At a Lesbian Bar Ch. 01


Ron, a male straight journalist, meets Leila, the chairwoman of the local Lesbian Association, in the “Clit-ivy” bar. Besides Leila sits a big-boobed friend of her, who tensely looks at Ron, who feels both aroused and uneasy at her stare.

Moreover, Ron notices that whenever he changes body posture, Leila’s friend follows suit – and sometimes vice versa.

So he thinks, “She wants me – but aren’t this bar’s female patrons supposed to be lesbians?”

When somebody phones the lady, and she gets out to answer the call, Ron asks Leila, “Leila, what’s your friend’s name?”

“Lorna. You noticed that she kept staring at you, didn’t you?”

“Yes. But I thought she was lesbian.”

“Ron, as far as our association is concerned, a lesbian is a woman who dates other women, not a woman who doesn’t date men.”

“So you’re encouraging me to …”

“I’m just telling you that you shouldn’t mistrust her more than straight women. Obviously, you should be no less considerate.”

When Lorna comes back at the table, Leila introduces her to Ron.

Lorna says, “Pleased to meet you, Ron. I always read your articles, which are very clean – you must be both smart and sensitive, qualities most straight males definitely lack.”

“Please, don’t flatter me!” Ron answers.

“I’m not known for flattering,” Lorna answers, “Actually I’m a literary critic for another newspaper, and I often scathe novels and plays.”

“Lorna Madison! I’ve bought countless books on your advice and never regretted it!”

“Thanks a lot, Ron. And I have learnt a lot from your articles, even though you weren’t writing of something you could experience yourself!”

Ron blushes, and Leila tells Ron, “While we were waiting for you, Lorna told me that she wanted to interview a professor who was a schoolmate of yours …”

“… Rhonda Fox? I’ve never met her for years, and perhaps she still remembers Pendik Escort that I once leered at her neckline …”

Leila and Lorna laugh their heads off; Leila remarks, “Unpleasant, but widespread misdemeanour. Don’t brood over it”; Lorna unbuttons her shirt somewhat, and tells Ron, “My boobs are yours to watch!”

Ron can’t help noticing Lorna’s white breasts encased in a black lacy bra, and can even glimpse at her veiled nipples before he has to turn his head sideways to keep his arousal in check.

Leila pretends outrage at Lorna’s exhibitionism and jokingly tries to button her shirt up, but Lorna, in the same joking mood, slaps Leila’s wrists while scolding her, “Don’t dare skim my hooters, you dyke! Save your hands for your wife and paramours!”

Ron watches the mock scuffle, goes near the women, delicately grabs Lorna’s shirt, removes Leila’s hands, and delicately buttons the shirt up, taking care not to touch her body and intensely looking at Lorna’s eyes – as if he was undressing her, not dressing her up.

Then he summarizes, “You’re going to interview Rhonda Fox, Lorna, aren’t you? Ok, I can arrange an appointment. Let me skype her!”

Ron has brought his MacBook Pro to show Laila the articles he’s been writing in the last week, and since there is a WiFi hotspot in the bar, he can connect to the Internet and skype Rhonda Fox; once she answers the call, he introduces Lorna to her, and bids Lorna speak to Rhonda.

Lorna does that, after unbuttoning her shirt, and hugging Ron’s left arm to her right breast – embarrassing him a lot – and in a few minutes the appointment is made. Laila understands that it’s better for her to let them alone, and bids them farewell.

“Leila,” Lorna complains, “You have to help me with editing the files in my pen drive. My PC has crashed!”

“Plug the pen drive to my MacBook,” Ron says; Leila smiles, pays her bill and Kurtköy Escort gets out.

Lorna actually does as instructed, and for a couple hours she edits the articles for her newspaper and the chapters of a book she’s writing, while holding Ron close to her and touching her breasts.

When she’s done, Ron shuts the Mac Book, and as they are the last patrons in the bar, Lorna tells Ron, “It’s pretty hot here. Can you help me unbutton the shirt?”

Ron embraces Lorna’s shoulders with his left arm, and unbuttons the shirt with the other; when he’s done, and Lorna’s bra and navel are in full sight, she clasps his hand and puts it between her breasts; Ron gets the message and fondles them through, and the (female) barista averts her gaze while sweeping the floor.

The massage is so pleasant that Lorna pulls Ron’s hand from the breasts to the crotch, and his left hand leavers the shoulder, opens the bra, and fondles her tits, nipples included; moreover, Lorna neares her mouth to Ron’s, inviting him to kiss her.

After the kiss, the barista goes near their table and tells them: “Here you are the bar keys. I’m going home; please close the doors when you’re done – and break your leg!”

There are thick black curtains at the windows, so they can now do whatever they like without being seen, and Lorna hints at a couch wide and long enough for both.

Lorna stands up, Ron follows suit and, while they are going there, hurriedly undresses Lorna from behind, so she sits on the couch completely naked; Ron is still dressed, but Lorna opens his fly and keeps sucking and licking his shaft to keep it erect, while Ron strips himself.

When they’re both naked, Ron aims straight to her twat, penetrates Lorna, who squeals with delight as she feels his cock entering her, and rapidly enjoys orgasm. Even though he is uncircumcised, Ron requires a lot of stimulation to come, much Maltepe Escort to Lorna’s delight, and she experiences multiple orgasms before Ron’s.

As Ron’s dick exits the pleasure’s lair, Lorna tells Ron, “Don’t sully the couch! Let’s do a 69 now to lick our genitalia squeaky clean!” Ron obliges, and while he is able to make Lorna come again, Lorna’s maneuver can only tickle him as he is still in his refractory period.

An hygienic rule commands to pee as soon as possible after sexual intercourse, and the lovers take advantage of the bar toilets; there is also a shower for the barista, and they take it together, smiling, giggling, touching each other, and get out hugging each other.

Lorna wants to dress again, but Ron gently stops her, hugs and kisses her, makes her sit on his lap, and she asks, “What are you doing now?”

Ron doesn’t answer; latches himself to her right tit and begins to suck and arouse her; then he switches breast and sucks the left – he only stops when she leans backwards to let him lick her twat and suck her clit.

After doing that, Ron makes love with Lorna again, and after another 69 they go back to the shower cabin.

When they are done, Lorna watches the bar clock and says, “I’d like to continue, but the bar is going to open in half an hour. Better to dress up and … go to my home, if you want to enjoy me again.”

“Ok … but can I ask you a question?”

“I am supposed to be lesbian, am I not? About two thirds of the lesbians actually feel some attraction towards men – and if I meet a smart person, empathetic to us, his or her gender matters little to me. I fell in love over your writings and your soul – and you are also good in bed.”

“Thanks. But … don’t you think that other lesbians may snub you?”

“Leila and the barista don’t do that; about the others, I don’t judge them, I hope they won’t judge me. They already know what’s my opinion of labels like ‘Gold Star Lesbian’: nonsense.”

“You’re right. Sexuality is nobody else’s business.”

“By the way … can you suck my tits again? I loved it a lot, and if you’re seeking an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship, I can be your soulmate.”

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