Angel, Bell , Me Chapter 2

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Angel, Me, Bell

Ok, here is chapter 2 of my adventure with my friend and her female dog

After our first meeting at Angels house we never did go back to a motel. Any time she wanted me, she would IM me and we would set up a time together. Our next play time was on a Saturday morning. We had talked about how Bell wanted to be included in our play time and I told Angel that I really enjoyed Bell being there with us. When I arrived at Angels house, she had on just a bra and matching panties. Bell greeted me by jumping on me and she wouldn’t leave me alone.
Angel had a small bedroom in the basement so we went there for our play time. Angel laid down on the bed, on her tummy and I unfastened her bra and let it lay on the bed and I began by taking my oil out and squirting a lot on her back. I worked my slippery hands all over her back for several minutes until the oil was all gone. Then I worked my way down until I reached her ass, covered by her panties. I slide them down off her ass and squirted more oil on her. There was enough oil that it ran between the crack of her ass and I massaged each cheek and let my hand glide between her crack and over her anus. As I continued I would run my finger over her anus and each time would rum it a little harder until I had it nice and loose. She asked me Sex hikayeleri to work on her back some more, so I got up on the bed, straddled her, and began working on her back. I haven’t mentioned Bell yet because she was just laying on the floor, watching what was going on. This time, as I worked on her back, I was kneeling so that my cock was buried between the cheeks of her ass. Every time I moved forward, I would slide between her ass cheeks and my cock would push against her anus. She didn’t say anything, so I would work my cock deeper and deeper into he cheeks, against her ass hole, till I finally penetrated her ass. She began to moan, so I pushed deeper till I was all the way in her ass. She let me fuck her ass for a few minutes but before I unloaded in her, I took my cock out of her ass and told her to turn over.

As she turned over onto her back, I removed her oil soaked panties and through them on the floor. Bell immediately went over to them and began sniffing them and then she started licking them. Angel looked very relaxed, so I went to work massaging her chest. Her nipples were hard so I took one of them into my mouth and sucked it. Then I went back and forth between each nipple. Bell saw that I had kneeled on the floor, so she came over and began licking my penis. She was doing Sikiş hikayeleri a great job, licking the oil and ass juices off of it that I almost unloaded right there. I managed to push Bell away, and went back to giving Angels breast a good massage. I worked my way down the front of her body until I got to her vagina and I stopped and she spread her legs wide apart. She thought I was reaching for the oil, but I was repositioning myself so I could do what I love doing the most, licking and sucking her pussy.

I was also ready for Bell to do what she does so well and I let her start licking my cock again. Bell wrapped her tongue around my cock and licked like she was after something.
I began licking Angel’s pussy, starting at the top and running my tongue all over her lips till I reached her anus. I did this for a few minutes and then I consentrated on just her clit. The clit got hard, even though her clit isn’t very long, I could feel it growing as I lickded it. Angel laid there, eyes closed, enjoying my tongue giving her oral pleasure. Bell kept licking my cock. I could feel precum dripping out the end and as it came out Bell would lick it off the end. This was sending me over the edge and I was having a hard time licking Angel’s clit, but I kept on sucking her, waiting for her to give me Erotik hikaye a mouth full of her juices. Angel opened her eyes and could see what Bell was doing to me and that seemed to get her more excited. I could fell Angel start to tighten her legs around my head, I knew she was about to let go of all her cum. I licked her faster, all the time Bell was licking my cock. I was just about there, and Angel was ready to cum. I licked her clit and I began nibbling on it. That was all it took and Angel let go with stream of cum that filled my mouth. As she was filling my mouth, I let go of my cum, all over Bell and the bedroom floor. We both were totally satisfied and cuddled for a few minutes before Angel had to get ready to go to church.

Angel went off to church, I went home, waiting for the next IM invitation!

Angel and I chatted on IM the next day and she told me how much fun she had and that she couldn’t wait untill her boyfriend got home so she could get him to fuck her. She said that I had promed her for him. I took that as a compliment and she said that when he went back to work, she would be contacting me again. We continued to chat for a while that night and I found out that she loved being shaved but that her bf wouldn’t shave her. I told her that the next time we got together I would gladly give her pussy a clean shave. She told me to bring my razor and shaving cream and she would let me shave her. I could hardly waith until the next Saturday and her IM, asking me to come over again.

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