Anna’s New Regimen Ch. 02



Life is not all sunshine and roses

(Sequel of sorts to “Anna’s new Regimen”)

Author’s cautionary disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. Please do not try to do it at home in any way, shape or form; except this is really what you want. Aside from that enjoy reading:



Author’s Note: What you are about to read is also about Master Robert and his slave/wife/submissive Anna. I know there’s quite a glaring difference between slaves and submissives, but let us not bicker about definitions.

A few months after the events depicted in “Anna’s new Regimen”, Robert and Anna had long returned to their normal routine. After having talked with their friends Anna’s punishment had only to be prolonged for three more days for two transgressions against the visual discipline and one breach of the language protocol. Instead of the initially planned twelve weeks her punishment had lasted for almost sixteen.

It was a Monday morning and Anna was dressed for work and ready to leave when her Master ordered her to strip and get on the bed. Anna made the universal sign of requesting a time-out and answered:


Anna: NO! I have to go to work and no time to indulge your childish whims or follow your selfish orders, Robert! I can’t just show up whenever I want.

Robert: NO? Did you really just say no to me? You’re mine, my slave. You do not have the right to say no. Just saying it is grounds for one week of corporal punishment and six weeks of your stage II punishment regimen and of course you will call in sick at work immediately.

Anna: I will do no such thing, Robert. There are a few things in my life where you have no say and when I go to work is one of them as you explicitly put in the second paragraph of our contract, right under the one where I declare my submission to your orders and your will in all areas of our private life. If you want to satisfy the needs of your cock, use your hands if you still know how and leave me out of it. It’s none of my business. I have better things to do than to satisfy the wishes of a head that has not even a single brain cell.

Robert: Don’t you dare walk out on me, young lady. You gave up the right to say ‘no’ when you agreed to become my slave. You do not say ‘no’ to your Master or you will really learn what it means to be a slave and to be treated as such.

Anna: So, your true colors finally show. You do not get immediately what you want and use force to fulfill your imagined needs. You twist my arm and are ready to rip off my clothes. Would you abase yourself so deeply as to rape your own wife because she does not have the time to give you what you want when you want it? What is so hard to understand about the word ‘no’? Two simple letters, everyone should be able to understand what they mean. But I guess it’s true what the hardcore feminists say about men: The moment they start to listen to the lisping voice of the snake between their legs, they once again turn into dumb uncivilized Neanderthals, into grunting cave dwellers. I believed that you were different, Robert, but it seems that I was wrong. You are not better or different from any other stupid, dick-driven male. And now let go of me. I have better things to do than to spread my legs for you. Fuck off, dickhead!! Or do I have to remind you of the time-out rule that allows me to refuse an order after I have requested a time-out and explained my reasons? It was your idea to put it into our contract and though I never used it before does not mean that it no longer is valid.

Robert: Go, and do not come back or contact me in any way until I summon you, Mrs. Masterton.

Anna: Why should I want to come back to you, you egotistical bastard?


Anna’s seething anger at her husband’s demands had abated considerably by the time she arrived at the office. If it had been up to her she would have retired to her office to analyze her heated altercation with her Master. But when she came in four of her people already clamored for her attention wanting her approval or permission. She signed off on two of their projects but had to send the two others back to their desks to rework their numbers. When she finally made it to her own desk she still didn’t get the chance to sit back and think.

Her Personal Assistant told her that the board of directors wanted to talk to her in the small conference room as soon as they had finished the overseas conference call in which they were engaged at the moment. That, in itself, was nothing unusual. The members of the board often wanted to talk to her right after she had sent in her quarterly financial report as she had done last Thursday. Talking to them was just not what she wanted to do at the moment, but she did not have the luxury to refuse the people who signed her paycheck. This quarter had exceeded the projections and the projections for the next two quarters also looked promising.

They kept her for much longer than would have strictly been necessary because they promoted her from Chief Financial Maltepe Escort Officer to Vice president of Finances with her own seat on the board which meant more responsibility and of course more money. Anna tried to be as thrilled at the news as she should have been and as her people obviously were as soon as they heard. One of the board member Assistants obviously had ordered refreshments for her people and so they had a short, improvised party with finger food and champagne.

But Anna’s heart was not in it, her mind kept going back to her heated discussion with her husband and Master in the morning. Every word they both had said seemed to have been indelibly burned into her memory. Her right arm hurt where her Master had grabbed her earlier and she was sure that she would get a big bruise in the shape of his hand at the latest the next day. But that was not what worried her.

Anna was still convinced that it had been her right to refuse his demand for sex. She was no longer sure that she had done it in the right way. She called up their Master/slave contract stored in the protected files section of her computer and reread it attentively. The more she read the less she thought that her reaction had been justified. The “Time-out paragraph” of their contract made it clear that any refusal on her part had not only to be justified by giving a good reason it also had to be brought forth showing her Master the proper respect.

Calling him names was certainly not a sign of respect. Words like “childish, a slave to his penis, Neanderthal, dickhead and bastard” were not usually in her vocabulary and she would not have used them if her rational mind had not been suddenly washed away by anger at his untimely demand. But it had been more than that; the moment she had said ‘No’, something inside of her had snapped as if a machine had been set in motion she could no longer control. Also, her tone had been completely unpardonable.

The day passed without her doing much work. But she wrote an email to her Master and apologized for all of her words except for the first. She copied the “Time-out paragraph” of their contract into her mail and begged to be punished for her verbal transgressions. She sent the mail and from then on checked for a reply every fifteen minutes.

At 18h30 Anna sent her PA home and found herself alone in the office. She ordered a Caesar’s salad but barely touched it when it had arrived. She wanted to go home and personally beg for her Master’s forgiveness but she remembered his angry command not to come back until he summoned her. She also remembered that he had ordered her not to contact him. But that was done and she did not regret having put her apologies in writing.

She then worked ’til close to eleven o’clock, making up for the time she had lost to her musings and self recriminations and to the party during the day. She tried to sleep on the couch in her office after having sent a modified version of her first email just to make sure, tried being the operative word. She only fell asleep when she gave up on sleeping on the couch and curled up on the floor but woke up again at five in the morning.

Anna made herself some coffee and went two floors down to the empty gym where she ran an hour on the cross trainer and then made a quick circuit of the other machines. A few minutes before seven she was at her desk and started to work. But she flinched every time when the program announced the arrival of a new email, but it was not from her Master. At midday she sent him another mail and once again begged for forgiveness. Almost the whole week passed without any sign from her Master though she sent two emails every day reiterating her need for forgiveness and begging for punishment for her verbal transgressions

Thursday around Midday, she had just sent off her email to her Master Anna’s PA announced a visitor who demanded to speak to her privately. It was Megan with a letter from Anna’s Master. It said:


You are to present yourself at your and your Master’s home this evening at 19h00 sharp. You will undress in your car and kneel naked on the doormat of the front entrance. You will put your hands in your neck, make sure that your elbows are in a line with your shoulders and cross your feet at your ankles. Then you will wait until your Master sees fit to fetch you inside to give you the chance to personally and publicly apologize for your disobediences and other transgressions and declare your complete submission to your Master’s decisions and to your punishment.

I already arranged with your fellow members of the board and the Head of Human resources to give you tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday off. We will need the time for your punishment and to start your re-training as your Master’s cherished pet and slave.

Until then, Anna

I will see you tonight,

Your disappointed Master and husband, Robert.

After she had read the missive twice Anna asked her friend “Megs, do you know what Master Robert has planned? Except for making me apologize in front of Kartal Escort most if not all of our close friends?”

“No, Anna, I don’t. I only know that Master Robert and Master Charles have spent a lot of time together talking those last few days. They did not allow me to stay and listen to them. I’ll see you tonight. My Master is waiting downstairs to make sure that I just bring the message and do not give you any ideas on how to circumvent your Master’s orders,” Megan answered.

“Why should I want to do that? I deserve to be punished.”

“Good luck my friend.”

“Thank you, Megan.”


That night, at five minutes to seven Anna put her car in its space in the garage and quickly undressed. There were a few familiar cars in the driveway, and she hoped that her Master would not let her wait at the door for too long. She knew how hard and rough the fabric of the door mat was and that kneeling there for more than just a few minutes would hurt her knees, but she didn’t have a choice. It was her Master’s will and she had to obey. She knelt down and waited.

Inside of the house the grandfather clock in a corner of the corridor chimed seven o’clock, but Robert gave no sign that he had heard it and continued to offer drinks to his guests. Half an hour later Hannah approached him to remind him of the time and his poor, neglected wife waiting outside but she did not get further than “Master Robert, may I…”

“No, Hannah, you may not. I know you feel for your friend but she does not deserve your worry. I ask nothing of her she can not do and she has amply earned the punishment she has coming. To wait for another ten or fifteen minutes more will not harm her.”

That said he turned his attention back to his conversation with Master Charles and Megan who was on her knees on the floor and looking up to both Masters. Fourteen minutes after having rebuffed Hannah. He asked his friends to go to the play room where seats had been prepared for them and that he and his naughty girl would join them shortly.

He opened the door and looked down on his naked and kneeling wife. Her arms were shaking with the effort of having to hold them up behind her neck for so long. He ordered her to come in and interpreting the tone of his voice; she didn’t even try to get up but followed him crawling to the play room. Before they entered the playroom he told her to kneel on the spot marked for her on the floor, spread her legs as wide as she could and tell the witnesses of her shame about her transgressions.

“And Anna, I don’t expect you to follow the language protocol. I admit that it would be fairly difficult and awkward to talk about your transgressions in the third person, but I want you to keep visual discipline.”

Anna wanted nothing more than to look into her Master’s eyes to read from their expression how angry he really still was at her but she knew it was not allowed and would only earn her an additional punishment. So, she only whispered, “Yes, Master, thank you, Master.” And crawled into the playroom.

She knelt on the spot marked by a white x, looked around without raising her gaze from the floor.

Anna: “Thank you all for coming and having the generosity to listen to the tale of the sins and transgressions I recently committed against my Lord and Master. On Monday morning I was about to leave for wor., My Master ordered me to strip because he intended to take me vaginally and anally. According to one of the paragraphs in our contract I made the sign for a “Time-out” to allow us to talk as equals.

“Ignoring that, Master Robert reminded me angrily that I had lost the right to say no when I signed our slave contract, and then I lost my temper, I used disrespectful, disparaging words and I called My Master names. He repeated that I did not have the right to refuse him and that I soon would learn what it really meant to be a slave.

I persisted in insulting my Master and he sent me off to work and ordered me not to contact him until he summoned me. I know that I failed my Master and myself by my behavior and humbly accept to be punished for disrespect using insults and curse words.”

Robert: “Is there anything else for which you need to be punished?”

Anna: “Yes, Master. Despite your order not to contact you I wrote an email with my sincere apologies and the humble request to be punished. Please add that to the list of my transgressions.”

Robert: “So, you wrote one email? Then who sent the other six emails from your computer and signed them with your name? Emails that not only countermanded my order not to contact me but also insisted on reiterating my failure to respect the time-out paragraph.”

Anna: “I did, Master. I felt so bad for what had happened between us and for having lost my temper. Those emails were my attempt to try and make up for it.”

Robert: “Why did you lose your temper and got that angry that fast?

Anna: “I don’t know, Master.”

Robert: “You can do better than that, pet. I demand honesty.”

Anna gave the impression Kurtköy Escort to squirm on her knees though she did not move a muscle. She took a deep breath and then asked, “Master, may I please look at you while I try to give an honest answer to that?”

Robert: “Yes, Anna, you may; but I don’t want any excuses or whitewashing I want the truth, the bare and honest truth.

Anna: “Thank you, Master, You are very kind to your undeserving pet.”

Anna made visual contact with her Master. He had taken a seat on a barstool to her left. So, she had to turn her head as far as she could to be able to see the expression on his face that unfortunately for once did not give anything away.

Anna: “You all may remember the evening a few months ago when I told you about the changes in our routine that had become necessary after I had misbehaved numerous times. Though basically designed as punishment this new regimen was also a very potent trainings tool that served to deepen my submission to my Master.

“When my punishment was served we returned to our previous, our normal way of life. It may sound strange but once again getting used to this was almost as hard as getting used to the punishment regimen had been. At the end of the four months, crawling and even talking about me in the third person felt natural to me as natural as giving orders in my office does. More than before my life at home and at work became two completely different entities, demanding mutually exclusive mind sets.

I think that my strong reaction and my anger came from the fact that though I was still at home I had already switched to my work place mind set which of course does not make my words in any way excusable. Talking like that to one of my employees would also not have been acceptable or without consequences.”

Anna saw the half thoughtful, half skeptical expression on her Master’s face and added,

Anna: “There also might be another explanation. Master. When we returned to our normal behavior, I kept asking myself one question, over and over again: Obeying your Master was so easy, it felt so natural. Anna, are you even still able to say no to him, not because you feel that his demands and orders have crossed a boundary, but just for the sake of saying no and refusing? Those last four days: when I did not work or deeply regret my outburst, I tried to find an answer to that question: Am I still able to say no without using the demands of my work as an explanation or excuse or justification? I do not know. And after four days of sleeping badly because I had disappointed and angered and shamed my Master; I do not think that I really want to know the answer to that question. Master is this explanation satisfactory for you?

Robert: “Yes, Anna, It explained a lot, though not all but we have all the time of the world to find the root of your strange outburst. Are you ready to hear my verdict and your sentence? And mind you what I have decided will be painful for you and hard and it will last for a long time.

Anna: “I’m ready, Master.”


Robert: “For having insulted your Master you will receive two strokes with a cane on your bare buttocks for every inappropriate or insulting letter. It were 112 letters. So, you will receive 224 strokes with the cane. For the next few days you will submit to one session under the cane in the morning and one session under the cane in the evening; each session will consist of twenty-three strokes. After every session you will spend twenty minutes sitting on a hard surface, holding the cane to build up your stamina and your endurance. On Wednesday you will return to work. Until then I will lace you in your training corset in the morning and give you chores to do while I am at work, and believe me there is enough to do. I gave the cleaning lady this and the next week off. In the evening I will inspect your work and punish you if necessary.

I then also will give you your second caning of the day, sit you down and remove the corset. If you have been a good girl I may allow you to suck me hard and swallow my seed. You will spend the nights until Wednesday locked either in your usual cage or in the new cage that has been delivered just a few hours ago. It’s as wide as your other cage but higher, but not long enough to stretch out. I suppose that sleeping in it will turn out to be quite a challenge, but I’m sure that you will persevere. So much for your insults.

“For the first six of your seven counts of willful disobedience we will reinstate the stage II rules with a few modifications. You will serve three weeks for every count of disobedience. There will be a modified form of visual discipline. You may look in your Master’s eyes whenever you want to and can do so without moving your head. If you move your head without permission, you will be relegated to a corner for an hour, blindfolded and receive between six and twelve strokes with an implement of my choice, and your punishment will be prolonged for two days; transgressions against the language code will also prolong the stage II regimen two more days. And of course the same goes should I have reason to punish you for anything else. The language code will also be modified. You will still talk about yourself in the third person, but you are no longer obliged to use slang terms, use the proper .terms

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