Anchoring Out Ch. 03


Arranging the cushions took place in silence but before I knew it Lorry was kneeling in front of me with her hands on my shorts. I was afraid that my penis was going to go soft and never come back — needless to say, I hadn’t popped a little blue pill before coming over — my fear was needless. She was careful not to touch me as she yanked them down in one quick motion; still not a word out of any of any of our mouths. I suspect that each of us was afraid to break the spell.

I lied back on the cushions with my legs splayed and Robert came over to kneel between them while Lorry stood over me. Lorry was wearing what she had on during dinner, her bikini top and bottoms with a white, long sleeve, button down oxford shirt that looked to be Roberts. Robert too had on his dinner attire — his bathing suit and no shirt.

Robert sat back while Lorry stood with her back to Robert as I ran my hands up the outsides of her legs to grip her bikini bottoms. My motion was as deliberately slow as hers had been quick and because of her position she needed to lift each leg individually and balance herself as the suit came down. I was about to comment that Robert probably wanted to turn the anchor light on when a string of led lights along the handrails came on along with ALWAYS’ anchor light and LORRY’S OK’s. Their lights were obviously set to come on automatically as was ALWAYS’ anchor light.

And so, in that slight second that everything came together, I lie there mesmerized by what was about to be my creamy desert. While not shaved completely, neither was it an area rug that met my eyes; Göztepe Escort more like a runner, auburn in color to contrast with wonderful, smooth, white skin that in turn contrasted beautifully with a golden tan.

As I a gazed up and tried to work some moisture into a mouth that was by now dry as sand, I felt Robert’s hand gently run along my left thigh and teasingly touch my penis. Lorry looked down at me as the sound of me drawing in my breath cut the silence. Softly, as if to not destroy the moment, I told her that she would have to turn around if she were to see the show. And, as she did her 180, I guided her down so that I could feast upon her. I know you may find this hard to believe but those who know just how loose my thinking can be, will not; just as my tongue was about to make contact I couldn’t help but think that this was what dinner theater should be all about.

It was Lorry’s turn to gasp as my tongue made contact as she witnessed, for the first time, her husband stroking another man’s penis. For myself I was in sensory overload. Any properly written software would have shut me down at that point. Thankfully, my software is not properly written. I heard Robert whisper something but could not quite make it out. The next day I was to learn that he was telling Lorry that he loved her.

For the second time that day and for the second time in my 56 years I felt another man’s touch on my penis. Now, I have never in my life been a homophobe and I have had numerous massages at the club by men but this was all so much different. If it is true that women are İstanbul Escort better at doing what I was currently doing to Lorry then the reverse may just apply. No woman ever played with me the way Robert was. Part of the problem though was that I could not pay justice to my desert.

I just lied there with the essence of womanhood planted on my tongue and all I could do was let my oral fixation take over and nurse on Lorry’s clitoris. The more I nursed the more I had to swallow because Lorry was providing me with more of her crème fraîche desert than I ever could have imagined. As she began to squirm around I felt another, different touch on my penis. At first I wasn’t sure what I was feeling and then I knew what I knew all along but could not process, that touch was Robert’s tongue flicking at my head.

It was time for me to draw a deep breath for the second time that night, this time it was not into a sand filled mouth, as he took me into his mouth. I’m not sure if it was from me practically sucking her clitoris down my throat or the sight of her husband engulfing me but Lorry let out a moan that would have had any boat within range thinking that someone’s fog horn had accidentally gone off.

And then the rocking began, not of the boat but of Lorry’s body. I could feel her shirt fall back, down her shoulders, and graze my head on its way to the deck. Her top came next as it hung up on my hand that was gripping her hip. I hung onto her as she drove herself into my face but I’m not sure that it was necessary because this girl/woman had obviously ridden at some Anadolu Yakası Escort point in her life. Lorry was posting up, and clasping my face with her thighs as she rode my face no handed. I could not see, but for sure, she was using her hands on her breast.

With a funny little whimper, all went still and I could no longer feel Robert’s mouth on me. I automatically stopped my nursing and listen in the quite of the night to a faint sound. Lorry and Robert were kissing and in-between kisses she was telling him she loved him. Wow.

And then Lorry spoke for the first time since we had begun, “Bert, I need Robert in me. You can stay. We want you to stay, but I need my husband in me now.” Lorry started to get up but I gently held her and said, “You don’t need to move, Robert can just come around and enter you here.”

“Oh no, I don’t know if I can.” But Robert had already gotten up and was walking behind her. It was Robert’s turn now and the only words out of Lorry’s mouth as he enter her and I watched from below was, OH MY GOD; no ‘my gosh’ from Lorry, it was OH MY GOD!

At first it was pure fascination on my part. The sight of Robert slowly and lovingly entering her, pulling so far out that I could glimpse the head of his penis; as he moved forward, his testicles so close to my face that I could touch them with my tongue; all this was absolutely captivating. For what seemed like an eternity but was probably less than a minute I just watched, as though watching a play from the best seat in the house.

Could I bring myself to participate in this act of the play and what would I do at the climax of the third and final act because this play was surely going to climax soon?

When the curtain had come down on the last act I was only seconds away from what would have been an unbelievable orgasm but now all that was forgotten.

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