College Girl Meets the King – Part One


“There are still some things you don’t know about me, you know.” Maddy said, tracing her hand down Paige’s back to her round little ass, nude and wiggling on the bed.

There’s stuff you haven’t told me? About guys?” Paige asked

“Kind of. I haven’t told anyone.”

“You can tell me anything. Remember? No judgment, not ever.” Paige said.

“Remember that guy Mark, the one that kept asking me to come over to his place all the time.”

“The construction guy? I remember. You finally did, and you told me all about it. He had this sex room at his house, his kinks. He got a little upset when you broke it off.”

“Yea, well, I wasn’t fucking him.” Maddy said.

“You weren’t? So he begged you to come over for what?” Paige asked.

“It was a threesome…kind of. I mean, he came in my mouth a couple of times, most of the time he masturbated and I finished him off. He wanted me to come over so he could watch someone else fuck me.”

“Mmmm, OK. Who?”

“OK, here’s the whole story. We were getting together for about two months. I would come over to his place and get him off. You know about that.”

“Yea, he had a playroom, you guys always fucked on the big sectional, watching porn on a big screen.” Paige said.

“I told you that I would go over to his place, have a drink, play with his dog King a bit and then he would take King out back, let him out into the back yard and we would go to the room and get naked.” Maddy continued.

“That’s the huge dog he has, right?” Paige asked.

“Yea, he’s a Great Dane, giant but a real sweetie. Except, he didn’t take him outside. He came in the playroom with us”

“That huge dog?” Paige said, raising her eyebrows at the thought of the big dog in the small room.

“I mean, King really liked me. He got super excited when I came over. He was so big, he could knock me over if he wanted to, but he was really gentle.

Mark said he was a yard tall.

The first day I came over, I pet King a little, I’m playing with him and he’s all happy..

We go into the “play room” and start to get naked, and King comes in there too. Mark closes the door, and turns on a video.

Mark tells me to get naked, so I’m sitting on the couch, nude, kinda sitting on the edge and I reach for Mark’s cock, you know.

Mark is standing there, pulling out his hard-on and I’m stroking it, getting ready to suck him a little.

King is like, looking at us and whining a bit. He gets up and trots over, putting his head on the couch next to me.

I put my hand on his head, just pet him a bit and he starts licking my thigh.

I was like ‘Hey that tickles’ or something – then he just sort of moved Mark out of the way and stuck his nose in my pussy, sniffing right?

Before I could do anything he started licking my pussy! I mean that huge tongue went straight there and lapped me.

I jumped back like ‘Whoa..King!’

I expected Mark to be pissed, but he was all smiles and said,

‘King really likes you Maddy.’

It was a shock, totally unexpected, you know?

But Mark said

‘Didn’t that feel good? Let him try it again, that was fucking hot.’

He sat down on the end of the couch, watching and stroking his cock. I sorta opened my legs up again and scooted forward, my pussy hanging off the edge of the cushions. Mark reached over and put a big pillow behind me and King came walking over.

He was a little shy, I think I scared him when I freaked out a little, but one sniff and his huge head was between my legs.

I’ve had a lot of guys eat my pussy, but nothing felt like King’s big, wet tongue lapping at me. Every lick covered my cunt from bottom to clit…the roughness of his tongue was crazy, it was super fast, wet and really firm.

Add to it, I’m looking at this big animal between my legs, licking away.

I was watching his big head between my thighs, and his giant tongue slurping me, suddenly

I had a huge fucking orgasm, bucking and shaking like crazy.

Mark was there, his hands were on my tits I think, he was saying something in my ear, but I was cumming hard, you know?.

I was still coming down when I saw what was between King’s legs.

His cock was hanging there , hard, and really long. Massive. Red and thick. I had never seen it like this.

Mark said something like

‘He’s really turned on baby.’

I my head I was thinking,

‘What am I supposed to do with this huge cock?’

I was super curious though, so asked Mark,

‘Can I touch it?’

He said I could, and that King would like it if I did..

I got on the floor, and ran my hand under his belly, and held the big thing. It was soft, warm and wet. I could just barely get my hand around it.

Mark said,

‘That’s his precum baby, he really likes that.’

While I was down on all fours, King was sniffing my pussy running his tongue between my legs.. This dog is so huge, I was holding his cock and his big head was sniffing and licking my pussy. I’m running my hands along his cock, just looking at it. It was red, it had a narrow head, kinda tapered, and it was long, like 8 inches or more and really thick. I started jerking Sex hikayeleri it like a guy, you know?

And I said,

‘Does he want to cum?’ or something like that.

Mark says,

‘He wants it in you, baby.’

I must have paused or something because Mark said,

‘He’s super gentle, you’ll love it. He’s trained.’

I remember looking at that big cock, wondering what it would feel like and saying,


Mark turned me around and laid me on the front of the couch, my knees on the floor.

King didn’t need any instructions, his big paws came up on both sides of me and I felt that big cock sliding around on my butt, spreading his precum on me.

I felt Marks hand back there, guiding King’s cock in.

I spread my knees apart a little more and lifted my butt up, you know?

And then this huge dog cock slid into me. It was like being shocked with a cattle prod.

Every inch of his warm slick cock pushed inside my cunt.

Then he started fucking me, fast and hard.

I’ve been fucked hard before, but this was like a pounding, and never that fast.

The feeling was amazing, totally different everything, so fast, so hard.

I couldn’t believe a dog was fucking me.

Mark told King,

‘Slow, slow.’

And he got still and started fucking me slower, but still hard. He would thrust his big cock into me, boom, boom. He was so strong.

This dog was towering over me, his big body pinning me, I couldn’t move. My brain was like, I have a big animal holding me down, fucking me, overpowering me. He weighed a ton and he made sure I wasn’t going anywhere, not as long as that big dick was in me.

I reached back and felt that wet cock going into me. It was all slick and my cunt was dripping, Kings precum I guess. I was pretty wet too.

He started fucking me fast again, I was oohing and ahing and then I was cumming.

I just touched my clit and I was jerking and cumming and a huge dog was fucking me. I couldn’t stop cumming.

King got still and just stood over me, his cock buried in my pussy.

I could feel Marks hand by my pussy and he said

‘He’s cumming in you.’

I could feel the big dog’s cock squirming in me, he stood over me like that for a while, it felt warm and I realized that it was his cum.

Then he pulled out, I felt his wet thing just slip out and a stream of cum flowed out of me.

King went to his dog bed and laid down.

I turned over and just laid there , I was still tingling you know? This dog just fucked the shit out of me.

Mark came over to me and knelt on the couch, his cock was hard and he was stroking it.

Before I could say anything he was cumming, shooting all over my tits.

I finished him off in my mouth.

He told me that King loved fucking woman, and he had a couple of woman that would come over once a month to ‘doggy sit’ and have King fuck them while he watched.”

“Fuck Maddy. That’s incredible.” Paige finally said.

“You can see why I didn’t say anything.”

“Have you done it since?”

“Just a couple more times. It’s…a little addicting, you know?. It’s just different than fucking a guy. Mark liked me a lot, and we had a few arguments about other stuff and I haven’t seen him since.”

“Fuck, I’m wet after hearing that.” Paige said, one hand exploring her pussy.

“Me too.” Maddy admitted.

There was a long pause.

“I want to try it.” Paige said suddenly..

“Yes, I miss it too, but Mark is still pissed at me for breaking it off.” Maddy replied.

“What if we just talked to him, couldn’t we convince him?”

“I doubt it. But…” Maddy stopped short.

“But what?”

“I know his schedule. He’s gone super early to sometimes eight at night. King has an auto feeder and door to the backyard, he’s alone there all day.”

“You want to break into his house?” Paige asked.

“King’s there all alone. He’ll be glad to see me. I’ll introduce him to you and you can try it.”

“I don’t know.”

We’re not taking anything, Mark will never know. I know the code to the front door and the alarm.”

“Alright. Let’s do it.” Paige said.

The older man’s playroom was sparse, featuring a large flat screen TV, big sectional couch and a big dog bed in the corner.

The girls had gained entry easy enough, Maddy opening the front door and turning off the alarm at the keypad.

King was there to greet them, wagging his tail at the sight of Maddy.

Maddy led the huge animal into the playroom, with Paige following.

“OK, let’s get naked.”

“Wow.” You’re bigger than I remember. You’re a big boy, aren’t you?” Paige said, rubbing the dog’s huge head.

King was standing between the undressing girls, wagging his tail. He did stand over thirty-two inches tall, and was broad and long.

Paige slipped out of her sweatpants and tank top, her black hair in a ponytail. Her round, firm 32 B cup boobs swayed slightly as she stepped out of her panties.

Maddys big tits were out as well, her short blonde hair messy from pulling off her shirt.

Paige was five foot four, and felt dwarfed by the big dog as she stood next to him.

“Good Sikiş hikayeleri boy.” Paige said, running her hand along the Great Dane’s enormous back.

“He’s so soft.” she said, rubbing his big head.

“I know, right?” Maddy replied, now nude as well, running both hands on the massive dog’s sides.

“He’s a soft, sexy boy, aren’t you?” Maddy said to King.

King was enjoying the attention moving from one girl to the other, tongue out and happy.

Suddenly the massive dog stuck his nose in Maddy’s crotch.

“Whoa there…not me big guy.” She said laughing.

“Ok, Paige, sit on the couch, let him check you out.”

Paige sat down on the big sectional couch, nervously opening her legs a bit.

“OK. Like this?” She asked.

“Yeah. Just let him smell your pussy.”

Maddy led King over to the young girl.

The giant dog sniffed her legs and made up her thighs to her cunt, pink and open wide.

“Fuck that tickles!” Paige said, watching the huge dog sniff her pussy.

After a few sniffs the big dog turned to Maddy

“Good boy, King. It’s OK. Lick. Lick her!” Maddy said.

King turned back to the young girl’s open legs and his massive tongue reached out with a few tentative licks.

He picked up the pace, and soon was lapping hungrily at the young brunette’s cunt.

Paige gasped as the huge dog’s rough wet tongue wet her pussy from top to bottom.

“Oh fuck…that’s good.” Page exclaimed as King continued to lick her.

The pale, dark-haired girl was leaning back on the couch, her hands pulling her thighs back, legs spread wide, head on the cushions watching the animal lapping her pussy.

Her round firm tits were jiggling slightly with the force of the big dog’s tongue.

“Fuck, fuck, oh, oh, oh, ummm…”

Paige became quiet, and for a long moment there was only the sound of the big dog’s tongue lapping at the girl’s wet pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh, …cumming…” The young girl squealed.

Maddy kneeled next to her friend, one hand on the big dog’s head and the other on the young brunettes tit.

She watched her friend shaking and quivering in pleasure as the big dog continued licking her.

“Oh FUUUUCK. Unnng, unnnng, unnnng!” The slight, busty girl grunted as the intense orgasm jolted through her, intensified by the big dog’s fast, wet and wide tongue.

The Great Dane pulled away, leaving the young girl quivering on the couch.

Maddy ran her hands over her friend’s tits as Paige continued to shiver, her orgasm fading.

“Fuck that was good.” Paige said. ‘That was different. Oh my God.”

“Right?” Maddy said. “And look at his cock now.”

King was standing in the middle of the room panting, his cock pushed completely out of the big sheath revealing his long, thick red shaft.

“Fuck.” Paige said. “He’s huge.”

Maddy ran her hands over the big dog, kneeling next to him and reaching for his cock.

“Come and see, honey.” Maddy said, stroking King’s thick cock.

“He’s so wet, so slick.” Paige remarked, kneeling next to the massive dog and grasping the long fat cock with her small hand.

“He’s squirting, is he cumming?”

“That’s his precum, he’s really turned on.”

“I want to…” Paige broke off as she leaned forward and took the big dog’s cock in her mouth.

“Mm, that tastes OK.” she said, and gave the red, twitching cock a few long sucks.

“Are you ready to fuck him?” Maddy said, “Because I will if you aren’t ready!”

“Yeah, I think so. How do we do this?”

“Ok, you’re a little smaller than me, so let’s put you over the end of the couch. Lay over the end, on your stomach, butt in the air, feet on the floor. Like this.” Maddy said, positioning the short brunette.

King had followed the girls over to the couch and was standing near, sniffing the air.

“King, look. Here, look boy.” Maddy commanded.

The huge dog stepped over the end of the couch, both front legs on either side of Paige.

His huge cock was resting between her butt cheeks, squirting precum on her round little butt as he shifted his back legs.

The dog was so big his huge back legs were on either side of Paige’s legs, straddling her.

“Oo, perfect.” Maddy said, as she took King’s still squirting cock in her hand, and rubbed Paige’s pussy lips with it.

“Fuuuck. It’s so warm.” Paige said

“Mmm, feel that?” Maddy said, probing her friend’s pussy with the big dog’s cock.

Suddenly King thrust forward and the dog’s huge cock slipped into her Paige’s cunt, spreading her lips wide.

“Ohhh, fuck! Uuunnnngg.” Paige moaned as the large Great Dane thrust the length of his massive dripping cock into the young girl.

Now filling the girl’s cunt, King started thrusting, driving all eight inches of his wet, thick cock into her with a rapid pace.

King’s powerful rear legs drove his hips forward, his cock filling her with each powerful thrust.

“Ooooooohhhhh…he’s fucking me…uh, uh, uhhhhhhh.” Paige moaned low and long as King’s frantic thrusting pushed her to a climax, the big dog’s cock pounding her pussy.

The fat knot at the base of the huge dog’s cock was pushing up against Erotik hikaye her clit with each thrust.

“Ohhh fuuuck…I’m going to cummmmm.” Paige wailed, and started to convulse and shake with a powerful orgasm, the huge dog still thrusting into her.

“Slow, King, slow.” Maddy commanded, and the huge Great Dane paused his powerful thrusting, and began to stroke the young girl’s pussy with a slower pace.

Paige continued quivering, orgasming with the big dogs massive hard-on inside her. Whether King could feel her pussy twitching or not, the giant dog began picking up the pace again.

“Ung, uggn, ugn,oh, oh, fuck,” Paige gasped with each thrust.

Slamming his muscular hips into Paige’s’ thighs and driving his fat, red cock deep into the girl.

Suddenly he became still and stood panting, his cock buried in her pussy.

“He’s cumming.” Maddy said, taking hold of his cock just in front of the knot and holding it, locking the dog’s cock in her cunt.

“Fuck..I feel it. He’s cumming in me!” Paige said, lifting her head to look back.

His heavy body pinning her to the couch, Paige could feel the Great Danes thick cock pulsing as he unloaded deep in her, his big balls emptying.

“This could take a while.” Maddy said, “Just enjoy it.”

Maddy had been kneeling next to her friend, rubbing her own clit as she watched the massive dog fucking Paige. It was the first time she had watched King fucking someone else, and she had orgasmed seeing his big red cock furiously stroking her friend.

“It’s so warm. Fuck, he’s filling me”.

After a couple of minutes of ejaculating into Paige, King’s fat dick slipped out of her pussy.

A stream of the huge dogs cum poured from her cunt, still gaping a bit from the large cock that had just slipped from it.

The big Great Dane stood over the young girl, panting, his long thick cock hanging, pressed against her pussy, dripping clear cum down her leg.

“He really likes you. Look at him guarding you. You’re one of King’s girls now honey.”

King, satisfied, retreated to the dog bed in the corner and laid down to lick himself clean.

Maddy helped Paige straighten up, as her pussy continued to drip..

“Here, over this towel.” Maddy said.

Paige straddled the towel and flexed. Another stream of the big dogs cum flowed out of her.

“Jesus, he came so much.” Paige said, marveling at the amount of the dog jizz flowing from her.

“I mean, look at the size of him.” Maddy said, indicating the huge animal sprawled out on the dog bed.

Paige had collapsed on the big couch.

“You’re right. That was…so hard and fast, totally different. So big.” She said weakly.

“That looked so hot honey, that huge dog’s cock in you. Your face was like bliss and surprise.” Maddy said laughing.

“We should get out of here. He won’t be home for another hour or more but…you never know.” The blonde continued.

“You didn’t get a turn.” Paige said, pulling on her bra.

“Next time.” Maddy said, rubbing the Great Dane on the top of his huge head. “Right boy?”

King could only wag his tail.

Thirty six miles away on the job site he managed, Mark looked at the app on his phone. He had gotten an alert that his front door had opened. This was strange, as he had no dog walker or deliveries scheduled today.

He scrolled through the camera feeds of the tiny cams hidden throughout the house until he came to the playroom.

There he saw the two attractive young women undressing.

One he recognized as Madison, the busty blonde he had worked so hard to get to the playroom.

Seeing King take the young girl was everything he hoped it would be, and he was thrilled to see her back in the room, even if she had broken in to do it.

The other young beauty was a raven-haired knockout with perfect round firm tits, an amazing ass and an electric smile.

He watched as they prepped King, stroking and sucking the huge dog.

Then he watched the beautiful young dark haired girl, positioned herself over the side of the couch, her perfect ass in the air.

He saw King mount her and begin thrusting

He could see the ecstasy on her face clearly,

The camera was perfectly positioned. He watched her soft round tits swinging as the massive dog pounded her, he saw her reach between her legs to touch her clit.

He watched, transfixed as the young beauty orgasmed, quivering and shaking with the big dog’s cock inside her cunt. He saw Maddy holding King’s huge cock in her hand, locking them together as King unloaded in her pussy.

He could even see the big dog’s cum running out of her slit as he pulled away.

He ***********ed “Save” on the security video feed and watched it again..

“Watch ya got there Mark?” A guy in a hard hat called out.

“My friend Maddy sent me video.” he said smiling

“The blonde with the tits? Man, I’d love to hit that.”

“Too late. She’s already spoken for. But you never know.” Mark said, slipping the phone into his jacket.

Tonight he would send Maddy a text, inviting her and her dark-haired friend over for dinner.

“They won’t be able to refuse,” he thought to himself, “once they hear about the video.”

“I wonder,” he said to himself, “which one of them do I want to fuck? I really like the brunette, but then, so does King.”

To Be Continued…

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