Cyber Junkie – Tea


“Well, what are we talking about: a Vienna sausage or a beef polska kielbasa?” Lauren probed, grabbed the teakettle off her stove, and freshened Natalie’s tea. “We’re talking about a beef polska kielbasa: a floppy kielbasa,” Natalie responded with a cynical side-eyed glance as she stirred lemon and honey into her Earl Grey. Ignoring Natalie’s facial expressions and refusing to retreat, Lauren drilled down into her business even further, “Did he take a Viagra or a Tadalfil ?” Lauren barely made it through law school, and she really did not care. She was living on her parents’ coins. Even worse, Lauren failed the bar exam twice. Still, Lauren knew how to question a situation. Natalie sighed and answered despairingly, altyazılı porno “I really don’t know what is happening. I failed to ask the squalid details of his misfortune, and no, Cameron did not offer them up either.” Natalie and Lauren were sorority sisters in undergrad and participated in the same social circles during law school. Natalie, unlike Lauren, worked her way through undergrad and law school. Determined, she successfully passed the bar examination on her first try. ‘Determined’ was Natalie’s middle name, because she worked hard. She would spend no more days scrounging for what she needed, nor did she tolerate bullshit. “Something changed. Wait a minute. Did you accidentally zenci porno chomp down on Cameron’s ‘basa with your pointy incisors? What the heck happened?” Lauren’s examination threatened a potential fire at the beginning, the middle, and the end of Natalie’s patience. She had little tolerance for prying conversations. “I’m not sure. But I am certain of a few things. My new black lace lingerie did nothing to hoist Cameron’s slumbering lumber, my superb hand strokes were insufficient, and my perfected fellatio skills, sans teeth, did nothing for him. It doesn’t work anymore.” Truthfully, it hadn’t worked for months now. Natalie responded with a tinge of anger and she began aldatma porno silently counting down from ten. “So, are you going to talk to him today?” Lauren continued, as she stacked the virtual logs in the furnace. “For what, Lauren?” Natalie gave the side-eye and the neck-roll this go ‘round. Her count was at five. “To get him some help,” Lauren added while sprinkling the virtual kindling with gasoline. “Not even. Lauren, please,” Natalie scoffed as her mental count landed on three. “Why not?” Lauren smirked while striking the imaginary matchstick. Natalie shrugged a response and her headcount landed on two, “It’s just time to move on. That situation is not working. Listen, you know that I live in a permanent state of arousal and it’s not working!” Lauren wanted to ensure that the virtual kindling was ablaze, so she dropped the lit match onto the soaked kindling, “Natalie, there are alternative ways to…” “One! I am going to lose it,” Natalie thought to herself. …

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