Celeste’s New Friends

Apple Head

Author’s Note:

Please read my story “All Grown Up” for Celeste’s background. It’s not necessary, but will answer some questions about her you may have.

All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older. The characters and story are fictional, and any similarities to people, living or dead and story are merely coincidental.


My new friend, Ginger, and I had gone to a club that allowed eighteen plus on Fridays, my last night before I left to go home from visiting my grandparents. I met Ginger on Tuesday at her father’s shoe store, and immediately we were the best of friends. I had never had a best friend. We had talked on the phone each day since, and had made plans for this girls’ night out.

We had also arranged that after the club, I would stay the night at her house. She lived with her father.

The house was dark when we arrived home; it looked like her father had already gone to bed, so we quietly went in through the kitchen. Ginger took my hand and led me through the darkness. At the staircase leading up to her bedroom on the second floor, she turned to face me from the first step. Her face was still slightly below mine even after I took my heels off at the door.

She rose up on her tip toes and her arms went around my neck. We kissed. Her lips were warm and soft, then I felt the tip of her tongue press between my lips. Our tongues danced together as I pulled her body to mine and I felt her full, soft breasts spread across my chest through my light shirt.

“I need to let Daddy know we’re home,” as she broke the kiss.

She led me down a dark hallway to an opened door. No lights were on inside.


“Ginger, sweetheart, come in. I was hoping you’d get home before I went to sleep.”

She stepped into the room, still holding my hand, and I followed. The curtains were all closed so it was impossible to see much in her father’s bedroom. When we reached the side of the bed, Ginger reached down and pulled the covers back and slipped into the bed.

“Daddy, Celeste is with me.”

A small light on the headboard snapped on to illuminate the top half of the bed. Her father was sitting up, his chest and stomach naked while the covers hid from the waist down. Ginger was lying on her side next to him, her arm disappearing below the covers and I could tell one of her legs was draped across his hips. Her top and shorts were on the floor next to the bed.

The expression on her father’s face was of confusion, and a little fear, I think.


“Oh Daddy, don’t be silly. Wouldn’t it be rude to not include our guest?”

He looked at her, then back at me. I could feel my nipples poking though my tank top. Ginger was smiling at me. I pulled my shirt off over my head and wiggled my skirt and panties down off my hips and let them drop to the floor.

Ginger turned onto her back as I climbed into the bed and pushed the covers down around her feet. Her porcelain white breasts were rising and falling rapidly with her breathing. My lips went directly to her large, bright pink areola and tiny nipple. Her nipple felt like a rock hard pea between my lips as I flicked it with my tongue. I could feel her wetness and heat against my knee between her legs as I knelt over her.

I followed Ginger’s arm with my hand as I continued to suck and lick her nipples, and found her tiny hand wrapped around the head of her father’s penis.

“Daddy’s fixed, Celeste. He can’t get us pregnant,” she whispered near my head. I’m not sure I cared, but felt a relief as the words sank in. Her hand moved away from his penis and soon enough found my clitoris to play with instead.

My fingers overlapped a little as I circled his penis with them. It was not nearly as thick as Grandpa’s, but I was amazed as my hand traveled downward how long it was. It was at least a foot long. As I again came to his head and could now hold it in my hand, I noticed Bayan Escort Gaziantep it was not even as big around as his shaft.

Ginger was moaning and grinding her wet pussy against my knee as I raised my body away from hers and turned to look at the penis in my hand. It was long and thin, and curved to one side. The base was thick, but quickly tapered down to the point where his pee hole is. I had to know how much I could get into my throat.

I quickly shifted my body, and being careful not to hurt anybody, was soon straddling her father’s face, resting my upper body on my elbows on either side of his hips. I guided him toward my mouth and as I flicked my tongue over the tip, I felt his tongue slide from my asshole, between my lips and over my pussy opening. He was pulling my cheeks apart with his hands and when he got to my clit, gave it a lick and returned to the beginning.

I was in the perfect position for him to slide into my throat. I had him in my mouth, moving up and down about half his length, building up saliva for lubrication and I felt wet fingers on my nipples. They had to belong to Ginger.

I looked at her sideways, and saw that she was alternating hands between her shaved bald pussy and my nipples. She slid a finger the length of her pussy and buried it inside her, then brought it to my nipple. She did this with each hand. She was masturbating herself at the same stimulating my nipples.

I slid my lips down his shaft. I felt his head reach my throat and relaxed my muscles, imagining a tunnel in the back of my mouth. He easily slid in, passing the halfway point down his shaft, then three quarters. His tongue thrust into my pussy, pushing inside me and his body froze as my lips surrounded the base of his cock. His head was deep inside my throat.

I raised my head about three inches, then back to the base.

“Oh god” he groaned. My eyes were closed as I relished the feeling of him filling me. One of his thumbs found my puckered hole between my butt cheeks and pushed inside.

I thrust his head up and down in my throat, once, twice, three times, then withdrew and gulped in two quick breaths in and out and again swallowed him down as far as I could. His dick jerked a little in my throat with each thrust.

“God, Celeste, please stop! You’re going to make me cum, and I don’t want to cum yet. Please, please!” Ginger’s father begged in a hoarse growl.

I slid my legs and hips forward, down his torso, and straightened up. I looked at Ginger beside me, sitting cross legged. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open. She was breathing hard and she had some fingers of one hand thrust inside her.

Without breaking eye contact with her, I raised up, first one leg, then the other, and I was squatting over her father’s penis with my back to his face. I ran the head of his cock up and down my soaking wet pussy and raised my eyebrows questioningly at Ginger.

“Daddy, can I watch Celeste fuck you, please?”

“Do you want to watch me fuck her, sweetheart? Do you want Daddy to fuck Celeste for you?”

“Oh Daddy, yes. Please fuck Celeste. Fuck her and fill her with your cum. I want to watch.”

I guided his long cock to my pussy hole and slowly lowered myself onto him. He entered me easily and I lowered myself until I felt his head pressing hard against my cervix. I couldn’t go any further and there were still about two inches outside of my pussy lips. I had not stopped staring into Ginger’s dark eyes. She was meeting my gaze, a dark, smokey fire burning in her eyes.

I began rising and falling on the long cock inside me. It was only a few minutes, and my thighs were starting to burn. I was not close, but could tell I would be soon. Ginger’s father was close though. I could feel it in the way he was thrusting up to me meet. I could hear it in his grunts and moans. I lowered myself as far onto him as I could and leaned my body forward onto my knees.

Ginger was still transfixed with the sight of her father’s penis sliding in and out of my pussy. My juices had wet his cock and balls and formed a wet layer on his belly.

I reached over and grabbed Ginger’s wrist. Her eyes snapped up to meet mine and I gently guided her around in front of me, over her father’s outstretched legs, then behind me.

“Lie down on your back next to Daddy, Ginger.”

As she positioned herself on the bed behind me, I turned my body into a kneeling position between her legs and reach both hands underneath her butt, resting my upper body on my chest.

“Daddy, fuck me. Fuck my pussy from behind, while I taste your baby girl. Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me good,” I whispered hoarsely, looking into his eyes.

Surprisingly quickly, he was on his feet at the foot of the bed. He grabbed a hip in each hand and literally pulled my ass back toward him until I could feel his long, hard cock resting against my crack. I had grabbed Ginger’s legs as I felt myself moving and had managed to pull her body with me.

As he buried his hardness inside my pussy, I buried my face between Ginger’s legs. Soon I was rocking in unison with Daddy’s thrusts into me and could feel Ginger’s pussy juices running down my chin. She tasted musky and sweet. Her breathing was ragged like mine. I was whining with each thrust inside my pussy and working hard to keep her clit between my lips.

I could feel my insides begin to tighten as Ginger pressed her pelvis into my face. His thrusts matched my cries in rhythm and speed; Daddy was the orchestra conductor, directing our bodies to rise and fall in unison mounting toward our climax.

He thrust, I cried, Ginger ground her pussy to my mouth. I could feel my orgasm rise inside me.

“Daddy!” I screamed out against Ginger’s pussy as waves of my orgasm pulsed through my body.

“Daddy!” Ginger cried, gushing her orgasm into my mouth and onto my cheeks and chin and bucking her hips off the bed.

“Sweet Jesus girls…”

My pussy filled with hot streams of cum as Ginger’s father pulled my butt against his hips. His entire body seemed to spasm, over and over. I could already feel the hot cum running down the inside of my thighs, while his cock continued to shoot more cum inside me.

I collapsed onto Ginger’s heaving chest as her father finally pulled out of my flooded pussy. My knees were under me, and I could feel cum pouring onto my crossed ankles. Ginger and I were both panting wildly, trying to breath.

When I had caught my breath, and Ginger’s chest was finally rising and falling almost normally, I sat up, butt resting against my sticky, cum covered feet underneath me. He was lying beside us on the bed, eyes closed. His penis was resting against his belly, sticky and wet still with a mixture of his cum and mine.

I reached over and lightly touched my fingertip to the head, right on his hole. It twitched and a drop of cum oozed out onto my finger. His eyes opened as I brought my finger to my lips and licked his come into my mouth.

“Was that good Daddy? Did I feel good on you?”

“My dear Celeste, I’ve dreamed of that since the day we met, and my dreams pale compared to how you felt.”

“Daddy? Are you done?”

“Yes, I’m sorry to say. Your body was so heavenly, I wanted it to last, but I couldn’t stop myself.”

“Are you positive you’re done Daddy?” I softly asked as I moved on my knees between his legs.

“I’m sorry, Celeste, I don’t think…”

I leaned forward and licked the length of his flaccid, sticky penis. “Ginger didn’t get to enjoy this magnificent cock inside her tonight, Daddy. Are you sure you’re done?”

I looked into his eyes as I lifted his softness to my lips and swirled my tongue around the head.


“Celeste, oh god, I don’t think…”

“Mm, Daddy, our cum tastes so good on you,” and I slipped my lips over the head and sucked him into my mouth. I squeezed my lips around the base of his cock and pulled my face away from him. I felt some thick globs of cum drip out of him onto my tongue.

“Daddy, are you really absolutely done tonight?” as his head made a popping noise as it left the suction of my mouth.

I glanced down, and it was longer and thicker than when I picked it up.

“Oh Daddy, I think you like me. You’re not done, are you?” I pressed my lips back over his head and down his shaft. His head reached the back of my throat before I got to his stomach. Ginger was getting fucked tonight.

But not until I had him good and ready. I angled him back toward me and he slid into my throat again. I moved him in and out of my throat, and with only a few strokes he was as hard as he was before. He was still in my mouth when I looked over at Ginger.

Ginger was sitting cross legged next to her father, gently caressing his chest with one hand. Without releasing him from my lips, I reached toward her and guided her over him.

I moved my head away from his penis as Ginger straddled her father and I kept a hand wrapped around the base of his hard penis, pointing it straight up. I reached between her legs from behind with my other hand, spread her lips and positioned him at her pussy, where my lips had been just minutes before.

“Daddy, can I watch you fuck Ginger now?”

“Yes. God yes. I want you to watch while I fuck my baby girl”

I reached an arm around Ginger’s waist and pressed her down onto his hard erection, leaving the hand opening her pussy for him where it was. I felt him slide between my fingers and into her waiting hole, squeezing my fingers around his shaft and pressing a finger tip against her clit.

I felt Ginger shudder against my arm around her waist and inhale sharply as he filled her up. I raised my arm higher and cupped a warm, soft breast in my hand.

“Celeste,” she whimpered softly.

“Fuck Daddy while I watch. I want to see his cock fill your pussy with his cum like he did mine,” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh fuck me Daddy, fuck me, fuck me like you fucked Celeste,” Ginger panted.

Soon Ginger was rapidly rising and falling on her father’s cock, his hips raising to meet her. He was grunting with each upward push of his hips and I could feel her pussy contract around him as I massaged her clit with my finger.

“Daddy, fuck your baby girl until she cums. I want to feel the two of you cum together. Cum inside her, Daddy. She’s ready to be filled. Filler her up, Daddy,” I growled at him.

I felt her muscles clamp down on his shaft as he hit bottom inside her. Her head rolled back against my shoulder and I pinched and twisted her nipple.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Celeste!” she whimpered at the ceiling with each orgasmic contraction.

“Daddy, pump your cum inside her! Fill her up!” I encouraged him.

I felt the muscles at the base of his cock tighten then explode inside him as I felt the underside of his penis fill and then rush past my fingers. His body jerked and bucked up towards her. My hand was covered with cum, hers and his, and I continued to squeeze his cock and massage her clit.

His orgasm didn’t last as long as it had with me, but my hand was still covered with a copious amount of hot liquid. They were both struggling to breath as her head fell forward and she collapsed on his chest, his penis still buried inside her cum soaked pussy.

I moved up beside her father and lay down. Ginger’s face was covered with sweat and her hair was matted down around it. I raised up and kissed her lips as I brushed the hair away.

“Daddy, I loved having you inside me. Thank you,” I whispered into his ear. I kissed him and slipped my tongue between his lips, swirling it inside his mouth until his met mine and they danced together for a few seconds.

“Are you done?”

“My god, Celeste, I think so, but I just don’t know. I thought I was done before you convinced me to pleasure Ginger.”

Ginger slid off her father and cuddle up next to him. He pulled the covers up over us.

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