Anger Management Blues Ch. 01


Oscar opened the door to his room about two inches. He looked around the best he could for movement. There was none yet, so he opened the door wider. It was just wide enough for his head to fit. The coast was clear– just as he had planned.

He patted the front pocket of his favorite hawaiian shirt. The cigar he had managed to have smuggled in was still there. This plan had been in the works for two months and now was coming to spring into action. He grabbed his cane from beside the door and strode out into the hallway.

At quarter to six in the morning and all the nursing staff should be in their Thursday shift change huddle. He had known when to begin the plan, but it wasn’t until yesterday that he figured out the destination. If he had tried to enjoy his cigar anywhere, the smoke detectors would go off in seconds and the nurses would bust him. Yesterday he used the public restroom down the hall instead the one in his room. It had no smoke detectors and it had a window that opened. The windows had bars, but they did open.

Oscar hustled down the hall as fast he could without making noise. He had years of practice with his cane so using it silently was not hard. The bathroom was twelve doors down on the left. A small nurse’s station was about two doors further down. An average nurse huddle was twenty minutes and they took place down the other end of the hall. This station should be empty at the moment.

It had been well over a month since Oscar had a cigar. He didn’t smoke them all the time, just enjoyed one or two a month. They were his small little vice. At his age it was about the small pleasures. It was the one thing that drove him crazy about his stay at here at Wintercove Mental Health, No outside and no smoking. Chances were a nurse would catch him before he finished it but the risk was worth it. He didn’t feel human anymore here.

As Oscar got within arms reach of the bathroom he heard the voice he dreaded. Judy was the one nurse in this wing that he couldn’t stand. The feeling was mutual for her. Since he got here two months ago, she had found every piece of contraband he smuggled in. Well… everything but the cigar. Each time she told the doctors or social workers about it. So far they really didn’t care but it did mean a lecture from all of them. For fuck sakes, he was a seventy two year old veteran. What the fuck did they think they could change about him now?

“Oscar Thornhill, where do you think your going?” asked Judy. She was manning the smaller station and apparently skipping the nurse huddle.

“To take a shit Judy,” Oscar said. “You can watch if you like,” he jabbed.

“You have a toilet in your room,” Judy answered.

Oscar gave her his widest grin. “Yeah but lasts night was meatloaf. I don’t want to be smelling that aftermath all day.”

“Always the wiseass, I see,” she said walking closer. Oscar hoped she had not seen the cigar yet.

He turned and started back towards his room like he was going back.

“Not so fast Oscar. Your up to something,” she told him. “I have been watching you.”

“Listen Dear, I hate to tell you but you are not my type,” he quipped.

“Keep it up Oscar,” she said. “Turn around. Slowly.”

Oscar did as he was told. It took a half a second but Judy zeroed in on the cigar like a vulture. She yanked it out and stuck in her own pocket.

“Oh Oscar… Your rule breaking is adding up,” she told him. “Last week it was a flask and a few weeks earlier, you were trying to get gambling addicts to play poker. At least you’re not stupid enough to be trying to escape.”

“Escape?” he barked. “I am here for six months of anger management and mental health assessment. I got off easy. I just don’t like going without my Montecristo’s.”

“Well you keep this BS up and I will make sure you get stuck here longer.”

“Sure thing, Nurse Ratchet,” Oscar said.

“Fuck you Oscar.” she replied. “I don’t like being a bitch, but you don’t give me any other options. You insistently cause issues,” She clapped her hands loudly. “Danny!” she shouted. “Danny! Where are you!”

A large orderly strode from way down the hall. He was the same height as Oscar which was not easy to do. Oscar was 6’3″ and that is why they always had Danny deal with Oscar. Danny had a tight buzz cut with one of those goatee chin hair things Oscar always associated with movie villain bad guys. Did he really think women found that attractive? The only thing Oscar ever thought of when he saw it was Evil Spock from Star Trek. Danny also didn’t seem to like Oscar much but Oscar didn’t really care either.

“Yeah Judy,” Danny grumbled as he came down the hall. “What did Oscar do this time?”

“Not enough to put him in any real trouble,” she said acting like Oscar was not there. “Please escort him back to his room. Daphne should be doing her rounds with pills soon. I would hate for Oscar to not get his meds.”

“How kind of you Judy,” said Oscar with mock sarcasm.

Judy waved her hand at him shooing towards his room.

“I got this Judy,” said Danny. “Oscar won’t give me any problems. Right Oscar?”

Judy Kartal Escort turned and began back down towards the nurse station from which she came. Oscar just shrugged at Danny.

Danny gripped Oscar by the shoulder and gave him a hard shove in the opposite direction.

“Move Oscar. I got places to be,” he said.

“Like sticking your fingers up your ass?” Oscar remarked as he began walking.

“Your a prick Oscar. Have I told you that today?” Danny replied. “I would love for you give me a reason to rough you up.”

“Danny, you may be the thug around here but I am not afraid of you. I saw plenty of dumb shits like you in the marines. I don’t intimidate easily.”

“Yeah I get it. Your fucking old. Keep moving.”

An attractive redheaded nurse rounded the corner. Her hips had that sway only women who wanted men to look at them did. She was carrying a tray of little cups that contained everyone’s morning pills. Oscar did his best to straighten up and tuck in his shirt when he saw her. She waved in both their directions.

“Seriously Oscar?” Danny said as he watched the same nurse. “Daphne is old enough to be your daughter at least. I’ve got a way better chance with her than you do.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand Danny. You’re a neanderthal,” Oscar replied. “Daphne is beautiful young woman and I do enjoy flirting. No harm in that. When you get my age you take any feminine attention you can get.”

Daphne smiled at them with big dimples and ducked into the first room of her rounds.

“Well look elsewhere,” Danny said angrily. “Wheels are already in motion.”

“Yeah,” Oscar snorted. “You’re not Daphne’s type. I think she likes men who can hold a conversation.”

“I got a way with the ladies you wouldn’t understand old man,” Danny replied.

“Well Danny, I would love for you to explain that to me but alas, we have reached our destination,” Oscar said pointing at the door to his room.

Danny shrugged and turned away towards Daphne as she came out of a room.

“Just get in there and behave Oscar,” Danny directed. “Or don’t. I don’t really care. Next time Judy might let me get rough. I do like when the gloves get to come off.”

Oscar ignored the egging from Danny and went into his room. He filled water glass for when Daphne got to him with his pills. Then sat in the chair next to his bed. I would give him the best view of the door.

Seeing Daphne was the highlight of Oscar’s day. He had no qualms that Daphne was far too young for him, but she did seem to enjoy flirting with him. It had been a long time since anyone of the opposite sex flirted with him. The fact that Daphne didn’t hurt the eyes was a plus too.

A light knock rang on the door. It opened gently and Daphne entered the room. Her long bright red hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her grin was beaming. It made the few freckles around her dimples pop. Today she was wearing the scrubs that Oscar liked on her. The pants were a soft pink. While the were a little baggy in the leg they gripped her butt just the right way. The top was white with pink and red hearts all over it. It was so much livelier than the plain blue and white most of the staff wore. That fit Daphne’s personality Oscar thought. She was a firecracker.

“Hey hot stuff,” She said as closed the door.

“Hey yourself, Red,” Oscar said winking at her. Her grin got wider and green eyes sparkled at him.

“What mischief were you up to this morning?” She asked putting the tray on his bed.

Oscar laughed. “Well Judy caught me trying to sneak a cigar.”

“You are a naughty fella’ aren’t you?” she asked waving her finger at him. “I knew there was a reason you’re my favorite patient. I always have had a thing for bad boys. You’re not scoring any points with Judy though. She is not a fan of you.”

“Nurse Ratchet can bite me.”

“Oscar you are not Jack Nicholson and this is not One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I am worried about you.”

“I am sorry Daph. I will do better.”

“I know but Judy is the one you should be saying that to instead of me. It might do wonders for her disposition. We work in a mental health facility. She takes that Ratchet comment to heart.”

“I’ll try,” Oscar said picking up his water. Daphne passed him his pill. He swallowed it and the opened his mouth to show her it was gone.

“I know you took it hon,” she told him. “You don’t need to show me.”

She squeezed his hand then grabbed her tray. Before she could get to the door, Oscar spoke up.

“Daph wait a sec.”

She stopped with her hand on the door but was looking at him. Her head was tipped over one shoulder at him and she raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“Yes Oscar?” she asked.

“You got something going on with Danny?”

“Hell no!” she scoffed. “He seems to think every nurse here is his plaything. He has made a move on us all. We all shoot him down. He is a real creep.”

“Well be careful around him,” Oscar told her. “I got a weird vibe from him this morning.”

“I can handle him but thanks Pendik Escort for your concern hon,” She winked at him. “Breakfast is in twenty minutes. You best get ready.”

“I will. All the excitement this morning worked up a hunger.”

When she left, Oscar took a deep breath. Hot damn she cute. Everytime she winked at him he felt like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. His heart grew three times bigger. Where was she twenty years ago after Wanda passed away? He loved Wanda like no other woman but Daphne made him feel like a man again. It was the same feeling he had when he met Wanda. Silly question though, Daphne was early thirties. At most she was in high school when twenty year ago. Still far too young for him. A man could have fantasies though.

Another knock echoed off his door a few minutes later. Followed by a voice.

“Come on you old fool,” Alex chitted. “Get a move on so we can eat and I can kick yer ass in chess again.”

“Oh shuddup,” Oscar replied.

Oscar opened the door and looked down at Alex in his wheelchair. Alex beamed up at him.

“I hear Judy busted you this morning,” Alex said laughing.


“Told you it wouldn’t work. Judy is a sly one. You may have been a cop way back but Judy can read you like a book.”

“Yeah, Yeah,” Oscar said. “Let’s move. I will push so we aren’t late.”

“I never turn down a driver,” Alex said then waved his hand in the direction of the dining hall. “Tally Ho My Goodman!”

They strolled down hall talking chess, breakfast and how nice Daphne’s butt looked in the those pants. Alex had been the first and only real friend Oscar had made since he got to Wintercove. No one would play Alex in chess and Oscar just so happened to like chess too. They bonded over the game and had been inseparable since.

“By the way Oscar, you owe me five bucks,” Alex remarked as they closed in on the dining room.

“Oh Shit!” Oscar exclaimed. “I do, don’t I? We made that bet my first week.”

“Yup. I bet you that you would never get to smoke that cigar.”

“Well shit that five is in my other pants,” Oscar said. “You grab me a plate and I will be back with your money. Extra hash browns if you can get them.”

Alex saluted Oscar. “Will do chief. Just get my fiver. Jen the physical therapist lets me stop at the vending machine on the first floor before she brings me back here.”

Oscar made his way back to the room and dug around for the money. It was in his night stand and not the other pants. Several minutes of searching located it though. When Oscar started back though he heard something loud. It was a slap he thought. He paused and listened. No more slap but the room near by made a rattling noise like someone was trying to turn the knob.

“I told you I am not interested,” said a female voice.

A male voice responded but it was too muffled to hear.

The female voice was Daphne, Oscar was sure of it. He changed course for that door. Something was wrong.

“Let go of me!” Daphne’s voice said.

Oscar could now make out the male voice. It was that piece of shit Danny.

“Hey, the crazies are at breakfast. How ’bout we have some fun.”

“I said NO, Danny.”

“This room doesn’t have a guest until tomorrow. Why don’t we take this to the bed. I can show you a really good time. You won’t forget it. I promise,” Danny told her.

Oscar put his hand on the door knob. Cop and military training kicked in. He need to wait for the right moment so Daphne didn’t get hurt.

“You’re fucking gross Danny. Neither me nor any of the other nurses are interested in you,” Daphne said directly.

“Fucking Bitch!” Danny exclaimed raising his voice to a shout.

“That’s my queue,” Oscar thought and pulled the door open wide. Both Daphne and Danny were taken by surprise. Danny had been holding her wrist but the surprise made him let go. His other hand looked like he had been about to hit her.

“I believe she said no, you troglodyte,” Oscar stated then took Daphne’s hand. He pulled her towards the door and out of Danny reach. Danny was turning red.

“Mind your own business,” He stated to Oscar.

Oscar ignored him and looked at Daphne’s wrist. It was going to be bruised from Danny’s grip.

“You ok my dear?” Oscar asked.

“I think so,” she replied.

“You think you need cane now… I am going make you a fucking cripple,” Danny growled and started toward them.

“Go get help!” Oscar told Daphne. He spun his cane his hand so that the hook was towards the floor. He was holding it upside down now. Daphne sprinted down the hall away from the violence that was about to unfold.

“She can’t save you now old man,” Danny said.

Oscar had moved back out into the hallway. He knew having room would give him an advantage. Danny was a big but clumsy. Oscar had been a soldier and cop. It had been years since he fought but training had been muscle memory for years.

“Danny you get one warning from me. Swing and it is over for you,” Oscar told him. “I was a marine and cop. Don’t mistake my being old as frailty.”

“You’re Göztepe Escort just scared,” Danny replied, then bolted at Oscar in full charge. He figured that because Oscar was old he couldn’t be quick. He was way wrong.

Oscar sidestepped like a bullfighter, then used the hook on his cane to snag Danny’s foot. Danny went down like a sack of potatoes– head first into the floor. He was slightly stunned. Before he could react Oscar hopped over to him sprawled out on the floor and placed the bottom of his cane on Danny’s neck.

“Stay put or I will crush your windpipe,” Oscar told him. “I know enough about the law that this could be considered self defence. I could crush it right this second but scum like you is not worth it.”

Danny just laid there quietly. He didn’t even struggle.

Seconds later security came with Daphne in tow. Someone grabbed Oscar a chair and they took Danny from him. Security detained Danny while cops were called. They arrested Danny. He was being charged with assault and battery and attempted sexual assault. It made for an exciting day but in all the commotion Oscar lost track of Daphne. Later someone told him they let her go home.

The whole situation made the news that night. Oscar had kinda become a hero around the hospital. It felt weird for him. He had not felt that way since back on the force. It made him sleep really well that night.

He woke early the next day to someone opening his door quietly. It was really dark out and the lights were still off. Oscar reached for his light with one hand, grabbing for his cane with the other.

A soft female voice spoke. “Oscar don’t turn the light on.”

“Daph? What time is it?” Oscar asked.

“Four am,” she replied. “I couldn’t sleep and I never got a chance to thank you yesterday..”

“It’s Ok,” Oscar whispered. “I was just glad I was there to help before you got hurt.”

“I know. I thought I would help you out though. Yesterday you tried to smoke your cigar before Judy caught you.”

“Yeah?!” he asked a bit puzzled. “That is not important now though.”

“It is to me. You really saved me yesterday and I want pay you back.”

“If you say so…but what is the plan?”

“Just get dressed and follow my lead.” Daphne told him. “I’ll go play look out.”

Oscar got dressed while Daphne watched for anyone in the hall. It only took Oscar a few minute to get dressed. He was the kind of guy who put out his clothes the night before.

Daphne lead him out into the hall and down towards the dining room. They boarded a maintenance elevator. She pressed the ground floor button and Oscar just stood there quietly.

He was now noticing that Daphne was in her casual clothes and not scrubs as they rode down.. She wore a pink tanktop and tight fitting jeans. The tank top made Oscar noticed Daphne was well endowed in the top, not just in the hind end. The scrubs really hid most of her curves. She was even hotter than he imagined out of her work clothes.

“Where are we going?” he asked breaking the silence.

“This elevator lets out on the ground floor next to a loading dock. No one uses it this early and it will be empty. Some of the nurses sneak down here for smoke breaks during the day,” She told him.

“Ahhh ok,” he said. “Do you sneak down here for smoke breaks?”

“I quit smoking years ago when I had my son.”

The elevator stopped and she led Oscar around the corner to the loading dock. It wasn’t big, only one bay. He assumed it was likely just used bringing in food and meds. Most of it was empty except for a few boxes. A few windows lined one wall.

She pointed at the windows and handed Oscar his cigar with a lighter. “Open those and take these,” she told him.

Oscar looked at the cigar. It was the same one that Judy took from him that previous morning.

“How did you get this from Judy?” He asked as he crossed the room. “I figured I would have to swindle a way to smuggle a new one in.”

“Easy. She just throws all the confiscated stuff in a drawer at the nurses station. I just took it. No one will notice.”

Oscar opened the windows and leaned against the wall under them. The windows were about a foot over his head. He bit off the end of the cigar and watched as Daphne fiddle with the door lock.

He lit the cigar and sucked in it’s first few puffs. The flavor and smell brought back a million memories. Thoughts of battlefields, interrogations, poker games, and after sex with his wife echoed around him. That was the real reason he still enjoyed these. Everytime hit lit one another moment of his life came back to him. At his age those good memories were hard to remember.

Daphne cross the room and stood next to him. She was much shorter than him. Her head was only about up to his chin. Though shorter she still carried herself like she was six or taller. It was one of the things Oscar liked about her. She didn’t take shit from anyone.

“Don’t Bogart the cigar, Oscar,” she joked and took it from his mouth.

He was surprised but watched as she took a long drag. She had done this before. He was impressed. As she exhaled, she let out smoke rings. The whole thing was a turn on. Watching her with the cigar in her mouth was making him hard. All he could picture was her mouth doing other things…naughty things he hadn’t done since his wife passed.

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