Breast Feeding


This is the story of how I and my mother became lovers when I was 18 years old and how our relationship became more intimate later. My mother’s name is Meena and my name is Sunil. We are a middle class Gujarathi family. My mother was married at the age of 18 to her uncle – my grandmother’s brother – when he was 40 years old, after his first wife died. I was born the same year she got married and after me, she had two girls and a boy was born just a few months before this story starts. It was the baby that started our affair. My beautiful mother, who was only 32 years old at that time, used to breast-feed the baby, as she had done all of us. As a young boy of 18, I was attracted by her breasts, which were extremely shapely. At home, mother did not wear any bra (nobody wore bras in our village) and her breasts would jiggle nicely inside her blouse as she walked. her nipples would be pushing the thin tericotton material of her blouse and sometimes, her blouse will be slightly wet with milk from her breasts.

I developed the habit of watching her breasts as the baby sucked on her breasts. Mother would not completely open her blouse, so I can get only glimpses of her nipples and aureola as the baby sucked. But those glimpses drove me crazy. Mother’s aureolas were rosy in color and her nipple was slightly reddish, because she was extremely fair in color. I knew the times she gave milk to the baby and I would position myself conveniently so that I can watch her breasts, even though pretending to read my books. I never imagined that mother would be aware of what I was doing. It was after the baby started getting indigestions, that the first event happened. One evening, there was nobody at home except mother and the baby and myself. Mother asked me to sit by her side and said ” Sunil, you must stop watching my breasts when I feed the baby”. I was scared out of my wits that mother knows what I am doing. I could not say anything. But mother continued, “Your watching is causing the baby stomach problems because the milk is changed”. She did not say what changed the milk. “Are you jealous of the baby? Do you want some milk too?” I was extremely embarassed, but I was glad mother was not angry at me. I just sat quiet. Then mother said, “Look here. You are also my baby and I have given you milk from these breasts before. So I do not mind to feed you again from these breasts. Tonight, after everybody is asleep, you can suck my breasts and satisfy your desire. But you must promise not to watch anymore when I feed the baby and not to tell anybody about this. Ok?” I simply nodded my head and was glad to run out of the house to hide my embarassment.

But I was eagerly waiting for the night. Our village house was small, as all other houses. There was a kitchen and one room and a verandah outside. My father always slept in the verandah because it was cooler there. The front door was latched inside and if he wants to come in, he will have to knock and wake sombody to open the door. Me, my mother, my two sisters and the baby all slept in the one room side by side. That was the arrangement in all houses in the villages. That night, after my father had gone to sleep outside and my sisters and the baby had slept, my mother whispered in my ears ” sunil, come to the kitchen”. My heart was pounding with anticipation as I followed her to the kitchen. There she laid down and asked me to lie beside her. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and thrust her right nipple in my mouth. I eagerly took her nipple between my lips and started pressing it. But milk was not coming.

Mother laughed and said “Poor boy, you have forgotten how to suck mother’s breasts. It has been a long time. Here, take more of my breast in your mouth and suck on it. Then you will get milk.” I did as she told me and her sweet milk started flowing into my mouth. My mother drew me closer to her and hugged me. After few minutes, when milk stopped coming from her right breast, mother asked me to take her left breast in my mouth and I enjoyed milk from that breasts until it was also empty. Mother said “Is that enough, baby? Come, let us go to the hall before somebody wakes up. But I said, “Mother, please let me continue sucking your breast a little more. It is so warm and soft in my mouth.” Mother said “Ok, sunil. Only a little while.” and I again took her warm breast in my mouth and gently pressed it with my lips and tongue. Then I cupped her other breast in my hand and started caressing it. After a while, mother said “You like mummy’s breasts. Don’t you sunil?” and she huggedd me closer to her.

Mother’s voice was unsteady a little bit and I became aware of her heavy breathing. I do not know how long she let me suck her breasts, but I was disappointed when she said, “Come sunil, let us go to the hall. Enough for today. Remember, not a word to anyone and no watching when I feed the baby”. I said “Yes ma” and we got up and slept in our usual places. Next day, my mother’s breasts looked bursa eskort more attractive to me than usual. I did not watch her when she fed the baby, but I kept looking at her breasts all other times. When she saw me looking at her breast, mother smiled gently and adjusted her sari so that it fell between her breasts and both her breasts were exposed to my view. I was thrilled and enjoyed the nice movements her breasts made inside her blouse as she moved about. I also noticed that her nipples were more prominent than usual today and that made my mother look lovelier. That night, I was lying in my bed, impatiently waiting for my mother to call me. After making sure the children had slept, mother whispered “Sunil, let us go to the kitchen” We went to the kitchen and closed the door.

We laid down side by side and mother opened her blouse for me. I hugged her tight and took her right breast in my mouth and sucked her milk. There was lot more milk than the previous day in both of her breasts. After I emptied both her breasts, mother said, “Did you have enough milk today, sunil? I gave the baby cow’s milk so that you can have more milk” I was thrilled and hugged her tight. “Thanks Ma, your milk and your breasts are so sweet and thanks for showing me both your breasts during the day”, I said. Mother said, ” I am happy to show them to you, sunil. I was a little bit embarassed because my nipples were erect the whole day and were pushing my blouse out more today” I said, “Ma, those nipples made you look more beautiful today. But why did they become erect Ma?” Mother said, “All because of your sucking and fondling yesterday, Sunil”. “Ma, does my sucking and fondling hurt your breasts” “No, silly boy, mummy feels so nice about your sucking and fondling. That is why her nipples become erect. Now enough of this talking. Here, suck this breast and fondle the other one”. I simply obeyed her. I continued my courtship with my mother’s breasts for along time until we heard the baby crying. Mother said “Sunil, let me go and feed the baby. Stay here. You can continue when I come back, Ok?” and buttoned up her blouse and went to the hall. After fifteen minutes she came back.

This time, I unbuttoned her blouse and instead of sucking her breasts, I kissed them fondly. Mother was excited. I sat against the wall and asked my mother to lean on me and cupped her breasts from behind and gently fondled them. I caressed her nipples slowly and they became erect. I kissed her neck moving her mangal sutra aside. I could feel my mother trembling against me. After a little while mother said, “Sunil, we should not let this go out of control. Otherwise, we won’t be able to enjoy even this. Mummy has some milk now in her breasts. Just suck it and let us go to sleep. Ok?” and gave me her breasts. I sucked all the sweet warm milk out of them and then we went to sleep.

From the next day, mother strictly limited our nightly affair to one hour. But she continued to display her breasts for me during the daytime and also gradually stopped breast-feeding the baby and gave me all her milk to suck. Since there was too much milk for her to hold the whole day, she asked me to come home at lunch time from school, so that she can feed me. In the evening, she asked me to come home without going for playing and I had a feeding in the evening too. This went on for three months. Of course my father never knew anything about our affair. But somebody else came to know about it – my grandmother, my mother’s mother(who was also my father’s sister). She lives in a village about 20 miles from us where we have our ancestral property and house. She visits us every three months and we go to her place for all major temple festivals. She came on her regular visit to stay for a week.

My mother had warned me to keep away from her during grandma’s visit. I was not going to get any milk and she won’t show her breasts to me. That was going to be a torture, but mother said it is better to suffer a week rather than lose our affair for ever. But she did not count on grandmother’s keen observational skill and on her milk-making breasts. The third night after grandma came, mother called me to the kitchen. I was surprised. With grandma sleeping in the hall, how can we play in the kitchen? By the time I got to the kitchen, mother had her blouse already open and thrust her breast in my mouth. The breast was of course swollen with milk and I had my stomach full of her delicious milk in fifteen minutes. Then I asked her about grandma. She explained that as soon as she came, grandma noticed the change in my mother. She felt that mother was happier than she ever was, and she had glow about her body which was totally new. She also noticed that the baby was not comfortable sucking her breast milk because it had become unused to it for three months. If mother had still milk in her breasts and if she was not giving it to the baby what was she doing with it?

Grandma put two and bursa bayan escort two together and confronted mother. Mother had to confess and tell her everything about us. But to her surprise, grandma said mother’s happiness is her happiness and since it was now both her daughter’s and grandson’s happiness, she completely approves it. So I again had my mother’s beautiful breasts to taste and fondle, now with the additional blessing of my grandma. The next day grandma smiled mischievously at me and I felt a little shy to look at her. But when grandma was leaving back for her village, she gave me some money and whispered in my ears, “Bring flowers every day to your mother and put it in her hair. Ok?. Make her more happy. She will give you more happiness”. I did not quite understand what the meaning was. Anyway, next day, I brought flowers for my mother when I came home in the evening. Mother was surprised but did not wear them immediately. But, when we went to the kitchen that night, mother had the flowers in her hair and she smelt heavenly. From then on I continued to bring flowers everyday which mother used to wear when we got together in the kitchen. Another three months went by and something else happened which took our love affair to the next level. There was a communal riot in town and all schools were closed for two weeks. Since Dussehra was coming after those two weeks, that meant no school for a month. Since it was unsafe to stay in the town during the riots, my father asked mother to take the children, including me, to grandma’s village and stay there for a month. His office did not close, so he will stay in town. So, mother and myself with the two girls and the baby took the bus to grandma’s village. From the bus stop, we took the horse cart and when we reached grandma’s house, she welcomed us nicely.

She took the baby from mother and told her, “Meena, you are becoming more and more beautiful day by day. Is Sunil bringing you flowers every day” and winked at me. Mother felt very shy and said, “Ma, please, not in front of the girls”. “Look at her, blushing like a teenage girl. You have really made her a lot younger Sunil”, my grandma said. After we relaxed a little bit, mother and grandma went to the temple for the evening pooja. When they returned, they cooked a nice dinner for us and we all ate heartily. When we were ready to go to bed, grandma said, “Sunil, You go to the upstairs room. I have put your box there. I will take care of the children downstairs.” I was wondering what mother was going to do. I looked at her. But she was demurely looking at the floor avoiding eye contact with me. I went upstairs confused. The upstairs room was a surprise to me. It had been whitewashed. There were festive decorations on the wall and floor. There was a wooden bed in the middle with new mattress and pillows. There were flowers hanging from the canopy over the bed and agarbathi was lit and making the room smell very fragrant. I just sat on the bed wondering what mother was going to do.

After what seemed to me a long long time (even though it was only fifteen minutes), mother came upstairs. She had changed her silk sari she was wearing when she went to the temple and was wearing her regular thin cotton sari and slightly tight blouse which accentuated her shapely breasts. She closed the door when she came in and had a box of sweets in her hand. She sat on the bed beside me and said, “These are the temple sweets. Let me put one in your mouth, Sunil” and did so when I opened my mouth. Then I took one and asked her to open her mouth so that I can put in her mouth. My mother came near me and lovingly opened her sweet mouth. But her sweet lips so near me intoxicated me so much that I forgot the sweet and grasping her waist, drew her towards me and kissed her. Mother gasped and struggled a bit but I held on to her waist and pressed my lips to hers strongly. She relaxed and put her arms around me and gave her lips to me to taste. We kissed for five minutes and then sank back into the bed breathing heavily. Mother was silent and I was worried. “Ma, are you angry?” I asked. “No, son. You just surprised me. That is all”. “Then you will let me kiss you, Ma?” “Of course, son. If you cannot kiss me who else can”.

I was thrilled and again hugged her and kissed her passionately on her lips. When our lips parted, I said “Ma, your lips are so sweet and soft”. Mother said, “Sunil, there is something else sweet waiting for you inside my blouse. Don’t you want it?” It was then that I noticed that mother’s blouse was all wet in the front with her milk. “I have been heavy with milk from the evening, son. The thought that we are going to be together in this nice room for the whole night made lot of milk in my breasts today. Please suck my breasts”. I cursed myself for being so inconsiderate and immediately unbuttoned mother’s tight blouse. Her beautiful breasts jumped free showing me the lovley bursa ucuz escort aureolas and the erect nipples. I cupped my mother’s breasts in my hands lovingly and said, “Mummy, your breasts are so beautiful”. Mother did not let me finish my sentence. She drew my head to her right breast and thrust her nipple in my mouth. Immediately, her sweet milk started pouring into my mouth and for the next half hour, I sucked and fondled my young mother’s lovley breasts. Mother moaned with pleasure as I teased her sensitive nipples with my tongue and when I gently fondled her breasts cupping them nicely in my hands. “Sunil, your hands and lips feel so nice on my breasts. I wish I can have you do that all day”. “Ma, I wish so too.” “I think we can fulfil our wishes at least for a month, Sunil. Grandma said we can spend our time in this room all day, if we wanted to. She is going to care of everything. So, you and I are free to do what we want”

I kissed mother again on her lips and said “I am so happy, Ma” and then asked her “Ma, can I take your blouse off?” Mother hesitated slightly and then said “You want me to be without blouse?” “I eagerly said “Yes, ma, please”. “Ok, take mummy’s blouse off with your own hands”, she said and sat up. My hands trembled as I pushed her blouse off her lovely shoulders and took it off. Then I showered kisses on her breasts and shoulders and neck. Mother hugged me and moaned with excitement. Then she said, “Sunil, take your shirt off to. it is not fair if only I have to take off my blouse”. I was only happy and immediately peeled off my shirt and threw it on the floor. Immediatley, mummy hugged me and kissed me. She felt my muscles and said, “Sunil, I am so happy to have such a strong bodied youngster for my son”. Mother and I played with each other long into the night before we slept. The next few days went joyfully, with mother and I spending most of our time in our room, mother without her blouse letting me enjoy her lovely breasts sucking her delicious milk every half hour or so.

Then one day mother got into her head the idea that she wants to give me a bath like good old days. So I went with her to the bathroom where she poured water on me and started soaping me. I was only wearing a towel around my waist and when it became heavy with water, it slipped down. I hurriedly tried to wear it back on, but mother snatched it away saying “It is as well, son. Anyway I have to apply soap to your hidden parts too”. Then she looked at my prick and exclaimed “Oh, Sunil, I never imagined your prick would be so long. It used to be the size of a small green pepper just not long ago. You know I used to enjoy fondling it when you were a child sucking my breast”. I said “Ma. you can do that even now when I suck your breasts”. “Then let me clean it up nicely, son”, said mother and applied soap and with her soft hands cleaned the entire length of my prick.

Later that day, when we went up to our room, mom gave me her breasts for sucking and as I lay beside her, she put her hand inside my pajama and started fondling my prick. My prick grew large and was uncomfortable for her to fondle inside my pajama. So she untied my pajama and pulled it down making me naked. I did not mind because after all she was my mother and she had seen me naked so many times. But after she fondled it for several minutes, I had to ejaculate and threw one leg around her and pressing my penis against her thighs, let out several hot jets of my semen, pushing into her thighs each time a jet came out. Mother hugged me and said “Oh my darling, I forgot you are now a grown up young man with lot of semen in your balls.” Then I asked “Ma, you have been giving me milk for six months now. Do you want to taste my milk too”. Mother shyly shook her head to say yes. I was excited. “Mom, just like I suck your nipples, you can take my prick in your mouth and suck it. Then, soon, you will get the thick milk”. Mom did like I said and her soft lips encircled my prick and started massaging it. I held her head in position and slowly pumped my prick inside her hto mouth. Soon, I reached my climax and pumped hot semen into my mother’s mouth. Mother did not let a drop of it go waste.

She gulped all the thick milk as I ejected it. She said “Oh, Sunil, it tastes so nice. I want to drink it whenever you can give me”. I said, “Sure ma, you can have all of it” and I drew her up and we kissed passionately for a long time. After a while, mother wanted to go to the bathroom and went downstairs. When she was gone, I was imagining her lifitng her sari, spreading her legs apart and letting her warm golden piss out. My desire to kiss my mother’s womanhood, nestled between her ivory thighs, grew beyond bounds. When she came back, I asked her, “Mother, I want to kiss you here, can I please?”, cupping her pudenda with my palm. Mother was taken aback, but she did not take my hand away. Her face was slightly red with shyness and she slowly pulled her pettycoat up to her waist revealing to me little by little her gorgeous legs and smooth creamy thighs and finally her beautiful pudenda covered with soft hair. Mother did not have too much hair on her lovely womanhood and I could see the glistening petals of her love flower nestling sexily between her thighs.

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