Bar Banged


It was one of the few times my husband agreed to take me out dancing, being the man’s man and all; the club has never been his scene, so this was a rare treat.

We had been there for awhile, he was thoroughly enjoying the view of all the tits bouncing around him, the just barely legal’s in their short skirts, thigh high boots and shirts that hid a nipple at best. Even for me the views were just as fine, I would say better. Out on the dance floor with all the hard bodies rubbing against me, grabbing at my ass, sometimes a brave finger would slide up under my skirt and would not be disappointed – I was hot and wet and more than ready to go.

I had worn my leathers just for my husband; almost a guarantee he will be fucking me hard later even if hadn’t gone out, it drives him nuts- at thirty something I am still holding my own – with firm tits and tight ass, walking has made sure that I have kept my figure after all these years.

Tonight I put on the little black mini skirt he had bought me last year for play time, but without panties- I could feel the wetness slowly escaping my hot and pulsing pussy, droplets running down my bare thighs stopping only if brave hand would slide up there and help it out. I had on my leather halter that zips up in the front showing my ample cleavage – the word MILF been used many times in my company- always flattering as I flip my long blonde hair and give them a you wish look.

I never have had a problem getting who I wanted and still don’t. The guy I was dancing with pulled me in tighter to him – I could feel how hard his cock was – oh and what a big boy he was. I let him grind it into me more pushing myself into him. I couldn’t help wanting to feel him fill me and fuck me hard, the more he pushed it against me the hotter I was getting. His hand lowered from my ass and started for my hungry pussy – I thought I was going to cum right there in his hand he slid his finger into me and I could feel my muscles clamping on it wanting more.

The song suddenly came to an end- the young hard body so delicious bent and kissed me on my cheek and thanked me for the dance. I walked back to where my husband had been standing. I know he saw the whole thing but I couldn’t tell if he was angry or not- I had never allowed things to go that far before. I have always danced and flirted with the boys but I couldn’t help myself – the look on his face was strange as I closed the distance between us. My pussy throbbing with need, I was still winded from my almost orgasm, he handed me my drink but didn’t say a word.

Not sure which was the worse torture – the delicious boy that fingered me on the dance floor or the reaction, or lack thereof, from my husband. He reached for my hand and we headed outside and I figured the night was done for me and he was furious – rightly so, I had crossed the line this time. Much to my surprise he just wanted a smoke but his pack was empty. I told him I would go and get them from the truck – it wasn’t parked too far away and I could use the cool off.

The truck was parked at the back – not really any lights out there but it wasn’t all that secluded so I felt safe enough, I have never been one of those chicks that needed an escort every where I went. As I got closer I noticed there was a few people by another car that was parked by us, I paid no attention to them and continued past them. I got to our truck, just as I unlocked the door a set of powerful arms had me by the waist and the mouth at the same time. I tried to scream but with the hand around my mouth no sound would come out that could be heard. Struggling and kicking against this force, all I heard was “what a tomcat, this is going to be fun”. Up to that point I had hoped it was my husband playing out another fantasy but that was not his voice.

It was happening so quickly I couldn’t process; but I knew at that time fighting was not going to be an option. Suddenly there was another set of hands grabbing my wrists and my hands were being tied behind my back, tightly. I could feel what I assumed to be rope biting into my wrists – no way I was getting free. My mind was racing as the realization hit me there were more than just one and I was going to be the evening entertainment. The large hand that had been covering my mouth, stopping me from screaming, came off; but before I could get a sound out they replaced it with a gag of some sorts that was being secured behind my head.

They started laughing “looks like she’s hog tied and ready”; the one voice said. I couldn’t figure out why my husband hadn’t come looking for me yet – I had been gone far too long. The choking sobs threatened to come out of me, trying to control the panic that I was feeling – my skirt was being raised to my hips. I was fully exposed to my assailants.

One of them stepped directly behind me, bent me over the tailgate of our own truck, kicking my legs to open wider. Pressing my face harder into the metal of the bed – his one hand holding my neck down so that I couldn’t struggle, bursa eskort bayan as the other hand went to explore my pussy that was displayed in front of him. “Looks as sweet as I thought it would, she was so wet I wanted to fuck her right there she was dripping all over the dance floor” the voice was saying behind me as he stuck 2 fingers abruptly in me pushing up into my slit hard.

He rammed his fingers in me, my body started to respond to his rhythm – quickly pulling his fingers out of me, then it hit me – this was that delicious hard body that I had fooled around with on the dance floor just before we came outside. I had thought about feeling his cock ramming into me, but this never crossed my mind. Suddenly I was furious, struggling against this boy I found the fight again, this boy was not going to rape me if I could help it. Cursing my own actions now, I had been teasing him, but it was for my husband’s enjoyment – and where the fuck was he.

Just as I thought my other half had abandoned me and gone back into the bar, I heard his voice. Relief washed over me and I allowed myself to relax a little. I wouldn’t be in this position for very much longer and I started feeling sorry for the boys that were about to rape me. I know my husband’s temper and didn’t want to be any of them in that moment.

What happened next will never leave me – the one that had been holding me down instantly released me. “Oh man so sorry I….” he was stammering – leaving me still bent over the truck ass in the air.. ” She was asking for it……” he was trying to convince him not to kill him. I could hear the footsteps of him coming closer to the truck – “I am not going to stop you son…”

My mind went screaming, as I tried to get to a standing position. What the fuck did he just say….not going to stop them? “lay her back down boy before she gets up…” he was instructing them to rape me what the hell was he thinking – I didn’t know in that moment who I want to get my finger nails into first, and not for pleasurable reasons. I was shoved back into the truck bed with my ass in the air and pussy out for display, I had shaved earlier baby smooth and bald just the way he likes it and I was wanting to be fucked.

A part of me was hungry for this boy but this was wrong – again I couldn’t comprehend what my husband was thinking. He started talking to the boys again, still I did not know how many of them there were, I only recalled seeing 3 of them standing around when I walked past but I didn’t notice who they were. I wished I had taken a better look at them before this had all started. “No Cumming inside her, no bruising on her… that’s all I am going to say – other than that enjoy her cunt boys, she’s still tight”

…..tears started streaming down my face. Why was he doing this to me, had I really pissed him off that badly? I guess so … trying to wrap my head around it all, a cock was being slammed into me. God it was huge and before I could react he was forcing my tight little pussy to take him all in with one hard thrust. He slammed so hard into me I felt him hit hard against my cervix, the sudden pain shot through me as I tried to lift my ass to give him more room, he was so thick and long I thought he was going to split me in half. He pulled back out only to slam into me again, rocking my entire body hard into the body of the truck.

“Fuck man you weren’t kidding she has one tight and hot pussy, you lucky bastard!!” the boy was commending my husband on me, I wanted to grab the boys throat and ram a cock into his ass, see how he liked it… I kept trying to keep my mind on the crime that was being committed to me, the violent assault on my body, trying to control my bodies reactions. I was getting wetter and the boys cock all…what 9-10 inches and the thickness of a fucking tree kept his rhythm in and out. He was slamming into me now, not as hard as he had at first, now he was just fucking me and god he felt so good…

I could feel the pressure building… fuck I couldn’t let him have me – trying desperately to fight it… “You want to cum .. and you’re fighting me … good MILF cause the more you fight the harder I am going to make you cum..” whispering into my ear as his other hand reached under and found my clit that was now throbbing almost painfully….he flicked it – sending lightning bolt of sensations all through me, there was no denying this boy had full control of my body as my mind slipped off into an ecstasy I have never known, his hard young cock pumping me from the back, hitting me right to the very core.

His fingers flicking and rubbing my clit I was going to cum and like he said this would be one that would take me over the edge… so close it was going to explode me into shreds … he jerked out of me so abruptly my ass pumping violently in the air looking for the cock that just left my pussy on the edge of a climax… the agony building inside me – god I needed to cum.. being that I was still gagged all I could do is moan bursa merkez escort to beg some one to finish me off. I felt the hot spurt hit the top of my ass as he came as promised on me not in me…his cum dripping down the crack of my ass while he finished the final strokes. “Alright man back up let me in there…Jesus man wonder how tight this little cunts going to be after handling that monster…” the new boy jibed at his friend…as he took his place behind me.

This new one was much rougher… his hand wrapped itself into my long hair and yanked so hard that it brought tears to my eyes, holding me up so that I could just barely see the top of the truck bed.. “Any chance of blindfolding this bitch? – I think she’s seen enough”…it was my ever loving husband that answered – ” ya there is a rag in the truck ..” I could hear the door opening, the one I had unlocked .. and then close.

Then everything went black as the rag was tied around my eyes blinding me. Panic started again – my breaths coming in short gasps partly from being fucked but now more because this guy was taking more from me…”That’s better ain’t it now bitch?”… he said into the back of my head, reaching inside my shirt, grabbing my right tit squishing it hard into his hands …not bad for an old broad I must say as he grabbed the nipple and twisting hard between his fingers causing a yelp from behind my gag. He let up the assault on my tit and moved to the other giving it the same treatment, little shots of pain through the nipple causing me to yelp against the gag again…

I was truly terrified of this boy, and yet my husband was somewhere watching all this.. watching these boys use me as just a fuck toy to do with as they pleased. Was he enjoying this? The thoughts racing through my mind.. when rough fingers started probing my asshole now sticky with cum, “bet you would like me to fuck you hard in that tight little ass wouldn’t you? he hissed into the side of my ear. Suddenly a sharp smack that sent ripples of shock through my system. His fingers now probing around my pussy…”I’ll be damned…your old lady likes it rough eh..” he called out to my husband.

He wasn’t wrong.. the shocks of pain coupled with being tied up and blindfolded had caused new reactions in my body that were just as confusing to me. I was getting hot .. there was nothing I could do about it, the boy was on to something. “I’ll keep that in mind” came the answer back with a chuckle in his voice. “I do have to admit boys I think I like seeing her in this position”… and there it was he was enjoying this – the revelation that my husband had a very dark and kinky side, with my mind being distracted with the new insights – the sudden warm wetness slid down my ass crack as a finger rested to catch it at the tiny little hole.

My ass cheeks clenched tightly closed at the invasion even my husband had never tried to fuck me there. “You ever try her ass?” he asked him.. “Nope” was the answer…”Mind if I do?”.. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.. they were having a civilized conversation as to whether this boy that was currently about to rape me could de-virginized my asshole… again rage boiled from deep within me as I tried to buck this boy off me, catching him by surprise he yanked hard on my hair pulling hard from the roots…”Oh really you think I couldn’t do it.. just for that I am going to fuck you hard in that tiny little brown hole you’re protecting!” he growled at me..

“Oh ya man, I thought about it too all cute and puckered up at ya” the boy I had been dancing in the bar called back to his friend.. “Sure son go ahead lets see if she can take it… she never let me try” answered my endearing old man, while I was considering at this point how long he was going to live.

His weight lifted off me, his strong arms wrapped around my waist and hoisted my hips higher into the air, holding my head down against the bed of the truck. He forced my legs to open wider, in full view was my smoothly shaven pussy and the hole he was looking to stuff his cock into. “You’re going to want to loosen up baby or this is going to hurt a lot more, I wouldn’t try and fight me too much or I won’t have any mercy to give you…get it Bitch!”

The fear pooled up in the pit of my stomach. Up till now, as degrading as this whole thing had been a part of me had been enjoying it much to my own humiliation. His finger circled around the little puckered hole instantly it tighten on its own, involuntarily it was fighting the intrusion.. he chuckled, “I do love a virgin hole..” he said almost menacingly behind me, the finger slid lower into my pussy that had now started quivering at his touch, easily allowing him to slip 2 fingers into me deeper, suddenly he opened his fingers into a V inside me twisting his wrist in a side to side motion, the feeling was so incredibly intense.. he found my G-spot and probed.

I hated this boy but I could do nothing but give into his torture, taking me bursa sınırsız escort bayan closer and closer, my hips started fucking his hand on their own. I was about to cum again, like the first boy he stopped laughing as my ass was now waiving in the air like some horny cat… moaning and writhing against the coolness of the metal bed. His hands grabbed the sides of my ass; fingers biting hard into my flesh to hold me…”Ya you liked that didn’t you.. bet the old man never done that to you eh…” his fingers slid back into me just long enough to take my own juices and smear them across my asshole.. he was going to take it whether I wanted it or not.

“If you relax, you will probably enjoy this” he said to me as he slowly slid one finger into the one place no one had ever been. “God you are tight” he whistled out loud. He spat again into my crack rubbing it all over to moisten my hole more before he slid a second finger into me.. it hurt as I could feel my anus trying to stretch around his and out he slid them loosening the hole to take more. The other hand reached around and started circling my clit, the orgasm was still there as he rubbed the hardened hood, I could feel my body loosening up, still feeling invaded but the sensation was becoming more pleasure than pain and the waves started to take me with them…

“That’s it Baby feel that..ya your liking it.. I can tell” he cooed into my ear, moaning back to him my body now rocking into his fingers wanting to be fucked more and harder. Just before I was about to cum yet again he released the hold on me- again feeling the emptiness and agony of not allowing my release. I could feel him straddle high above me. “Now relax” he commanded…the hard tip was pressing against my hole I tried to relax as he pushed a little farther, I tried to pull away from him, he was too big and it was hurting god he was going to rip me.

I could feel the skin of my anus trying to stretch around just the bit he had there – I tried to shake my head no but it was my mistake when I pushed, his whole cock went in hard. I tried to scream out at the sudden pain and burning that was taking over my entire bottom half. “That was your fault bitch I was going to be nice about it” he hissed at me and then slowly started pulling the hard shaft back out of my ass and then back in…as I tried to will my body to relax against the pain. Surprising myself that it did begin to hurt less and almost feel good. His fingers again working on my clit rubbing it in circles, sliding a finger into my pussy and out finger fucking me at the same time his cock pumped my ass, and I was taking it.

Tears started streaming from behind my blindfold I was taking it and god I was liking this too…again feeling the building of one hell of an orgasm coming on, but this felt different this was a feeling of being so full I was going to explode against it, my mind reeling with the sensations of being fucked so hard in so many places.

Some where out in the distance of my consciousness I heard a female cry out “OMG that poor woman is getting Raped!! we have to help her, call the police!!!” a part of me wanted her to shut up – some where deep in my mind I didn’t want this to stop. “She’s my wife and she’s ok..” I heard my husband answer… I could hear him talking to this new person or persons I couldn’t tell. “No way – Can I try too?” the female voice asked. What was she asking? I couldn’t really concentrate on them, there were too many wonderful sensations rippling through my body. Each taking me higher and higher, as this one fucked my ass, my hips rocking to his thrusts taking him in deeper and deeper into me.

I wanted to feel his cum hard against the sides of me. Pulling out suddenly I felt the cum hit my cheeks as he finished his final thrusts. Wrapping his fingers back into my hair yanking my head backwards so my face was twisted up so that if I wasn’t blindfolded I would be looking into his eyes. “Yours was a fine sweet hole, I enjoyed that thoroughly thank-you Ma’am” .. kissing my cheek his weight lifted off me.

“Ma’am, thank – you”? What the hell was that about, he had been so rough with me and then a gentleman, nothing like a mind fuck after an anal rape. I started to try and lower my body down exhausted from being fucked so well… I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about it.. a part of me was hot and wanted more.. keep fucking me…I was so conflicted thinking that it had to be over I was wrong. “OOO My turn” came the female voice.. giggling. Still laying face down in the bed of the truck I tried to figure out what was going to happen next, if this is the group I passed there were 3 of them, I was trying to recall if there was a female.

Before I could get the image from just earlier into my mind, I was grabbed and flipped over. Now I was laying on my back, I could hear some one getting into the back of the bed and come behind my head, someone else was pulling my body lower down the bed so my legs hung off the back. “ah perfect” came another male voice…how many of them were there and how long was my husband going to allow them to keep at this. “I’m going to take your gag off do not try and scream remember we are allowed…” she had such a sweet voice but what did she mean allowed… as I was some piece of property that my husband was sharing…?

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