At Antonia’s, Ch. 02


The alarm clock woke us up at 7:30. It was the first day of class, and Maya, as Teaching Assistant, would have to meet her new group of students. This made her nervous. We both got dressed, Maya taking longer, of course, and still putting on the finishing touches to her make-up, we raced out of her apartment. We walked briskly together to campus, and there parted ways, she almost running to her class.

“I’m getting this ass tonight. Don’t think you’re getting away!” she said, squeezing my buttock as we kissed goodbye. I made my way to the Student Union for some coffee. My first class wouldn’t start until 11:00.

As I sat in the Union drinking my coffee, feeling a little hung-over, I thought about what had happened the previous evening, reliving every delicious detail, my ass throbbing ever so slightly from the fucking Maya had given me. As I replayed the events in my mind, I could feel my cock getting hard under my pants, and hoped nobody noticed.

A little after 10:00 I called Maya on her cell to ask how her first day had gone with her new students, and she sounded much better.

“They seem okay, there’s about twenty of them.”

“I told you, there was no reason to get nervous, they’re just students.”

“I know. I just get nervous with new groups, that’s all.”

Then, after a pause: “Antonia called me right as I was leaving class, by the way. She said she just wanted to tell me how much last evening had meant to her, that it was the sexiest thing she had ever experienced in her life. She said she’s going to dump Emile; that guy just doesn’t do it for her, she said. And she said we make a really cute couple, you and I. She wanted to replay the whole thing, I swear. if I didn’t have to meet with my professor, I think I’d still be talking to her!”

“I’m glad she liked it, and I’m glad she called. Actually, I was sure she would call” And yes, it was really hot,” I said.

“I know.”

“She’s going to call again tonight.”

“That’s great. I like Antonia.”

“I know, I love her very much; she’s my best friend. I’ve known her since we were kids.”

My condo-mates had returned from break and I hitched a ride to the condo with one of them after lunch. (I had sold my car shortly before Christmas break hoping to buy a new one right away, but matters not relevant here had kept me from doing that, so for the time being, I was on foot).

The electricity bill had arrived, and my condo-mates were not happy. I didn’t want to explain that whenever Maya and I were there, we were naked, and thus kept the heating going full blast! I agreed to pay the electric bill, so everything was fine.

I told them that I had decided to move out and that Maya and I would be looking for a larger place for both of us nearer campus. They were sorry to see me go, but we knew lots of guys who would jump at the opportunity of living in this place, so my leaving would not be a big deal.

Maya picked me up in the evening, and we drove to her place. We had barely closed the door behind us, when we started frantically undressing each other. We kissed passionately, and then she görükle escort almost threw me on the bed, and started to suck on my dick.

“Lift up your legs,” she commanded.

I lifted my legs above my head, and with both hands pushing at the back of my thighs, Maya began to lick around my asshole.

“We need to get rid of this hair, it’s making my job very hard,” she laughed.

I agreed. Maya had very little pubic hair, just a tiny swirl of red hair above her pussy and none on– or around–her anus.

Slowly she began concentrating her licking on my anus, and began working her tongue into my rectum. My sphincter gradually gave way, and I could feel that Maya’s tongue had entered me.

“I love your asshole, I really do, you know!”

“it’s yours now,” I said, “my ass belongs to you.”

“I know it does, honey. It’s all mine.”

As she tongued my sex hole, she softly scraped her long finger nails up and down my erect cock.

“I have to fuck you,” Maya informed me. “Hold your legs over your head while I get ready.”

“Sure you don’t need my help?” I didn’t want to appear totally unhelpful.

“Nah, I got this. You just stay put.” Then she added, laughing: “You look so cute exposed to me like that!”

She picked up the strap-on from the table where we had left it the night before, and as she headed to her purse for the K-Y, she stopped and looked at me.

“Wait, I need to do something first.” She dropped the toy on the bed and took a pillow from the head of the bed.

“I need to put this under you. Raise your ass for me.”

I did as she commanded, and she stuffed the pillow under my buttocks.

“Much better,” she said with satisfaction.

She was still not satisfied. As she was coming back with the K-Y, she added, “hold on, let me get a towel.”

She returned from the bathroom with a large white towel, which she then spread between my body and the pillow and extended it out under where her knees would be.

“If we do this every day, it’s not going to be just a little stain like on Antonia’s bed!” laughed Maya, delighted at her own cleverness. “Just imagine if you poop while I’m fucking you!” We both laughed out loud.

Standing next to me, she lubed both hooks of her fake cock, and, squatting slightly, slowly tried to work them into her orifices.

“I think they both need to go in at the same time,” Maya observed.

“I think so,” I agreed. “Would be harder to put one in and then the other.”

“I wish Antonia was here to help,” laughed Maya. Her words made my cock and ass tingle. Antonia was still on Maya’s mind.

“I know.”

Finally, after a few failed attempts, Maya got her tool fully inserted in both her holes, and pulled on her penis in all directions to make sure it would stay put.

“Ready!” she exclaimed triumphantly.

She crouched before me, and gave my cock, balls, and asshole a few loving licks. Straightening up, she spread lube on her cock, and then on my hole. Maya then slipped a couple of her well-lubricated fingers into my rectum and moved them around to loosen me up. When I bursa merkez escort felt the tip of her cock pressing against my asshole, she leaned forward, and I felt her enter me. She reached for the tissue paper next to her, and wiped her hand of the lube. Then she just dropped forward, her shoulders resting on the back of my thighs and her hanging breasts resting against my chest. Her cock slipped all the way into my rectum, and we kissed.

“How does that feel?”

“So good, so fucking good.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

We lay there motionless for a few minutes, just kissing.

“Ready for some action?” she asked, laughing.


She then began rotating her hips forwards and backwards, and side to side, her plastic cock sliding in and out of my hole, exploring every nook and cranny of my rectum my rectum. I was moaning–almost whimpering–from pleasure.

When her cell rang, she didn’t break her rhythm for a second.

“Could you get that, sweetie, it should be Antonia.”

I struggled to reach for her phone on the night table, and I looked at the caller’s Id. “Yes, it’s Antonia.”

“Can you answer it, and put it on speaker?”

“I pressed the answer and speaker buttons and tried to hand it to my girlfriend. “Just leave it on the bed, honey.”

“Maya, love, are you there?” asked Antonia.

“Hi honey, yes I’m here with my boyfriend,” Not having stopped her fucking motions, her voice broke as she tried to catch her breath.

“What are you guys doing?” laughed Antonia.

“What do you think? I’ve got my cock all the way up Martin’s hole!”

“That’s so hot, I wish I could be there to watch you two!”

I looked at Maya, trying to read her expression, looking for clues as to what she would say next.

“Tomorrow,” she finally answered, on the bottom of her thrust into me. Then she pulled out completely, and readied herself for the next plunge.

“That would be so awesome! I can’t wait! By the way, Mary Lou and Cindi are coming into town tonight. I think the five of us should get together for dinner tomorrow.”

“What do you think, honey?” Maya asked me.

Between moans I answered that that would be great. Maya, Antonia and I had just made plans to get together the following day for a sexual event of some kind, and now Mary Lou and Cindi were being added to the mix! How was that supposed to work? The excitement was too much for me, and I ejaculated all over myself. I hadn’t touched my cock since Maya began fucking me, and Maya, of course had not let up her pounding of my hole.

“Oh, look, my boyfriend just came! Honey, why didn’t you warn me?”

“I didn’t know I was going to cum, it just happened!”

Maya let her cock slide out of me, thinking I was done.

“Are you done?” Antonia wanted to know.

“Don’t stop, fuck me some more, I’ll cum again.”

“Are you sure'”


“No, we’re not done; looks like this one wants to go for another round!” laughed Maya, and Antonia repeated her standard phrase: “that’s so hot, THAT IS SO FUCKING HOT!”

“Just bursa escort bayan start slowly, honey, remember I just came.”

Maya did as I asked, and fucked me gently, beginning with slow, short strokes, and gradually moved to a full stroke: cock all the way in, complete pull-out, repeat.

“I want to cum!” shrieked Maya, “I want to cum!”

“Quiet! What are your neighbors going to say?” warned Antonia.

“I don’t care, I want to cum!”

“You can fuck me harder now, honey,” I said. “I’m okay now.”

Maya started thrusting like crazy. “Oh, Antonia, you should see this, I’m going to cum so fucking hard!”

I buckled under the power of her thrusts.

“Stroke your cock, stroke your cock, bitch!” Maya ordered me. “I’m fucking cumming, I’m fucking cumming!”

I did as I was told, stroked for about a minute, and ejaculated again.

Maya collapsed on top of me, panting out of breath; my cum coating her breasts and tummy, her cock still in me.

“That felt so good, I loved it!” she whispered into my ear.

“I loved it too, thank you for giving me so much pleasure,” I told her, as we exchanged a wet kiss.

“I’m sorry I called you a bitch.”

“That’s okay,” I answered.

“But you are my bitch, aren’t you,” she added, caressing my face.

“Yes, I’m your bitch.” Maya liked that, and gave me her killer smile and kissed me deeply.

“I came too,” piped Antonia over the speaker.

The three of us laughed. Antonia had been playing with herself while she listened to our show.

Maya’s toy slid out of her holes and once again, she gently pulled it out of my asshole. Looking straight at me, she tried licking it clean, but complained about the flavor of the K-Y.

“We need to get some edible lube, I don’t like the taste of this stuff. I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“We can get some tomorrow,” offered Antonia.

“You do so much for us, honey,” answered Maya.

“Love to help, but it’s not just for you. You two turn me on so much!”

Maya and I then spent the next couple of minutes in silence licking my cum off each other’s body.

“What am I missing? What’s going on over there?” Antonia wanted to know.

Maya explained–almost narrated–what we were doing.

“I bet that cum tastes so good!”

“It’s delicious!” exclaimed Maya.

It was obvious to me, and I was sure it was obvious to Maya too, that Antonia wanted to taste my cum. I wondered quietly if it would ever happen.

“Okay, bitches, I’ll see you both tomorrow, then!”

“Bye sweetheart!”

“Bye Antonia!”

Then she hung up.

“Antonia needs to get fucked,” I said thoughtfully.

“I know,” answered Maya.

We didn’t bother cleaning up.

“I like it, it smells fresh,” Maya answered after I suggested we take a shower. What little was left of my cum on our bodies, Maya tried to get, lapping up what she could, pick up with her fingers the rest, licking her fingers clean, and letting me taste it too. Besides sharing my cum, we cuddled and kissed until it was time to sleep.

All that fuss about the towel and not getting any of our juices on the bed sheets was forgotten, and when we woke up the next morning, the towel was still on the bed, as was the strap-on, our juices dried onto it. We quickly got dressed and rushed off to campus.

I had made up my mind. Tonight at Antonia’s I would propose to Maya.

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