Bad in Plaid


It was a well known fact that Coach Davis was the hottest teacher at St. Mary’s high school. Not only was he the Varsity Softball coach but he was a damn good history teacher too. Never in my life did I think that mother would send me off to a private all girls’ school with these lame ass plaid uniforms because of my supposed ‘disruptive’ behavior. Apparently this was supposed to teach me a lesson on how to act responsibly or like a lady, but the fact that I got shipped off in my senior year just pissed me off even more. Especially since I was already 18 and should have been a ‘legal adult’ and allowed to make my own life decisions at that point. I didn’t give a shit what the people in Crestview City thought of me, but apparently it mattered to mother. The lack of boys on campus at St. Mary’s was deplorable and I found Coach Davis to be a breath of fresh air compared to the egotistical girls I had to attend class with.

Those first few weeks after classes I spent mostly down at the field. I liked watching him in action. He would stand at the first base line and coach those snobby bitches on the team to run faster, follow through, bunt or slide into home. I wanted to be around him but knew that sports were not for me. I knew that from my last school as all the other girls used to tease me and say that I only went to games to check out the guys. I couldn’t help it if I liked the guys. Guys were more fun than sports and sometimes it was more fun to fuck with them anyway. Several times when I was down on the sidelines I noticed Coach Davis looking at me, perhaps he was just trying to figure out why I was sent away from my last school.

Not only was Coach Davis super hot but he really seemed to care. He offered to stay in the classroom during lunch to help me catch up on the first two weeks of school that I missed because I was back home in Alabama. I explained to Coach Davis that my parents split up, I had some ‘issues’ at my old school so my mom sent me to live with my aunt in California. It was a bit of a culture shock, but Coach seemed really understanding; not to mention the fact that I was super attracted to him. I knew he was older and obviously my teacher but really, he was hot and when he walked by my desk when handing out papers, I could smell him. It was that super sexy mix of sweat and aftershave.

At first, Coach Davis was just trying to bring me up to speed on the war that was waged against the city of Troy. I didn’t realize that all of that all of that was sparked by a quarrel between the Greek Goddess Athena and Aphrodite. This one day, when Coach was talking to me about it (and of course you know he insisted I call him Coach instead of Mr. Davis), his eyes were all lit up and I could tell that he was really into it. He sat down in the chair next to me and revealed the details on what happened. He also gave me hints as to what would be on the mid-term. I remembered hearing about Aphrodite and how she was allegedly so beautiful that she stirred every man’s passion and lust. When I asked him about that he smiled playfully at me and asked what I knew about her.

“Coach, I only know what I read in Cosmo once and that was some article about how women should carry themselves with confidence and feel that inside they are a goddess, like Aphrodite.” I didn’t realize it at first, but as soon as the words rambled off my tongue I found myself crossing my legs and in the process my red plaid skirt slid up my thigh just a little bit farther than it should have. His eyes darted down instinctively. Instantly, I felt that rush, that giddiness I used to get with Mr. Pachecco back at my old school.

“Is that right, Cosmo said that?” he asked

“Yeah, that’s right, they also said that a woman who has confidence can get whatever she wants.” I emphasized the Gaziantep Genç Escort ‘whatever she wants’ part by leaning in closer to him and looking him dead in the eyes, my face so close to his that he could feel my breath against him.

Coach just looked at me. I don’t think he was expecting me to say that but I wasn’t expecting him to just sit there and stare at me with those wide blue eyes. Then he got up and walked around the room, he went over to his board and started to erase the notes from last period. He was dead silent and I wondered if I could do this again. Please let this be like Mr. Pachecco, I thought to myself. Please let him get my message. Yet all he did was tell me that we had enough catching up for today and sent me on my way to finish out the lunch period. I thought I was getting somewhere with him, that kind of reaction was going to get me in trouble again.

During the following week, Coach didn’t have time to tutor me at lunch since the Varsity team had made it to the CIF championships. I guess I was glad for him but I was pissed that he couldn’t make time for me. Seemed like trouble always found me as I was only at this school over two months and I was already getting busted. Books in hand, I was finally on my way home from a Saturday detention. I took the corner around some lockers too fast and since I wasn’t looking anyway, I ran smack into the chest of Coach Davis and my books went flying.

“Uh, sorry coach, I guess I should watch where I am going.”

“No problem, hun, I should have been more careful.”

“Hun? Did you just call me hun? Isn’t that a word you shouldn’t be calling your students?” I said sarcastically.

“Yes, sorry, I should not have said that, it was just a reaction, my apologies. Let me help you with your books.”

“I guess I can forgive you or you can make it up to me.” Then I went into game mode. Yes, my game was much different from his softball crap. Now it was time to play and I wanted it. I wanted this more than I wanted Mr. Pachecco and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer like last time.

“Is this book yours?” He handed me the trashy romance novel I was reading, you know, one of those red covered books with some Fabio looking hunk on the front.

“Coach, I am not ashamed to admit it. Yes, that book is mine. There is lots of good reading material in here, lots of nasty stuff too, too nasty for my little ol’ eyes.”

“Now I don’t believe that for a minute.” Coach gave me the look and I knew I had him! I had that hot rush of blood running through me. I was nervous but excited and scared at the same time. Gosh I loved the rush of the chase, that is so wrong.

“You know coach, I still don’t seem to recall finishing our tutoring sessions about the Trojan War and I could really use some help on that.” This time, I was obviously provocative, twirling my long hair around my fingers, shrugging my shoulders so that my tits would push together and give him as much as a cleavage shot that this stupid uniform would allow.

“You are right.” He was staring off in the distance in what looked like contemplation. What the fuck was he thinking about? “Would you like to come up to my classroom and finish that now?”

“Mmm, absolutely Coach, I can’t think of a more perfect time.” Heehaw, Hallelujah, fucking A, this was going to be good! Just thinking about trying to seduce him was getting me wet. Mr. Pachecco was a thrill but nothing ever happened and then he called it quits when I apparently took things too far. This time I had a good feeling I was going to get what I wanted. I followed him through the quad, up the stairs and into his room on the second floor. Once we got into his class, I found my desk and sat down. But this time I sat on the desk, not in the chair. My short plaid skirt was definitely hiked up and I could feel my ass cheeks on the table top, I was already wet with anticipation. Coach Davis walked over and stood in front of me.

“So, darlin’, tell me what you remember about the Trojan War?”

“Well, I remember it being a story about a big strong wooden horse forcing its way in places it didn’t belong and taking people by surprise.” These words came out slow and sultry, I could feel the lust between us and I knew he wanted me.

“You have been places you don’t belong either.”

“Coach, what are you talking about, you don’t think I belong here in this room with you?” I said.

“No, I’m talking about coming down to the field during my practices. I have seen you hanging out behind the third base dugout. I also saw you trying to get my attention by picking up your backpack before leaving the field. Don’t think I didn’t notice your intentional ass flash when you bent down”.

I stood up abruptly, “Why Coach Davis, I don’t know what you are talking about! Do you mean I intentionally did something like this?” I took two steps away from the desk, turned my back on him and leaned over to pick up my bag on the floor. Of course I did intentionally bend at the hips to reveal my white panties under this tacky plaid skirt. Then I walked to the classroom door and with pouty lips said “Do you want me to leave Coach or do you want to school me?”

“Oh you don’t know the half of it, darlin’, get back over here.”

“Hmmm, I was hoping you would say that. Now why don’t you let me thank you for helping me with the lessons so far.” I kneeled down on the cheap school carpet and positioned myself between his legs. Slowly I pushed them open by running my hands up his thighs. I could see his cock getting hard under his pants. Inside I was on fire, I could feel the desire coursing through my veins and I was so hot for him. I looked up at him while I grabbed onto his belt. Quickly I tugged at it so that it came unbuckled.

“You’ve done this before haven’t you, you little minx?”

I just looked at him with my big blue puppy dog eyes, pouty lips and shook my head yes. Slowly I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his pants. I was rubbing his cock through his pants even though they were undone. I leaned over and nibbled on his boxer covered cock. I took my hands and ran them over his washboard abs and reached under the waistband of his shorts. My little hands grasped onto his pulsing manhood and I could already feel a drip of precum on the head.

I giggled as I stroked him. Coach just shook his head. I leaned my head down and followed my hand stroking motion with my mouth just enough so he could feel my breath against his cock. I glanced up at his face and could see the eagerness in his eyes. I couldn’t wait any longer so I slid my tongue up the back side of his shaft. Slowly coming back down the sides and up the front. I slid my tongue around the ridge of his head and then flicked my tongue over his slit.

“You are a naughty little school girl aren’t you?” He said with a throaty groan.

As I took him completely in my mouth I moaned yes and watched his face I swallowed him. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. Fuck he tasted good. I wanted him to explode in my mouth, his cum dripping off my face but I knew that I wanted some action too. I sucked him some more and then I stood up. I took his hand and ran it over my chest. My firm little nipples puckered when he pinched them. He wanted to keep massaging my chest but I didn’t want that. I pushed his hand down and made him reach under my skirt.

“Touch me coach, touch me.”

His fingers explored me; he quickly found my clit and began to rub clockwise circles with his thumb. Oh fuck that felt so good. I wanted him to slide a finger in me and when I leaned over to tell him that, he moaned as he did it. I was still stroking him as he fingered my pussy. “Coach, I want you.”

“I can tell but you are a bad girl and if you are not careful, I am going to get a ruler and spank you.”

“Hmmm, I haven’t been spanked before. If you think I am such a naughty girl, maybe you should punish me?”

As gracefully as he could, he slid out from the desk and walked over to the board. There was the ruler, all 12 inches in its wooden glory. Coach Davis came up behind me and grabbed me by the hair.

Whispering in my ear he said, “You have been a very bad girl, haven’t you?”

“Yes, coach, I have.”

With a fistful of hair, he pushed me face down into the desk. I could feel my forehead against the cold laminate desk top. His ruler was finding its way to my ass and I could feel him rubbing it over my plaid skirt. He used the ruler to push up my uniform, exposing my panties and I could feel the cool air on my ass. He leaned down to my ear again.

“What’s with the good girl panties, you know you are a slut, don’t you?”

Before I had a chance to respond I felt a good whack on my ass with the ruler. I yelped in surprise.

“What’s that, you slut? You don’t want to be spanked? Well too bad.” WHACK! Another slap to my ass, I could feel the tingling on the spot he just hit. It felt good and I could feel my clit getting harder, aching to be touched, I had butterflies in my stomach and I wanted him to fuck me. I knew he wanted to fuck me too. Then I heard the ruler drop to the floor. His grip on my hair loosened up and I felt both hands on my panties but I was still bent face down into the desk. Slowly he pulled them down and I could feel his breath against me as he smelled my pussy. God that was hot.

I felt his hands against my ass and he spread my cheeks apart. His tongue darted between my ass and my pussy. I could actually hear the sound as I was super wet and his tongue was making it worse. My clit was going to explode; I wanted him to suck on me so bad.

“Please Coach, lick my clit, please I can’t take it anymore.” He slid his tongue over my clit and it raced in circles around and around and I was quick to come. I felt my legs go weak, my world went dizzy and when I was finished he came up to look my in the eyes.

“You are a very bad girl, and I am going to give it to you like I know you want it.” I could see my juices all over his face. I leaned over to him to lick it off and got a taste of my own flavor.

Still pushed over the desk, I could feel his cock against my ass. I was surprised and not ready to take him there. Thankfully he slid his cock in my pussy and he felt so fucking huge. I gasped at his size, he filled me up completely.

“This is what you wanted, wasn’t it, you little tease?”

“Yeah, Coach, I wanted you to fuck me from the day I met you. Come on, fuck my pussy, Coach, and fuck it hard.”

He pounded into me, I could feel his balls slapping against me as well. He grabbed onto my shoulders and I could feel his cock move deeper inside me, I knew I was going to come hard. I squeezed my pussy tight around him and he moaned with pleasure.

“Damn, you are so fucking tight, you little slut, who knew you would be so tight.” He grabbed my hair again, pulling so hard my head flew back, and his quick pumping action and moans told me he was ready.

“Coach, pull out and come on my ass, I want to feel you drip all over me.”

“Oh yeah, you little slut, here I come. ” Just at the right time he pulled out and dumped his load all over my ass. I could feel it, all hot and sticky. As he squeezed out every drop, I reached around and moved my hands in it, rubbing it in my skin like a good moisturizer. I knew he was mine. I had him, and I would continue to have him until graduation. I also knew if he didn’t pass me, I would tell his wife.

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