Descent into Debauchery Pt. 01


(Thank you for all of the encouragement on the HTD series. Per your votes, I will be continuing it. But, this is a story idea that I really need to get out because it has me the most inspired right now. Fair warning, this is going to be a tamer and slightly slower series. But with each episode it will build. There will be my typical sexacapades in each episode, even if that doesn’t mean actual sex. But I’m attempting to develop these characters more. I hope you enjoy. And thanks again to Drewau for editing. And comments are appreciated.)


To say Tom and Nicci were innocent would be an understatement. Neither had even masturbated before. Which for Tom, meant plenty of messy sheets, and if Nicci were honest, she had had quite a few wet dreams herself. They never spoke about these things though. Their parents had sheltered them to a near unhealthy level.


When Nicci’s family moved in next door, at the age of 10, Tom was watching her move stuff in from his window. He seemed mesmerized by her for some reason. He hadn’t gone through puberty yet, so it wasn’t those kinds of feelings. But the way her blonde curls bounced as she walked were hypnotic. Nicci noticed him up in the window, she smiled and waved at him. Tom blushed and waved back.

Nicci took that as an invitation. She dropped what she was holding and ran to his front door. Tom’s mom opened the door and eyed her suspiciously when she asked about her son. Nicci’s dad was quick to catch up with her and apologize for the intrusion.

Mom shared her displeasure at the forward girl inquiring as to her son. Dad explained that he is constantly getting onto Nicci for being so outgoing. He had been trying to teach her to be more ladylike, but with her mother gone, there wasn’t a female role model in the house. Mom sympathized with that as Tom’s father died when he was 4.

Both kids resented the stereotypical roles that their parents tried to force on them, even though they wouldn’t have the words to explain that until they got older. Though their parents seemed to bond over their mutual strict old fashioned beliefs, nothing romantic ever evolved from this commonality. Neither of them wanted to risk being hurt again.

Unbeknownst to the kids, they made a deal with each other. Nicci’s Dad would teach Tom how to be a respectable gentleman that never had dirty thoughts. And Tom’s mom would teach Nicci how to be the model demure housewife and mother. This endeavor failed in most ways as Tom was still quite passive and shy, while Nicci was quite tom boyish and forward.

The one area that the lessons did take hold were on sex. They were frequently told adages of hairy palms, kitten slaughters, and worst of all STDs if they ever actually had sex outside of the bounds of marriage. They had Tom and Nicci so thoroughly brainwashed that they barely even washed their privates for fear of accidental arousal.

The two were never allowed to be alone together. They were watched like hawks every second they were in the same room together. Of course, nothing would have happened between them anyways. They didn’t discover their feelings for each other until they moved off to college.


It took nearly a semester for Tom to finally ask Nicci out. On their first date, they barely said a word despite being best friends since before either of them could remember. It took another semester before they had their first kiss. Although it was quite innocent, closed lips, both suddenly felt as if they had sparklers going off inside of them. Both in their hearts and in their privates.

Neither knew what to do about such feelings. And even if they did, they would have been too afraid to take action. So the second year of college started, and they both manisa escort quickly became too busy to think about such things. Tom, working part time at a local fast food restaurant didn’t even have enough money to take Nicci out on a date. The little free time they had, they typically spent complaining to each other about how they had no money.

On one such occasion, Nicci had an idea that she quickly chased away. As she watched her bank account dwindle and quite frequently dip into the red, she finally broached the topic.

“Tom?” Nicci asked tentatively.

“Yeah?” Tom answered absently as he played a farming game on his phone. One of the few free activities they could do together.

“How do you feel about moving in together?”

Tom nearly dropped his phone in shock. “We can’t do that. Our parents would kill us.”

Quickly running damage control, Nicci said, “I don’t mean in the same bed. I’m not suggesting, you know what.”

Tom took a deep breath, but still felt nervous about the topic at hand. “Why would we take the risk?”

Frustrated, Nicci laid it all on the line. “I’m sick of being so poor that I have to make tomato soup out of ketchup packets. I hate having to wear the same dirty clothes because I don’t have enough change to wash them. And I’m fed up with playing the same stupid ad infested freemium games on our phones. I need a change.”

Tom was catching on. “So, you want us to share the rent on an apartment?”


Tom thought about that for a second, but then saw a problem. “Even with out combined income we wouldn’t be able to afford a two bedroom.”

Nicci frowned and twirled her blonde curls as she always did when she was deep in thought. “OK. Hear me out on this. We get a one bedroom and we use the living room as a second bedroom.”

Tom felt himself blushing. “The person in the living room would have no privacy.” The thought of Nicci changing in the exposed living room made his pants get a little tight. He quickly pictured it the other way, but the idea of Nicci walking in on him with his thing out made him even harder. He felt horribly ashamed about these images and attempted to block them out.

What Tom didn’t realize was that Nicci was having the same thoughts and getting aroused as well. “Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.” But when she got on the toilet, nothing came out. She thought that was strange. She was certain she nearly wet herself just seconds before. She stared at the closed door of the bathroom in front of her and instantly had a brilliant idea.

She pulled her pants up over her skinny hips, washed her hands, and hurried out to Tom. He was facing away from her looking out the blinds. He was doing a goofy little dance where he was shaking his leg out to the side. Nicci laughed and asked, “What are you doing?”

Tom half turned and looked guilty. “Um… I’m, Um… adjusting my jeans. I think I got them a size too small.”

Nicci couldn’t argue with that. The jeans made his butt look amazing. She started feeling a strange warmth in her nether regions and was worried that she needed to run to the bathroom again. She realized she was staring and shook her head.

“I had an idea. Whoever sleeps in the living room can change in the bathroom.”

“That would work, but we would still be in huge trouble with our parents.”

Nicci suddenly felt naughty in a different way with her next thought. “Not if they don’t find out.”

The statement made Tom flush in fear. He ducked down and whispered as if their parents were in the other room. “Are you crazy? Lie to our parents.”

Nicci felt like a devil attempting to lead the innocent astray with her next statement. “It’s not exactly lying if kütahya escort we don’t tell them.”

“You know that’s lying. That was something both my mom and your dad always used to tell us, omitting the truth is lying.”

Nicci was getting exasperated at this point. “Look, do you really want to keep living like this? You’re so poor that you can’t even afford to air up the tires on your bike. I’m so poor that I stock up on toilet paper at work because I can’t afford pads.” She felt mortified by her sudden confession. “Besides, our parents are 2,300 miles away in Alabama. There is no way they are going to fly all the way out to San Francisco on a whim to surprise us.”

Nicci saw that she had him with that one. She knew the look he made when he realised she was right. He would argue for another ten minutes, just so that he could tell himself that he tried. But she had won him over.

And so the apartment hunt began. It didn’t take long. They basically looked online quick search online and sorted the results starting with the cheapest. The bedroom was about 10×10 and sat across from the bathroom. The living room wasn’t much bigger. Tom set his bed up in the living room while Nicci took the bedroom for herself.

They quickly realised that having a roommate took some getting used to. Early the first morning, Tom woke up early and headed to the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and stripped in preparation for a shower. That was when Nicci walked-in half awake. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of panties. This showcased her beautiful long smooth legs.

If Tom hadn’t had morning wood already, that sight would have definitely given him an erection. Tom quickly tried to cover himself with his hands. Nicci grabbed the hem of her shirt and stretched it down to hide as well. Nicci panicked and apologise profusely, but couldn’t seem to make herself turn and leave.

She seemed to not know which way to turn or where to look. She knew where she shouldn’t look, but that was the only place she could not pull her eyes away from. She had never seen a penis in real life before. And it gave her feelings that she knew were wrong, but she liked them. She had heard size was good, and she had no one to compare Tom too. But she was pretty confident what looked 8 inches long and an inch and a half thick was fairly sizable.

“Get out of here!” Tom finally yelled.

She turned and ran quickly back to her room. Her face felt flushed, from her face to her crotch. She tried not imagining his shaft, but it was all she could think about.

The bed. She thought. Making my bed will distract me. Nicci leaned over the corner of her bed and began straightening her sheets. The rhythmic movements back and forth was making her even hornier. She didn’t understand why at first, but when she did realize the cause, she was too far gone to stop now.

Nicci kept rubbing her crotch against the corner of the mattress. The new sensation of her shirt rubbing against her nipples felt electric. That was such an intoxicating feeling that she reached up and groped her breasts. Subtly at first, but then more firmly, before she began pinching and pulling her very erect nipples away from her body.

Her breath was so labored that she felt like she was running a marathon. She flagrantly humped her bed now as bolts of pleasure shot through her clit every time she changed direction. Nicci bit her lip and stifled a cry of pleasure as her legs gave out on her and she fell to the floor.

She felt her panties go very wet, and her body convulsed in ecstasy. The tremors grew more sporadic and she regained control of her breathing. She then realized what had just happened. Nicci had just had her first orgasm. She couldn’t malatya escort believe how amazing it felt.

Then all of the warnings she had heard growing up came streaming into her mind and she felt immense guilt. That was short lived though, as the afterglow and memory of the exquisite pleasure came back to mind. A very suggestive curse slipped from her lips. Another thing she had never done. But she didn’t care.

Nicci decided instantly that if orgasms were wrong, she didn’t want to be right. That sudden freeing thought made her want another one, and she was going to have it. She noticed that her door was still wide open, but she didn’t care.

Nicci raise her hips and peeled her panties off, followed quickly by her shirt. With one hand she drew circles around her new found joy button, while twisting the dials of her thick nipples like an old fashioned radio. Her smooth flat belly bounced up and down with her re-escalating breath.

Nicci moaned in pleasure as another orgasm shook her body. She couldn’t care less if Tom heard her, or even walked in and saw her. That thought actually made her all the hotter. The image of him coming in and shoving himself inside her was bringing her quickly up to a third orgasm.

She would have gone for a fourth, but the sound of a body hitting a tile floor shook her. Nicci was up and running to the bathroom before she even realised she was standing. Tom was naked and slumped over the edge of the tub.

She noticed that his penis was now nearly completely covered in foamy soap. Nicci wondered why he had been so insistent on cleaning that part of his body so well. Then she noticed the white streaks of soap all over the shower. She wondered why he was wasting their soap like that when they were so poor that they could barely afford it.

Nicci grabbed his shoulders and helped him up. “Are you ok, I heard you fall.”

Tom was too stunned from the fall to answer. Nicci turned the water off, threw a towel over his shoulders and helped him stand. Neither of them seemed to notice that they were both naked, as Nicci helped Tom limp to the living room. As soon as she sat him on the bed though, they instantly became very aware of each other’s bodies.

Nicci’s breasts were the size of cantaloupes, and the nipples were still very hard. The sight of them made Tom ever so slightly suckle at the air. Her vagina was a small beautiful shaved slit. Tom didn’t know this, but Nicci had shaved it clean from nearly the moment she started growing pubic hair. She told herself that made it easier to keep clean. But looking back, she would have to admit that she actually craved the sensation of being touched down there. Even if it was mainly by a razor.

Tom’s penis jumped slightly at seeing her. Suddenly, they were shy kids again. Nicci attempted to cover her breasts and slit, but as she turned to run back to the bedroom, she actually allowed Tom to see the last bit of her he hadn’t gotten to yet. Her perfectly round and tight butt was toned from doing frequent squats. He was fully hard again now.

He wanted to masturbate again so badly, and on purpose this time. In the shower he had just gotten lost in the mental images of Nicci in her t-shirt and panties. He had been soaping his entire body, but his hands apparently had known what he truly wanted all along. Because they just kept soaping up his shaft until it erupted and his legs gave out from beneath him.

Tom rushed back to the bathroom, determined to do the job right this time. And safely on top of that. This time he didn’t notice the door was closed and he walked in on Nicci on her hands and knees mopping up the mess Tom had made. Seeing her tight lips peeking out from beneath her amazing butt was all the encouragement Tom’s body needed. He came again. This time accidently cumming all over Nicci’s butt and lower back.

Tom was so mortified at what he had done, that he ran back to the living room, threw on some clothes, and ran out the door.

To be continued.

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