Before We Married

Setting the scene:

Before my wife and I got together, we had several partners each, and at the time of this story, we were going through a bit of a rocky stage–which was all my fault.

This is the story which Kath told me about a few years after the event.

I was working at a large chemical company with many blokes and made friends with a chap; I’ll call him Paul. He was good fun to associate with, and the girls seemed to hang around him, which was great; he said it was his eight inches that got all the female attention. Whatever, it certainly helped in our pursuit of the fairer sex.

We both left the company and sort of lost touch.


Years later, I met my future wife, Kath.

And also, through Facebook, I got back in touch with Paul.

“Come round for a meal,” he said, “my girlfriend will be there, too.”

I had told my girlfriend, Kath, about Paul’s reputation, she listened intently and seemed to like what I was saying.

“So he’s got a big cock then, allegedly,” she said.

“You’ll really only know if you saw it!” I said.

She dressed really sexily, as she knew I loved it when men ogled her. She looked great, and Paul, I’m sure, would have liked the look of what he saw. So off we went, had a great evening, and the girls were getting tipsy–the conversation turned a bit fruity. His girlfriend had had a boob job, which we talked about, and other sex-related stuff.

As I said, I had told Kath about his reputation, and she seemed to take notice and kept flirting with Paul. His large cock came up in conversation.

“No complaints from me,” said his girlfriend.

Kath was looking a bit flush. I could tell she was thinking about those eight inches, and even seeing it.

On the journey home, we talked of our evening, both of us getting horny.

Kath said, “I bet his girlfriend is getting a good seeing to, tonight.”

“I bet she is. Reckon, he’ll be fucking her all night after she’s had that big cock in her mouth.”

“Do you think they’d have been up for swapping?” I said to Kath. “Would you have been up for it?”

“I might have,” replied Kath.

“So, you’d have had his eight inches inside you?”

She just smiled.

That night when we got home, we had great sex–the best we have ever had.

She Hd Porno was horny as fuck.


I had been ill for a few days. Paul and Kath had started texting and with me laid up,

Paul saw an opportunity and decided to ask kath out for a drink one night. He obviously hoped she’d say yes which she did and he readied himself in preparation for a good night.

Kath, meanwhile, got herself ready putting on her sexy lingerie covering her big tits, pert arse, and hold-up stockings. She found a form-hugging dress that showed off her lovely figure. She’d got a pack of condoms and put them in her bedside drawer; you never know, she thought.

Paul picked her up, and what a sight he saw when she opened the door. She is only between a size eight and ten, and always looks fabulous. She wore her sexiest outfit and I knew she would of looked hot. She simply oozed sex appeal and jumped in the car next to him, her dress riding up giving him a perfect view of her slim, shapely legs.

Little did he know he’d be in between them in a few hours; although, he probably was thinking of how nice that would be.

The conversation flowed and eventually they left the city just after twelve. They got back to Kath’s house about one o’clock.

“Are you going to come in for coffee?” Kath asked.

“Of course,” Paul replied, hoping there might be other things on offer, too.

Inside they had their coffee and sat close on sofa; the sexual chemistry rising rapidly.

Kath fancied him which helped, and was curious to see if he was so well endowed. I think Paul knew he was going to fuck his mate’s girlfriend and didn’t think twice about it, In fact, it made him even more horny. He kissed her passionately, his hands finding the back of her dress, feeling her sexy figure, and also running his hands over her stocking-covered legs, telling her how good she felt.

Kath said to Paul, “Stand up.” She started to undo his belt, noticing a large bulge in his trousers, hoping the rumours were true. She touched the lump in his trousers, and said to him, “Is this for me?”

“You better have a look,” Paul answered.

Unzipping his pants, Kath pulled them down, revealing what she hoped she would find. He was already rock hard, and he was certainly well hung.

She later Türkçe Altyazılı Porno told me he was easily eight inches and had good girth, too.

She thought to herself I’m going to have fun tonight. I haven’t had a cock like this for some time. She put her hand around it and it felt like it was throbbing. It felt good. Paul had already taken her clothes off, she was naked looking really hot. She dropped to her knees and ran her tongue along the length of his cock. It twitched as she did, before opening her mouth and taking his cock in there.

Paul looked down. What a sight that was. His friend’s girlfriend naked, with his cock in her mouth, taking as much as she could get in.

She loved sucking cock.

Kath loved sucking cock and Paul would of really enjoying watching his cock slide in and out of her mouth.

“Shall we go upstairs?” she asked, as she made her way up to the bedroom, with Paul following closely, watching her sexy bum and slim legs up the stairs; his cock throbbing at the sight. She got him to sit on the edge of the bed, his cock pointing upwards. She continued to suck him.

His hands were on the back of her head. He told Kath he loved having his cock in her mouth. She tried to get his entire length in, but couldn’t take it all.

After a while they both got on the bed. She rolled a condom on his large cock knowing soon she’d feel it inside her; she thought it looked magnificent. He was as hard as rock, she told me, aching to be inside her.

Paul and I had talked as blokes do. He told me his girlfriend had fabulous tits; I told him that Kath’s pussy was lovely, best I’ve ever had.

He put the tip at her pussy, Kath prepared herself to be stretched, as she put her hands on his hips, just to control how quickly he went in. He pushed forward getting a few inches in, then feeling Kath’s hands. He pulled back, withdrawing most of his cock, doing the same again pushing forward. After a few minutes, Kath grabbed his bum pulling him towards her. He knew to get it all in this time and it felt good for both of them.

She had his large cock inside her, and he had a nice, tight pussy around the end of his cock.

He started to build up some speed sliding in and out his cock glistening.

Kath told me it felt really Brazzers good when he lifted her legs over his shoulders, and drove his cock even deeper, giving her a feeling of being well filled up with his cock. He carried on for some time and quickened up. Kath was in heaven being well and truly fucked.

Thinking he was going to cum, he pulled out his swollen cock, took off the condom, and started wanking–encouraging Kath to grab it.

She didn’t need to be asked twice. She grabbed his big cock tightly and started wanking. His cock started pulsating and shooting cum all over her tits, some even got her on the chin.

They cleaned up. He was still rock hard.

He was like that all night, according to Kath, she never saw his cock soft.

“Do you want more?” Paul asked.

Kath reached for another condom. Paul’s eyes lit up. She rolled it down his cock again.

“Fuck me from behind,” she told him, “I love it doggy style.” She got on her knees, put her head on the pillow, and stuck her bum right up for Paul to fuck.

He put just the tip in her juicy pussy; Kath was eagerly waiting for it. He plunged it all in in one thrust; Kath reached between her legs and felt his balls at that moment. Paul grabbed her around the waist and started fucking.

It was Kath’s favourite position. She absolutely loved it.

She said to me that I know how much she loves it from behind when I fuck her like that. When Paul shoved his cock in her, she thought he was going to split her open.

Kath put her hand through her legs and started caressing his balls.

Paul was loving that.

He was big she told me and fucked her for ages, eventually cumming inside of her. He pulled his cock out, and took the condom off, but still stayed hard. Kath was totally worn out, unable to go again.

Paul got dressed, putting his still hard cock inside his pants, and Kath put her dressing gown on, and said goodbye to him with a kiss.

She came clean to me and told me about her night with him. Some of the details didn’t come until later. A few days later, she told me she would go to tell Paul there was no future in their relationship. But she had to go tell him in person.

Didn’t she?


We married several years ago, and sometimes talk about that time particularly when we’re fucking.

I just wanted to put my horny story ‘down on paper,’ so people can read it.

I apologise for my writing, but hope someone enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I hope there are some nice comments. Please just say you read this.


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