Confessions of a Teacher Ch. 11


At the very mention of cleaning up, the students in the photography seminar were packing up their backpacks and standing up from their chairs. “Remember, tomorrow we’re going to be hanging these photos up for the PTA meeting tomorrow night. So please remember to stop in at the end of the night to take your photos.” They all stood like statues as I lingered on the magic word. “…Dismissed.” The mad rush began as they fled out of my classroom and out the doors. I kicked back in my chair for a few moments relishing on my dark-room excursion.

Outside, I could see the students finding their own ways home. Some where getting on the buses while other were walking to the student parking lots. A convertible rolled up with what appeared to be a football player at the wheel. He looked at himself in the rear-view mirror and tussled his blond hair, looking towards the school. A girl skipped gingerly towards him and leaned over the door to kiss him, providing me with a privileged peek of her panties. I’d recognize them well after having just soaked them in the dark room. It felt good to have this arrangement. I nearly fell out of my seat by reclining back so forcefully in delight. As I caught myself, I remembered that I need to get some twine for the photos to be hung for the PTA meeting.

Generally I kept some in my storage in the classroom, but since it had been converted into a dark room, I convinced the administration to let me use some of the auditorium stage space. The problem, however, was that it was packed and hidden away in some many boxes. I hadn’t use the twine since the botany unit. I figured I wouldn’t wait too long to search for it since I wouldn’t have time the next day. Packing up my papers, I put it aside and made my way to the auditorium. The hallways felt uncomfortably empty. As much as I enjoyed the quiet space, I didn’t really enjoy being here after school doing work.

The doors to the auditorium were cracked open during the end of the year to keep it from becoming a sauna. The airflow was weak as I stepped in to the humid audience area. The only lights on shined on the stage as the curtain was down showing the school’s emblem. It was eerily quiet, almost discomforting. The stairs on to the stage gave little creaks, I avoided them as they echoed throughout the room. Behind the curtain, a lone spotlight was shining on some boxes and a clearing on center stage. I struggled to find the switches to the lights so I moved towards the boxes when I heard some laughter. Near tallest stack, I hid and peered through another stack.

Leaning back, I made out the figure of a tall, dark boy in profile. I squinted and quickly verified that it was Emmanuel, the star soccer player exchange student from South Africa. He’s a skinny guy that you could easily overlook but couldn’t miss with his ebony skin. Manny, as the kids had come to call him, had his eyes closed and his head tilted back against the wall. His hand was braced on a box for support and I strained to see why. Moving behind a shorter stack, I got a clearer view. Manny wasn’t alone and the strange face of peace and strain on his face had an explanation.

Below his waist, a blond head bobbed with a gray strap around the back of it. Her hair came down to her shoulders, bare save for a small necklace. My eye sight is what it used to be. As I looked closer, I could make out some small red pattern on her strapless white dress. It was the new style I suppose, spring dresses with ruffles. The dress hiked up considerably but unfortunately not in my direction, her legs had opened in the direction of Emmanuel. To complement the white dress, she appeared to be wearing shiny white flats. The girl began to let up and leaned in further. The moment I looked up, Manny winced slightly and I heard the guttural sound from below. She moved back and brought her free wrist up to wipe her face. I tried to contain my gasp.

Her small palm could barely fit itself around it. Even from a distance, Emmanuel’s intact cock looked immaculately large and superficial for his slim body. I ventured to guess it was just as nearly as thick as my own and absolutely a bit longer. The girl had begun to move it laboriously in front of her face, zorla sex like a reverse version of pin the tail on the donkey. I caught a glimpse of her rings as they grasped to Manny giant dick. I couldn’t believe I didn’t recognize that hair and those legs before. It was Mikayla Jensen.

The purple and pink bulb of Manny’s cock peeked through his foreskin as it loomed over Mikayla. I had never taken her for seeking out such a monstrosity. She always seemed like a very straight-laced young lady to me. But I suppose great athletes seek one-another out. She pulled it back and licked it the entire length, as long as her face, and sucked with ambitious fervor. Her free hand had disappeared beneath the front of her dress. The whole sight was beautiful. Two young bodies enjoying each other. I could tell she was absolutely into the rare treat in our school. Knowing her, I’m certain she probably considered that since he was going to be leaving in a few weeks to return home, she could get all the benefits without the relationship. Manny, like any guy in her class, would be in the wrong mind to turn her down.

I didn’t know if this had be going on before in other places between the two of them. I was starting to feel the throbbing in my own pants, somehow relatively quick than just an hour before in the dark room. Knowing I had two options, I stood back for a second to consider them. On the one hand, I could sit back and enjoy the show while I rub one out from the shadows. Or… on the other hand, I could intervene and break up the party, having enjoyed seeing the skills of Mikayla. Manny’s face contorted some more and Mikayla’s head and stroking hand were in a bobbing frenzy. I could tell he was near completion.

I pulled back a few steps and retraced myself to where I entered. This time, I deliberated walked heavily, making an echo throughout the back stage. The sound of a belt buckle and shuffling of steps in place grew as I walked closer to where the pair was. As I laid eyes on them, I could read the panic and surprise in their faces. “What are you two doing here? Emmanuel? Mikayla?” I asked. Mikayla drew her sleep mask up over her forehead, she smoothed her dress out in what looked like anxiety.

“Oh hey coach.” She said.

“Hello sir.” Manny replied, looking nervous as well as he looked to Mikayla.

“We’re practicing for the drama club.” She explained as she looked to Manny and back to me. “You startled us!” She feigned a smile.

“I’m sorry about that,” I said, “I came back here looking for some materials in storage and I didn’t realize anyone was here.” For some reason, I sounded like I was trying to defend myself and I caught it as I explained to them. “I’m sorry to have intruded on you all. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Have you all seen any boxes with my room number on them?”

“Which room number sir?” Manny asked in his tribal accent. I looked down and around the boxes near his waist, catching a glimpse of the bulge that had not managed to subside. He continued to smile his perfect white smile at me, in anticipation for the number.

“124.” I replied. “It should be around here.” They both began looking and after a quick survey, they gave up. “Ah well… I guess I’ll have to see if they’re at the other storage place in the gym. Thanks for your help.” They both nodded in silence, with a hint of forced remorse. I turned to leave and stopped. “What are you all performing?”

“Midsummer Night Dream, sir.” Manny tried.

“I see. Shakespeare huh?” I thought out loud to them. Mikayla’s mask piqued my interest and I pointed to it. “What’s with the mask?”

“It’s embarrassing really. Um. The director thought I was relying too much on the cue cards in the wings.” She pointed to the sides of the stage. “So he suggested I memorize my lines and not get into the habit of looking off stage.” I nodded my head in understanding surprise.

“Well, is it working for you?” I asked. She wrinkled and pursed her lips in uncertainty.

“Yeah… so far it’s alright.”

“I hope it works out. Could I get a snippet of you two in action?” I asked, instantly recalling what I had seen before I interrupted them. porno indir They looked at each other and nodded reluctantly.

“Mmmhmm, yes sir.” Emmanuel nodded vigorously with his smile. They took their places and Mikayla pulled her mask down. I gave them my thumbs up, but only Manny registered it and smiled widely again. Mikayla was a remarkably good actor. She was lithe on her feet, nimble, remembering her cues and timing with the sharing of their dialog. Manny was not bad either, however his accent threw me as he delivered his lines. But no mistake to be made, he had a great command and memory. His lines did not miss a beat.

As much as I enjoyed putting students on display, I focused pretty closely not on their performance alone. The small cherries on Mikayla’s dress made themselves clear to me, what I had squinted so hard to see from the boxes. Her moves were swifter and the dress swayed with each hop. She was grossly underestimating her ability to perform. She even knew where to look back towards Emmanuel as she stood near a stack of boxes.

“Wow.” I called out, stopping both of them. Manny beamed at me and I leaned closer to him, giving him a pat on the back. “That was really good.” Mikayla began to pull her mask up. “No no, keep it on. You’re doing great. Don’t let me stop you.” She pulled it back down, showing only her smile and hiding her green eyes. “Wow, you guys are going to do great. Don’t you think so Emmanuel?”

“Mmhmm, yes sir!” Manny said again. His command of English was great, but he was just a boy of few words. I patted on his back again and leaned in towards his ear.

“Manny, I believe your coach is looking for you. You should probably go find him.” I whispered to him quickly and gave him a pat. He looked at me confused and I gave him a nudge. Manny started walking briskly and I called out to him as I stood in his place. “Good luck.” Some silence passed.

“Manny?” Mikayla called out. “Is he gone?”

“Mmhmm.” I replied, mimicking the depth and tone of Manny’s voice.

“Ugh, good. My coach is so weird.” She replied as she turned to face the box she had her hand on. Mikayla leaned forward on it and pushed her butt out. Her legs were straight as she arched her back. She flipped her skirt up, resting it on her waist, revealing the plumpest ass I’ve seen on the team. I traced the thin tan line terminate down her crack, the stark difference in her skin tone. I didn’t waste any time for fear she would look back to see the hold up. My fingertips grabbed each cheek open as I took to a knee. The smell was sweet, mixed with sweat. I gave a long lick that sent a shiver up her body. “Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting that Manny… jeez.” I let up. “It’s good though, don’t stop.” The permission set me free as I unleashed like a fat man at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Her pussy tasted like she looked, wholesome and delicious. My face quickly became dripping wet.

I unfastened my belt and loosened the button on my pants while my tongue was buried on her mound. I stood up fast and let my pants drop to the ankles. I was at half mast gripping myself. The thought that I couldn’t get it hard at this moment was looming. But with this perfect ass presented to me, I had to beat myself out of it. I smacked my cock against her pussy, causing Mikayla to jump slightly at the unexpected sensation. Rubbing it around, I took her natural lube and found the hidden pink entry, easing my way in.

Mikayla whimpered in restraint, her hands clenched over the box edge. It was I needed to get rock hard as I started to give her a good thrust. Each micro-moan making me ever stiffer. I pulled myself out entirely and looked at the gaping void I made, sticking it back in. I cropped a hand full of her hair and pull it back, her face no longer safe to hide. The harder she breathed, the harder I pounded her bubble butt. Should an on-looker have been watching us from behind, he or she would have see my ass cheeks clenching with might as the legs between mine struggled to remain standing. Mikayla’s shoe fell off in the process, creating a loud thud that echoed on stage. I moved my hand from her ass to her lower back, feeling the fabric of her ensest porno dress.

Letting go of her hair, I held her by the hips. She had already supported herself up with her arms on the box. I could feel that I was going to last longer as I gazed on her luscious butt. I moved back a little and lifted her by her hips, introducing a new angle that elicited a huge response from Mikayla. The whimpers became hushed moans. Now I was starting to break a sweat. Each thrust was as tight as the first.

“God Manny. Oh my god. You are so big. Fuck.” She said breathlessly.

I placed her back down as I slowed the pace, catching my own breath. I appreciated how her pussy swallowed up my cock more than half way. Every time I pulled it out the length, it glistened with her fresh pussy moistness. Her dress had become cumbersome as it started to straighten itself back into the action. I looked up and my hands wandered to her upper back, pulling down the top, I scrunched the rest of the dress around her torso. It was only then that I got a glimpse of her boobs swinging from the side. With no restraint, I grabbed and groped from behind, continued my ass-clenching thrusts into her sweet pussy. Her nipples were the correct buttons. Because as soon as I pinched and pulled, a wave of wetness came over my cock. Mikayla’s breathing quickened and this was the key. I fucked and thrust as hard and deep as I could until Mikayla moaned out and collapsed over the box holding her mouth. Her legs were trembling in the aftermath.

I slowed it down for her, sliding slowly in and out. Her hands had extended out to hold the top of the boxes in front of her while she rest her stomach immediately under her. Some how she had regained some composure and her legs were straight once more. Now it was my turn. I eased myself all the way in… sparing no inch. Mikayla’s legs shifted uncomfortably as I pushed it further, deeper. She let out a small cry as I began to get into the motion. The sight of her tits swinging drove me wild as I took to my toes, adjusting the angle of my cock pushing further. I had found the spot as she struggled to keep quiet. As uncomfortable as it was to be tip-toe fucking her golden ass, I pounded away and felt Mikayla jolt every time my old-man balls slapped her pussy. This instant realization, coupled with what an on-looker would have seen, made me grab her tits and squeeze hard. My ass clenched at the maximum depth in her pussy and I erupted. In that sweet buried moment of depth in her, my cock throbbed and oozed cum, warm and wet like its surroundings. I worked it in there every so slightly, to deposit every drop.

Mikayla laid, blissfully on the box, continuing to catch her breath. A moment of clarity came over me and I instantly pulled out. What if she wasn’t on birth control? Fuck! I rushed to pull my pants up, making sure to not make my haste known. I backed away slowly and left the stage as Mikayla gathered herself and got dressed.

I rushed to my classroom and began packing my things. I lost myself in the moment as I scanned the room for anything I may have forgotten to put away. A knock at the door startled me. I looked back and saw Mikayla standing there.

“Hey coach.” She had a look of peace on her face. “Did you every find those things you needed?”

“No… unfortunately not. I suppose I’ll just have to do without.” I resigned as I stood across from her. “Oh well.” I looked her up and down just in a glance. “How did your practicing go?”

Mikayla closed her eyes and smiled as she opened them, blissfully. “Oh it was great. Manny…” She shifted her weight on her legs, “…he’s really good. He has such a good work-ethic.”

“Is that right?” I widened my eyes, feigning surprise. “I don’t doubt it. He is one of my best students. It’s too bad he’s going back home. When he has the tools, he really does amazing things here.” Mikayla was nodding eagerly.

“Absolutely!” She beamed. “He definitely is one-of-a-kind.”

I walked to the door and turned off the lights. “Yes he is.” I put my hand on the small of her back as she stepped out of the classroom. I could feel the dampness that still lingered. A trail of wetness ran down her leg. I looked back in the classroom towards the floor where she was standing, there was a small cloudy collection of drops where she had stood. I looked up and smiled at her. “Doesn’t he just fill you up with all kind of goodness?”

Mikayla blushed as she nodded in agreement.

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