Bountiful Lady Ch. 01


Old Girl’s Fantasy

I see you on the bus every morning, sometimes sitting, mostly standing though, a few feet from me, in your work attire, jeans, oxford shirt and tweed sports jacket, everything fits perfectly and once in a while I get a waft of your after shave.

You look good enough to eat, you smell wonderful and when you aren’t too preoccupied with the problems of your world, you actually look around and smile at people, but seldom at me.

I’m an older woman, of a certain age, that you wouldn’t think twice about in a sexual way, the only smile you send my way is one of benevolent patience as you wait politely for me to exit ahead of you.

Little do you realize that you have been the focus of several of my fantasies in recent months. Young man of the hard body, the beautiful chiseled features, deep soulful eyes. My poor heart flutters if you get near me, if I even imagine your arm brushing against me.

But when I get home from work, and have finished with my daily chores and feeding poor old Darwin, who curls so lovingly around my ankles as I enter my spinsterish apartment, he lets me know in no uncertain terms how hungry he is, that I’m a cruel, hard-hearted woman to leave him to his own devices daily.

When everything Ataşehir Escort is done and I am relaxing in my bath, candles aglow, a glass of wine within easy reach, a beautifully haunting piano melody from the stereo, my mind drifts to you, sweet young man and how I would have you laying before me, naked….. so hard….there for my bidding.

The lights are dimmed of course. I am shyly aware that you are staring at my body with avid interest. The beautiful big breasts I’ve carried all the years since my teens are not as perky as they once were, but time has not been so harsh. Or perhaps the fact that I did not bear a child factors into it more so. My stomach though no longer flat, is rounded, my thighs flare out in womanly fashion. All in all you don’t seem put off with the picture I present.

But your eyes go back to my hair, it is mostly grey now, I refuse to colour it again.

You don’t know what to think of me and so I take the initiative and get on the bed to sit by your side, I bend down and kiss you gently on your forehead, letting my breast settle against your upper chest.

My lips meet yours and I lead you into a deep kiss. My tongue strokes yours and I nibble at it until I capture your full lower lip and Acıbadem Escort suck it gently. I hold your arms because I don’t want you to touch me. I am the only one who is allowed to touch and so my hands cup your face and I gaze into your eyes

“I hope I’m not scaring you, young man”

You shake your head….no

“I have no wish to harm you, I simply need to try a few things to see if I’ve been getting my fantasies right all these years.”

I move to sit in your lap, facing you and bend down again to kiss you and nibble at the strong column of your throat, sliding down slowly my tongue and mouth find their way slowly down to your chest, I rub my nose through your chest hairs. Sliding my mouth to your nipple, such a sweet little nipple, I flick it with my tongue and slide my self down your legs so that my mouth is grazing your hard stomach.

I run my hands down from your shoulders and knead your muscled arms, you are such a hard young man, everywhere I touch, so very hard.

My hand comes down to the apex of your legs and I encircle your beautiful lance. As I gaze upon your wonderful manhood, a drop escapes the tip, so shiny, so inviting, I must lick it off.

I hear you gasp as my lips touch you, your İstanbul Escort hips shift as I take you into my mouth and start to suckle you, only the tip at first and then I slide you into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat where I hold you as I move my head sideways, your groan evidence that I seem to be doing something right.

I begin to apply more suction and a faster pace as I bring you in and out of my mouth. You are incredibly hard and my mouth has made you so very wet. I am enjoying the movement you are making with your hips as you thrust yourself deeper inside my mouth. Your sack is hard and puckered and I massage it as you pump away, faster and deeper until I feel your body becoming rigid and your essence is shot in the back of my throat, so hot…..

I continue to stroke you until your breathing calms and your hands unfurl.

My head comes up and I stare again into your eyes, you grab a handful of my hair and smile…..

My bath water has cooled, time to wash this silliness away. But my nipples are turgid and my centre is throbbing. I stand up in the tub and turn the shower on and put my head back to receive the hot spray on my face, I wash my hair and body and remove the shower head massager from its cradle and rinse off the suds, letting the spray beat against my swollen center until my legs nearly give way under the force of my orgasm.

Don’t be too surprised tomorrow when you board the bus and quickly gaze my way; that I give you a sweet old ladies smile and lick my lips.

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