

Peter was lying on the couch watching TV and wearing nothing but a long silk robe and a thong when the doorbell rang. He slowly pulled himself to his feet as he clicked off the football game he had been watching. He brushed his hair back from his face, and then answered the door.

Michael stood there with a grin as he had his arm around the shoulders of another man. It was this man that Peter looked at. It was obvious that these two men were brothers. Jeff was a younger version of Michael, with the same dark red hair and emerald green eyes.

Where Michael had a mustache and beard, Jeff was clean shaven giving him a boyish look. The man blushed when Peter let his eyes drift lazily over the polo shirt and khaki shorts he wore. “Well come on in.” He said with a smile holding the door open so the men could step into the house.

Peter had barely closed the door when Michael pulled him into his arms, kissing him deeply. When Michael pulled back, Jeff moved up tentatively and kissed Peter quickly. When he started to pull back, Peter wrapped his arms around the other man, deepening the kiss.

When Peter’s tongue slid seductively into Jeff’s mouth, Jeff wrapped his arms tightly around Peter’s body, holding him close as a low purr escaped his lips.

Peter heard Michael chuckle, but ignored him as he ran his hands down over Jeff’s body. His hand cupped the bulge in the other man’s pants and he felt Jeff moan against him. “Come on, the bedroom is this way.” Peter said huskily when he pulled away.

Jeff took his hand in his, as the three men headed towards the bedroom.

Michael closed the bedroom door as Peter led Jeff to the bed. He stopped in front of it, pulling Jeff back into his arms.

They kissed passionately for a minute while each explored the others’ bodies with their hands. When they broke apart, Peter drove his mouth against Jeff’s neck as his hands moved under his shirt. He ran them up over Jeff’s chest, and then flicked his nail against one of Jeff’s nipples. Jeff moaned throwing his head back.

Peter pulled back, then after lifting Jeff’s shirt over his head, moved his mouth to the other man’s chest. He licked lightly at Jeff’s nipple then took the small bud into his mouth, sucking gently.

“Oooohhhh…” Jeff moaned holding Peter’s head against his chest as he closed his eyes.

Jeff felt his brother come up behind him and wrap his arms around him. He leaned back against his brother as he let Peter love him with his mouth.

Peter dropped one more kiss on Jeff’s nipple, then lifted his face to the other mans again, kissing him lightly. “Having fun babe?” he asked as his eyes darkened with desire.

Jeff pulled his mouth back to his, kissing him hard before he pulled back. “Oh hell yea.”

Michael laughed behind Jeff as Peter ran his hands over Jeff’s body before dropping to his knees before him.

Jeff watched Peter as he undid the fastenings of his shorts. Jeff felt his brother pinching his nipples but his attention was on Peter.

Peter opened Jeff’s shorts, letting them fall to the floor as he grasped the other man’s cock around the material of his underwear. “Ohhhhhh…” Jeff moaned resting his head back against Michael’s shoulder.

Peter lifted his eyes to Michael’s, a smile on his face. Michael smiled back as he continued to pull at his brothers’ sex hikayeleri nipples. His eyes never left Peter though as the younger man licked Jeff’s cock through his shorts.

“Oh God.” Jeff groaned resting his hands on Peter’s shoulders as he rested his head against his brothers shoulder and closed his eyes.

Peter licked at the material, coating it in his spit, then ran his hands over the waistband until he got a good hold on them, then slowly pulled them down Jeff’s legs.

His eyes widened when the other man’s cock came into view. It was beautiful, at least 9inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Jeff was uncut but he was so hard that his foreskin was pulled tight against his body.

Peter lowered his face, inhaling the man’s scent. He felt a shiver run through his body when he ran his tongue under the head of Jeff’s cock.

At the first touch of Peter’s tongue, Jeff let out a loud groan while digging his nails into Peter’s shoulders.

Peter ignored the pain as he pushed Jeff’s shorts and underwear down his legs until he could step out of them. Then he brought his face back up to his cock.

He reached out, wrapping his hand around it. He wasn’t surprised that he couldn’t completely cover it with his hand. He watched as he slowly jacked Jeff’s cock making the other man send out a loud of precum as he cried out.

Peter dipped his tongue forward again, licking up the juices. “Mmmmmm…” he moaned before taking the head of Jeff’s cock into his waiting mouth.

He moved his head up and down over Jeff’s cock, taking him into his throat then slowly moving back up only to push down once more.

“Oh my god,” Jeff shrieked bucking against Peter’s face. He was breathing hard and his hands clenched at Peter’s shoulders.

Peter kept up the up and down motions of his head as he sucked hard at Jeff’s cock. He would push down when Jeff bucked up then pull up when he released. He groaned loudly around Jeff’s cock as he whipped his tongue all over the tender flesh.

“Oh Fuck…” Jeff cried thrusting harder against Peter’s face. “Fuck…Eat my cock baby. Make me cum in your fucking mouth.”

Peter had to slow down the motion of his head for a minute when he felt Michael move in behind him. Michael pulled at his back until he was up on his knees with his butt in the air. He let Michael pull off his robe, exposing his body to Jeff’s gaze.

“Oh beautiful,” Jeff sighed running his hands up and down over Peter’s bare back even as he continued to fuck his face.

Michael slipped Peter’s thong down over his legs until Peter’s ass was open to his gaze. He kissed each cheek, then spread it open and dove in between.

“Mmmmmm…” Peter cried against Jeff’s cock as he pushed back against Michael’s tongue. Michael had shoved his tongue deep into Peter’s shoot and was steadily tongue fucking his ass.

“Yea bro…” Jeff cried as he watched his brother eat out Peter’s ass. “Tongue his ass. Make him ready for your hard cock. I want to watch you fuck this hot ass.” He shoved his own cock further and harder into Peter’s sucking mouth.

Michael sucked harder at Peter’s ass, making the other man moan like crazy as he pushed back against him. While he ate out Peter’s ass, he opened his own jeans and slipped a condom down over his hard length.

Finally he pulled his tongue out of the hole, quickly replacing it with his cock. He didn’t bother to stretch Peter out, he just slammed into him hard and fast burying himself completely with one thrust.

“Ooooooffff…” Peter grunted as Michael impaled him. He gripped hard at Jeff’s cock as Michael tore hard into his willing ass.

“Yea…oh yea…Fuck that ass bro…” Jeff cheered as he gripped the back of Peter’s head, forcing his mouth hard over his own cock as he hammered his face.

Peter grunted in pleasure as the two brothers used his two holes for their pleasure. Michael was reaming his ass furiously, while stroking his cock and Jeff power-fucked his face. He felt his orgasm rising hard and fast and knew there was no way he was going to be able to stop it.

He grasped Jeff’s ass pulling the other man hard against his face as he attacked the flesh with his lips and teeth trying to get the older man off. On the other end, he tightened his muscles around Michael’s flying cock.

Both brothers started crying out at the same time. Peter felt Michael fill the condom in his ass, while Jeff sent his load down Peter’s throat.

Having two men come in him at the same time pushed him over the edge. He screamed around Jeff’s deflating cock as he started shooting against the floor.

Suddenly he felt Michael pull out of his ass and lock his lips on his still shooting cock. Peter moaned louder as he felt Michael’s mouth pulling at him trying şişman porno to milk him dry.

He let Jeff’s cock slip from his lips and hung his head as he finished cumming in Michael’s mouth.

When Michael let go of him, he collapsed on his stomach on the floor, breathing hard.

Michael stood up, grabbed a hold of Jeff and pressed his lips against his brothers.

Jeff’s eyes widened in surprise but he opened his mouth at Michael’s gentle urging. When he tasted Peter’s cum sliding into his mouth, he moaned as he swallowed the juices.

“Tastes pretty good don’t he bro?” Michael asked as he watched his brother savor the cum he had shared with him.

Jeff swallowed Peter’s cum then licked his lips as he looked at his brother. “He tastes great.”

Michael stripped out of his clothes then wrapped his arm around his brother’s shoulders, giving him a big hug.

Peter had moved onto the bed when he got his strength back. He smiled as the two brothers shared his cum. When he had got up, he stripped the thong from his body so he was as naked as the other two men.

When they smiled at him, he smiled back. “You guys aren’t tired yet are you?”

Jeff grinned seductively as he moved over to the bed, kissing Peter deeply as he pushed the other man onto his back. He held the kiss, even as he took the condom his brother handed him, sliding it over his length.

When Peter felt the tip of Jeff’s cock pressing against his recently fucked hole, he moaned into the other man’s mouth while he lifted his legs up around Jeff’s waist and pushed up with his hips, pulling Jeff into him.

“Oh fuck…” Jeff cried; pulling his lips from Peter’s as he felt his cock slide into the warm ass. “That feels so good.”

Peter pulled Jeff’s mouth back to his, kissing him hard as he again pushed up with his hips, pulling Jeff deeper inside him.

Jeff braced his hands on either side of Peter’s head as he got the idea. He pumped forward hard with his hips until he was buried completely.

“Oh yea,” Peter groaned this time taking his mouth from the other mans, as Jeff moved his lips to his neck. “Fuck me, fuck me good baby.”

Jeff pulled out until he just had the head buried inside Peter’s love hole, then slammed forward hard with his hips burying himself deep inside him once again.

Peter whimpered in surprise at the sudden invasion into his body. When Jeff did it again, he pushed up with his hips pulling the other man far into him. “Fuck me.” He screamed as Jeff started hammering hard into Peter’s willing ass.

“Oh god, I love this.” Jeff cried as his balls slapped against Peter’s body with his hard strokes. “Your ass feels so good wrapped around me.”

While the two men hammered their bodies together. Michael climbed onto the bed behind his brother, watching him impale Peter with his cock. Then he moved over beside him. “Lean back Jeff.” He said softly.

It took Jeff a minute to register his brother’s words. When he did, he leaned back until he was resting on his ankles. He lowered his eyes down to where the two men were connected. He watched as he slid deep into Peter’s willing, eager hole.

“Oh fuck me.” Peter cried pushing against Jeff as Jeff fucked into him. His cry turned into a scream when Michael suddenly engulfed his cock into his mouth, sucking deeply on it.

“Oh my fucking god,” Peter shrieked as he suddenly let go. He knew there was no was to stop his orgasm. Between Jeff pounding his ass and Michael sucking his cock, it was too much. He shot wave after wave of jizz deep into Michael’s sucking mouth as his ass muscles tightened around Jeff’s thrusting cock.

“Fucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!” Jeff yelled as he slammed hard into Peter’s bowels, emptying his own load deep inside the condom. Peter felt it overflow and some of Jeff’s juices splash inside him. He worried for a moment then enjoyed it when he remembered that Michael had told him that Jeff was a virgin.

“I’m sorry…” Jeff said ashamed a few minutes later as he pulled the soiled condom out of Peter. “I’ve never cum that hard before.”

Peter just looked at him. “Have you ever fucked anyone up the ass before? Or had anyone up your ass?”

Michael knew what Peter was driving at but Jeff looked at him in confusion. “No…Why?” Then suddenly it was like a light bulb went off in his head. “Oh…You don’t have to worry about that. I’m clean. I get tested every six months, although I was a virgin until today so it really didn’t matter but you can never be to careful.”

Peter smiled as he relaxed, lowering his legs so Jeff could throw away the soiled condom. “No, you can never be too careful.”

The men took a break after that. They drank soda and Jeff talked about how he wanted to go back to law school and follow in his brother’s footsteps. Then they retired back to the bedroom. Jeff watched as Peter fucked Michael up the ass, then Peter sucked Jeff off. By the time the two brothers left, Peter was exhausted but sated.

After locking up, he barely made it to the bed, before he collapsed, instantly falling asleep.


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