College Roommates Ch. 02: Feelings?


There is a prologue under my page, through the non-erotic category if you want to follow the entire story. This is where their relationship gets intimate.


It had been a few weeks now since the first day and Dom and I were inseparable. Our classes were the only things that kept us apart but any class we had together we were next to each other taking notes and always did our homework together too. It was awesome. But since the first day I could never get those feelings out of my head. She was always really gracious about giving me my space and privacy when I wanted it and she was probably one of the best friends I had ever made but I wasn’t sure if what we felt on the first day was still there or not. I certainly felt a lot different since that time we danced. It was something inside me that I had never felt before. And what really confused me was in all those sappy romance novels all the sex scenes didn’t interest me like they had before. And I was really concerned that maybe it was because I wasn’t interested in men like I thought I would be. I wanted to talk to her about it, and we had a long weekend due to a huge campus event on Monday so we had finished up half of our homework early to try and get off campus and head out to the mall or something.

“Want to invite Rebecca and John?” she asked when we were getting dressed. I had gotten over my inhibitions and willingly changed in front of her. I never got naked though, and she hadn’t really either since that one time. I slipped my jeans on and buttoned them up shaking my head.

“No, I kind of wanted it to be just you and me,” I admitted as she threw on some cargo shorts and a hoodie she slipped her converse on and grabbed her wallet throwing it into her pocket. I put on my little purse/backpack thing and she didn’t protest as we headed out to catch the bus to the mall. Our school ran buses all weekend to different parts of the city and we normally caught the one at 10:00 am. We sat together talking about midterms and projects and other events at the school that we wanted to go to. It turned out we had a lot more in common than I expected. She was an aspiring tattoo artist and I wanted to be a musician, so we had the whole artist complex. We both loved volleyball and working out together. We even had similar tastes in food, but since she was a vegetarian and I was die hard omnivore we got into friendly arguments over dinner whenever I grabbed meat. But we had so many similar interests it was hard not to get along with her.

“So, we need to go shopping because you seriously need to upgrade your wardrobe. Those throwback high waisted shorts look like you took your mom’s old pants and cut off the legs,” she laughed playing with the threads. I sighed and she gasped and then laughed shaking her head. “You are too predictable!” we got to the mall a little bit later and she insisted on taking me to some stores so I could pick a few things out. She helped me pick some cute outfits out and some dresses and I did a few mock runway shows in different stores. We had a blast. We got lunch at Bertucci’s and spent the entire time laughing and talking about whatever came to our minds. It was honestly the best day of my life and I was convinced this girl was the most amazing person to come into my life.

“I have to ask, I know I met your mom last weekend when she came to surprise you and took us out to dinner. But will I get to meet your dad?” she asked shoving a slice of pizza into her mouth. I twirled my fettuccine around and sighed feeling that usual gut wrenching sadness when I thought about him. She noticed my change and put her hand on my arm. “You don’t have to answer, I’m sorry I asked,” she rubbed my shoulder soothingly and I smiled patting her hand back and then shaking my head to clear all the sad thoughts.

“He passed away when I was 8, cancer. My mom took it harder than I did, but he was my inspiration to get into music and always cheered me on when I did those stupid performances with those plastic mics. We had a wonderful last few months with him too. Blew all of my parent’s savings to go travelling the world during our last summer together and he went peacefully in his sleep one night before he got to the real pain and suffering,” I took a deep shaky breath feeling just a few tears. Dom slipped into my side of the booth and hugged me.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered and I nodded hugging her back.

“It’s okay. We both have gotten stronger from it and I think my mom is even ready to date again. I don’t think she will commit or anything but I really want her to try and find someone. They really did love each other but I know in my heart he would want her to find another love,” I nodded and Dom slipped back to her side of the booth.

“You’re incredible,” she sighed and I smiled our eyes connecting. I felt my stomach tighten in knots and my cheeks got red. I took a deep breath and ate a huge bite of my pasta for an excuse to not talk for a minute. Once I bursa escort bayan found the courage I set my fork down and wiped my mouth.

“I wanted to, um, talk about, something,” I mumbled and she looked up at me inquisitively as she sipped some of her Coke.

“What’s up?” she ripped another piece of pizza apart and started chewing on it. I took a deep breath then put my face in my hands shaking my nerves away. “You’re so adorable when you’re nervous! Just spit it out!” she laughed and I smiled looking up at her.

“I, have these,” I tried gesturing with my hands the feeling in my stomach, “knots, whenever we look at each other,” I admitted and her chewing slowed as her eyes met mine. I think she could tell what I was trying to say before I could get it out. “I, I don’t know what I’m feeling and I’m not sure what it is, but I wanted to just tell you,” I finished and she nodded swallowing hard and following it with a huge sip of her Coke. Then she clasped her hands under her chin and very seriously stared at me.

“You know I think you’re amazing, and gorgeous, and I think the first time I saw you I wanted to get to know you on an intimate level. I understand you’re confused and I want to help you understand your feelings,” she sighed and ran a hand through her hair and sat back. She crossed her arms and smiled. “What do you think it is you feel?”

“Uh,” I laughed nervously and cleared my throat. “Lust?” I offered and she tried to hide her amusement. Then she nodded slowly and sat up.

“Just lust?”

“Well I mean, no? Yes? I’m not sure!” I surrendered throwing my head down onto the table and she laughed ruffling my hair. I looked up at her with puppy dog eyes and she continued eating her pizza and I sat up slowly fidgeting with my fork.

“We’ll figure it out,” she assured me and I nodded. We finished eating and she offered to pay which I thought was sweet. Then she asked me if I wanted to go see a movie. So we headed to the theater in the mall and were in line to get snacks when someone mumbled something at us under his breath from behind us. I went rigid realizing that Dom was about ready to turn around and say something. I reached out then and grabbed her hand, my fingers sliding between hers. She looked down at our hands then up at me her eyes wide. I felt chills in my body at our touch. We’ve held hands before but never interlocking our fingers, and never after talking about our feelings for each other. The guy behind us cleared his throat and mumbled a little more loudly.


“Excuse me?” Dom demanded turning around. She let go of my hand and crossed her arms. I stayed facing forward to avoid confrontation.

“Can I help you?” he asked his tone condescending. I glanced back and saw him standing there with his little girl next to him. I smiled at her and waved and she smiled back. I knelt down in front of her and her dad tried to pull her away but she ignored him.

“I like your shirt!” I smiled and she pointed at a princess on the front.

“She’s my favorite!” she smiled and I nodded pointing to Mulan.

“This one is my favorite,” I smiled and the girl tilted her head.


“Because she dressed up like a guy to get into an army and save her country and no one really understood her strength to do it all and everyone liked her when she fit in but as soon as they found out she was different people treated her different. But she never stopped trying to bring her family honor and help those who were mean to her. That takes real strength,” I smiled and the girl looked up at her dad.

“Daddy, you hear that? Mulan is strong!” she smiled and then looked up at Dom. “Are you like Mulan?” she asked and Dom smiled kneeling down next to me.

“Don’t tell the Imperial Army, or they’ll send me home and I won’t be able to save China!” she played along and the girl tugged on her dad’s hand.

“Dad! She’s like mulan!” she zipped her lips shut then hugged us both. I stood up and looked at the man.

“Your daughter is a sweetheart,” he looked at me then his eyes wide. “It would be sad for her to lose that kind of love and kindness because her dad can’t learn to love as unconditionally as she chooses to,” I turned around then and stepped up to the counter Dom following. We bought our snacks and headed to the theater. Dom held my hand and she stopped us outside the door and looked at me.

“You didn’t have to do that,” she had a very solemn look on her face. I shrugged and smiled nudging her.

“Well all I did was tell the truth,” we headed into the theater and sat in the back row. The lights dimmed and we watched the trailers whispering about which ones looked good and which ones looked funny, and the ones that seemed like a downright disaster. We also had similar tastes in movies which I found surprising considering there were only a few movies most people enjoyed watching with me. The movie started then and it was one of those stupid gorukle escort sappy romcoms but it seemed fitting for the mood between me and Dom. Friends trying to figure out their relationship. About halfway through when things were getting very emotional Dom pushed up the arm rest and wrapped her arm around my shoulders. I slid closer to her and leaned into her side resting my feet up on the empty seat in front of me. She set the popcorn down on the seat next to her, her fingers tracing circles on my arm. I felt my heartbeat in my ears. Her free hand found mine and she started sliding her fingers slowly up and down between mine before finally resting her palm against the back of my hand holding it in my lap.

I swallowed hard feeling my stomach knotting up again. I grabbed my drink and took a big sip to try and cool myself off with the icy cold of the liquid but it didn’t help. Her hand released mine and came up to my chin. She turned my face toward hers and our eyes met in the dimly lit theater. I felt my breath get shallow as her face inched toward mine. My heart was pounding my head swimming as her silky smooth finger tickled my neck. Our lips brushed then sending a jolt of energy through my body. I sighed feeling her holding steady. She wanted me to finish the kiss. I licked my lips and my tongue actually brushed up against her lips too. It felt so erotic! I stretched my neck the rest of the way then and our lips molded against each other. We kissed our lips moving against each other slowly, her hand going from my chin to the back of my neck and up into my hair. I felt her tongue press against my lower lip and my body took over. My mouth opened and our tongues collided, swirling and wrestling back and forth deepening the kiss. My body was on fire, my stomach turning over my hands sweating. I don’t know how long we were kissing for but when she pulled away I actually felt myself pouting. She smiled at me then and we snuggled closer together watching the rest of the movie.

The movie ended and the lights came back on and we picked our stuff up and walked out the theater hand in hand. We headed to the normal place where the bus comes and it looked like we were the only ones there. She stopped and pulled me into a hug her arms around my waist and I smiled looking up at her. She had only a few inches on me but still it was perfect.

“So?” she asked and I smiled remembering the kiss. I bit my lip and shrugged feeling my cheeks going red.

“It was,” I paused then buried my face into her chest and she laughed hugging me tight.

“Did it clear anything up?” she whispered and I stepped back taking her hands.

“Yes, it did,” I smiled and she shook my hands looking for more. I stretched up the few inches it took to get my lips to hers. She pulled me back into her arms, my arms wrapping around her neck. Her hands were pressed against the small of my back, pushing my stomach into hers. We kissed tenderly our lips moving against each other. A car drove past then and I heard some people hollering out the window at us and I jumped as they honked their horn and drove away. She shook her head and smiled at me.

“I thought you said you never had a boyfriend before?” she asked and I looked at her confused.

“I haven’t! Why?” she shook her head and grabbed my face in her hands.

“You sure kiss like you had experience,” she started fanning herself dramatically and I rolled my eyes punching her shoulder. She grabbed my hand and leaned back on the wall. “I’m serious. I didn’t think it was going to be so amazing, but,” she shrugged and a huge smile was plastered to her face. I felt myself blush and I curtsied in mock appreciation and she laughed. “Oh stop, don’t flatter yourself. You also have this sexy allure about you that probably enhanced a mediocre kiss,” she threw that jab out and I didn’t know whether or not I should feel complimented or hurt! I pursed my lips and crossed my arms and she grabbed my belt loops pulling me up against her on the wall. “I was kidding, you kiss amazingly well. And you’re really sexy,” she mumbled her eyes locked on my lips. I bit my lip and she actually moaned! I giggled and then we kissed again. No tongue, but just a lot of tenderness in the way our lips moved against each other. I could get used to this.

We got back to campus in time for me to head to my project meeting. She said that Rebecca had a few things planned for the two of them but she said she was excited to see me again at dinner. I spent hours thinking about being with her again. I was distracted through my entire meeting and couldn’t stop texting her! When the meeting was finally over I headed up to the mess hall and she was waiting outside with Rebecca and everyone. I skipped over to them and we all headed inside. We held hands, but this was normal for us so it didn’t set any questions off. Dom had texted me telling me she didn’t want to spill the beans yet to anyone so I had to restrain myself bursa merkez escort bayan during dinner and however much longer it took until we could be alone again.

“So John keeps telling me he’s busy this weekend doing homework and project stuff and refuses to hang out with me! I think he is cheating!” Rebecca frowned and Dom patted her arm.

“He probably is busy. I know he and Rachel are in the same class and she just spent four hours in one project meeting. So you should just relax,” Rebecca rolled her eyes and Dom smiled at me. We sat across from each other and I reached my foot across the table and ran it up her leg. She jumped slightly then pretended to shiver. “Chills!” she laughed when Rebecca looked at her. I laughed too and kept doing it.

“Don’t you just hate that?!” I shoved a huge bite of a salad warp into my mouth and smiled around the glob in my mouth and everyone started laughing.

“So what did you guys do today? Because I went to your room to see if you wanted to go out and neither of you were there!” she pouted and Dom looked at me and I smiled.

“Dom wanted to overhaul my wardrobe so she forced me to go to the mall and go shopping!” I made a big frown and Rebecca grumbled.

“I would have loved to have gone too! You know I know more about fashion than Nikki!” I shrugged and mouthed sorry around my food. I really wasn’t sorry though. Being alone with Dom today was amazing, and I couldn’t wait until we got to be alone again later tonight! My body was aching for her to hold me again. We finished up and Rebecca asked if the whole table wanted to go for a late night swim. Everyone had mixed opinions so I feigned interest and said that I would go tomorrow for sure but I had just been so beat down from doing everything today I wanted to go back to my room and relax. Dom agreed and said she had a lot of homework to do anyway that she would rather get done tonight so tomorrow she could do whatever with Rebecca. That appeased her so she didn’t press forward. We all went our separate ways, Dom and I heading back to the dorm just talking. It was a very casual evening but I could feel my stomach fluttering with anticipation. We were going to be alone, in our own room, just the two of us with no one else around.

I started to get very nervous. It was just going to be us, I just admitted feelings to her, and we share a room. What was going to happen?! We walked down the hall now very quiet and we got to the door and she opened it walking in turning the light on and taking off her hoodie. I shut the door and the click made my heart jump in anticipation. I turned around and she was sitting on her bed untying her Chuck’s. I started unpacking my bags from our shopping trip and she opened up her laptop and started playing music.

“Ok, I don’t want this to be weird between us!” I said and she looked up at me with a raised eyebrow. “Well we live together, and we, you know,” I gestured between us and she smiled crossing her legs and sitting upright patting the bed in front of her. I walked over and slowly sat down matching her style.

“Look, I know this is all new to you so I’m not going to rush you into anything and I’m not going to act on any urges I have just because we are in the same room. As far as I’m concerned we’re going to be going at this at your pace. Not mine,” she put her hands toward me and I nodded grabbing them and leaning forward giving her a quick kiss. She smiled and kissed me again. Then we stared at each other and kissed again, and again, until she pushed her laptop to the side and pulled me down onto the bed next to her. We lied there kissing her hand staying on my waist my hands pressed against her upper chest grabbing hold of her shirt occasionally. It was getting very hot very quickly, our tongues battling furiously our bodies giving away our desires. We were in control of course but soon enough our bodies were starting to have minds of their own. Too soon she pulled away putting a hand on my chest.

“You need to calm down,” she was breathless. I nodded covering my mouth ashamed.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered and she shook her head looking down at her hand.

“I want to touch you all over,” she whispered waiting for my permission. I took her hand and put it up under my shirt. Her warm hand on my stomach made me tremble in excitement. She took a deep breath to calm herself and she ran her hand up my stomach and I felt her fingers brush up against my bra. I felt my body catch fire and I gasped the feeling too much to handle. She pulled her hand away and I shook my head.

“No I’m fine, it just feels,” I took a deep breath and looked into her beautiful eyes, “amazing!” she smiled then and put her hand back on my bra. I could feel her hesitating for a minute before she squeezed it softly. I moaned and then she did, her hand less restrained. She rubbed my boob more and then her lips were on mine. I felt my eyes roll back as our lips collided her tongue snaking its way into my mouth. She moaned reaching her hand down now to pull my leg up onto her hip. I obeyed and her hand ran up the back of my thigh to my ass. I gasped again feeling a jolt of energy again as she kneaded her hand into my cheek. She didn’t stop though because she knew I would just react to every new touch.

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