Daddy, Please

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You & Mama loved each other around a bottle. Mama on the wine, you on the whiskey. Then I came along… 10 weeks too early. That’s when you quit drinking. But Mama didn’t. So you went to court. Divorced her. Got me. And so it goes.

I just turned 18. You’re paying for the college I want by working yourself to death at the auto shop. I always beg him to slow down, that I’ll stay closer. But you won’t have it. Still, as we countdown days, there’s a sadness in your deep blue eyes. I’m all you have left. I’m torn. My boyfriend is going to the same college. He’s great and all… but I can’t live with myself if I leave Daddy.

Today, I turn in early. I’ve been crying all day at school because you cried last night. You didn’t know I heard. But I did. When I get home I’m exhausted. You’re still at work. My boyfriend texts me, asks me to come over, give him some loving. I break up with him over text and turn off my phone.

When I wake up, I hear quiet. 10pm. You should be home. I get up, slink out of my room wearing just my red lace bikini canlı bahis panties and my white cami. I slink against the wall. Peek around the corner. You’re sitting in your chair.., drinking…

Oh no. I’ve made a huge mistake. I drove Daddy back to the bottle. I hurry toward you and fall at your feet, lay my head in your lap, holding your thighs. “Daddy please dont drink. I won’t leave I promise. I’ll stay with you. Please Daddy please.”

Before you can react aside from setting the bottle on the side table , I’m pawing at the zipper of your grey pants, my big green eyes turned up at you, begging, while you try and form words.

“Baby no… what are you… n—oh, god… stop…” you beg me.

But I know you need me. You’ve been so lonely all these years. I know you need me to pull back your pants even though you try to push away my hands. I know you need me to take your swelling shaft and slide my lips down over the sides of it , kissing it, licking it, my tiny mouth fighting to take your thick meat in my mouth. 3d slot oyunları And when I do, the fight is over. You’re arching your back. Gripping my arms. My hair. Squeezing your eyes shut. Begging…

“Please baby please… don’t stop…”

So I slide deeper. You’re already almost in my throat and barely half in. You’re gonna choke me. But I pull off slowly and tell you it’s okay.

“I’m gonna swallow you Daddy…” I murmur a moment before I slide all the way back on you and feed your cock past my gag reflex into my throat, still coughing and gagging but digging my nails into your thighs and holding on. Til you yank my hair and pull my head up, tearing my cami away from my mosquito bite breasts at the same time you’re dropping me to straddle you, yanking my panties aside and …

“Oh goddd Daddy…! I’m gonna break! You’re too big!” In reality, if you pulled out, I’d be whining for it to be back in. You’re pushing it in so deep… now you’re growling in my ear, your hand at my throat, squeezing, klasik slot your forehead pushed to mine.

“Daddy’s gonna cum in you.”

I can’t argue with you. I don’t want to. It feels too right. The sadness in your eyes was the hope of this starting to dying. But now your eyes are almost black. Lifting me up and down on you, gently at possible at first for a few seconds and then slamming me down. Wishing we had neighbors. So they could hear me scream for Daddy. Bloody murder begging whimpering screams.

The sensation is incredible. You’re rubbing my g spot with your thick pussy-tearing meat and my clit with your rough fingers. It’s going fast. Really fast. Oh god the heat spreading, the juices splashing. I’m a mess. And I don’t care. I’m only chasing that high. Here it comes , here it comes… yes … yes…

“Daddy I’m cumming!” I sob as you continue to pump me. And my pussy is squeezing you. And then you’re grunting in an animal way I’ve never heard from you and you’re pinning me to you, your head thrown back, feeling you explode. I cry out again, cum again. Feel you spill into my fertile womb. I didn’t think I wanted kids. But as I lay against you sweating and panting and whimpering and crying tears of joy, you kiss my head and reassure me… “you’ll be a better mommy than yours ever was.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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