Beth and Mr. Newark’s Arrangement

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Mr. Newark invited me round to his house about 10 days later, when his wife and three kids were at their Grandmothers in Scotland. I knocked on the door nervously and when he answered it, I was surprised at how formal he was. He ushered me in and indicated that I should sit down. Clearly he wanted to talk first. I was slightly confused. Since we had fucked in his office 10 days before, I had assumed that the first time we met again would be for sex. He had said that he wanted me to come round to look at some university papers though, so maybe that was true.

We sat down at the dining room table.

“Now, as you may have guessed by now, Beth, I would like it if we could have a firm agreement.” I nodded. I didn’t fully understand, but was intrigued to hear more. “This isn’t going to be a love affair.” He stated, baldly. I wanted to interject that there was no fear of that as I didn’t even fancy him very much. “But I do like you. And more than that, I can see you’re what I need.” I nodded, still confused. “Now if you were to agree to my arrangement there would be financial reimbursement.” My ears pricked up. “£100 per session.” I was 18. I’d never seen £100. I liked the idea of £100 a time and tutelage in the ways of sex from this older man. “As you may have guessed by now, Beth, I love my wife, but she has had three children.” I didn’t follow. “Her body is… not what it was. Her tits are loose and her pussy….” He seemed almost to shiver with distaste. “Her pussy isn’t very tight anymore. And I do love a tight pussy. Now, when I fucked you last week it seemed that you fulfil everything I’m looking for.” He paused. “You may have heard rumours of course, but I do my best to quash those. But the truth is every couple of years I do take a new girl, a girl from the sixth form who has had her eighteenth birthday, and I…. mould her. Generally I like an intellectually precocious girl with nice, large breasts. And for her troubles I pay her and I help her academically. My last girl, Isabelle…” he paused and seemed to think fondly of Isabelle. “She left the sixth form last year and now she’s studying History at Cambridge.” He paused. “Without her lovely cunt and beautiful breasts, I would have gone mad. And without my friendship and knowledge she would never have got into Cambridge. I think it’s a mutually beneficially arrangement.” I liked the idea of it and said as much. “But there will of course be conditions.” He paused. “Would you like to hear them?” I thought about it for a second.

“Of course, Sir.”

“Great.” He spread his hands out in front of him, on the table. “Well, firstly, you will be at my disposal whenever I need you. My wife and kids are around a lot, as you can imagine, but I have a small flat on the other side of the town and they are away a fair amount. I will contact you and I expect you to be able to get away and come and see me.” I nodded. He smiled. “Good. I will also need you to go on The Pill for me. I will use condoms if I need to, but I hate them. I also have a lot of semen, so I need to know I can put it wherever, no problem. Are you on The Pill at the moment?” I shook my head

“No, Sir.”

“Okay Beth. Today I won’t use a rubber, but I won’t cum inside you anyway. Is this a good time of the month for you?” he asked. I didn’t understand what he meant. He obviously saw my puzzlement, and clarified. “When was your last period?”

“Oh, er…” I was a bit shy about this question. “About 3 weeks ago.” He smiled.

“That’s fine then, you won’t get pregnant anyway. But like I say, I will make sure not to ejaculate inside your vagina.” I flinched a little at this conversation, but tried not to show my distaste. “The other thing is that, whilst I have no issue with you having boyfriends and sex with other men, I have no desire to hear about it or know about it.” This seemed bizarre to me, as he had already stated that it wasn’t a love affair he was after, but again I agreed. “Lastly,” he began, “I don’t want to see any hair on that cunt.” I was still not used to his plain way of speaking and was slightly shocked by his use of the word cunt. “You will shave it today and I expect it always to be bald in future. I like a bare cunt and yours will look beautiful bald.” I knew I was blushing slightly, but if he noticed he didn’t pause to acknowledge it. “I have some things Anadolu Yakası Escort for you to try on and I expect you in future to always wear them for me. Come with me.” Still business like he rose from the table and took me upstairs to a back bedroom, where lingerie was laid out on the bed. Several pairs of nude, lace topped stockings sat alongside suspender belts and bras, all in red or black. Lacy thongs lay alongside them in matching colours. On the floor were three pairs of black, patent high heels. He gestured to them. “These are what I expect you to wear under your clothes when we meet.” I considered the lingerie before me, a far cry from the utilitarian underwear I was currently wearing. He turned to look at me, and for the first time that day he really looked at me, as though we had previously had sex. “Do we have a deal?” I thought about it. On the one hand, I wasn’t so naïve as to not know that this was prostitution. And I didn’t fancy him, didn’t especially even like him and since he’d shown me the underwear and said about the shaving I thought he was kind of a perv. But, on the other hand, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about his cock and the orgasms he’d given me since we fucked in his office, and… as well as the money was incredibly tempting, I wouldn’t mind an Oxbridge education. He stuck out his hand. “A deal?” He asked. I took his hand and shook it.

“Deal.” I replied.

Once we’d agreed on the terms and conditions, cash up front, swapped mobile numbers so he could text me and reach me easily, he handed me a razor and some moisturiser, directed me to the bathroom and said he’d meet me, sans clothes, avec undies in the master bedroom in half an hour. As he shut the door I wondered what the hell I was doing, and definitely thought he was a nutter. But still, I was going along with it. I think that part of it was that I knew I had the upper hand: one word to the school and he was buried, so really the ball was in my court. £100 safely in my bag, I headed to the bathroom and put the shower on ready to perform the task in hand.

I had already shaved under my arms and my legs, but clearly I hadn’t know about Mr. Newarks requirements re: my bikini line. Luckily I had shaved it quite a lot already: taking my lead from what Cosmo had said that was sexy, I had trimmed my bush up well and it didn’t take much more work to get it completely bare. What surprised me straight away was not only how cold I suddenly felt as I washed and moisturised it, but how… aware I was of my pussy. The lips suddenly felt more prominent under my hand as I soaped up, and my clit was easier to arouse. Rinsing the soap from my cleft, I dried and dressed, hooks and eyes surprising me in their difficulty.

After some confusion with the suspenders, I stepped into the heels and appraised myself in the mirror. I had chosen the black underwear for this first time, and I looked suddenly very adult. I stepped closer to the mirror and saw that it was very clear how bare my little minge was, even in the thong. My tits looked huge, hoisted up and pushed out by the balcony bra. I was impressed that Mr. Newark had remembered my bra size. Taking a deep breath, I looked at my watch and saw it was time. I opened the bathroom door, and remembering Mr. Newark’s business-like way earlier, strode down the corridor, ready to do my job.

The middle aged teacher was already in the bedroom when I arrived, reclining on his pillows and reading a magazine from the side of the bed…. Photography, I noted. As I entered the room he looked up.

“My Goodness!” He exclaimed, sitting up. He was under the duvet, but I could see that he was naked. “You look exquisite!” He said. I smiled. Despite the fact that I knew I was a service, I felt flattered. I stepped further into the room. “Come here and let me see you properly.” I walked to the edge of the bed. He reached out and touched my hips. I shivered. It was the first time he’d touched me since I arrived. “Goodness, such a nymph,” he sighed, “an innocent face and a grown womans breasts.” He reached for my boobs, full and plump in the lingerie. And then he looked down. “And a lovely little nymphs pussy.” He pulled the sides of the thong down, revealing my bald mound. He gasped. “May I?” He asked. It seemed absurd that he was asking, as I was essentially Avrupa Yakası Escort his property. But I longed for him to touch it.

“Please.” I said. He pulled the knickers all the way down and I stepped out of them.

“Open your legs.” He said. I stood before him and he shifted so that he was sitting before me on the bed. I saw for the first time that he was hard. I opened my legs and stood, spread. He stroked the whole of my cunt with the heel of his hand. He breathed out. I breathed in, sharply. “So wet, so soon.” He murmured, and stroked his fingers back and forth along the slit. “Beth. Lay on your back for me and put your knees up.” Nervously, I laid and he stepped off of the bed, stepping back and lowering his head. I knew what he was about to do. “I’m going to lick this nymph-cunt.” He said. His tongue licked up, from perineum to clit. I cried out. “Oh,” he said in a low, hot voice, “so sensitive.” All thoughts of how bizarre this was went away as he licked and sucked at my newly hair-free honey pot. No one had ever glued their mouth to my sex like this before, but I knew instantly that I would forever crave this act now. That I needed mouth sucking at my cunt. Within minutes he began sucking and licking in earnest, soon sticking his fingers in and manipulating my newly-minted pussy into orgasm. I came quickly and easily and as I came I thrashed on the marital bed, my body covered in goose bumps. Mr. Newark pumped his fingers in and out of my hole, priming me for what was to come.

Sitting up, big haired and dazed, I wasn’t in for a moments rest. Before I could speak or object, the teacher pushed my shoulders back down and straddled my face. His big prick hit me in the face and he fed it into my mouth. I had only sucked a cock once before, and that had been this very one, on my knees in his office, but I wasn’t prepared for how different it would be at this angle. He pushed it in, to the back of my throat, making me choke, and he held my head in his hands.

“That’s it, little one,” he moaned, “choke on it.” Involuntarily, I did as I was told and he pulled it back and out of my airway. He fucked my little face and growled, a lusty low growl as he did it. “I wish you could see your face,” he said, “never more beautiful.”

As the minutes passed I learned to breathe through my nose and the rhythm became regular. My cunt pulsed with longing for this cock and the longer he continued the more I became worried that he might cum down my throat and deny my creaming little sex hole what it wanted. But as I was becoming used to with Mr. Newark, he suddenly stopped and changed his strategy. Withdrawing his penis from my throat, I gasped for air and he smacked my face with his wet, saliva-coated member. I cried out.

“You like that, whore?” My cunt spasmed at his use of the word. I nodded. He slapped my face again. “Of course you do, whore.” He said. “Tell me what you love.” I stuttered.

“Your cock in my mouth.” I said quietly. He moaned, wanking the skin up and down on his love stick.

“And where do you want it now?” He asked. I breathed in, my voice was louder this time.

“In my cunt, Sir.” I said. He seemed to like my use of ‘Sir’, as his wanking got faster.

“In your bald, little cunt.” He moaned. He scrambled up and lay on his back. “Impale that cunt on this.” He said, holding the rigid shaft in his right hand. I knew he meant to sit on it, but I hadn’t done that before I hesitated. He saw my hesitation. “Have you never sat on a cock before, Beth?” I shook my head. This seemed to excite him more than ever. “You will love it.” He assured me. “Part those lips and sink down onto it.”

Slowly and nervously, I straddled him. His salami looked bigger than ever and I didn’t know how I would get all of it into me at this angle. I considered it, but just as he had suggested, used one hand to open the lips of my little gash. Carefully, I placed the head at my opening and sank down.

I had never considered how a different position could feel so different, but almost immediately it felt as though I could cum. I groaned out.

“I told you you’d like it, slut.” Mr. Newark spat out, through clenched teeth. Inch by thick inch my love-tunnel stretched to accommodate his huge piece of meat. Soon half of it was in, and taking İstanbul Escort my womanly hips in his hands the History teacher pulled me down until his entire baby-maker was in my cunt. I cried out in pleasure. “Now,” he moaned, “ride it.”

The motion was entirely instinctive and within seconds I was leaning back and riding his cock like I’d been doing it all my life. My bald mound rubbed his big, grown-mans balls and we both moaned and groaned in unison as I fucked Sir. I began to cum quickly and as my clit made contact with his pubic bone and my G spot was hit by the head of his dick I screamed and growled and shook my big, firm titties. Mr. Newark reached around to unhook my bra and free my huge mammaries and grabbed at them as I rode him like a wild animal. I had at least three orgasms as I rode and coming down he slowed my pace with his hands on my hips, and I collapsed against his chest.

I had no idea how I might continue with this, as by now I was exhausted, but luckily the old man had enough energy for us both and pushed me, roughly from my seated position. My cunt gaped open, and splayed on my back he commented on this.

“I’ve stretched this little girl right out.” He slapped my right tit and I yelled. He pushed three of his big fingers straight in and my muscles closed around his fingers. He fucked them in and out a few times and I moaned. “How do you want it, now, slut?” He asked. I didn’t answer, I just groaned as he continued finger-banging me. “From behind?” He said. “You liked that before, didn’t you, you little whore?” I nodded. He continued fucking me with his hand, in and out. “How do you like fucking me for money?” I moaned, I liked it, I loved it. “You could do it full-time,” he said, “these big, firm melons,” he slapped my breasts again with his free hand, “and this tight little twat.” He pushed his free fingers into my mouth. I gagged on them. “And this willing little mouth.” I sucked his fingers. “I will do you from behind.” He added. “But I need to put my cock between those firm titties first.”

He withdrew his fingers from me and I breathed quickly and raggedly. He took his wang in his hands and told me to gather my breasts together. Lubing his cock up with his own saliva, he went from underneath, sliding his penis in between my breasts, a faux vagina. He groaned. “I could fuck like this all day,” he said, bucking his hips back and forward. The sight of it turned me on, more than I expected it to. “Just banging these titties,” he gasped, “looking at the big, pink nipples,” he fucked them harder, “your innocent little face.” He banged in and out of the tight construct for a few moments. “I could do it and do it and just spunk up onto that little face.”

“Oh, Sir,” I began, “Please don’t.” I pleaded. He chuckled.

“And why is that, Beth?” He asked, my hands still holding my pair tight together.

“I need to feel it in my fanny again.” This was clearly what he wanted to hear.

“I will put it in you.” He said, finally. “And I will pull it out and I will cover your face in cum today.” This sounded good to me.

Quickly I positioned myself as he suggested, hands flat on the bedroom wall, legs apart. He entered me swiftly from behind. It was everything I remembered. He fucked me hard and fast for some time. I felt my cunt becoming sore, but felt my orgasm building. He felt it too, because he reached around and frigged the clit so that I would cum quicker. I cried out and my tunnel gripped his pecker. He yelled like a man who’d been burnt and told me franticly to get onto my knees, immediately. Still cumming, but unwilling to displease Mr. Newark, I turned and dropped to my knees, a ribbon of cum hitting me square in the jaw. The next hot jet of spunk hit my lips and chin and I opened my mouth to drink it in. His hand frantically jacked the skin on the middle of his shaft and the third and final spurt went straight down my throat. He collapsed against the wall, and I fell from my knees onto the floor, covered in semen.

Mr. Newark showed me back to the shower and 20minutes later I was ready to go. I sprayed on some of his wifes deodorant and replaced my utilitarian underwear, underneath my jeans and teeshirt. As I arrived at the front door, the teacher came to let me out and kissed me on the cheek.

“Any other plans for the weekend, Beth?” He asked. I shook my head.

“Not really, Sir.” I replied. It seemed strange that only half an hour ago we’d been having sex. Once again, he was my teacher. “I might see Jenny tonight.” He nodded.

“Well have fun.” He said. And I knew, with £100 in my pocket, I certainly would.

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