Breeding Island


***This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+ and consenting adults.***


When I was 18, as was the custom for our remote island community, I moved into the hut with my friends and began taking the herbs the midwives of our village prescribed us. The herbs promoted breast growth, lactation, and fertility, all of which were highly prized in our culture. My friends and I were encouraged to enjoy each other’s bodies fully, including suckling each other’s breasts whenever we felt like it, especially at night. My best friend was obsessed with my puffy nipples and loved falling asleep sucking them, whispering to me about how she couldn’t wait for them to make milk. Because the herbs increased our sex drive, we would rub together while she sucked my tender nipples, thighs straining as we tried for relief the best way we could. My first orgasm happened on a night just like that, in her arms.

Our midwife also helped with relief. In her thirties with large, pendulous breasts, she had been breeding for many years before becoming a midwife. Her breasts made copious amounts of milk, and she encouraged me to drink it when I would visit her for the herbs.

“Come now, let’s have a look at how you’re coming,” she would say. “Any milk yet?”

“No, Auntie,” I said, using the term of respect for her we gave all the midwives.

“Let me see.” She palmed my firm breasts, toying with the nipples, which thanks to the herbs were starting to change, becoming harder and fatter. She squeezed them, using a milking motion, and a small amount of clear fluid appeared at the tips. “Not much longer now.”

“Mmm. Thank you, Auntie.” I was looking forward to what came next, when she eased back against the pillows on the floor of her hut and motioned me forward.

“Time for a snack?” She patted the spot next to her and offered me a full breast. Eager, I stretched out next to her, and latched on, sweet milk flooding my mouth after just a few pulls. Her hands found my nipples again, working them with that same Casibom insistent milking motion. My pussy contracted and my hips squirmed against the mat.

“That’s it, drink it all up. Such a good girl.” She pet my hair and stroked my shoulders before returning to my nipples, pulling and tugging while I fed on her long nipple. “Do you want to rub?”

I moaned my need, still drinking frantically. With her playing with my nipples and her breast in my mouth, I slid a hand down to my soaking pussy. This was my favorite part of our visits.

I rubbed my swelling clit, loving how the herbs were making this part of my body more sensitive too, moaning around her big breast as I stroked myself.

“That’s it. That’s it. Rub that needy pussy for me. Soon it will be time for your breeding.”

I whimpered at that suggestion, need rising. More clear fluid seeped out of my nipples as I sucked down more of her warm milk. I rubbed faster, wanting that good feeling to come with her nipple in my mouth.

Her fingers got rougher as my moans grew louder, and I liked the bite of pain, something she praised me for. “Such a good girl.”

The orgasm hit me like an ocean wave, slapping into me, making me gulp down her milk as my pussy spasmed over and over. We switched sides, me draining her slower, and this time, it was her hand on my damp core that brought me pleasure, her knowing fingers dipping inside. “This is where the breeding cock will go, filling you up.”

“Yes.” I moaned, coming again at the suggestion. “I want that.”

“I know,” she soothed. “Soon.”

She finished our visit by oiling my breasts and pussy, more special herbal concoctions to promote fertility.

I already knew who would be breeding me, a tribal elder who shared a special bond with me. I couldn’t wait, and even though I did love sleeping with my friends, I wanted to share his hut, bear his seed, show off a big pregnant belly to everyone.

In the evenings, as was our custom, my friends and I would hang out Casibom Giriş with our special older men, often cuddling up on their laps. My breasts and nipples were always available to him, and he would play with them idly, massaging, milking, tweaking, laughing happily when they made a few clear drops. “Soon, soon,” he would say.

His big hands knew how to maximize my pleasure, making me climax from nipple play alone. As time progressed, my nipples were changing thanks to all the attention from him, my friends, and the midwife, growing longer and firmer. Still very puffy, but even more prominent now, breasts also swelling and enlarging from the herbs.

I would writhe on his lap, his hard cock slipping back and forth against my pussy lips, promoting more orgasms. “Such a good little pet,” he murmured, tugging my nipples away from my body, making me gasp. “Can’t wait to breed you.”

When the rubbing would make him spill his seed, he would massage it into my stomach and breasts as this was seen as increasing fertility.

Later, when I was suckling my friend to sleep, I tasted it. Warm, sweet milk. “It’s your turn!” I crowed, knowing she would be bred with her special older man now.

As her best friend, I helped her get ready, helping the midwife to oil her, sucking her newly leaky nipples, and lapping at her juicy pussy. “I want you to stay,” she whispered.

I moved behind her, holding her, offering her to her special man. He praised her for making milk, tenderly drinking her nipples for the first time, slurping and sucking for a long time, making her climax repeatedly.

Then, when she was drained, he rubbed his oiled breeding cock up and down her slit. He was very large, but she was well-oiled and stretched by the midwife. Still, though, watching her stretch was the most erotic thing I’d seen in my life. She gasped and whimpered, hands clutching at me as he pushed in.

He fucked her long and slow, teaching her how to move with him. I helped by rubbing her pussy until she Casibom Yeni Giriş cried out, coming on his hard cock. Her nipples leaked, milk running down to her pussy, joining with his cum as he emptied inside her for the first time. Afterward, he encouraged me to lap at her tender clit and pussy, eeking one more orgasm out of her tired body. The taste of them mingling had me throbbing.

“Little one… You’re leaking,” he said with a laugh, and with a gasp, I realized he was right. My nipples were spontaneously seeping white milk for the first time.

I raced to my midwife, who helped prepare me. Still coming down from the high of seeing my friend bred, I sucked at her nipples for a long time, waiting for my man to arrive.

When he did, he took me in his lap, our favorite position for closeness, and brought my large breasts to his mouth. Oh, the feel of his mouth on my nipples was heavenly, the relief cascading through me as I experienced my first let-down, coming as the milk released.

“Such a good girl for me,” he murmured, spreading my legs so that I straddled him. Slowly, so slowly, he lowered me down onto his oiled cock, which was even larger than the one that had bred my friend earlier.

It hurt, but deliciously so, not unlike when he’d get rough with my nipples in play, making my pleasure that much more intense. The stretch was exquisite as he pushed in for the first time, making me gasp and moan. I could feel him deep inside me, every inch of him. I stroked my stomach, full even there, full everywhere with the sensations of our joining.

He rocked me slowly, pleasure building in gentle waves, until I was whimpering and begging to climax.

“Do it. Come all over my breeding tool,” he urged. “Milk the cum out of me, sweet one.”

He pulled at my nipples, rougher now, milking them down onto his chest. With a scream, I came, orgasm after orgasm, two or three in a row as I rode out my pleasure.

He came with a roar, and I could feel his cum hitting deep inside me. Cradling me close to him, he told me how beautiful I would look with a big pregnant belly, with huge milk-making breasts for him to enjoy. Someday, I too, might even become a midwife, but for right then, I enjoyed exactly what I was…his breeding wench.

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