Club 35 – Sixth Visit


This is the next chapter in this series. Jennifer takes her submission to new levels. I hope you enjoy the story and that all of you are safe and well. Your comments are always appreciated as are your votes.

Four months after her last visit to Club 35, Jennifer Lowe was engrossed in restarting her business after the world wide pandemic. There had been no time really for her to dwell on her past experiences at Club 35. It was there that she discovered her submissive side and her desire to be humiliated. On her last visit, Jennifer also experienced a heavy corporal punishment scene that culminated in her being gang banged in her ass and fucked in her pussy by her tormentor’s husband. Obviously, business took priority and Jennifer had resisted the urges that would overtake her and lead her into another submissive adventure.

It had been a busy morning. Meetings and accounting took up most of the day. As her employees left for the day, Mark, Jennifer’s assistant, knocked on her door. Jennifer waved him in.

“It seems like we have caught up. Everything is back to normal and our staff is on top of all projects. The Anderson account is done.” Mark said.

Jennifer nodded. “Everybody has been great. Maybe this year won’t be so bad after all.”

Mark looked back toward the door and then asked, “Did you get the letter?”

“Yes. So, the Club is going to reopen in two weeks.”

Mark was the one who had introduced Jennifer to Club 35. Mark, along with another of Jennifer’s employees, Christine, had helped Jennifer realize her submissive fantasies.

“Are you going to the reopening?” Mark asked.

“I wasn’t planning on it. Are you and Christine going?”

“I’m a Dungeon Guard and I think Christine was thinking of going. Can I ask if there is a new adventure percolating in your mind?”

“I haven’t really thought about through all the difficulties with the virus. More concerned about the business. But, now that we have caught up, thoughts are returning, something like an old friend. But, before I do anything, I’m going to need a major waxing. I’ve sort of let that go these past months.”

Mark laughed and told Jennifer he would make her an appointment.

“Try and make the appointment with Barbara.” Jennifer asked. “She does an excellent job.”

“Will do. You know that Christine and I will help you realize any fantasy you have.”

Jennifer smiled at Mark and told him that she knew that both of them were not only trusted employees, but also trusted friends.

Jennifer still wasn’t certain that she would go to the reopening of Club 35. Almost every time she had gone there was a specific fantasy in mind. Even the one time she didn’t know what would happen, that was what she wanted. She knew that she wanted to be naked. She wanted to be in a humiliating position or positions. She wanted to be taken, used by anyone who desired to do so. And she wanted some level of pain. But all these feelings were unconnected as she entered the salon for her appointment with Barbara.

She checked in with the receptionist and sat in the lobby until Barbara came out. The two smiled at each other and Barbara led Jennifer back to her treatment room.

“It’s been awhile since you have been here.” Barbara said as she closed the door to the room. “

“Well, with everything that has gone on, I didn’t think it was a priority.” Jennifer said.

“So, now that the danger has passed, you want to be smooth again for that special someone.”

“There is no special someone. But being hairless just adds to…” Jennifer stopped as she saw Barbara stare intently at her.

“Being submissive. Am I right?” Barbara asked.

Jennifer looked at the floor and took a moment before answering.


“Well, you’re not alone. I have done my share of submissive women. Let’s get you going. Instead of you just removing everything below your waist, strip naked and get on the table.”

Jennifer was taken aback by Barbara. It wasn’t an order to get naked but it was said firmly. Jennifer felt she could say no and there wouldn’t be any problem with Barbara. But, in an instant Jennifer began to unbutton her blouse as Barbara prepared the wax and her implements. When she was naked, Jennifer climbed up on the table.

“So, I’m not the first submissive you waxed.”

“No. Some were into pretty kinky stuff. There was one, I still have her as a client, who liked to be sold at a slave auction.”

Jennifer felt a rush of excitement as Barbara removed Jennifer’s pussy hair and continued her story about the customer. When all the hair on her pussy was gone Barbara asked if Jennifer wanted her asshole done. Jennifer said that she did.

“Okay, roll over and get up on your hands and knees. Head down, ass up.! Barbara ordered as she patted Jennifer’s ass firmly. “Why don’t you spread your cheeks for me?” Barbara said in a very firm voice.

Jennifer reached behind her and pulled her asscheeks apart. Barbara applied the wax and let it take effect.

“So, are you going to get fucked back there?” Barbara asked as she began to remove the hair from istanbul escort Jennifer’s asshole.

“I don’t know. Maybe. I haven’t decided what I want to do.” Jennifer replied as Barbara continued talking about her other client.

“There. All done.” Barbara said as she gave Jennifer another sharp slap on her ass. “I’ll tell you you more next time your in but you are going to have to tell me about your adventures.”

“Yes.” Jennifer relied. “I will.”

Jennifer spent the next few days trying to define her growing need. Auctioned as a sex slave? She didn’t think that was her. She masturbated to the story of the woman who had auctioned herself off as a sex slave. As exciting as it was to visualize that scene, Jennifer couldn’t see herself doing that. It was too uncontrolled, too risky. She wanted to let go but she wanted to know that she would be safe at the end of the experience, no matter how humiliating or painful.

Club 35 had reopened but Jennifer did not attend. She knew the club would be crowded but thought it wouldn’t help her define a fantasy. Mark had told Jennifer about the reopening and It had sounded chaotic.

“Anyone I know attend?” Jennifer asked.

“Several. In fact, a few asked if you were going to be there. I said that I didn’t know. You getting the urge?”

“Yes. I really want something intense. But I don’t know what. I want something that’s new, but I want to do some of the things I’ve done before. Does that make sense?”

“Very much so. You should tell Christine what your feeling. She could help and you know she would do anything to for you.”

“That’s a good idea. Tomorrow, ask her to stay after work.”

Mark nodded and said good night and left Jennifer’s office.

The next afternoon, Mark and Christine were sitting in Jennifer’s office.

“Thanks for staying after. I really appreciate it.” Jennifer said. “Everyone gone, Mark?”

“Yes. Just us.”

Jennifer explained that she wanted an intense experience but that she also wanted to experience something different. She told Mark and Christine that she didn’t want everything planned but there were somethings she wanted to include because they either turned her on or they added to the humiliation.

“Isn’t this fantasy like the one you had before?” Mark asked.

“There was still planning and you two as well as Andrew were present. So there was some control. This time I want to give up the control, almost as if I was a slave.” Jennifer replied. “I will have some limits, though.”

“What are the things that have turned you on the most?” Christine excitedly asked.

Jennifer felt herself flush. She didn’t know why given how much both Christine and Mark knew about her desires.

“I have to be naked. It adds to my submissiveness. Maybe I’m an exhibitionist but being naked is a very warm feeling.”

“What else?” Mark asked.

“I liked being bound in the stocks. I enjoyed the impact play with Catherine but I didn’t particular care for being bound standing up. The stocks were the best. I never knew who was behind me or what they were going to do to me. That was really hot. I want to do it longer.”

“Longer than one hour?”

“Yes. Longer than an hour, Christine. How much longer? I don’t really know. Maybe you should hear the rest and maybe you can tell me how long you think I should be in the stocks.”

Jennifer then explained that after her time in bondage that she should then service anyone who wanted her. She was quick to add that she would probably be used sexually during her time in the stocks. But, after that was finished, she should be taken down from her bondage and used by anyone who wanted her and in any way they wanted.

“Do you want to do the anal gang bang again?” Christine asked.

“I think getting it in the ass will probably happen. How many? I don’t know and I really don’t want to plan anything. If every male present wants to fuck my ass, then that’s what will happen.” Jennifer replied.

“What about women?” Christine asked. “I mean, if your in the stocks you can suck cock for all two hours but you can’t eat pussy.”

“No, I can’t but women can use a strap on.”

“Or, maybe other things.” Christine smirked.

Jennifer smiled at Christine’s remark and knew exactly what she meant.

“What happens after the two hours in the stocks?” Mark asked.

This was the question Jennifer knew would come and expected. Feeling suddenly light headed and nervous, Jennifer replied that she didn’t know. When Christine asked if she needed more time, Jennifer shook her head no.

“What happens next won’t be up to me.”

“I don’t understand.” Mark said.

“Whatever people want to do, I will obey them. Orgy room or more bondage. Whatever. I don’t want to know what happens next. I will have a time limit but beyond that and not allowing any whips during my time in the stocks, those are the only limits.”

“Well, I think if Catherine shows up she will be disappointed not being able to whip you.” Christine said.

“I think Catherine is more than creative enough to escort bayan find a suitable substitute.” Jennifer laughingly said.

“What else should we know?” Mark asked.

“I think that’s it. I want to walk around the Club naked for a while before we start. I don’t know why I want to do that but I do. I will ask that certain whips are removed and beyond that, no other limits.”

“I might suggest a break between the stocks and whatever follows. Maybe in some easy bondage where your pussy and ass are on display. I would expect that you will need to be lubed up before we put you in the stocks and again before the second part begins.” Christine added.

“Yes. Probably.” Jennifer replied. If Mark is on duty, would you do it, Christine?”

“Gladly. You are really getting into this nudity thing, aren’t you? It’s a shame you’re the boss because if you weren’t, you could be made to work naked because you were being punished for some mistake.”

“That’s not going to happen but, yes, being nude is a turn on.”

“When you are home, are you naked?” Christine asked.

Jennifer shook her head no.

“I think you should be. Why don’t you try it?”

“Maybe. That could be fun.” Jennifer replied.

“When do you want to do this?” Mark asked. I’m on duty two weeks from Saturday?”

Jennifer thought a moment and said that wouldn’t work. “Could you be on duty a week or two weeks after?”

Mark said he would try to schedule that and the pair left Jennifer’s office. She had thought about the conversation on her way home. She had fantasized about driving home naked. She wondered if she could ever do that as she parked her car in her buildings garage and rode the elevator up to her apartment.

Maybe Christine had a good idea. It would be a bit kinky to be naked. Open up the blinds and if she was seen, so what? A quick bite to eat and Jennifer began to open her drapes and blinds. She went through her mail and as darkness approached she said to herself that she was going to spend the evening naked.

Jennifer went into her bedroom and began to undress. She hung up her skirt and blouse and took off her bra and panties, knowing that anyone could see her. She began to feel the excitement building and knew that she was getting wet. She walked to her living room, making sure to turn on lights. She wanted to make sure that if someone was watching, they would have an unobstructed view of her body.

Every so often, Jennifer glanced out the window to see if anyone was watching. She saw other apartments with lights on but no one staring out. There were dark windows, but she couldn’t tell if anyone was watching. Finally, at bedtime she got up and closed the window coverings, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

She thought to herself that being naked and exposed was exciting only if someone was watching or if there was a chance of being caught. Those thoughts were with Jennifer as she fell asleep.

The next week was busy. Work consumed most of Jennifer’s thoughts and time. Occasionally, however, she caught herself thinking about the events that would happen at Club 35. Those thoughts were sometimes, but not often replaced by other thoughts. She had visions of her walking naked through her building or going from the garage to her apartment naked. Was that too much of a risk? Too dangerous?

With the date at the Club a week away, Jennifer was home sitting at her desk finishing some work. She was naked. She wasn’t naked at home all the time, just sometimes, when the urge hit. It was late and certainly there would be no one in the halls this late. There was little risk of her being scene if she walked from her apartment down the hall to the elevator and then walked back. What would she do if she was seen? Worse, what would she do if caught and someone was furious with her? Jennifer laughed to herself and saw herself saying to the person who caught her that she was naughty and deserved to be punished in any way the person saw fit.

Jennifer turned off her computer and walked to her door. Opening her door, she turned the bolt so that the door would not lock behind her. She looked out the door and saw or heard no one. The elevators were about fifty feet away and she would pass four other apartments on the way to the elevators. She stepped out, letting her door close until the extended bolt hit the door frame keeping the door from locking. Out in the hall, naked, she began to walk to the elevators. She had decided to walk slowly. She wondered if she was walking slowly in the hope of being caught.

Jennifer reached the elevators and turned to head back home. But, before she did, she took two fingers and stuck them inside her pussy. The fingers slid in easily because Jennifer was very wet. Then she began to walk back to her apartment. She pushed open her door and stuck her ass out and wiggled it before going inside and closing the door. Jennifer ran to her bedroom and played with her pussy until she came. She had a very good night’s sleep.

Jennifer did not repeat her naked walk the rest of the weekend. She thought about telling Mark and Kartal escort Christine about her naked ramble down the hall but in the end decided against it. Mark came in to tell her that he had made an appointment with the waxing salon on Thursday after work and dropped on her desk some papers for her to review. The day passed without any thoughts interfering with work.

After dinner, she stripped and was laying on her couch. The drapes and blinds were open and the lights were on. She thought that if she was not to tired, she would walk down her hall again. But, Jennifer thought, she wanted to make it more daring. She thought about this for awhile until it was half past eleven. If she was going to do this, it needed to be now or she wouldn’t get enough sleep. Jennifer shut off the lights and closed the window coverings. She walked to her door and set the bolt. She knew what she was going to do.

Peeking out the door, Jennifer saw the hallway was empty. Easing the door closed behind her, Jennifer walked to the elevators. She stopped and leaned against the wall facing the elevators. Her hands ran over her tits, her hard nipples. Her left hand slid down her stomach until it found Jennifer’s clit. She rubbed the her clit while her right hand pulled on her nipples. She had decided to stay where she was, doing what she was doing until she came. She stifled a small groan as her orgasm overtook her. Standing up straight, she turned and headed back to her apartment.

Two nights before her return to the Club, Jennifer went for another waxing. Barbara showed Jennifer into the treatment room and without being told, Jennifer began to unbutton her blouse. Barbara smiled as she prepared the wax and got the implements ready. When Jennifer was naked, she climbed on the table and laid down face up.

“Are you going to tell me more about the women who auctioned herself off?” Jennifer asked.

“Are you going to tell me about some of your adventures?”

Jennifer said that she would.

“Ok. Spread your legs as wide as you can.” Jennifer obeyed Barbara as Barbara pulled on the bit of hair Jennifer had covering her pussy.

As Barbara began applying wax, she told Jennifer as much as she could about the women.

“I think after a while, she began to go to work naked. She was dominated at work.”

“You said she was married. Did her husband know?”

“Yes and he approved! He even got her ready to be displayed before she was auctioned off.”

Jennifer was so engrossed in Barbara’s story, that she didn’t realize Barbara had slipped two fingers into Jennifer’s very wet pussy. When Barbara removed her fingers and told Jennifer to turn over, she immediately complied. Jennifer got on her knees and put her head down and her ass up.

“Well, I’m glad I didn’t have to remind you that this will always be the position you should be in from now on when I remove the hair around your asshole. And, I want you to be naked. Understood?”

“Yes, Barbara. I understand.”

As Barbara removed the last bit of wax from Jennifer’s asshole, she kept Jennifer in position as she rubbed oil over Jennifer’s ass. Sliding two fingers inside Jennifer’s asshole, Barbara asked Jennifer to begin describing some of her adventures. Jennifer related her visiting Club 35 and her first session there.

“I’ve heard of the place but never been. Like I said, I watched Ginny auctioned. I really couldn’t believe how much she was able to take and how much money they made. Would you ever want to do that?”

“I don’t know. I always want their to be some control or safety. At the Club, at least, there are guards who will step in if they have to, even if your fantasy is having no say in what happens to you, like who can paddle you or how many people take you sexually. An auction? How would I know it’s safe?” Jennifer asked.

“Well, in the other girls case, she trusted the people who set it up and never had a problem. Sore ass? Yes, but never in any real danger. It was just fantasy. If you ever decide to try it, let me know. I can always ask for you.”

Jennifer said her goodbyes and left. She thought about being auctioned off, and remembered the Club had auctions from time to time. She filed the thought away for the time being. The night before her next visit to Club 35, Jennifer once again opened her front door and being sure to turning the bolt, quietly stepped into the hallway. She walked naked down the hallway to the elevator but didn’t stop. She kept walking to the far end of the hall and then back again. She resisted the urge to touch herself as she walked back to her apartment.

Before going to bed, Jennifer, still naked, checked her computer. She was glad she did. There was an e-mail from Catherine. Jennifer had submitted to Catherine her last visit to the Club. It was the most intense impact play Jennifer had ever experienced. That was followed by Jennifer being ass fucked by 10 men and fucked in her pussy by Max, Catherine’s husband. Jennifer liked Catherine and she eagerly read the e-mail. Apparently, Catherine found out about the visit from Christine, who filled Catherine in on what Jennifer’s new fantasy was. Catherine joked about no whips but she did say she looked forward to having a go at Jennifer’s ass. She did have something in mind and she concluded by saying how much Max was looking forward to sampling more of Jennifer’s holes.

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