Cum for My Wife Pt. 02: Waked In On


This story is graphic! If gay sex, public sex or forced sexual situations offend you please do not read this story. ***Spoiler*** this story is about forced gay sex in public.


My wife and I have been in a sexless marriage for about 2 years.

Maybe that wouldn’t be such a big deal under other circumstances but we have only been married 2 years, we have 0 children and we are both 24.

I was determine to stick it out and not give up on my marriage. They say guys often find partners that remind them of a parent and my wife was a grade-A bitch, but I never wanted to get a divorce under any circumstance. I was a good provider and I did what I could to understand my wife.

I finally found out why she hated me when we were having one of our many silent dinners together…

“How long are we going to do this?” She asked me while she looked down at her meal.

“I’m sorry?” I knew she was referring to our marriage but I didn’t have anything to say and to be honest I had stopped feeding her bullshit, it wasn’t worth the troll.

“I want a divorce.” She wasn’t angry but she did mean it.


“Because I’m a lesbian Benjamin!”

I didn’t see that coming at all. What even was a lesbian. We lived in a small town and the only maybe lesbian I knew was a doctor that lived in another town but just worked here. We didn’t have things like “the gays” here, Bolder was a Christian town. “A lesbian?”

She gave me a long breath of discontent, “Yes a lesbian.”

“How can you be a-“

“-Look I don’t know-“


“-No, I’m a lesbian!” She screamed.

“Keep your voice down.” Even though we didn’t have close neighbors the conversation seemed like one that ought not be had above a whisper… Lesbian…

We finished eating in silence and I decided to go have a drink at The Bolder one of 4 bars in our small town. There may have been no lesbian sightings in town but more than our share of alcoholics. When I got there a few of my friends were already getting drinks. I wasn’t a heavy drinker and they had long sense stopped inviting me to bars. I was more of an ice fisher.

I walked in and suddenly I felt something slide up my butt, I turned around to see Mitch holding a pool-cue. “Ahhh!”

“Mitch you piece of shit, I thought you were doing the rigs this session?” I had been excited to see one of my old life long friends. Mitch was the captain of the football team his junior year before getting into a fight with the coach, he was 10 or so years older than me but he was cool with everyone. I looked around to see who else might be at the bar and I noticed one of the town’s alcoholics wasn’t around. “Is Todd doing okay?”

“You are the second person that has asked about him tonight,” Mitch said.

Todd was somewhat the town drunk. Mitch or one of the guys would always take care of him when he got too drunk and passed out or couldn’t drive. It was odd not to see him at the bar.

“Well let me get you a drink.” I heard a voice behind me. It was Jackson, we call him Jack-Bill. He was a really good friend but a bad pool player.

“Na bud it looks like you are gonna be broke soon,” I noticed he was playing pool with Mitch. I guess you couldn’t call Mitch a shark because everyone knew he would always win but still put money on it.

“Fuck you man!” Jack-Bill had a good sense of humor. “Hey barkeep get my probation officer (I wasn’t really but long long story) the cheapest most disgusting well liquor.

“It’s all cheap!” Yelled Douglas, another familiar face.

“If you could leave a fucking tip I could order in some top-shelf…” Old-man Mayfly yelled back while getting a glass ready. He had tended the bar for a long time (sense my own dad was my age). “And it would be a lot less watered down,” I couldn’t quite hear that last part but old men like Mayfly tended to mumble from time to time.

Mitch pit his arm on my shoulder and walked me over to the bar were Old-Man Mayfly was pouring out some harsh liquor for the 4 of us. It was good to see all my friends at the end of a long day after being told “lesbian news” from my wife.

Mitch was tough as nails but had a light warmhearted personality so everyone liked him, Jack-Bill was the most dependable guy in town and Douglas showed more signs of being back to his old self after being locked up sense he was 18 (I had mixed feelings about that).

“Okay boys that’s 6 bucks,” Old-Man Mayfly put out a lemon wedge closest to Jack-Bill.

Jack-bill snatched the wedge off the table to checked it at the bartender along with 6 bucks even.

“Hey wasn’t your buddy Ray here?” Mitch asked Jack-Bill.

“No idea,” Jack-Bill held up his shot, only to set it back down Casibom again. “Hey for that matter where is No-Dick-Smith?”

“Smith was here?” I asked.

“Yeah he must have skipped out after I bought the first round, little fucker.” Jack-Bill picked up his shot and tossed it down with a wince.

I was surprised Smith (No-Dick-Smith) had showed up. None of us were good friends with him. He was an ultra fundamentalist goody good and a big rat. He called the cops on Todd’s kids more than once and even married the cuntiest bitch in high school. At someone point or another (growing up in the same town all your life) word got around that he had a little dick and that is how he got the nickname No-Dick, the guy has just about NO COCK. I don’t make it a point of noticing guys but you don’t forget something as remarkable as a guy with hardly any cock.

“I didn’t invite him,” Said Douglass. Doug had a good cause to hate him, a lot of us (including me) think that No-Dick-Smith was the rat that got Doug sent away.

“Hay!” Mitch gave Doug the look.

Doug sank back into his drink. I never noticed how much control Mitch had over Doug. I mean back in the day Doug would kinda get himself mad and go off on a tangent that would end with a physical fight. I guess we all grow up at some point.

Just then a young guy with his shirt off runs outa the bathroom toward the exit door in a flash.

“Ray?!” Called out Jack-Bill and then run out the door to fallow.

“That’s Ray?” I asked. I had never seen the kid and thought the situation was odd.

“Yeah,” relied Mitch as he made his way toward the bathroom door to investigate. Doug and I followed. Old Man Mayfly raised an eyebrow but continued washed a glass.

Mitch open the door first and we could hear someone moving around in one of the stalls. Mitch raised his hand to open the door.

“Dude?!” I exclaimed. “You can’t just-“

Mitch opened the door and we all peeked inside (yes myself included I couldn’t help it).

There was a 3 second pause where no one spoke or moved. Smith, No-Dick Smith was licking something off the floor with his little cock in his hand jacking.

“I-” Smith got ready to talk. He was just getting himself off the floor with his little 1″ cock out and traces of (that couldn’t be cum) cum on his face.

“Get his legs!” Mitch ordered Doug as he reached into the stall to grab Smith’s shoulders.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. They are fix’in to kick his ass or kill him? Like I said there were never any gay people in town and it was clear that he just sucked a guys dick and liked it but… I wasn’t sure I wanted to be part of a fag-drag. What would happen to me if I tried to stop it or got away?

“AH AHHH!” Smith started screening loudly as Doug pulled his pants around his legs. We were really gonna drag this guy? What happened next shocked me (and Smith) even more.

Mitch used the leverage he had on Smith’s shoulders to bind him over the bowl and started using his free hand to take off his belt. Doug helped and got Mitch’s pants around his legs.

Smith started screaming even louder and struggling. It was clear to both Smith and myself that the two guys were not going to kick his ass but maybe fuck it.

“You really rather us just kick your ass and drag you 9 miles?” Doug whispered in his ear.

At some point I had started backing up (I can’t tell you when) but I backed into the sink and it turned on. Doug looked at me and I looked at him. He was lining Mitch’s cock up with Smiths ass-hole (I couldn’t see Mitch’s cock or Smith’s ass-hole but I guessed right).

“Look man you’re my friend and all but you can either participate willingly or take his place,” Mitch was talking to me as he tried to shove his cock into Smith’s ass. Smith seemed to resign himself to what was happening. I on the other hand wasn’t so sure.

“I’m not gay,” was all I could get out.

Doug and Mitch both started laughing, “You think we are?” Mitch asked.

“Ya I think he is?” Doug referred to Smith who looked like his red face was about to explode as Mitch continued to apply force.


“I don’t wanna hurt you man but you can’t walk outa here without getting your hands dirty,” Mitch wasn’t going to let me leave without doing something gay, he was right I had seen too much.

Just then Smith screamed again, it was clear Mitch had taken the cherry. Mitch picked up his new bitch by the under arms turned him around and walked him out of the stall. Smith remained suspended on Mitch’s (apparently massive thick cock, I could see the base of it stretching Smith’s poor little hole). Smith was now facing me with the mountain of a man behind him trusting in and out.

Mitch Casibom Giriş looked me in the eyes, “Let him suck your cock.” I thought he was referring to Smith…

But when Doug started to take off my belt and I just froze. When Doug pulled out my cock it was soft but started to grow as he slowly jacked it. To my surprise Doug got on his knees an started to suck my cock. Doug was a COCKSUCKER and a good one at that. From the moment my cock slid into his warm mouth I closed my eyes.

“Mumm,” Doug moaned around my cock.

“Ha,” Mitch punched my arm as he fucked Smith. “See buddy, it beats being a faggot doesn’t it?”

I looked down at Smith who was folded, red faced and gritting his teeth with every stroke. I wanted to respond but I didn’t want to add more insult to injury. I just closed my eyes and let Doug do the work.

I couldn’t believe Douglas would suck a cock. If I told anyone that the town’s hardcore ex-convict Neo-Nazi was a cocksucker no one would believe me. He was a faggot cocksucker at that, it was apparent that he loved sucking and he was good at it. I wanted to grab the back of his head and shove my cock in deeper, really make him my girl, but I wasn’t sure how he would react.

Doug pulled out my cock and smacked it on his face leaving himself wet with spit and pre-cum, then he started sucking my balls. “MMMmmmm,” he moaned like the homecoming whore. I never really understood how two men could enjoy each-other but looking at this scruffy “man’s man” on his knees suck my balls was actually a huge turn on and I didn’t want him to stop.

“You wanna get fucked too, hu ya stupid fag?” Mitch asked as he hammered into Smith.

Smith was still red faced and unresponsive, save for a few uncomfortable grunts.

“How about you D? Mitch looked over to Doug. “You wanna be a butt faggot again tonight?”


“Mmm-muuu,” Doug moaned into my balls and made eye contact as I looked down in total disbelief. Doug had once stole my bike and made me fight him for it, and now he was begging for cock while older brick-shit-house Mitch called him a faggot.

I really wanted to get into the shit talk. “You like slurping down that cock bitch?” I asked Doug.

He gave me the finger but responded in moans, closing his eyes and returning my cock to his hungry faggot mouth.

No-Dick Smith on the other hand seemed to be having more of an issue getting use to his natural place in life as faggot. Poor guy, his eyes were shut and his face was bright red, but I can say I have never seen a little cock get that heard. He tugged on it while getting fucked, he was even drizzling pre-cum all over the bathroom floor.

Every time Doug gobbled my cock to the balls I would close my eyes. Oddly, imagining a woman never occurred to me. It was much hotter to dominate Doug. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and gave him a few wacks with it. “You like that faggot?”

“Yeah fuck you man,” he replied and lunged toward my cock.

“Don’t let the faggots talk to you like that,” Mitch pulled a very confused Smith off his cock with a ‘pop’. “Trade with me.”

I was a little surprised when Mitch passed Smith over to me. Doug just scooted over on his knees and started sucking down Mitch’s cock. He didn’t even clean it off or anything, he just sucked. I could finally see just how big Mitch’s cock was at full hard. He had an impressive tool and believe it or not I was enjoying the show. I had actually never seen such a large cock hard before. I had seen it’s thickness from the base when it was lodged in Smiths ass but that think had to be 8″ long in addition to it’s incredible girth.

To my surprise Smith started licking up and down on my cock (what a cocksucker). I guess after the shock of being found out was out of his system he just decided to let instinct take over.

“Damn!” I couldn’t help commending him. “You are better than my wife!” He was also better than Doug but I didn’t want to call that out, I’m sure Doug did his best at being a total bitch and all. “Ha!”

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Smith was a great cocksucker, he just really loved making the cock feel good and it showed. Every now and again I would open my eyes and catch a glimpse of what was going on with Mitch and Doug. Doug was just slurping away.

I couldn’t help wanting to look at Mitch’s big cock. He saw me glancing at it once or twice but I just played it off like I was watch the bj. Part of me wanted to feel his massive tool with my hand but I didn’t want to become a faggot like the other two fellas.

I looked back down trying to figure out why Smith had stopped sucking my dick.

“All bitches crave the cock in their little Casibom Güncel Giriş hole you’ll learn that,” I couldn’t tell if Mitch was touting me or smith. He couldn’t know I was curious about his cock. I was getting paranoid. “You want it in your butt ya stupid bimbo?” Mitch asked Doug who responded by getting into the position with his ass out and his arms reaching out for support.

I felt Smith’s ass-pussy surround my cock. The first thing I noticed was how wet it was. The second thing I notices was how relaxed. I had just watched Mitch fuck his hole and now I was pounding away at Mitch’s sloppy seconds. I was feeling Mitch’s hot manly pre-cum around my cock. Smith’s hole was so lose from servicing Mitch’s monster.

“Ahhh!” Dough starting screaming as he backed his own ass on Mitch’s wet cock.

“Ya take it bitch… Take it.” Mitch put his hands behind his head showing off his beefy muscular body as Dough impaled himself in front of Smith and I. “Look how much he loves it.” Mitch was driving me crazy fucking that redneck stud.

Now Smith and Dough were facing each other while getting fucked. The two faggots healed onto each-others shoulders for support as their whorish moans filled the bathroom.

I began trusting with force trying to cause my bitch to moan louder than Doug. Mitch picked up on my little contest and the two of us started pounding away with all out force! Mitch gave me his shit-eating grin as Doug started to react.

“Haa,” Doug’s moans quickly turned from pleasure to pain but all Mitch did was lift him up and start fucking him on the wall. “DUDE!” Doug screamed.

I continued fucking Smith who was now bent over with his hands on the floor trying to keep up with my trust.

“This is how you show a bitch his place, huuu.” Mitch covered Doug’s mouth and started pounding with deep hard trust. “You want me to cum faggot?”

“MMMHHH!” Poor Doug was trying to answer yes but his mouth was covered up.

“Can’t hear you bitch.” Mitch just continued to fuck.

“Ha!” I couldn’t believe I let a laugh escape. Doug was always such a bad ass and now he was being fucked on a wall by the biggest dick in town. He looked like he was finally starting to enjoy the increased tempo. As I saw Mitch’s beefy ass flex I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to get pounded by him or even fuck his hairy ass. “Cum in his faggot hole breed him like a fucking pig!” (I couldn’t believe I saw that) I increased my speed with Smith who was now in complete faggot bliss.

“That what you want bitch?!” Mitch yelled into Doug’s ear. Doug couldn’t respond in words but tried to shake his head yes. “Ready to get knocked up?”

“Hmmmm!” Doug was drooling through Mitch’s fingers as he begged for a load up his ass.

“I’m getting close bitch.” I knew I wanted to outlast Mitch. “Haaa I’m gonna cum!” I lied.

“You know I’m gonna cum in your butt faggot?” Mitched asked Doug. Doug responded as best he could with Mitch’s hands on his mouth. He started to smack him on the ass as he got closer. “Cum in him!” Mitch encouraged me as he started to fuck more wildly. “I’m gonna cum too!”

“MMMMM!” Poor Doug was just about to pass out as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and Mitch forced his cock all the way deep, so that his hairy balls squished up ageist Doug’s red pussy cheeks.

“Haa!” Mitch was still holding onto Doug’s mouth as he started to grunt and unload but released his grip to get something out of his pocket. It was a cell phone.

“Oh yeah unload in me daddy, fucking breed me raw!” Doug professed his love of being bred by Mitch as tears rolled down his face.

Mitch started taking video of his cock unloading in Doug’s butt. Anyone who knew Doug would be able to see his identifying racist back tattoos in the video and hear him begging for it. Both smith and I were shocked when Mitch pointed the phone toward us and yelled “Cam’E’o!”

Smith popped himself off my cock and ran for the door leaving me standing there with my cock out looking like an idiot (I hadn’t even cum). Mitch snapped a photo as well (the flash went off). “This cheap thing doesn’t have nearly the resolution on video as it does in photo mode.” Mitch casually stated the fact as I turned white as a ghost.

I had just been recorded fucking a man in the ass and photographed standing in the men’s room with my cock out dripping of ass ooze, looking like a total pervert. “Ah.” I couldn’t even speak.

Mitch slowly pulled his massive cock out of Doug who started leaking thick white cum. “Go get the car warmed up bitch.” Mitch was putting his phone back in his pocket. Doug pulled up his pants and ran out the door with out a word to me.

I was alone in the bathroom. Mitch and I locked eyes but I was the first to speak.

“Why did you do that?!”

Mitch scowled at me and in a flash his hands were on my shoulders. I panicked, my eyes widened as he forced me down to my knees he said, “Clean my shit up faggot!”

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