BtB: The Call

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I dropped my suitcase on the floor and my shoulder bag on the first twin bed, laying down on the second one. I closed my tired blue eyes and thought about just falling asleep like that, when my cellphone rang, startling me awake. I looked at the Caller ID and saw that it said ‘Home.’ I silently cursed myself, remembering that I was supposed to have called home as soon as I got to the airport to let Ashley and Becca know I had made it in okay. I was tired enough that holding the phone up would have been too much effort, so I plugged in my hands-free mic and hit ‘Answer.’


“Hey, babe. It’s me.” It was Ashley, of course. She was always the first one to call, though I assumed Becca was on the other phone, the one in the kitchen. I heard the little click and knew she was there too.

“Hey, ladies,” I said, a smile on my face. “Sorry I didn’t call earlier. The plane got in a little late and we had to get bags and…well, you know the drill. Is the house still standing without me there?” They both laughed, a sound that made him happier than landing on the ground did after a six-hour flight.

“Yes, Will,” Ashley answered poutingly. “We ARE two capable women, you know.”

“Oh, yes. I’m quite aware of that, baby. I have no doubts that you two can take care of yourselves.”

Becca answered this time. “What do you think we were doing while you were flying? We were ‘taking care’ of each other.” She broke into a giggle, which Ashley matched with her musical laugh.

“There’s only one problem,” Ashley said once the laughter had stopped.

“What’s that?”

“As good as Becca is in bed,” she started. I could hear the smirk in her voice. “And you know how good she is, she doesn’t have a cock. I want to feel that nice hot flesh, stretching me and fucking me hard.” Becca giggled again and I could hear movement on the phone. I guessed that Ashley had taken the cordless phone from the living room and gone into the kitchen. I pictured her starting to grind against Becca and my cock started to rise.

“Well,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. “I did actually plan for this emergency.”

“You did? How?” That was Ashley. She sounded excited. It was the kind of excited that she was when she wasn’t fully sexually sated. She really did enjoy having sex with Becca, but she was always more fulfilled with me involved.

“Okay, settle down. One gümüşhane escort of you go upstairs…” That was as far as I got before the kitchen phone slammed down and I heard the two of them running up the stairs giggling like two schoolgirls. I could hear them stop at the top of the stairs and start fighting over the phone.

“Okay, now what,” Becca asked, at least in temporary custody of the phone.

“Go into the bedroom.” I decided that it was pointless to give more than one order at a time, the way these two were wrestling each other.


“Look under the bed. You should see a box.”

Becca tossed the phone to Ashley and whooped. I could hear the sound of cardboard against carpet and knew that Becca had found what I had left them. She pulled the top off of the box and I heard ‘A dildo?’ in the background. Ashley laughed.

“Will, a dildo? Come on. Between the two of us, we have six or seven of those things.”

“I know, baby. But this one is special.” I couldn’t keep the smile out of my voice.

“It looks like a regular one, just shaped like a cock. What’s so special about it?”

I chuckled softly. “Do me a favor, Ash. Take the dildo from Becca and close your eyes.” I waited until she said she was ready. “Now, tilt your head back and slowly slide it into your mouth, just like you’re giving it a blowjob.” She was dubious, but she trusted me.

I listened in silence for about almost ten seconds before I heard her deep intake of air. “My God,” she said. “It’s your cock!”

“Yes it is, baby. I made it for you when I found out I was going on this trip. I figured it could keep you company while I was gone. I thought something like this might happen, so I ordered one of those ‘make your own dildo’ kits and made you two a little something to take my place.”

“Will,” Ashley said, he voice getting a little huskier. “Nothing could take your place.”

“What if,” I replied, “Becca was to fuck you with that cock while I talk to you on the phone?” There was a pause on the other end, since Ashley knew I didn’t like talking on the phone. And phonesex? Out of the question. She was not about to let this opportunity pass, though. She hurriedly told Becca what was going on and Becca readily agreed. She liked fucking Ashley almost as much as I did. We had a speakerphone in there so they could both hear me. The speakerphone came on and the cordless phone clicked off. I heard them climb up on the bed and start tearing each other’s clothes off and I could hear them talking to each other, their voices quiet.

“Are you two ready,” I asked, loosening my belt and undoing my pants, shuffling out of them on the bed. Ashley said they were and I could picture it in my mind: Ashley and Becca, both naked. Ashley was on her back, her legs wide open and Becca kneeling between her legs, my ‘cock’ in her hand. If I hadn’t been hard before…

I heard Ashley start talking, a slight whine in her voice. “Give it to me, Will. Let me have that cock. I need it so badly.”

“Oh God, Ashley. Mmmm. I’ve got it in my hand and I’m rubbing it up and down your wet pussy lips.” I heard her moan in response, knowing that Becca was doing exactly what I said I was doing. I put my hand on my shaft and started stroking it slowly.

“Oh fuck, Will. I need it. Just fuck me, please!”

I chuckled softly. “Not yet, baby. I want you to be ready for it. Now, I’m moving the shaft up and down on your clit, feeling your juices on my cock.”

She moaned again. I could tell she was getting off on this, even if I couldn’t see her. I could hear Becca making noises in the background. She muttered and made small noises when she fucked Ashley. It was such a turnon for everyone involved.

“I’m sliding it in, Ash. God, you’re so wet. I love fucking your pussy.” I’m sure I grunted or groaned or something because Ashley gasped loudly. She did that when I grunted or growled. My hand was moving faster on my cock. I got up and grabbed my small bottle of lube that I always took with me on business trips. I pulled off my shirt and lay back down, coating my hand and rubbing myself again.

“Oh God, Will! Fuck me! Oh, Jesus, yes! Give me that fucking cock!” She didn’t usually talk like that unless she was REALLY horny. Becca must have done a good job before she called.

“You like that cock, baby,” I heard Becca ask. Ashley just groaned again and said to keep fucking her. “That cock looks so fucking good in your pussy, Ash.” I think I groaned when I heard that, seeing my cock moving in and out of her in my mind, feeling my hand squeeze my shaft just a little harder.

“Ash, my God. I love giving you my cock, just pounding you harder and harder. You’re so damn hot.”

“Oh, Will! Fuck, yes! Oh Jesus!” I could hear her voice rising slightly; she was getting close. She must either really find this erotic or she was still revved up from earlier. Either was possible.

“Give her that cock, Will! Fuck her harder! Make her cum all over your hard fucking dick!” Becca was really getting into to it, too. I figured she was finger fucking herself in time to the dildo she was ramming into Ashley.

“Oh, fuck yes, Ash! Cum on my cock! I want to feel your pussy soak my dick!” I was really pumping hard; trying to cum the same time Ashley did, trying to gauge it all by the sound of her voice and her moans. I could hear the smacks of the dildo against her wet slit and that drive me that much closer.

“Oh God, Will! She’s about to cum! Shoot that fucking load in her!”

“Give it to me! Give me your cum, Will! Fuck!”

“Ashley! Fuck! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” My cock erupted I felt my warm cum land on my belly and my hand. Ashley cried out a second behind me and yelled my name, followed by Becca’s.

“Will! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I could see it: she was thrashing her head back and forth and her back was arched, and I could see my hands going to her waist, wanting to keep fucking her. My exhaustion from travel, as well as my orgasm, drained me.

“Will. Oh my God, Will. Fuck.” I heard her gasping in the background and Becca giggling. “Oh, Becca. Lick that cock clean. Suck the cum off of it.” I moaned when I heard that, thinking of Becca licking my shaft clean of semen, which she had done a million times before.

“Oh, Will,” Becca moaned softly. “Ashley’s cum tastes so good on your cock. Mmmm.” I heard her slurping on the dildo and felt my cock valiantly try to rise again, but he, and I, were just too tired.

“Ashley. Becca. I’m falling asleep over here. I need to go.”

“Aw, spoil sport,” Becca said, a grin in her voice. “When do I get a turn?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll call you guys tomorrow when the meeting is over and we can have a little reversal. How’s that?”

“Wonderful,” Becca answered. “Good night, Will.”

“Good night, my lovely ladies. Love you both.”

This time, they both answered. “Love you too.”

I heard the phone click off and I hit ‘End’ on my cellphone. I imagined Ash and Becks curling up together in orgasmic bliss and then looked at my pillow, feeling jealous. I sighed and quickly cleaned myself off before crawling under the covers and falling asleep as my head his the pillow. I’m sure I had a smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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