Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 1


(c) 1999-2002 JaysonUK

Ok, to fill you in, my friend lives with his Mum, Dad and 18 year old Sister.. and its her that becomes the focus of this report, you’ll be glad to hear. She’s of average height, medium-length blonde hair cut in a bob.. apple sized tits, bit of a cheeky smile.. I wouldn’t say she was supermodel thin but her body is nice, maybe a little puppy fat on her but not much. She can be kinda moody too, still got a lot of growing up to do if you get my drift.

So, I was given the spare room.. and my friend slept in the renovated garage at the side of the house, well out of the way. Last time, when I got up in the morning, I’d *suspected* that no-one else was in the house, but both his mum’s and his sister’s bedroom doors were shut tight. If I’d gone in, and been rumbled, .. so I didn’t risk it.

This time, I awoke before the rest of the household, and listened out for the various members getting up, washed, eating breakfast and leaving.. First his dad, then Mum, and then, about an hour later, I heard his little sister getting up and walking about. My heart pumped faster as I heard her finish her breakfast, Eskort come up stairs for something, pull her bedroom door to and then down, and out the front door. I was alone in the house, finally!!

Even so, I had to be certain, there is no room for error in this game as you all know. Up out of bed, walking slowly over to the bathroom, eyes and ears literally pinned back and open, straining to pick up any movement in the house, anything at all. Nothing. Silence, beautiful silence.

I crept over to his sisters bedroom door – as before it was shut tightly.. my thoughts: could there be a way she was still in there? had she gone back to bed? God what am I doing? the list goes on. Then, the dam broke, I reached forward and knocked lightly on the door. My cover story would’ve been, oh sorry I knocked my elbow against the door as I was walking past.. but it wasn’t required. I knocked again, louder this time. One last double knock, and heart apace in my chest I reached down, turning the handle and pushed open the door.

My eyes flicked wide and I drew in a sharp breath, the room was empty, no sign of her at all, bar the thrown aside duvet cover on the bed where she had just recently been sleeping.. Now, the panty thief’s mind kicks in .. what first, of course, find the hamper. Not a problem, it was out in the open on the adjacent wall.. I crept over to find it 1/2 full of clothes.. young, girly teen clothes.

With shaking fingers, a quick sort ensued, and my fingers touch cotton, my first hit in weeks.. I slowly drew out a pair of soft white plain knickers.. with that telltale stained gusset smiling straight up at me. Ah sweet heaven I thank you.

Instinct demanded I smell her immediately.. and I was treated to lovely, musky, fetid pussy smell that made me sigh with joy.. these knickers had not been long off her pert little ass that was a fact. Further searching located another two pairs in the hamper, one of them the same as the first, white cotton, and another that was dark grey with white trim..

Now it was decision time, do I leave, with no steals? Take one maybe, or two? I choose to take a single pair of her white plain knickers, the one that smelt the freshest (ah another deep whiff, god It was like I was faced right in front of that tight pussy.. ). I replaced the others and quickly turned my attention to the rest of the room… typical teenage girls bedroom, I must say. Bed left unmade, trinkets all over the place.. and of course, clothes covering the floor! Time for another scout methinks.. within 30 secs I had located another two pairs of discarded soiled panties, result.

One pair, a deep red colour and satiny to touch, had a soaking gusset and their odour emanated out to my nose as I brought them close – you guessed it, I was holding Last Nights Panties! But.. I couldn’t forget the rules, you can never ever take a pair that look prized and therefore could possibly be missed on her return. So I had to put them back.. it was difficult as I’m sure you can all relate to. However, I did console myself by returning to the hamper and retrieving the second pair of white knickers.. with 5 (if not more) pairs of smelly panties strewn in various locations about the room I figure I was safe enough to take two average cotton pairs – average to her, but prized beyond belief by the likes of us.

So.. a double whammy if you will. And finally I can look at her and know her, know her intimate smell, know her secret sexiness.

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