Charlotte’s Bet


Charlotte would admit, in hindsight, that it had been a reckless bet to make, especially when her friends started to escalate the forfeits. She couldn’t even use the excuse that she was drunk as she was driving home from the party so hadn’t touched a drop. She’d always been pleased with herself – a confident, beautiful 19-year old girl with soft, mostly natural blonde hair falling around her shoulders and a slim, gently curved body with long, slender legs, a peachy bottom and lovely, pert 34C breasts. So when she’d declared that she could make any guy at the party cum within five minutes thanks to her blow job skills, she’d meant it, even though it’d been light-hearted.

What Charlotte did not know is that some of her ‘friends’ didn’t like her all that much, and this led to her current situation. First, they’d called her on her claim, and then it had started to escalate. So, here she was, in her friend’s mum’s bedroom, waiting for the first of the 12 men who’d been at the party. The deal was this: the men would come into the room, one every five minutes. She’d suck them off and, when they came, she’d swallow. Simple. Except, if a guy lasted longer than five minutes, the next one would not wait, and so would be allowed to fuck her pussy. And if both those guys lasted another five minutes, the next man in would be up her ass – but Charlotte believed no man could last ten minutes with her gorgeous lips around his cock. She’d laughed off suggestions that she’d find herself with no spare orifice and told her friends that she’d do anything they decided, as this would never happen.

The theme of the party had been ‘school reunion’, so Charlotte was wearing white, knee-high socks, white bikini briefs, a white blouse and a short, blue pleated skirt with her old school tie. She knew that she needed to make sure the men came quickly as the best case here was that she sucked and swallowed 12 loads of cum in the next hour, so she removed her innocent white bra and sat on the edge of the bed, boobs out, pink nipples hard, awaiting the first man.


Alex walked into the room, initially surprised that what he and his mates had been told was obviously true, but got over his shock fast. Walking over to Charlotte, he pulled out his rapidly hardening cock and stood in front of her. Slipping from her seat on the edge of the bed, she knelt in front of him and took him into her mouth, taking his hands and putting them on her tits. Charlotte had given plenty of head and her claim had not been an idle boast – most guys came quickly when the prettiest girl in town started to suck them! She ran her tongue around the head of Alex’s cock, tasting him and enjoying the hard meat in her mouth, as she bobbed her head giving him an Escort exceptionally pleasant blow job.

Alex was mindful of the fact that all the guys had been begged by Charlotte’s friends to hang on as long as they could, but he’d fancied her for years and, as he looked down at the lovely teenager in her ill-fitting school uniform, he lost himself in the pleasure and the sensations her sweet mouth was giving him. After just under four minutes, he stopped squeezing her tits long enough to grab her head and twist his fingers in her blonde hair as he came, his prick twitching in her mouth as he fired his spunk. Charlotte twisted her head so that it didn’t go straight down her throat, collecting his salty jizz in her mouth, then swallowing it all down as he pulled out of her. Sitting back on her haunches, she smiled up at him, wickedly.


Charlotte had thirty seconds to prepare herself before Bob walked in, grinning like a Cheshire cat and already pulling his cock out of his jeans. Without standing on ceremony, he pushed it into her mouth and started to face-fuck her quite roughly. She’d been expecting that – she’d blown him before – and as Charlotte sucked him she played with his balls. Three minutes later, Bob cried out as her mouth again filled with sperm, and again, Charlotte swallowed like a good little slut.


Charlotte was surprised when Chris was next – he was Jane’s boyfriend and this had all been a bet made from a conversation with Jane. Still, a bet was a bet, and she took his semi-hard dick in her mouth. It took longer than normal to make Chris fully hard, and Charlotte had to use all her skills, working her tongue and lips on his shaft, playing with his balls, taking him all the way to the back of her mouth so she almost gagged. As the seconds ticked by, she started to get nervous. Chris was almost silent, and whilst he was now rock-hard and gently thrusting his hips as she sucked and sucked at his cock, he’d not given any sign he was close to climax. Shit, she thought.


Daniel grinned as he walked in. There was Charlotte, on her knees, sucking for all she was worth, but Chris just stood there, impassive. As Dan closed the door, Chris put his hand on Charlotte’s head, holding her firmly so she had to keep sucking. Daniel slipped off his pants, stroking himself to full hardness, then got behind Charlotte and pulled her hips up so she was on all fours, still sucking Chris for all she was worth. He flipped her short skirt up over her back and pushed her schoolgirl panties aside to reveal her juicy cunt below a neat vee of dark blonde hair. Without further ado, he pushed into her, and started to fuck her, long, deep strokes, in and out of her hot cunt.

Finally, after eight minutes, Chris decided he’d done enough to stay on Jane’s good side and let go, pumping hot, streams of cum into Charlotte’s mouth, before pulling out and wiping his cock rudely across her face, smearing her cheek with cum and spit. He smiled at her, as she dropped her head, embarrassed, as Dan kept fucking her.


Charlotte knew this was going badly – she had less control over making men cum when they were in her pussy, and if Dan had some self-control he could keep at her for ages. She was musing on this when Eric came in, and her mind and mouth were then otherwise occupied.


She’d barely swallowed Eric’s seed when Frank pushed his penis into her mouth, her jaw now starting to ache, and Dan was still screwing her, slowly, taking his time. Charlotte figured it was a bit late to worry about how her mouth had got her mouth into all this mess, but she resolved to stop making stupid bets!


Fuck! thought Charlotte. How were they hanging on? Garry stood in front of her, a twinkle in his eye, as Dan and Frank paused in fucking her cunt and mouth respectively. Picking her up, they lay Charlotte on the bed. Frank sat by the pillows, again offering himself to her waiting mouth, while Dan lay in front of her and pushed back into her wet pussy. Finally, Garry climbed behind her and, spitting on his cock to lubricate it, began to roughly push against her asshole. Charlotte could not cry out due to her mouthful of prick, but tears slowly rolled down her face as Garry gradually buried himself in her bottom. Charlotte felt ridiculously full, and very dirty, humiliated, like a complete slut. But she could not deny being turned on. As Dan and Garry both fucked her, she felt Dan tense and then her pussy was filled with his spunk. Initially, Charlotte was pleased that she was not going to have to swallow 12 loads, but then she reconsidered – with Frank still in her mouth and Garry in her bottom, the next guy would also be fucking her pussy – this bet was going badly!


Henry was big. Very big. With Garry still happily sodomising her, Charlotte felt like she was being split in two as Henry shoved into her sopping cunt. Her body was soaked with sweat, her clothes too. What a night this had turned into.


Frank had pulled out at the last second and sprayed his cum all over her face and hair, which was now matted with sweat and spunk. Still, it meant that when Ian entered the room, he then entered her mouth. She was trying to keep her focus on whichever cock was in her mouth, wanting, if that was the word, to add to the four loads of spunk she’d swallowed (or the one all over her pretty face) rather than have anyone else fuck her pussy or bottom. She was still thinking about this, sucking vigorously at Ian’s prick, when Garry and Henry both came, within moments of each other, Garry filling her anus with creamy spunk as Henry shot deep in her, his cum mixing with Dan’s.


As two men had left at once, Charlotte was able to put almost all her attention onto Ian, desperately trying to make him cum, although she was distracted by the sensation of sticky cum running out of her pussy and bumhole to soak her panties and trickle down her thigh. She knew as she heard the door close again it was too late, and with Ian’s dick still thrusting in her face, she felt Joe sink to the hilt in her slimy cunt, his passage made easy by the sperm of his friends. Charlotte was lost, now, feeling like a rag doll as the third man in the last half an hour energetically fucked her pussy – at least he didn’t seem to be trying to hang on. But then he slowed, settling to a hard, thrusting but slow rhythm, his every thrust shoving her throat onto Ian’s cock, making her choke.


Charlotte groaned deep in her throat and started to cry again as Karl forced his dick up her bottom, leaving her once again with three cocks in her at the same time. His passage was made easier thanks to the ass-fucking she’d already received, but she still could not believe what was happening. She also couldn’t believe that Ian was still in her mouth and hadn’t yet come. Once again, she was out of holes and there was still one man to go. It was hard to focus on delivering a great blowjob when your pussy and ass were also being pounded.


“Uh, Jane?” called Lewis. “Charlotte’s still…occupied? Karl, Ian and Joe aren’t done.”

Charlotte heard this, but could not react as she was quite busy with her current situation. Then she heard Jane’s mocking voice.

“You’re right, Lewis. I guess she failed in the bet. That means that you don’t get a go, honey. But don’t worry – Charlotte said we could have whatever forfeit we wanted, so you’ll definitely get your turn one way or another.”

Now that the bet was lost, the three men in Charlotte had no need to temper their passions, and all started to fuck her in earnest, roughly driving in and out of her until, one after another, they emptied themselves in her, leaving her mouth, pussy and ass full of spunk. Once they’d left her, Charlotte simply collapsed back onto the bed, physically exhausted, tears of shame running over her cum-coated cheeks, her sore pussy and ass also leaking from three and two loads of cum respectively. She could not believe how cruel her friends had turned out to be. She’d given six blow jobs, been fucked by three men in her pussy and taken two up her bottom in the last hour – and still lost the bet! She could not imagine the forfeit…

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