At His House

This is my story and is also published elsewhere.


“God Damn it…!” Her voice screamed in her mind, why had she agreed to this? Why would she be willing go to her boss’ house and expect for there not to be tension.

She huffed a little plopping down on the bed. She rubbed at her skirt nervously waiting for him to return. She eyed around the room at the perfectly set decorations. Just the thought that she was sitting on her boss’ bed who she had fantasized about for months made her horny. She hoped he would take a moment with the drinks. She slithered her hand up to her chest feeling her blouse and undoing the top button. She smiled at how plump her breasts looked in her bra. She started to fondle herself ever so slightly just teasing herself with the thoughts of what he must of done in this bed.

She slowly became more bold hiking up her skirt to rub her fingers against her panties. She was feeling confident to even attempt the thought of feeling herself up at someone Porno else’s house but damn she wanted him. Thoughts of him were always swirling through her head. She rubbed her fingers up and down her nearly soaking lips on top of her panties. She gently caressed her clit a few times sending a wave of pleasure through her. A small noise escaped her lips which made her smirk. There was no going back now. She pulled her panties aside with one hand and slowly worked just one finger into herself. She had nearly soaked her panties but this… this was something else. She rolled her hips against her hand once before plunging her finger all the way in and working it out to add a second finger.

The door slowly creaked open as her boss just looked at her finger fucking herself on his bed. He gave a gentle smile mouthing “I guess I won’t be needing these” as he sat down the drink on the TV stand.

He gave a sigh and moved to stand in front of her with a disappointed look. She Altyazılı Porno opened her eyes and quickly went to cover herself trying to start to apologize. He gave a small chuckle starting to crawl on to the bed.

“If you were needing something you could of asked. You didn’t have to make up a reason for business if you just wanted to get laid.”

He said in a growling tone. She looked mildly scared but damn he looked like he wanted her too.

He raised an eyebrow at her squeezing her thighs together. She slowly started to part them with a little bit of nervousness. He gave a kiss on her knee and started to work his way down and looked at her underwear pulling them off. He smiled before he shoved his face between her legs opening his mouth and licking gently at first but increasing in intensity quickly.

She could barely hold in her moans as he spoiled her with his tongue. Her legs quickly started to quake as she could feel her orgasm getting close. Brazzers She attempted to squeeze him but his grip on her thighs was strong. She could feel the waves of pleasure rolling through her body before the sense of sweet sweet release. She shivered as he moved to pet on her.

“It seems they didn’t take too long. Do you want more?”

She looked at him with pleading eyes nodding yes. He moved off of her to go retrieve a condom from his nightstand. He starts to undo his clothes as her eyes trace his body. She starts to undo her clothes too before he stops her and moves her hands so he can kiss on her and unbutton her shirt himself.

He wanted to be able to fondle her to get her nice and needy. He handed her the condom as he stood up to allow her to place it on him and be able to touch him as well. She was definitely happy. Her hands right where she wanted them. He smirked at her before pulling her to stand up. He wanted to lean down to kiss her before turning her around and shoving her on the bed. He held her hips lining himself up as she wiggled her ass. He decided to go fully into her in one thrust. She let out a moan into the mattress and he grunts as well. This was definitely like a dream come true.


I hope you enjoy!

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