Between Her Cheeks


It was the hottest day of summer so far and the beach was packed. A large group of friends in their early twenties had set up camp in the middle of the beach, with towels and umbrellas sprawled across the sand. The group was an even mixture of boys and girls who had known each other since high school.Jessie and her boyfriend, Jordan, were lying next to each other, with Jordan applying sunscreen to his girlfriend’s back. He couldn’t help but admire and appreciate Jessie’s beauty. She was blonde, with a slim but toned body with medium C C-cupits.Jordan’s eyes drifted down to the incredible eighth wonder of the world that was Jessie’s ass. It was big, round, soft and looked unbelievable in anything she wore. Jordan gazed at Jessie’s ass cheeks, which had completely swallowed the thong bikini she was wearing. He felt the blood rush to his penis as he focused on how far her ass cheeks protruded out from her back due to their size.”We’re going in, Jessie, you coming?” said one of her friends.”Yeah, I’m right behind you,” replied Jessie, turning towards Jordan. “You coming, babe?””Uh… not yet, I’ll come in with the guys soon,” said Jordan, trying to hide the bulge in his swimming trunks.Jessie smiled, planting a kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek before getting up from her towel and making her way towards the water. It was at this moment that all the guys in the group, Jordan’s friends, turned their heads to watch Jessie walking. It was as if they had purposefully waited for sınırsız gaziantep escort her to go for a swim, just so they could ogle her ass.The sight was one to behold. His friends couldn’t help but stare, open-mouthed at the wonderful ass of their buddy’s girlfriend. Jessie’s cheeks had the most amazing wobble and jiggle following each step. Jordan even noticed other men on the beach, even the middle-aged and elderly, catching a glimpse of the phenomenon that was his girlfriend’s big booty. Jordan looked across at his so-called “friends” to see them go back to sun-baking once Jessie entered the water with her ass no longer visible. However, one of his buddies was still looking in her direction. Nick, who was one of Jordan’s least favourite friends, still appeared mesmerised as he continued his gaze upon Jessie in the water. Jordan cringed when he saw Nick awkwardly shift his body, reaching down with his hand to re-arrange his crotch quickly before turning onto his stomach. Jordan had just watched Nick get an erection from staring at his girlfriend’s ass.Later that afternoon as the group packed up their belongings at the beach, a discussion was taking place regarding how excited they all were to go clubbing that night. As they all made their way up the sand dunes towards to carpark, Nick made sure to walk behind Jessie so he could continue to appreciate the jiggle of her ass. He even was bold gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan enough to snap a picture of her from behind without any of the others noticing. Nick had always been obsessed with Jessie but hadn’t made his feelings known to anyone else. He envied Jordan for getting to squeeze that fine ass whenever he wanted.For years, Nick’s only option had been to pleasure himself to Jessie’s social media photos and the occasional sneaky picture that he managed to take when the group was together. Jessie’s instagram was essentially an endless stream of her magnificent ass in thong-bikinis, tight pants, short skirts and yoga pants. Nick had even gone as far as enlarging photos of her ass on his iPad and ejaculating onto it.That evening, the same group of friends gathered outside the entrance to the club. Jordan noticed that every male onlooker did a double take when they saw Jessie. She was wearing a white crop-top and a black leather mini-skirt, which was so short that you could easily see the bottoms of her ass cheeks. Nick was obviously gobsmacked at Jessie’s outfit, admiring the deep crease between her upper legs and the bottoms of her big ass cheeks. They slowly made their way inside after waiting in line for ten minutes and headed straight to the bar to get drinks. Jordan ordered two for himself and one for Jessie. He practically skulled his first drink before immediately gaziantep sınırsız escort beginning on the other.Everyone in the group was enjoying themselves, going between getting drinks, sitting around chatting and hitting the dance floor. Out of everyone, Jordan had clearly consumed the most alcohol. His speech was slurred to the point where no one could understand him over the loud music and he kept stumbling and bumping into other people accidentally. As Jordan began to chug yet another drink, Jessie grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the dance floor. Nick, who had paid close attention to Jessie throughout the night, watched as the couple pushed their way through the crowd into the middle of the dance floor. The music was very loud and soon Jessie and Jordan were dancing together, with Jessie grinding her ass against her boyfriend’s crotch. Nick saw this unfolding after squeezing through the mosh pit to look at Jessie. Suddenly, Nick saw Jordan put his hand to his mouth and retch like he was about to be sick. Without notifying Jessie, who was still dancing whilst facing away from him, promptly made his way from the dance floor and towards the bathroom.From Nick’s point of view, Jessie hadn’t noticed that her boyfriend wasn’t behind her anymore. He stared at her ass, which was jiggling and bouncing from her gyrating hips. Without another thought, Nick quickly moved into place behind Jessie and gently thrusted his crotched against her ass. A wave of pleasure flooded Nick’s body as his penis became instantly erect. She immediately turned her head around and was shocked to see Nick behind her. They both stared at each other for several seconds before Jessie gave Nick a wicked smile and began to shake and gyrate her waist to grind her ass against the hard cock behind her. Nick moaned loudly, which wasn’t heard by anyone around due to the volume of the music.

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