Best Girl Ch. 07

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Todd woke up just as someone was roughly shoving him out of bed. He landed on the floor with a thud and looked down at his babydoll nightie and matching bikini panties. He slowly stood up rubbing his eyes. On the other side of the bed Chris had received the same stern treatment and was absentmindedly rubbing his midriff as he yawned. He also was wearing a babydoll although his was pink where Todd’s was sky blue.

Chris and Todd had just completed the “Best Girl” competition and were eager to find out the final results. An Alpha Phi sorority sister named Penelope was in charge of the contest and a wild card bid to become a member of the Beta Phi fraternity was at stake. Chris and Todd desperately wanted to get in.

The two girls who rousted Chris and Todd out of bed were Samantha and Kelly, two sorority pledges who were assisting Penelope with the contest. Samantha had long glossy black hair and was petite. Kelly was a taller and more athletic dirty blonde. Samantha and Kelly were excited because today was the day they would become full sisters in Alpha Phi.

Samantha said, “Get up, you slugs. It’s almost eleven o’clock.” She grabbed Todd by the hand and led him to the door.

Todd squinted and said, “Eleven? Wow, we really slept late. Is the contest over? What do we do now?”

Samantha said, “Now you’ve got to hurry up and take a shower and get dressed. Penelope is in the van waiting for you.”

Chris said, “Van? Are we going somewhere?”

The quartet exited the room and headed down to the bathroom. Once inside Chris and Todd quickly disrobed and went to work. After making use of the facilities they went about cleaning themselves inside and out. After they were in the shower only a few minutes Samantha poked her head in and said, “Let’s get going.”

As they were drying off Kelly handed them jeans and T-shirts. Chris looked at the clothes and said, “Boy clothes again?”

Samantha nodded. She said, “Yes, boy clothes again. Hurry up and get dressed. We’ve got other things to do today, you know. It’s not always about you.”

Once they were dressed Samantha and Kelly took Chris and Todd downstairs and out to the driveway. Penelope was in the van’s driver’s seat and had the motor running. She said to Samantha, “Took you long enough.”

Samantha smiled and said, “Well, you know this pair.”

Penelope smiled back at her. Samantha helped Chris and Todd into the van and then shut the door. Penelope backed up and Samantha waved as they drove away.

Todd raised his hand and said, “Miss Penelope, what’s going on? Is the contest over? Are you taking us home?”

Penelope said without turning her head, “Yes, the contest is over but no I’m not taking you home just yet.”

Chris said, “Ooh, who won? Was it me?”

Penelope said, “Me, me, me. You two are always thinking about yourselves. Just put the contest out of your mind for a while. It’s over. You’ll find out the results tomorrow. Right now I have more important things on my mind.”

Todd raised his hand again and said, “Miss Penelope, where are you taking us?”

Penelope turned and glared at him, then faced front again. “Ugh, if you must know we’re heading over to the Beta Phi fraternity.” Chris and Todd looked at each other and their eyes lit up. Penelope glanced back and said, “Don’t go jumping to any conclusions. It doesn’t mean anything. There’s just this dumb rule at Alpha Phi has that says no men are allowed in the house starting noon the day of the Initiation Ceremony and going until noon the next day. Now I think we could make a case to the contrary, but the national sorority executive board would count you two as men. We definitely don’t want to get in trouble with them.”

Todd said, “But even so, why are we dressed this way?”

Penelope said, “Good question, Tiffany. Well, think it through for a minute. If we have this stupid rule then Beta Phi may have a similar rule, except no women in their case. If I drove you over there dressed as women we might be noticed and they could get in trouble themselves.”

Todd thought about it and said, “That makes sense.” He looked to the rear of the van and saw a couple of suitcases. He asked, “What are the suitcases for?”

Penelope said, “Both of you just sit back there quietly until we get to Beta Phi. Stop asking so many questions. You don’t want me to stop the van and come back there, do you?”

Chris and Todd put their hands in their laps and said in unison, “No, Miss Penelope.”

A couple minutes later they arrived at the fraternity house. It was curiously deserted and Penelope led Chris and Todd to an upstairs room, each one carrying one of the suitcases. She said, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She left the room and shortly after there was a click at the door.

Todd walked over and tried the knob. He looked at Chris and said, “Locked.”

They sat down together on one of the two beds in the room. After a few minutes of silence Chris said, “Well, we could at least check out what’s in the suitcases.”

Todd said, gizli porno “Maybe we shouldn’t.”

“Come on, at least take a peek.” He set the suitcases on the floor and tried to open the first one. Hmm, this one is locked. Let’s try this one.” He opened the other suitcase. “Hey, look at this.” He pulled an item from the suitcase. It was a pair of silk panties.

Todd got down to the floor and looked through the suitcase with Chris. It contained various lingerie items and few complete outfits. Chris said, “Our make-up! And some hair products. No wigs, but I bet I could comb our air into a more feminine style.”

Todd said, “What are you talking about? We shouldn’t get dressed up now of all times.”

Chris said, “Why not?”

Todd said, “Well, someone could barge in here any minute.”

Chris said, “Look, it’s obvious we’re not part of their Initiative Ceremony or whatever it is.”

“Still, why don’t we just wait and see.”

Chris held up something and said, “Are you sure? You’d look terrific in this blouse.” Todd looked at him sternly. “Oh, all right, we’ll do it your way. But you’ll see that I’m right.”

Two hours later some noises came from downstairs, but Chris and Todd waited anxiously for a while and nothing else happened. After another undisturbed hour Todd relented and they started to get dressed up. Each did the other’s make-up and made thoughtful decisions on what to wear. Chris styled their hair and while it didn’t quite match the look of their wigs he thought it was a good approximation. Once they were finally transformed a weight seemed to lift off them and they relaxed for the first time that day. They laid back on the bed and talked for a long time giggling and holding hands like the best of girlfriends.

The door suddenly burst open and Chris and Todd jumped up off the bed in shock. A large guy with a blond crew cut shouted at them, “Hey what are you two doing?”

Todd stammered and Chris said, “We can explain.”

He said, “I don’t want an explanation, just get your asses downstairs.”

Chris reached back to look for his jeans but the guy grabbed him by the arm and roughly shoved him out of the room. He glared at Todd and Todd scooted out as fast as he could, following Chris. They made their way down the staircase and in the area below twenty-five to thirty guys were milling around, clustered in groups of three to four. Almost every one of them had a cup in their hand and music was playing in the background. As Chris and Todd got to the bottom of the stairs, all eyes were on them. The guy who had forced them out of the room came down the staircase behind them carrying a suitcase.

One of the guys in the crowd walked up and looked Chris and Todd up and down. He turned to the guy who walked down the stairs and said, “Meat, what the heck is this?”

The guy nicknamed Meat shrugged and said, “What do you mean, Weasel?”

Another guy with glasses and wispy blond hair walked up and said, “Hey, there aren’t supposed to be girls at this party.”

Meat stepped up to him and gave him a hard punch on the shoulder. He said, “Sheep, you dope. They aren’t real girls.”

The guy nicknamed Sheep rubbed his shoulder and said, “Ow.”

Weasel said, “No, they aren’t real girls. But what I don’t understand is why they’re wearing so many clothes.” He reached over and ripped off Chris’ blouse.

Chris screamed and said, “Oh!”

More guys stepped up and ripped off Chris’ and Todd’s clothes off until they both were standing completely nude. Chris and Todd gave each other frightened glances as the fraternity brothers laughed at them. Weasel squatted down and turned the numbers of the combination lock on the suitcase. He pulled some items from the suitcase and passed them around. He said, “Dump, Snotty, Doghair, give me a hand getting them into these outfits. Meat, go and set up the stage.”

Meat said, “The stage?”

“Yeah, the stage. Oh, never mind. Sheep, you know what I’m talking about?”

Sheep said, “Yeah, I know. That platform and step thing.”

“OK, go with Meat and set it up.”

Meat said, “I can carry it!”

Weasel said, “Yes, you can carry it.”

The four frat boys roughly shoved Chris and Todd into a pair of neon pink stockings with matching garter belt and bra. They waited impatiently as Chris and Todd put their breast forms in place and adjusted their stockings and stepped into the black patent leather pumps that had been set down for them. Chris looked behind Todd and said quietly to him, “Hey, there something weird on the back of your garter belt.”

Todd whispered back, “You, too. Like a spring or a corkscrew kind of thing.”

Weasel put bright pink headbands on each of their heads. The headbands each had a pair of small ears attached and Chris and Todd looked at each other questioningly. Ah, Todd thought to himself once he saw that he was now wearing ears, those must be tails back there.

Weasel stood up in front of them and said, “Now the piece de resistance. He held up a plastic pig snout from a Halloween costume. The rest götten porno of the frat boys started chuckling. Weasel tried to put the snout on Chris but got it tangled up with the ears. He angrily ripped the headband off, pulled the elastic holding the snout behind Chris’ head snapping it hard, and then put the headband back on. Todd took off his headband and Weasel put on his snout more easily. Todd replaced his own headband.

Weasel took a step back and said, “There, two pigs in a poke. Well, two pigs that are going to get poked.” The frat boys laughed, more at the sight of Chris and Todd dressed up in the ridiculous pig costumes than the joke.

Weasel clouted Chris on the head and said, “Hey, what are you doing? Pigs don’t walk on two legs.” He continued to hit Chris until he got that he should get to the floor on his hands and knees. Todd followed suit without prompting. Weasel pulled two pink leather collars out of the suitcase and fastened one to Chris’ neck, giving the other to Doghair to put on Todd. He also pulled out a pair of pink leather leashes. He attached one to Chris’ neck and held the other end. He gave the other leash to Doghair.

At this point the room exploded into cacophony. Some frat boys were yelling, some were laughing. Someone put banjo music on the sound system. Frat boys ran around Chris and Todd and slapped or pinched their buttocks, or put their fingers into their mouths. Chris tried to shy away, but Weasel tugged his leash. Todd was absolutely terrified. He didn’t understand what was going on. Dressed the way he was and looking around at the frenzied state the frat boys were in he could guess what was going to happen. Trying to find some way to get through the nightmare, he imagined that it was Penelope holding his leash, that she was looking over him in some way.

Weasel started pulling Chris’ leash leading him to the center of the room. A small platform had been set up with a raised step at one side. Chris resisted. Weasel said, “It looks our little pig is showing some attitude.” Without further ado he started whipping Chris with the end of the leash.

Chris said, “Ow. Stop it. Ow.”

Weasel whipped him even harder.

Chris said, “Ow. OK, all ready.” He started crawling forward on his hands and knees.

Weasel continued to whip Chris with the leash. He said, “Piggies don’t talk. You either grunt or squeal. One grunt for yes, two grunts for no. Understand?” He punctuated his question with a hard swat from the leash.

“Ow. Yes.” Weasel hit him again, several times in rapid succession. “I mean … grunt.”

Weasel said, “That’ll do, pig.” The crowd of frat boys erupted in laughter. They started to disrobe. Chris looked around and tried to think of some way to get out of his predicament.

Weasel pulled Chris along on the leash until he reached the stage in the center of the room and said, “Come on, piggy. Ups-a-daisy.” Chris mounted the platform still looking around for some way to escape. Weasel dropped the leash for a moment and Chris took the chance to jump off the platform and try to flee the room. Before he had gone two steps Meat had a hold of him. He raised Chris bodily over his head and placed him gingerly back on the platform. Weasel yanked the leash hard and then slapped Chris across the face three times. “Now why did you want to go and do that?” Meat held Chris down on the stage, knees on the lower part and arms on the upper part. Weasel buckled Chris ankles to a spreader bar. Then he motioned for Dump and Snotty to stand at Chris’ sides to support his weight. He unsnapped Chris’ garter and roughly pulled the neon pink stocking off Chris’ left leg. Then he pulled Chris’ hands behind his back and tied them together with the stocking. Weasel said, “There we go. Trussed up like a pig in a poke.”

Dump and Snotty groaned at the turn of phrase. Snotty said, “You already used that one.”

By now everyone was nude except Chris and Todd. Chris looked around the room. Frat boys were stroking their cocks and all eyes were on him.

Meat stood behind Chris with a wide grin on his face. In one hand he held a container of Crisco. He took a glob out of the can and worked it onto his cock. He took another and placed it on Chris’ asshole and then set the can down. When directly behind Chris his cock was exactly the right height so it stood pointing at Chris’ asshole. Meat said, “I’m going first.”

There were some groans in the crowd. One guy said, “Come on, Meat. If you pork that pig it’ll ruin it for the rest of us.”

Meat said, “Aw, shaddup.” He started worming his very large cock into Chris’ ass.

Chris looked back and said, “Ow.”

Weasel had taken up the leash again. He smacked Chris with it. Chris looked at Weasel and said, “I mean, reeee.”

Weasel nodded and said, “You’re learning.”

Once Meat worked his cock a quarter of the way in, he suddenly pulled out. He repeated the process except the next time he got his cock halfway in. Each time he pulled it out Chris let out a sigh of relief. The next time Meat pushed his cock three quarters of grup porno the way into Chris’ ass. Chris was panting when he pulled it out. Finally, Meat rubbed his hands together and with one big push forced the entire length of his massive cock into Chris’ asshole. There was an audible squelch and Chris started squealing loudly, “Reee, reee, reee.”

A frat boy in the crowd high-fived another and said, “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Meat started pushing in and pulling out, punishing Chris’ ass with each thrust. After a few minutes the crowd started getting restless. One guy said, “Hey Meat, don’t be such a hog.” There were some laughs and some groans in the crowd. Meat tried to reach and give the guy who had spoken a smack, but he was too far away and Meat wasn’t ready to relinquish his position.

Meat said, “You got that whole other end.”

Chris was still squealing in time with Meat’s thrusts. “Reee. Reee. Reee.” One guy stood in front of Chris and forced his cock into Chris’ mouth. “Reee. Reemph.” Chris still had his arms tied behind him and was being propped up by Dump and Snotty so could offer no resistance. He soon found the cock completely down his throat and he coughed and sputtered in response. Tears streamed down his face and ropes of saliva drooled down his chin onto the floor. Lines formed up at his head and rear, guys waiting to pierce one end or the other. Some were impatient and chose to slap his face or buttocks until they were a bright pink. Several guys leaned down into his face as his mouth engulfed cock and spit at him. Chris constantly grunted like a pig amid the tumult and after a while he wasn’t sure whether it was intentional or not. Between cocks in his mouth he let out piercing squeals. “Reee. Reee. Reee.”

One of the frat boys said, “Let’s grease this pig.” Guys started taking fingerfuls of Crisco and rubbing it over Chris’ buttocks and thighs until they looked wet and shiny. More Crisco was worked into his torso and despite his predicament he enjoyed the massage-like attention of all the hands on him.

The whole time Todd looked on in horrified silence. He had been led by Doghair off to the side of the room and he tried to make himself as small as possible next to a couch. He had an open view of Chris’ ordeal and while it shocked him greatly he found that he couldn’t look away.

Meat had finally given up his place and there was a new frat boy wildly plunging Chris’ anus. Chris’ own cock and balls bobbed up and down from the pummeling his ass was taking. In front the guys had forsaken the rough blowjobs in favor of rimming. They were holding Chris’ face up and grinding their assholes down onto it making him lick them. He turned his head away and refused at first but Weasel halted the action at the rear briefly and snapped a ball spreader onto Chris. Once on, he yanked Chris penis straight down so far that it stretched comically. Holding Chris’ dick this way he slapped hard at Chris’ balls several times and finally clamped down on them and squeezed with his fist. After that Chris was more than willing to lick ass. The butt-fucking continued after the brief interlude although now the frat boys found it fun to try and slap at Chris’ trussed up testicles as they jounced up and down in tune to the savage thrusts he was receiving.

Just as another frat boy finished his turn and another one took his place to viciously ream Chris’ ass, a hand clamped down onto Todd’s head. Grabbing a fistful of hair and yanking hard, the frat boy named Sheep said, “What do you think you’re doing here all by yourself? It’s time for you to join the action.”

Todd looked up in fright at the hand grabbing him. He wasn’t sure he could make it through the rough treatment Chris was stoically enduring.

Just then, a hand closed over Sheep’s wrist, a dark-skinned hand. Todd looked up into the man’s face and said, “Rick!”

Rick smiled at Todd and said, “Hi, sweetness.” Todd smiled. “Are you having a problem?”

Todd yanked away from Sheep’s hand and stood up. Rick pulled off the headband and delicately took the pig snout off of Todd. Then he unfastened the collar and let it fall to the floor.

Sheep whined, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Rick gestured at the four tall, powerfully built friends that had come in with him.

Weasel walked up to defuse the situation. “Sheep, what trouble are you causing now? Rick and his brothers are invited guests, an exchange between our respective fraternities.”

Sheep said, “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know. No one tells me anything.” He wandered back to the center of the room where Chris was getting reamed once more.

Weasel also drifted away and Rick took Todd by the hand and led him to an upstairs room where it was more private.

Without a word Rick laid Todd down on the bed and took off his clothes. Alone in the room, he leaned down and kissed Todd. Todd passionately kissed him back. Todd bent down and took Rick’s cock in his mouth. He pulled it out and looked at it close and smiled. He stroked it and when it was hard Rick laid him down again. Rick fished in the drawer of the nightstand and found some lubricant. He lubed up his cock and fucked Todd missionary-style. After several long hard strokes Todd raised his head up and started kissing Rick. Their tongues played over one another as Todd lay back with his knees in the air. Todd said, “Oh, Rick!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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